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Why Your ‘Diet’ Brain Is Pre-Programmed For Failure, And How To RESET YOUR MIND For Success…

By Rob Poulos...

You already know about a few crucial things to avoid if you expect lasting fat loss and staying leaner for life, but you may be alarmed to realize that the very word you’re probably using when talking and thinking about your weight loss goals has pre-programmed your mind to fail!

And by the end of this post, you’ll not only know how to eliminate this problem, but how to reprogram your brain so your chances of success are almost certain…

So, the weight loss killing word is none other than D-I-E-T…

Here is why:

When you tell yourself that you are on a diet, your mind can automatically dredge up a variety of painful and frustrating feelings from your past failures…

The word ‘diet’ also implies that you will be denying yourself things that you like, and as you know, this can only last so long before it leads you to rebelling and to a full out binge on unhealthy foods.

This is something both Kalen and I struggled with (especially Kalen) and is easily one of the top reasons almost everyone fails at lasting weight loss… your ‘diet’ was sabotaged from the inside out before you even started it!

The more that you connect your fat loss efforts with the negative connotations of the word “diet”, the harder it will be to succeed. You may have heard the phrase ‘ like attracts like’, and it’s never been more true here…

…so the more you focus on this negative term, the more negative experiences will accompany your experience in losing fat and keeping it off.

This negative diet mindset phenomenon has recently been supported by research:

Jane Ogden, Ph.D., a health psychologist at Guys Kings and St. Thomas’ School of Medicine in London has recently found that people who lose fat and keep it off not only change the way they eat and exercise, but they modify their minds too…

She studied a group of women, one-third of whom had lost weight and maintained it for more than three years, and compared their habits to women who didn’t lose weight and those who’d lost and gained it back (the other 2/3 of the study).

What they found:

The one huge advantage of women who can keep the weight off permanently was that they had changed the way they thought about diet, eating and exercising.

They also found several important psychological factors in this study that helped these women change their mind-sets about diets, losing fat and keeping it off.

You can pay close attention, because the following factors may mean the difference between your own success and failure…

The 4 attitudes to get you into a successful fat loss frame of mind (and how to RESET YOUR BRAIN):

1. Realize you are in control, and don’t blame something else (like your genetics)…

While genetics play an important role in how you end up looking after the weight loss, Ogden found that the women who believed their weight problems were caused by their own food and lifestyle choices (instead of blaming genetics and metabolism) were simply much more successful.

2. See healthy foods as desirable and don’t deny yourself of  your favorites once in a while…

The women in this study who successfully lost weight and kept it off had almost permanently changed the way they view food, seeing healthier foods as desirable foods.  The women educated themselves about good nutrition and made a commitment to enjoying healthy foods.  Since you’re reading this newsletter and blog, you’re doing this already!  They also accepted the FACT that denying themselves certain favorite foods will only sabotage their success.  No specific foods should become forbidden. You can still have them, but in smaller amounts and less frequently.

3. Set a SHORT TERM goal (avoid long term goals)…

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine studies have shown us that setting an easier goal of losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight gives you a far better chance of  success than if your mind is locked into an extreme weight loss goal.

And this makes sense because larger long term goals alone fail to motivate DAILY behavior changes as they are just too far away. If you want to ultimately lose 30 pounds, focusing on that goal will make a weekly loss of, say, 2 pounds of fat seem small and likely crush your motivation.

4. RESET YOUR BRAIN… stop thinking ‘DIET’ and start thinking ‘Living Fit & Healthy’…

In order to make your mind work on your behalf, stop using the word ‘diet’ (as mentioned at the beginning of this post) and go ahead and pick a different phrase, like ‘Living Fit & Healthy’.  Focusing your thoughts on what your lifestyle changes have given  you gets you excited and feeling motivated… this works… try it!

Now, truly resetting your brain for weight loss success is easier than it sounds… I know this from experience.

