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You’ll Luv This 10-Minute Fat Burning Pasta Recipe…

By Rob Poulos...

Just finishing up a quick lunch, and ended it with one of those delicious Prograde Cravers

…actually I had run out of them and forgot to re-order, and my wife and kids were practically yelling at me because the Cravers were gone!

Anyway, this time I did a bulk order of 8 boxes so I can forget about it for awhile 😉

Okay, so I wanted to share with you a question I got from a newsletter subscriber the other day:

Hey Rob!

I have to say that I just love my pasta, but I know I can’t
eat it if I want to burn more fat…is there anything you
can suggest that will make it easier for me to give it up? I
can’t seem to stop eating it…it’s just my favorite food!


Alright, well, here’s the deal…

FIRST: You shouldn’t think of completely ‘giving up’ certain foods…the second you tell yourself you can’t have something, you want it even more.  Remind yourself that you’re making choices here, and YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL.

SECOND: You don’t need to give up pasta!  Follow me on this…

If you can get a little creative, and follow a few quick tips, you can create y.our own tasty pasta dishes and still keep the fat burning.


Okay, the main idea here is to include a certain type of pasta that is much higher in fiber than regular pastas, BUT also to include several other nutrient rich foods in the process.

This makes it a VERY satisfying meal, so you don’t end upeating endless amounts of carbs, which is usually what happens when you are served a traditional pasta dish.

So here’s the recipe:

1. 8 oz. of multigrain pasta (I use Trader Joe’s Multigrain w/Flax)

2. 1 bag organic frozen broccoli

3. 1/2 bag organic frozen peas

4. 2 boneless chicken breasts (I use organic free-range)

5. 8 oz. tomato sauce (I use Trader Joe’s sauces made from organic plum tomatoes)

6. Additional Italian seasoning if desired

Bring water to a boil then reduce to medium high heat. Throw the pasta in first for about 5 minutes, then follow with the frozen veggies for another 5 minutes or so.

Finally add, the chicken breast (which you will have precooked), drain the water, and stir in the tomato sauce.

This will get you about 4 servings, with each serving providing about:

36 grams protein
42 grams carbs
8 grams fat
11 grams fiber
384 calories

The only problem with this meal is it could use a bit more fat!  So sometimes I’ll add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil after it’s finished cooking. (to the whole amount, not per serving!)

The real secret in this recipe is that we’re using a type of pasta that includes a high amount of fiber compared to the total carbs…this slows the blood sugar spike you’d get when eating regular white pastas.

And of course by mixing it in balance with the chicken and high nutrient veggies, you have a delicious, nutritious fat burning meal…

Bon Appetit!

Here’s to getting, lean, strong and healthy for life,

P.S. A lot of people tell me, “Rob, but I can’t eat many carbs at all…I just gain weight!”.  Well, I can tell you first hand that when you start using the FBF workouts, your body will need these carbs to grow as much lean and strong muscle as possible.

Without them, you’ll have a hard time adding fat burning lean muscle to your body, making things only worse.

Let me know what you think of the recipe, or post your own fat burning pasta recipe ideas in the comments below!

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  1. marina speirs

    Hi Rob
    I might have a gluten intollerance (according to the doctor). In South Africa (KZN) the only gluten free pasta I can find in my store is rice pasta (white). Do you think I can use that with ease or is it not a good idea?

    • Rob Poulos

      yeah that can work of course… you may want to go a bit lighter on the pasta in the recipe and add more protein/veggies.

      • Marg

        I am gluten intolerant which means NO gluten ever. This also means that you cannot have the pasta in this recipe. You would need to substitute gluten free pasta.

    • Mike

      Hi Marina , I am also from KZN and I was wondering what the symptoms were that caused your Doctor to say you have a gluten intolerance . I think I might have the same problem . Also what area is your Doctor in . I’m closer to Pinetown than Durban .

