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What Are The Best Fat Burning Foods You Should Be Eating?

By Rob Poulos...

If you’re getting all ready to jump onto a fast weight loss diet plan, you must be taking the time to ensure that you’re eating plenty of the best fat burning foods that are going to take your results up a notch.

Not only are you looking for foods that help to calm those hunger pains that tend to occur so frequently throughout the day while on a diet, but you’re also looking for foods that are going to rev up your metabolism so you naturally burn more calories 24/7 as well as prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.

Since the more muscle mass you have on your body the more calories you burn even while sitting on the couch or sleeping, all the muscle you can keep will definitely work in your favour.

Let’s take a quick look at the best fat burning foods that you don’t want to miss out on.  Have a good look over your current diet and ensure these are somewhere in there.

Cottage Cheese

Think dairy is going to cause you to gain body fat?  Think again!  Dairy has actually been proven to help you decrease the amount of abdominal fat and what’s even better, when you make the decision to include cottage cheese in your day, you’ll be getting a slow digesting source of protein that will feed those hungry muscle tissues for hours.

Cottage cheese makes for the perfect pre-bed meal or just as a snack any time you’re in a hurry so you definitely do want to have it in the fridge at all times.

Egg Whites

Second, another fantastic source of protein that you’ll want to add into the mix are egg whites.  Not only are egg whites quick to prepare but since they can be flavoured a number of different ways, the chances of becoming bored are slim.

Prepare them with some chopped veggies to make an omelette, top with salsa for something entirely different, or mix them with some protein powder and raw oats to form a high-protein pancake as an alternative to the normal high calorie pancakes you may have otherwise eaten.


Moving on, looking at your carbohydrate sources, the next of our best fat burning foods that you should be sure to include in your super fast weight loss diet plan is quinoa.

Quinoa is a perfect way to boost your protein intake up as it’s actually a complete source of protein, unlike brown rice or pasta.

For anyone who’s eating a vegetarian diet, you’ll definitely want this one to be in there.


For your vegetables, you can’t go without broccoli.  Broccoli is rich in antioxidants, filled with fiber, and will easily be added to almost any dish that you happen to be preparing.

If you’re not currently eating enough vegetable on your diet plan, this is one thing that you must change immediately.  They are quite simply the best foods to be eating for success.

So there you have some of the best fat burning foods to make sure are on your grocery shopping list.  While having plenty of variety is important in any diet you’re using, these mainstay’s should always find a way into your menu plan.

For more hot tips on how to create a full diet plan that burns fat faster, please check out the Fat Burning Furnace program.

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  1. Jeski

    Hey Rob,

    I just read the article linked in your most recent email, and was interested to see that one of the guy’s staple freezer foods was “exotic” lean meats like ostrich, buffalo and venison. Ostrich, buffalo and venison are harder to get here where I live (Australia) but I wanted to let you know about another lean meat (which may be a little harder to get a hold of for your followers outside of Australia) – kangaroo. Here’s some info on it ~ http://www.csiro.au/files/mediarelease/mr2004/kangaroofat.htm

    As mentioned in the link, kangaroo meat has five times more CLA (conjugated linolic acid) in their fat than ruminant animals, and CLA has been shown to reduce obesity and heart disease and have anticarcinogenic properties. Kangaroo is also super tasty, I eat it at least once a week because it’s also super cheap here in Aus. It tastes kind of like rich beef. It’s a little hard to cook though, you have to be careful with it.

    Just thought you might be interested to know :)

  2. Jeski

    also, that link might be a bit outdated when it says kangaroo meat is primarily used for dog & cat food in Australia – kangaroo steaks, pre-marinated steaks and sausages are all readily available in chain supermarkets here now. :)

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