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We’re All The Same…Yet Different

By Rob Poulos...

Whenever I take on a new Fat Burning Furnace student, I’m often
reminded of this basic principle of health and fitness that most
people overlook.  And that is, we’re all the same, but we’re all
different.  How does that apply to getting lean, strong, and
healthy, and why is it important to understand?

It’s true that we all have unique differences from one another.
I’m talking specifically about our metabolic rates and our
ability to lose fat and gain muscle.  We all achieve these things
at different rates and have different limits based our genetic

Based on this, many in the fitness world would recommend a
totally different program or system for everybody.  In fact,
there are a lot of programs out there that base their entire
systems on these differences alone.

But this is a mistake in my estimation.  Why?

Besides being different, basic physiology tells us we are also
all essential the same…the chemical reactions that take place
within me take place in you, your neighbor, and someone you’ve
never met.  That means we respond very similarly to various
stressors like exercise, and to various nutritional elements as

The process of getting a suntan should help illuminate this
concept.  While we all vary in terms of the rate at which we can
develop a tan, and ultimately how dark that tan will be, we
still require the same presence of intense sunlight to get that
tan. (Yes, I know you can go to a tanning salon, but you get my
point).  And we also require time away from that sunlight as our
bodies go through the same chemical process to build the tan.

With these physiologic similarities in mind, we should realize it
is possible to create a baseline set of fat loss and fitness
rules and principles that we can adhere to that will work for
most everybody.  We can then adjust accordingly, based on that
person’s ability to handle intense exercise, motivation level,
natural metabolic rate and so on.

But the differences are not to the extreme amounts that many
would have you believe.  While continually working with new and
existing Fat Burning Furnace students, it’s relatively easy to
adjust the baseline programs once they get started.  Some
don’t need any adjustment at all, while others improve their
success by tweaking their programs up or down a few percent.

So, yeah, we’re all different.  But we’re all human too.
Knowledge of this basic concept in health and fitness can save
you from years and years of wasted effort in the “everybody’s
different” based fitness & diet routines.


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