      Thanks , Regards…Mike

      • Dee Dee Thompson

        Hey Mike, I am not Marina but also have gluten intolerance. When you have Celiac’s Disease, Chrone’s Disease or just a gluten intolerance. After eating something with gluten in it you will develop a horrible stomach ache that doubles you over with pain. Loose watery stools. Fatigue. Sometimes I’ve had vomiting as well. The pain grows to be quite severe. If you do not eat gluten you do not have these symptoms. Some people can also have intolerance to other things as well. Dairy and Soy are some. It is your bodies allergic reaction to these things that creates the trouble and eliminating them one by one from your diet will tell you if you have the problem with just gluten or you need to eliminate other things as well. Goggle Celiac Disease you will get a whole list of symptoms and tons of advice as well as possible Doctor’s in your area. Good luck..it is a journey in healing to be sure!

        • Tracy

          I have found a lot of rice noodles, as well as been & mushroom noodles, that are not only YUMMY, but are filling. Being gluten ‘intolerant’ makes meal choices limited, but even my family is in love with the rice noodles! I get them at a local ‘whole foods’ store. I’m not a vegetarian by ANY means, but not a big meat eater either…..

    • Trish J

      You can order brown rice pastas over the net. I am a GF gal myself and the best I have tried is a brand called Tinkyada. It is easy to prepare. You just bring the water to a boil add the pasta, bring back to boil then cover and turn off the heat. It sits for 20 minutes and is a very very good substitute for Spaghetti or several other shapes. Many sites have it by the case and it is cheaper including the shipping,(…well…at least in the US, not sure about S Africa) than buying it from the local grocer. Just a thought.

    • Hi Marina,

      I also live in SA and there is a good choice of gluten free pasta dishes available at numerous health shops, some taste good other not so good.


      Andy from Witbank

    • Gisele

      Hi Rob,

      Great pasta idea but we have a glutten intolerance so eating anything that contains wheat, rye or barley is out of the question for my familly but I did find some health food store have glutten free pasta that are made of corn which are not bad but I would like to know if you have another substitute for pasta. I do eat quinoa and rice but I’m getting tired of those. Thank you

      • Rob Poulos

        There are plenty of gluten free pastas that are also high fiber… check your local whole foods or similar store…

      • Charity

        Have you tried “spaghetti squash”? I use it all the time. When prepared and used in place of pasta, it is really good and healthy for you. I have no gluten issues, I just prefer less carbs; and more fiber. You can look up on the internet on where to buy and how to prepare. I grow my own in my garden. Easy to grow.

      • Cam Stark


        I buy Annie Chun’s soba noodles online. They are made of buckwheat which is totally gluten free. I use these for all of my pasta dishes. If you are near a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, they carry her products. Alas, I have moved to the boonies, so NO TJ’s or WFs!

        Best wishes….

    • Andrea

      Yes that was going to be my comment as well. Everyone should be avoiding wheat and wheat products. The safer, healthier way to make this meal is with brown rice pasta. Ask your store that has white pasta if they can get in the brown rice pasta. Should be made by the same company!

      • Rob Poulos

        brown rice pasta is a good choice also, but eliminating all wheat products is not necessary for weight loss if you can tolerate gluten.

  2. GEO.

    Rob,Thank you for this recipe !! Many years ago, my son fell off his bunk beds and split the middle of his tounge so bad, that being young and playing he had swollowd sooo much blood that he vomited it back up.. Needless to to say, YEH, I FREAKED !! @ the hospital 4 him being so young and just would not calm down..they would not “stitch him up” ?? (yet why would they not just put him under ??) Well, for many many months, I had to cook “special foods 4 him 2 eat”…Pasta (a bit “over cooked 2make it soft”)..hotdogs w/the skins taken off.. PIZZA of course !! Rice Crispies, (rather soggy) and, well I just forget whatever else there was.To this day, HE WILL NOT TRY THINGS THAT “TASTE SPICY” When all this occured, I specificallly ask the Drs in the Emergency Room, if this would affect his “taste buds” and of course they said …NO… !!! Well IT HAS !! my SON IS 6’4″..280 lbs ..strong as an ox (he could lift a volkwagon ..the new ones with the engine in front … that the wheels (tires) will come off the ground at 9.25″ !!! So, just in closing ..THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH FOR THIS..Hopefully it will help him loose weight.. which of course he would like to do.. I certainly cannot wait 2 try it myself !! @ 51, disabled w/limited physical activity I weigh 215lbs..@ 5″11.5″ and being disabled I do get food help.. but we load up on pasta and “PREGO TRADITIONAL SAUCE”.. TEDDY @ LEAST LIKES THAT !! THANK YOU !!,

  3. Nur Farhanah

    Hi Rob!

