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Um…Rob Looks Really Skinny…Is He OK?

By Rob Poulos...

You may know that after I made the decision to create a new
lifestyle focused around my “minutes each week and no diets” Fat
Burning Furnace principles, I lost over 42 pounds of fat and
gained pounds of solid muscle, strength, and cardiovascular

What you may not know about is the backlash I received from some
family members and friends who hadn’t seen me in a while.  If
you can believe it, instead of most people complimenting me on
the fat loss, they seemed visibly concerned, jealous, or maybe a
bit of both.

My wife even mentioned that a few people asked her if I was
alright, and that I was too thin, and if I was “eating”.
LOL…I love that one.

Well, I got a little tired of hearing this & had to pull out my
before and after pics to show them what I really used to look
like (in case they forgot), and what I look like now with my
shirt off.  And that did the trick.  Once they saw that I had
transformed my body into a powerful and defined fat burning
locomotive with a ripped six pack of abs, and not a malnourished
twig as they had thought, they appeared to be a bit more at ease
with my transformation.

So let this be an important lesson to you as you move toward
your dream body goals…many people, even your very best
friends and family, will try to thwart your accomplishments
with snide comments…and it’s usually because they’re either
frustrated with their own fat loss and fitness goals or they’re
just plain jealous and they want you to stay like them…fatter
and unhealthy!

People want you to be like them…that is why they unconsciously
drag you down.  The problem with this is, most people are not in
the kind of shape or health that you want to be in, and that is
why you must develop a “thick skin” and not listen to any of
these progress busting comments, looks, or remarks.

Here are two simple steps I’ve found to be very effective when
dealing with these people:

1. Have a one on one discussion with them and let them know how
serious you are about your fat loss goals and how important it
is to you that they are supportive of your effort.  Be sincere.

2. If they don’t budge, limit your contact with them until
you’ve reached a point where their comments and looks don’t
bother you anymore.

Don’t let jealous and non-supportive people destroy your fat
loss and fitness goals…try these two steps and start to
eliminate this negativity out of your life.


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