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What’s Your #1 Health & Fitness Challenge?

By Rob Poulos...
I know from experience over the past few years in helping our now hundreds of thousands of readers, that sharing your challenges with like-minded others is almost ALWAYS a big boost to helping you succeed!

So go ahead and let us know what your #1 challenge is with health and fitness right now, below…

…your comment will appear below this message and you’ll also be able to see others’ comments, too.

See what we’re doing here?  That’s right, it’s motivation time baby!

For example, it might be:

-I need to lose 10 pounds

-I want to lose my gut

-I want to learn how to eat properly

You get the picture. Whatever YOUR personal challenge is, let us know… let’s all pull together here this week and help each other out.

I look forward to reading your comments ;-).

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  1. Rob

    Hey everyone, Rob here…just wanted to say I’m looking forward to hearing about your top health and fitness challenges…

    • Marilyn

      My greatest challenge is after two hip replacements (same hip) and 14 dislocations I was just sent to an orthopedic specialist called a revisionist who removed the old hardware and put in all new ball, hip liner,etc. Now for the next four weeks I can only put weight on the left hip on the toe using a walker. I can put full weight on the right leg. I only had the last replacement for 4 years. My doctor is primarily keeping me in a wheelchair because of all of the former dislocations. I have no friends who live close enough to visit me or even offer encourage me. I am 62 and weight 100 pounds.

      • Annette

        Marilyn, sounds like you are going through a very challenging time. Are you working with a physical therapist? If so, can you hire a fitness trainer to come watch a PT session or two so that he/she can continue with you after the physical therapy runs its course? Or do you use Skype on your computer? You could have long distance training using it. I would recommend that you get outside help and support as soon as possible. Keep seeing and FEELING yourself stronger every day. Keep in touch with friends and family. These things are as important as any weight exercises but are often forgotten. Best to you. You can do it!

      • Penny

        Marilyn, I can so sympathise. What a difficult time you’ve been having. I haven’t had all your troubles, I am merely waiting for a hip replacement, but I haven’t been able to do anything very active for manhy months and it is a real challenge to eat small enough so as not to put on weight. If you weigh 100 pounds, I think you’re doing well!

    • John

      I need to lose an additional 30 pounds of body fat

      • Deb

        I’m exactly in the same spot you are – I need to lose 30 pounds! I lost my husband, and have eaten my way through depression to being so overweight! I find it hard to bend over and tie my shoes. Plus the weather has been so hazardous (100+ degrees and high humidity) that my walking has flown out the window. So now I’m looking at depression again!

    • Bertha

      My greatest challenge at this time is to walk alone again and to be able
      to use my right hand and arm again. I had a stroke on my right side on
      September 7th 2010. Spent 17 days in a rehab hospital for 17 days.
      I have had 2 sessions of OT and PT (12 weeks each). I have lost 34 lbs.,
      trying to eat healthy, and stay active as much as I am able. And do alot
      of praying. I felt that I was doing the right things before this happen but
      still it happened. It did not help that before this happen that I had fallen
      and broke my fibula which also tore some ligaments in my left ankle. Had
      alot of inflammation and was inactive because I was unable to walk or exercise.
      I also have high blood pressure. Suffered some irregular heartbeats and
      I have sleep apnea. I am now 65 years old. My mind and speech are fine.
      I was exercising, losing weight, eating healthy, drinking lots of water when
      I fell and broke my fubula. Was in lots of pain. I believe that the fall and being
      inactive helped to bring on the stroke. I knew that I was out of shape but I
      was trying to change that, but circumstances changed that before I could reach
      that goal. I hope my story helps someone else, to keep them from having a bad
      experience in their health as I have. Get healthy and stay healthy BEFORE it
      cripples your life. Eat healthy, and stay fit with exercise and being active.
      You have only one life to enjoy. Take care!

      • Carrie

        Thanks for sharing your story.

        You take care too.