    Im one of those who simply loves pasta even though im living in Southeast Asia. It’s great to know that you can still eat the food that you love while still being healthy.

    Only problem is, in Asia, our basic food would be white rice and white rice tends to be loaded
    with carbs. So, is there a solution to be able to eat white rice but still managed to maintain that weight the healthy way, without depriving oneself of the sustenance?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Nur, brown rice is a better choice… white rice is a tough one with little fiber to make up… but if you have little choice, you can always stick to smaller portions of the rice while adding generous vegetable portions to it… think of it in the scope of the whole meal…

      • jerry

        you can also add a procuct called fibersure to just about anything , it has no tast and picky kids dont even know when their eating it,add it to your sauce and dont whorry about the lack of fiber in your rice or pasta.

    • sakhan

      hi rob n nur,
      i am from Pakistan n here the variety of pasta n spaghetti is huge but to know whether they are rich in fibre or carbs or proteins is quiet difficult to know.so any easy quick ways to know which pasta or spaghetti is loaded with what type of nutrition????

  4. How about adding the “miracle noodles” instead of pasta. All fiber with no carbs and no calories….that should certainly help!

    • Jeanne

      What are miracle noodles?

      • Trish J

        no kidding, and do they have wheat in them? Also where do you get them?

      • JOI

        Jeanne, I was going to suggest Miracle Noodles also!! I received a coupon from them and have received recipes weekly but haven’t tried them yet! It is my understanding that they have no calories, no gluten, nada. Plus, they come already cooked!! I see Kathleen is writing about them also!! I can purchase them at a weight loss clinic about 15 miles away. I have been busy with taxes but plan on trying them soon.

    • Debbie

      They are great….use them all the time.

  5. Diane


    My husband and I enjoy white pasta once a week. We’ve tried whole wheat pasta and didn’t like it. Now my husband doesn’t want to eat anything but the white. And forget about getting him to eat broccoli at all!

    If a relative lack of fiber is the problem, can’t I add it to our salad? We currently have red leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, grated carrot, grated red cabbage, and Feta cheese. I’ve just started sprouting lentil seeds, the plan is to add them to the salad. I can add freshly ground flax seeds as well. Would that be enough?

    • Alice in Oklahome

      You have to start out slow with the wheat pasta. It is dry. Use 1/4 wheat pasta and 3/4 white pasta and a few times later add a little more wheat and less white. My husband wouldn’t eat it by itself either. So I sneaked it in like I told you and he didn’t say a word! Just take it slow!

  6. Praise the Lord!

    Here’s the quick vegetarian version. I admit to not necessarily adding extra veggies to my sauce – but then again, I use a nice natural tomato sauce with some veggies or other already in there – eggplant and/or peppers, for example. And whole wheat pasta of course. And instead of chicken, a combination of chick peas and lentils. I cook only the pasta in that water, because I don’t use any frozen ingredients. The chick peas and lentils get thrown into the sauce – in a separate pot from the pasta – and cooked there. The whole thing is combined together after I drain the pasta. And it’s A LOT better for one than pizza! 😀

  7. CC

    Rob thanks, I found some pasta from sprouted grains which i believe may be good. Where did you find frozen organic veggies? can’t wait for the hot weather to cool to try this…

    • Rob Poulos

      yeah those are a great choice (sprouted grains)… we get our organic frozen veggies at TraderJoes… most chain stores don’t carry them in frozen varities so you’ll most likely find them at specialty grocers like Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

      • CC


      • Sadly, the nearest Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are about 400 miles from where I live. It is really difficult to find “whole grain” anything (other than bread, and even then you have to read the label very carefully, because they’ll say whole grain then the first ingredient is wheat flour, which isn’t whole grain of course) — any suggestions for buying things on-line? This time of year I can get frozen shipments, but by March, it means paying a LOT more. Fresh vegetables here are also quite limited; I’ve been really annoyed that I can’t find some of the things I ate a lot of where I used to live, like bok choy or tomatillos, or almost any Asian or Latin foods. Any on-line suggestions?

