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Your Ideal Body Weight Finally Revealed…

By Rob Poulos...

One of the most common questions I get from readers of this
newsletter is in regards to how much a person should weigh, or
what their ideal weight should be.

In fact, I get this question nearly every day from a handful of
new readers…here’s one I got recently:

Hi Rob,

I am 38 years old, and just 5’1 inches in height.  I’m really
overweight, but not sure what my goal weight should be.  I
want to fit into a size 4…I’m in a size 12 now.  Can you help?

Why is this such a big mystery to people?  Okay, there is a
simple answer here, but it’s a two part answer…

First off, while it’s awfully tempting to measure your progress
by what the scale says and what dress size or waist size you
want to get to, this is often a big trap.  Why?

Because the ultimate measure of fat loss is your overall body
fat percentage.  If you’re reducing your body fat percentage
significantly, and you’re still not at your “goal weight” or
have a waist measurement that’s not where you think it should
be, you may become frustrated for the wrong reasons.

For instance, for many men a 30 inch waist is one of the true
measures of leanness and health.  But, what if your bone
structure doesn’t allow for this measurement?  What if you’ve
surrounded your waist with rock hard muscle?

I’m a prime example, being rather tall (at 6’6″), even at a year
round body fat of around 10-12%, my well defined waistline
hovers around 32 inches.  Does that mean I’m doing something

What matters is your overall body fat percentage.  So, what’s
ideal?  For men, anywhere from 14-17% will draw plenty of stares
from the opposite s.ex, while women who get in the 19-22% range
will make most of their f.riends green with envy.

Trust me, get into those ranges or a bit below and you’ll stop
caring so much about your body weight or dress sizes or waist
measurements…You’ll look so good you won’t have time to care!

And what’s the best way to lower your body fat percentage
quickly?  Use an intense form of full body resistance training,
forcing your body to adapt quickly by adding fat burning muscle
mass while training your body to store calories in your muscles
instead of fat cells.


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