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Why You Must Be Perfect…(Yes)

By Rob Poulos...

I haven’t shared this fat loss mindset technique with anyone
before, and if you pay attention to what I say in this
entire newsletter, you’re going to be able to use it too.

(I apologize in advance…this is a bit longer than most of
my newsletters…and this kind of info may be a little weird
in a fat loss and fitness newsletter, but the importance of
this matter justifies the length…and I’m wondering if you
agree as much as I do)

First, you’ll want to go through this quick little exercise:

Imagine yourself all alone on a desert island.  It’s a
perfect day.  The sky is clear blue…a warm breeze caresses
your face.

Also, imagine for a moment that you don’t have any ROLES on
that island.

You’re not a father, mother, husband, wife, CEO, skilled
tradesman, office assistant, etc.  These ROLES do not exist
on this island.

Now, on a ‘desert island’ scale from 0 to 10 (10 being
highest), rate yourself on how you feel about you, without
any ROLES.  I’m talking about your self-image, your
self-concept, or your IDENTITY.

Well, how did you rate yourself?  Chances are you rated
yourself less than a 10, but if you rated yourself anything
less than a perfect 10, you were wrong!

Here’s why:

Most people think of themselves based on how well they
perform the roles in their lives.  If we do well in our
ROLES during a particular time, we are told and feel we are
worth more.  If we fail at one role, we are told and feel we
are worth less.

But over time we get so focused on how well or poorly we
perform our ROLES, it starts to affect our true IDENTITY
that we have of ourselves.

Wouldn’t you agree that you were born a 10?  Sure you would!
How could you rate your worth as a human being anything
less before you got attached to any roles?

Well, guess what, it hasn’t changed…the only thing that
has changed is how you see yourself at performing those
roles.  But how you perform those roles does not change your
value as a human being.

Makes sense…OK, so what does this have to do with fat

Good question.

While you still need to have a solid system to get you where
you want to be, you also need to have the correct behavior
and an understanding of how important your identity is in
your success or failure.

In life, you can either see yourself (your identity) as a
w.inner, a non-w.inner, or an “at leaster”.

And how you see yourself affects EVERYTHING you do or are
trying to do, even your physical roles, which may include
fat loss or improving your fitness level.

Regardless of how well they’re doing with their roles,
winners still rank themselves around 7-10 on the scale we
just talked about.  They’re self image is strong…they see
themselves as winners…and they will continue to do well
with most of their roles.

Non-winners, however, rate themselves on the ‘desert island
scale’ somewhere between 0 and 3.  They allow their role
performance to affect how they feel about themselves, and as
a result they consistently do poorly in most if not all of
their roles.

And then there are the ‘at-leasters’, who rate themselves
between 3 and 7 on that scale.  They like themselves only
when they are doing well with their roles.  And when they’re
not, they beat themselves up.  At-leasters aren’t winners,
but they aren’t losers either.


Your ability to perform any role in your life (including a
role like staying in top shape) is directly related to your
identity rating (if you see yourself as a w.inner,
non-w.inner, or at-leaster).

I’ve found most people tend to be non-winners or
at-leasters because they’ve allowed their role performance
to dictate how they see their identity as a person.

And what happens is we continually self-sabotage ourselves
back into our self-image…we get forced back into our
comfort level.

So the question is, if you don’t already see yourself as a
winner, what can you do to fix this immediately?

The KEY I’ve found is having an easy way to separate your
role performance from your true identity as a person.

Here’s a simple little exercise you can use to do this:

FIRST, every morning when you wake up, imagine that you are
on that island again…but this time you live in a castle on
that island, surrounded by a moat.

You’re a perfect 10, a winner, as you begin preparing for
your day.  Once you’re ready to get started with your day,
there’s a long drawbridge you must let down to cross into
the ‘real world’ where you get on performing your roles.

Once in the real world, you’ll experience role successes and
failures.  If the failures get to be too much to where it is
starting to affect how you see yourself, simply cross back
over the drawbridge and return to your castle…where you
are a 10.

Now you can look at those role failures for what they really
are…adjust accordingly, and know that those failures are
nothing that affects what YOU really are…a perfect 10.

The distinction between your roles and true identity is
something most people never learn about.  And it is the
reason why some people can go through life being a
‘natural’ at their roles while most everybody else is stuck
being a ‘non-winner’ or an ‘at leaster’.

I hope you understand its importance now, and why you must
become a perfect 10 if you would like to get in and stay in
your best shape ever.

Here’s to getting lean, strong, and healthy for life,

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  1. Rich

    I am just curious where this excercise and the identity, role, winner/nonwinner, and at-leaster concepts came from.

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