        • JOI

          Miracle Noodles will ship to your home. They have a beginner’s package with rice and noodles Be sure to get their coupon for your first purchase. Let us know how you like them – zero calories and precooked!!

        • Denyce Russett

          Hope you got my message, I was not born with a computer in my mouth! Sincerely, Denyce

          • Denyce Russett

            Wrote to Lori, sounds like very nice lady. Would like to keep in touch with her. This is why FBF is so wonderful. Denyce

  8. Tanya

    Hi Rob,
    can you please tell me how to reduce cravings for high sugar junk foods? I have just had my second child and now have a huge love for high sugar junk foods. I need to get back on track because I have put on a real lot of weight (I’m too scared to get on the scales!).

    • Rhonda

      Hey. Had the same trouble and it was suggested by my nutritionist to try a banana when the craving hit… It worked very well…Good luck

  9. Suzette Pawson

    This recipe sounds fantastic. But I would like to use the teaspoon of olive oil to saute one garlic clove, a little onion with one grated carrot and then add the tomato sauce with oregano and basil.
    Would this still be fat burning?

  10. Mike

    I have already purchased Fat Burning Furnace and actually wanted to purchase one of your follow up products but had a question regarding a link that was showing as unsafe on all browsers.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Mike, we process all of our orders through Clickbank, a trusted and secure online retailer that does 20,000+ transactions per day… if you have a question about security of your purchase, they can explain their security protocols to you at their site.. clickbank.com

      • Mike

        Thanks for answering me. It’s actually the link below your video. Nothing to do with clickbank. It’s your link to http://www.fatburningfurnaceinnercircle.com. Google Chrome. IE and FireFox all say it’s an untrusted site. Not only on my computer but on my work computer too. It says there is a problem with the websites security certificate and your site is actually identifying itself as hurdman.org. This usually means it’s a mirrored site and someone is trying to obtain your details. Just so you know.

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Mike, just talked with the tech folks that manage the inner circle site… they switched servers last week and I am told the m2.hurdman server is legitimate and not a security threat… they are checking to see why that has shown up on your computer as such and will have it fixed shortly…thanks for the heads up!

      • Louise Harrington

        I purchased your program, but don’t know how to get it. Please tell me if I’m supposed to download it, where I go on the internet and what special codes I need.

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Louise, thanks for contacting us… I’ve asked our support team to get with you today to help you out in any way… best of luck!

          • Zonya Roseberry

            I also purchased your Program, How do I get it I’m not sure how to download It????? I’m getting your emails OK…Please help!!!!

          • Rob Poulos

            Hey Zonya, you should have gotten this info in your email after purchase, as well as on the page you received after purchase. If you need further help, visit our support site at http://www.zerotoherofitnesssupport.com

  11. Tad Ayers

    Hi Rob
    I’m new to the FBF life style, acually I haven’t started yet, I’m still in the process of getting all the concepts and things set up. I like this recipe for the pasta but I had to write it out by hand. Is there any way to print just the recipe?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Tad, just copy the text and paste it into a word doc or text pad file and u can print from there…

  12. Tiffany Montoya

    Is the benefit in the whole grain or just high fiber? My family isn’t adjusting to whole grain pasta, but Dreamfields makes a high fiber (6 g per serving) white pasta that claims to have a very low GI. The label claims it uses ‘protected carbs’. It tastes just like traditional pasta. What do you think about this alternative?

    • Deborah

      I have been using Dreamfields pasta for a long time and we just love it. Has a lot of fiber, low carbs and great texture and taste as long as you don’t overcook it. I dislike using anything else and have kept my weight down eating it once or twice a week. With prices spiking, I have bought a large supply of both macaroni and spaghetti so I will have it onhand.