If you’re still having trouble getting out of the ‘diet’ mindset and unleashing the power of positive focus toward changing and keeping healthy weight loss habits, you’ve probably  realized you are in need of some help…

And perhaps the best way I know of to truly re-program your brain for weight loss success is by resetting your subconscious mind…

The key here is to rebuild your entire belief system on a subconscious level to enable your brain to think and behave in a way that is conducive to living a healthy lifestyle.

Now I have read several books, watched DVDs, listened to audio programs and even attended seminars on rebuilding belief systems and what I can tell you from my experience is that all of them seem to pale very much in comparison to the power of properly applied hypnotic influence.

This type of hypnosis is by far the most effective method that you can use to rewire yourself because this type of hypnosis itself occurs on a subconscious level.

To get help in resetting your subconscious mind so you are in control of what you eat and how you exercise every day, take a look at this program from celebrity hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones…

Reset your brain for weight loss success <— Click Here

In this program you’ll discover:

The Key To Hypnosis And Weight Loss – Here Steve will take you step by step through ha hypnosis session dedicated to weight loss and the astounding effect it will have on your subconscious.

The Six Steps of You Can Attract It! – Discover the simple yet powerful 6 step process that Steve and Frank have used to enrich their lives and taught others to do the very same.

Creating The Filter – Here you’ll be exposed to a simple process that will enable you to better control what goes into your stomach.

Developing Confidence – Here you’ll discover the key to building and maintaining confidence which essential to both the attraction process and your overall quality of life.

Food Choices And Vibration Energy – Learn  5 simple questions that you can ask yourself that will better direct you to the foods that will enhance your vibrational energy (a key component to LOA).

Destroying The Patterns OF Binge Eating – Here you’ll be exposed to an in depth, step by step process to avoid binge eating (you may not even realize you are engaging in this destructive eating behavior).

The Key To Consistency In Exercise – Here you’ll learn why most people fall of track when it comes to exercise and what to do about it so you don’t fall into the same trap. You’ll also learn about some very non-traditional and exciting forms of exercise.

Motion Creates Emotion – Discover the MCM principle and the profound effect it will have on your state of health.

10 Best Superfoods – Here Frank will tell you the top 10 foods that no human being should ever be without, how they will transform your state of health almost instantly and give you 5 different ways to get each of them into your diet easily.

10 Foods You Should Never Consume Again – Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to take in. Here Frank will tell you about the devastating effects of some foods that many people consume on a daily basis! One of the most popular of these poisons can even be used to clean toilets effectively.

Eating Right Vs. The Right Kind Of Eating – Here you’ll learn how to completely change the paradigm through which you see food forever using the effective 12 step process that Frank and Steve have created.

Reset your brain for weight loss success <— Click Here

Steve also gives you an arsenal of over 50 delicious healthy recipes using some of most powerful foods on the planet!!

Alright, enjoy the program and let us know some of your own mental tricks to stay on track with your weight loss goals, and how it’s working for you in the comments below…

Talk soon,

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  1. Susan Wherley

    I only got two of the audios downloaded then lost the site. Can I get it back to finish my free gifts? I am just learning my way around the computer and mess up a lot. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Susan, we’ve forwarded to Frank for you… he will take care of you…let us know how it goes 😉

  2. Pat

    I can really relate to this. I’ve changed my language from “diet” to “eating plan” and it’s made a huge difference.

  3. HCG

    Seeing that we already happen to be discussing points regarding
    Why Your ‘Diet’ Brain Is Pre-Programmed For Failure, And How To RESET YOUR MIND For Success…

    , Exercise is important. As with any diet plan, you will want to include exercise. Try walking, aerobics, running, strength training, or yoga for 20 – 45 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week. The benefits of regular exercise are numerous ranging from and elevated mood and sense of well being, weight loss, and healthy heart and lungs. You stand to gain substantial health benefits by doing 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity a day, at least five times a week.

  4. Real HCG

    understandable info something I shoulld notice sometime

  5. alena

    I need help !
    I started living a healthy lifestyle tree months ago, but last week I was out with my friends and had that little pie and now I cant control it. I tried some of FBF tips but they cant seem to help me.

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