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Unedited Private Fat Burning Audio Session Discovered

By Rob Poulos...

I was going through some old files in our computer systems the
other day and I stumbled across an excerpt from a 1 on 1
discussion I had with a FBF student back in the early days of

I didn’t even know any of these sessions still existed, as we
had a major hard drive crash last year that wiped out a lot of
data, including a lot of these audio sessions.

But, I was really surprised to find a few clips remaining.  This
particular clip features a discussion I had with a new FBF
student (by the name of Jeff Mueller) on some of the main ideas
and tactics behind the FBF method.  The original file was
corrupted, but I managed to extract about 25 minutes of usable
audio from it.

Now, this is not edited or “polished” in any way, and it is just
a chunk of the 2 hour long sessions we were doing at the time.
Still, I’m revealing a lot of vital information in here that
forms much of the foundation for my Fat Burning Furnace system.

And I thought you’d like to get a chance to hear it for
yourself.  You can listen here:


But, I should warn you that because this is just part of a
corrupted file, it may not work for very long…I’m really not
sure.  So you should check it out now if you want to listen in.

I hope you enjoy it ;-).


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