  13. Paula Perez

    Hello Rob,

    You should try this recipe with spaghetti squash instead of pasta….would definitely cut the calorie count down and it is delicious. I hardly ever us pasta anymore since I found out how to cook and use spaghetti squash.

    Good luck to all.

    • Trish J

      how do you cook spaghetti squash? I have never done it right apparently.

      • Cindy

        I like to cut my spaghetti squash in half, clean out the seeds and put my meat, sauce and veggies in side each half, then I bake it for about one hour, I stab it with a fork and if it still feels to firm, then I cook it for another half hour, which it depends on the size, I usually use a medium small one. Very tastie.

      • Ann

        I always cooked the spagetti squash in the microwave.
        Cut in half remove seeds, cover with plastic wrap, microwave on high about 10 minutes, then check by using a fork to pull the spagetti strands out, continue to cook if not done. By using a fork to pull thru the squash, the strands look like spagetti. All you have to do is add the sauce if you work quickly so it stays hot or reheat in hot water or the microwave. It is really easy to grow if you have a garden.

        • Pat

          I discarded the microwave years ago. I have a large Europro convection oven (two racks) in which I bake, broil, toast (there is a rotisserie which is seldom used). Is almost as quick as a microwave and, in my opinion, much healthier.
          It comes with a ceramic square which cooks both fish and meat beautifully.

  14. I am always looking for good, healthy food. Anything you can do to help all I can say is thanks.
    Happy New Year

  15. Mary Hurst

    Rob, Could you please tell us the approximate ounce measurement of the chicken. Do you mean 2 entire chicken breasts de-boned or about 12-16 oz ? Thanks.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Mary, I usually add 2-3 entire breasts when I’m cooking for our family of 4…

      • James

        So, to sum it up Rob, you use the entire breasts (both right and left halves) from 2 or 3 chickens to feed four people? I’d guess that to be about 5 – 6 ounces of raw chicken weight per person (for boneless / skinless from fryers).

  16. barry hindess

    Hi Rob,

    Looks good but for those of us who dont live in North America, just what size are your bags of frozen veggies?

  17. ian swales

    Hi Rob,
    First of all thanks for this much needed secret and may i wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year, I have just looked at your pasta recipe (looks real tasty) but what else could i use instead of broccoli as i really cannot stomach it??
    Ian (U.K)

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ian, how about cauliflower or green beans?

      • doryle

        Cooked cauliflower has a higher sugar content than raw, so “cook lightly” if at all. I like asparagus or any other veggies, too. My son-in-law likes his kale, which we have in the garden, I “de-stem” it, cook it for about 20 min, then make sure it’s cut to the appropriate size then add it to stir-fry or other dishes.

        I’m a carbo-holic too. more starchy kind than sugars. BUT I’m also diabetic, (not brittle and not on med) so I have to watch it. I’m going to try your recipe this next week. Love my “ghetti”!!

        • Rob Poulos

          almost always cook those veggies lightly… that’s why we throw them in toward the last few minutes…they still remain crisp…

  18. Emmi Donaldson

    I have a question re the following suggested food plan for a type 2 diabetic.
    Surely one should cut down on carbs? This seems extremely ‘carb heavy’ to me.
    Obviously this was created for someone NOT yet on your programme…
    FRUIT 4
    STARCH 8
    VEG A Free to use
    VEG B 1
    DAIRY 1 ½
    FAT 2
    SUGAR 1

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Emmi, you’d want to work with your doctor if you are designing a specific diet to fit your diabetic condition as we cannot provide medical advice.

    • Donna J. Jones

      Hi Emmi,
      Did you receive any response for “us” diabetics? I will just have to adjust portion size. . .but wondering if you hear a response for your question?

      I know that Rob indicated they are not allowed to get into medical issues. ..but I am looking for someone who has already adapted the receipes for US!


