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What A Great Question…

By Rob Poulos...

I just received a kick butt question from a faithful reader of
my newsletter…

…actually, it’s several great questions in one…and I know
many of my other readers have the same questions…so let’s
tackle this one head on together…

Hi Rob,

Have been reading your emails faithfully now for a few
weeks…My passion is golf and want to get more competitive but
find that I am losing strength overall. I have heard that too
much weight lifting can reduce flexibility, myth or fact I do
not know…also have a bit of another problem,rotator cuff

My questions then are: (1) Does your program address flexibility
as well as strength? and (2) Have any of your students corrected
rotator cuff problems or has the intensity made things worse.
Oh yes, my wife is a non-believer making it very difficult.
Still believes the only way is repetitive daily exercises. I
guess if Oprah doesn’t say it’s right, it ain’t!

My daughter is 30-40lbs overweight, mainly in the midriff. Can
your program reduce the bulges and show how to strengthen the

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!

Okay, let’s start with weight lifting/resistance training and


99.9 percent of the population (which means you!) will never be
able to develop a level of muscle mass (naturally) that would
reduce your ability to swing a golf club…or do anything

-in fact, when performed as I recommend in my Fat Burning
Furnace method, resistance training exercise actually has
stretching built in…so you are INCREASING your flexibility as
you gain fat burning muscle and add strength to your body.

Alright, next up…my famous intensity and rotator cuff

When performed correctly, intense exercise is not going to
aggravate a rotator cuff injury, although depending on the
severity of the injury, it may be best to stop a rep or two
short of muscular failure with specific shoulder joint

…a great exercise for strengthening the rotator cuff is known
as the “L-Raise”, which is a subject for a whole different

Now, what will screw up your shoulder joint even more is
improper exercise form (fast, ballistic type movement).  There
are also few exercises that should be avoided (like the press
behind neck)…and actually I wouldn’t recommend them whether
you had an injury or not…they’re just plain bad on the rotator

Alright, and lastly, let’s talk about this reader’s question
about whether or not the FBF method will help her daughter lose
fat from her belly and strengthen the abs…

…YES and YES.

The only way to lose fat from your belly is to lose fat
overall…in fact this is the only way to lose fat (outside of

…it may seem like it’s coming off everywhere else if you carry
more fat in your belly, but it will come off in those trouble
areas the more you lose overall…drop your body fat down to the
low 20s or teens and that belly fat/thigh fat/ butt fat will
begin to make a disappearing act David Copperfield style.

And yes, the FBF method will strengthen your abs…of
course…in fact some of the best movements to strengthen your
abs are not “abs exercises” at all…and that’s one of the big
secrets to abdominal strengthening…


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