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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does FBF work for both women and men?

Answer: Yes! You'll find the while we are unique as individuals, the truth is that men and women burn fat almost the same exact way when using the right techniques found in FBF...

Question: I'm over 50, can FBF still work for me?

Answer: Yes! In fact, we have FBF readers all over the globe getting great results and "turning back the clock" in their 50's, 60's... some even in their 70's...

Question: Is this some kind of extreme diet plan?

Answer: Absolutely Not! FBF is quite the opposite! This is a lifestyle based system that helps to create a brand-new you from the inside out. You won't be measuring food, counting calories or crazily restricting yourself with FBF. You can practically OVEREAT several of these fat-burning foods that help make you slimmer faster...

Question: What if I'm a vegetarian, gluten, or lactose intolerant?

Answer: We've got you covered! Many of the tasty foods in FBF are not animal, but plant-based. We even separate out the plant proteins so you can easily see what you'll be eating. And with dozens of foods to choose from, you can easily avoid any wheat or dairy if you'd like...

Question: What makes FBF so much different than the other programs I've seen online?

Answer: GREAT question. I'll simply quote our readers, who tell us that they choose to lose with FBF because it takes such little time, doesn't require boring cardio exercise or severe eating restriction, and is shockingly simple to understand and put to use right away...

Question: Do I have to join a gym to burn off fat with FBF?

Answer: Absolutely not. While some of the quick and simple fat-burning moves we show you can be done in a gym of your choice. Most can also be easily done right from the comfort of your own home...

Question: Does FBF require me to buy a bunch of expensive supplements or pills?

Answer: No. As we discussed earlier in the presentation, most diet pills are simply a waste of money, and there is no substitute for the real-life techniques and tricks you'll be using soon with FBF. That being said, there are a few good ways to supplement your diet for faster results, and we'll share those with you too, but they are not necessary whatsoever...

Question: Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Answer: Absolutely. In fact, ordering online is now considered safer and more secure than many traditional forms of payment. Your order today is guaranteed and secured by Clickbank, the largest seller of digital products in the world, using state-of-the-art secure socket layer (SSL) technology. On top of that, we partner with buySafe, a leading consumer confidence company that also guarantees your purchase for total piece of mind...








*Disclaimer: Above are a few of the success stories we've received from our Fat Burning Furnace users all over the globe. While these results are exceptional, they don't reflect the typical purchaser's experience, don't apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. They followed our healthy lifestyle program with our unique diet & exercise techniques. The truth is most people hardly do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they don't get any results. In other words, if you want results, you need to take action!

In Today's Free Presentation

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There are some foods that are on millions of dinner and restaurant tables right now that you should never eat. We'll show you 2 specific "weight loss" foods that in reality make it even more difficult to burn fat and keep it off...
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Knowing which fats make you fatter and which ones help you strip away flab is key in your weight loss success. We'll show you 1 unique fat that specfically targets stubborn flab like belly fat when you eat more of it...
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After years of struggle, we stumbled on what many now believe is the simplest, quickest and safest way to burning the fat. We'll show you the solution, and how something that happened with our kids changed everything...

Don't forget to watch the entire presentation because it's full of free fat burning tips you can use right away, and we save the best for last!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you to finally lose the weight and keep it off, strengthen your body and mind, and experience naturally high levels of energy throughout the day. Our education is direct, personal and puts efficiency first and foremost. We believe everyone, regardless of your past or current struggles with your health or fitness, can greatly improve on your existing condition and live life in your best body possible.

Our company was founded with two important principles: First, as an informational resource for weight loss, diet, fitness and other health related topics. Secondly, we aim to entertain while educating our readers. We understand that it can be difficult to get yourself focused enough to learn what you need to in order to change your body, health and life for the better - so we do our very best to present our content in the most engaging ways possible.

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