  19. Sue G

    I have an idea for those who don’t like the texture of veggies, including (especially) onions! Since my boys were little they complained about the onions in their spaghetti sauce or any other dish I added onions to. I finally started blending the onions with a little bit of water until they were pretty much liquid (pureed). Then I just sauteed them before adding to the meat or tomato sauce. You can blend just about any other veggies too. I have blended carrots and broccoli. When they cook, especially in a tomato sauce, it’s hard to tell they are actually in there and it adds so much flavour. It might be worth a try!

  20. Cindy

    What if you are a person with allergies, that has to watch what you eat because it could kill you, I’m very allergic to broccoli, it makes my throat swell. or if you can’t eat tomatoes because it burns your stomach. and the whole grain pasta might have something that could cause an allergic reaction. And then there’s the price of organic, I mean organic is nice, but for the prices you pay here for 1 organic item, you could buy 3 of a non organic item. It sounds good, but I don’t have a problem with appetite, in fact for my size I hardly eat at all.

    • Rob Poulos

      Cindy, of course you have to make it work with adjustments given your circumstances…

  21. Mel

    What is ‘spagetti squash?

  22. Mel

    Hi Rob
    Just thought I would pop in to introduce myself. I am live in England, UK and I am a Foster Carer of teenagers and have been for 23yrs. I’m new to the FBF life style, acually I haven’t started yet, I’m still in the process of getting all the concepts and things set up and doing the reading and listening to all the info you are giving us. I like the sound of the recipe for pasta and will try it as I like just about everything really. Of course there are some things I like better than others but I do eat most things. I love salads and all veggies, they must be at the top of my list. I am not over keen on burgers, pizzas or food like that. I do a lot of home cooking, make all my own cook-in sauces etc. I buy organic when I can althought some of it is very hard, if not impossible to find. And yet, I still have a wieght problem. I can only hope this program will show me where I am going wrong.

  23. Kirit

    What about us vegetarians? Do you suggest adding Tofu? If so, how much and do you have any receipes for preparing them so it tastes better, like marinating etc. thanks

  24. Emmi Donaldson

    Hello Rob
    When if my comment posted on 5 january going to get a reply from you?

    Emmi Donaldon

  25. Sue

    Hi everyone! I am only one week in on this and finding the nibbling cravings hard! My husband is one of those rare types who can eat for England and continue all evening long which makes it hard for me sitting with him sipping my water! Incidentally, you said cold water is best, but what about just off, boiled water ? Can you lose as many cals with that as body has to cool it down?

    Can I also use Basmati rice? Other diets say it is the better type but what do you think?

    Many thanks.

  26. Kirit

    What about vegetarians and vegans? You mentioned in your other blogs that SOY is bad for you. Then how do we get our protien? Please comment.

    • Rob Poulos

      Processed soy is not the best choice… but try using a natural soy like that found in edamame

  27. Jim

    I would like to see more receipes and meal plans. I am not creative and would rather follow a meal plan than try and put one together does anyone have one?

  28. Don Comstock

    My wife and I use a Pasta that she gets at a healthfood store.
    Quinoa Supergrain Pasta, gluten free, very low sodium and no cholestereol and organic

    check on http://www.quinoa.net


  29. Barbara Warman

    Recipes like that ,I know since my childhood,My Mother rarley used Ground Beef,instead she was using Chicken or Sheep meat.
    She always and I do the same added fresh or frozen vegges to it and topped it of with fresh grated Parmesan Cheese.
    I do not like the American way of Pasta with meatsauce,to salty and greasy.
    By the way I am from Germany and follow your Fat Burning Furnace since a year,great program.

  30. Can we find buckwheat pasta anywhere? you know it is the highest protein plant on the planet?

    • Maria

      Soba noodles are made of buckwheat, and are very good with stirfry or as a substitute for spaghetti. Very tasty.

  31. Julie

    I am new to the program, actually just reviewing it for a while as I am currently on chemo and won’t be finished until June. Until then I don’t have any energy to spare…

    However, I wanted to comment on the pasta recipe, or the issue of recipes in general. With a careful look at the ingredients and some sane adjustments I am sure that a lot of our favorites can be modified to fit our needs. Focus on the tastes and textures in the dish that are most important to you, and be open to re-creating those with perhaps some slightly different ingredients. I know, this is vague and pretty much common sense, but some people tend to think that they cannot successfully change a recipe. All you need to do is jump in and give it a try! We can all eat well, in line with the Fat Burning Furnace program, and still enjoy many of our favorites as long as we are fully aware of each ingredient we plan to use.

    Sorry if I have just stated the obvious, but sometimes things seem to be mysteries and just are NOT.

  32. Lorraine

    We always grate carrot into our tomato based pasta sauce as it adds extra veggies to it and helps to reduce the acidity a bit, are we doing right or wrong?

  33. jim

    spring rolls You need snow peas, bean sprouts, broccoli sprout,avocado,green onion,whole wheat chinese thin noodles,carrot and rice wraps for spring rolls.The beauty of this recipe is you decide what proportions you want .I found chopping everything together makes it easier to roll .If you’ve never made spring rolls google it.The only down side of this recipe is the Thai peanut sauce.However if you make your own simply buy a package of Thai peanut sauce mix and one can of coconut milk and follow the instructions

  34. Flora

    I was searching a way to give Rob Poulos a hearty thanks for sending me those very informative newsletter free. I would very much like to buy your program but as I come from a poor country of Asia, we have a government restriction on sending foreign currencies outside. We can’t have US$ account here and also no international credit card. Those are for only the elite class people. We don’t have even Paypall in our country. So I really don’t know how can I try the program. I thank you again for the friendly gesture you have shown to me. Wish you a very prosperous and happy life.

  35. Allen Tanner

    As a new member I am looking forward to trying your exciting recipes etc.
    As per the pasta recipe today.
    I would like to print off the recipe not all the other comments as they can be read online.
    How do I print off your recipe only ?
    Do you have it on a comment free page ?
    Regards Allen T

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Allen, I think the easiest way would just be to highlight the recipe text, copy it and paste to your word processor or text editor.

  36. Debora

    Sounds good but I think I’d try it with raw broccoli or lightly steamed veggies

  37. Sharren

    I have a Fructose Malabsorbtion problem and am unable to eat Wheat products as well as no onions, garlic and certain fruits and vegetables.
    I have found that there is a new pasta called slimpasta available that is low in cabs as well as being wheat free, Maybe this might be helpful for those with Wheat & Gluten issues. Being low carb is an added bonus, spaghetti is 14.1 calories and 2.1grams of carbs per serve and angel hair pasta is 6.4 calories and 0.6 grams of carbs per serve. Taste is good, texture is a little different but ok.
    check out the web site www slimpasta com.au Worth the effort.

  38. Dwayne Brown

    This looks good but how will it effect my diabetic diet or suger levels?

  39. Bev

    I have looked for the multigrain w/flax pasta at my local Trader Joe’s but they don’t seem to carry it any more. Any alternative suggestions?

    • Rob Poulos

      Yeah it seems to have been discontinued…my general rule of thumb for picking carb sources is 1 gram of fiber for every 5 grams of carbs if possible…

  40. Joan

    why does everything have to be organic in your pasta dish? Or is it just a personal choice?

  41. Eve

    I found the easiest way to copy the recipes is to highlight the text, copy it to a word document program, paste and print. I’m not real sharp on computer stuff, but have mastered this concept. Also I use spaghetti squash most of the time in place of regular spaghetti, but then I love vegetables and fruits !

  42. Loseweightfast

    Hi Rob can I add spinach instead of broccoli ? I and add eggs as well or wiill the calories be too high thanks for the recipe I love your recipes by the way.

  43. Beve

    Thank you, Rob, for the “Fiber/pasta” recipe. There’s one question: those of us who are on bloodthinners like cummodin or plavix cannot eat broccoli or other high-vitamin K dark green veggies. What would you consider exchanging for the broccoli in your pasta dish? We can get by with th peas ok. Beve

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Beve, yeah I would stick with the peas… and really you can add any fibrous veggie that works for you… get creative and have fun with it!

  44. miemie pretorius

    Thanks for all the discussions. Iwill try the Spagetti Squash.
    I also try to download you fatburning program as all the recipes.
    I bought it all.
    Happy New Year for you

  45. Bill

    Spaghetti Squash for the Pasta —

  46. Ty

    Is multi-grain the same as whole wheat pasta?

    • Rob Poulos

      Not necessarily…main thing to look for Ty is a fiber to carb ratio of 1:5 minimum…

  47. barbara bush

    I purchased the program but have not been able to get it. I get your emails. HELP!

  48. terrie s. mendoza

    I am a vegetarian. who’s allergic to onions. do you have any new vegetarian recipes that are fat burning?

  49. Karl Grissom

    Rob, This is great lloking recipes and simple to prepare. I tend to by some of my meal from a place that uses gluten free pasta. And their nutrionist beleives a good clean deit includes cutting oout gluten. I suffer from osteoarthritis and my main area are my knees and lower back. I find that I have less joint pain when I avoid gluten. Aslo to be noted that I am over 320 poinds down for 355 last year. I just recently joined up and looking forward to even more fat loss and the weight loss too. So what is you take of going gluten free?

  50. Jeanne Maki

    This is the first recipe that I have looked at on your website. May I ask why you do not show the sodium content in your nutritional breakdown? I have a sensistivity to sodium and must watch that also.

  51. Stephanie

    Hi Rob!
    Have you heard of a Pasta by Dreamfields which is labeled Healthy Carb Living and 5g of Digestible Carbs per Serving? Also says 65% lower glycemic index than regular pasta. This is what I have been using when I make pasta and in my area I’m sure what you use we do not have that brand. What do you think? Thanks!

  52. Karl

    Am not sold on “organic.” Organic fertilizer is animal waste, including (at no extra cost) the associated bacteria and just costs more. NOTE: Foreign food is fertilized with human wase. Their locals wash their produce with clorex.

    With the government’s fake inflation figures destroying the little money I have, I am staying with the traditional food. It’s served me well for many decades.

    That said, if you like brown rice, you can buy direct from growers in the US. They sell it to pet food manufacturers. You will have some clean waste (immature rice grains) but the cost runs $10 to $15 per 100# plus the motor freight cost.

    Do a search with diligence and then you will have to make a phone contact to place an order. Be nice as they are accustomed to selling in bulk and will only sell to you as a courtesy. For the grower, this is NOT a money maker – for sure.

    I will not supply any names, please do not ask.

    They DO NOT grow organic. QED

  53. Connie

    Just a short comment. Being a type ll diabetic, I have re-learned how to cook. I find that my sugar spikes so much less with non white anything but with pasta, cooking it really al dente makes it spike even less. So try to cook it a little less well done and it doesn’t release as much glucose or sugar into your system.

  54. Jennifer Wong

    I would like to order the burning receipe books for $47.00 but who do I pay to as the payment address is not a bank and clearly stated that they are not allowed to receive payment.. please enlighten me soon as possible. Jennifer.

  55. Estra

    Hi Rob,
    Just got your fat burning furnace program and love what you are saying! Question about the pasta recipe: I’m a vegetarian (with the exception of fish once a week). Could I substitute something like navy beans or shelled edamame for the chicken? Thanks!

  56. Teresa DeWitt

    Hey rob,

    Do you have to put the broccoli in it? I don’t like it. Also i just got my package does the dvd say everything that the book says, i really don’t have time to read hardly anything. If not you should put it on audio book. Just a suggestion.

  57. Aggie

    It doesn’t say how much water to start with. If you don’t drain the pasta, I need to know how much water to start with.

  58. chad


    I do not see the prograde cravers on the website listed

  59. Kequn Li

    very good.

  60. Agnes Hatton

    Hi Rob. I use speg squash and fresh veggies. It leaves room to have a thin slice of garlic bread or another low carb of choice. I was surprised to see that you would recommend frozen items which of course is preserved with high amounts of sodium causing swelling, bloating, & water retention weight. Look forward to hearing your take on all of the aforementioned. A. Hatton.

  61. diane

    what are thoughts about dreamfields Pasta?

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