      • Earl MacLeod

        My greatest challenge is medical directions to stop all types of extra conditioning
        due to discovery of an AORTIC ANEURYSM.

      • niki

        Bertha, thank you for sharing your situation. I will be saying prayers for your speedy recovery! I bulged a disc three months ago and, now, have been cleared to begin light working out. Problem is, I have put on a good 15 lbs in the last very sedentary three months. I was sitting here feeling unmotivated and a bit hopeless until I just read your story. Please know that what you shared has been a good, swift, kick in the pants of this reader! Thank you! I am 57 and have about 90 lbs to lose all together. I got this program about nine months ago and a thousand excuses got in the way of DOING the program. Will sign off now so I can get busy! My very best to you. God speed in your recovery! Niki

    • Pepe

      My biggest challenge is: Ageing (70yo), eg:
      High blood pressure
      Muscular cramps

    • Sammee

      I want to drop 2 dress sizes by the end of October and feel less motivated than ever!! Heeeeelp!!

      • Colette

        you can do it! cut carbs, sugar & go protein! I lost 23 lbs in the last 2 months–effortless–walk too & drink water!

    • Beverly O'Connor

      My main problem is my thyroid gland, and I have several doctors helping me! Yet, I still have

      • Cara

        Beverly, I had my thyroid removed and had a terrible time with getting medication regulated. I found that if I took the medication with water only at night (3 a.m.) when I get up anyway, I got much better results. Seems that your stomach has to be emptied of all substances but water for at least an hour before you take the med and two hours after because everything but water causes the medication to not be absorbed. It was just a realization that my stomach holds food for longer than that so the only time I could think of when it might really be empty was in the middle of the night! I haven’t had any problems with it since I started doing this a year ago.

      • Janet

        I too have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it has been over a year and still trying to find the right level. Very frustrating.


      I am 6’3” in height & weigh approx 116 kgs, I am trying to lose weight since past three yrs, but I am not able to loose even an ounce. I have enrolled myself in a gym, but bcoz of my hectic worklife I am only able to workout 3- 4 days a week. I am a big foodie so I find it very difficult to avoid eating food I like.

      Need your advice as to how can I reduce weight on a consistent basis.

      Thanks & Regards

      Jatin Hura

    • peter savoy

      I have been learning to eat and live well these last two years. this last year I lost 50 pounds using tips I have learned here and else where that Rob has pointed out out. some make no sense some sound good but seem to have no effect on me all I know is that I have the diet secret that Rob shared taped to my cpu “Eat less, move more” I am still working on the move more.
      I have some health issues spurring my determination to lose weight , but whatever it takes. Good luck all Peter

    • Jon Moore

      I have trouble staying with an exercise program. Injures keep me from continuing or starting back again. My secondary problem is portion size – I like to eat…

    • Hal Hower

      I want to lose my belly and waist line fat. I’m slender and don’t need to lose weight. I just need to lose inches around my gut. I eat most of the fat killing foods you recommend. I go to the gym to workout at least for an hour, 2 or 3 times a week. But I am not making much headway. I am in my 80’s so I can’t expect much hormonal help. Something seems to be missing from your program. Please respnd.

    • Betty Tihore

      To be able to lose weight and keep it off, Ive tried so many diets only to find that when I quit Ive gained an extra few pounds.

    • Betty Tihore

      To lose the weight and keep it off

      • Betty Tihore

        Ever since I put on the weight I have backpain aching knees swollen feet not to mention high blood pressure. My challenge is to lose weight and keep it off, I have grandchildren And I,d like to be around to attend their 21st or their weddings. I am 58yrs old

    • Larry

      Lowering overall body fat has always been my biggest problem. Upon doing so my slightly loose mid-section would be gone and I could have 6-pack abs.

    • Nandini

      My health & Fitness challenge is to make time for exercising. Surprisingly I get time & energy for all other job but for exercise I start feeling tired, exhausted and too very sleepy.

    • Marjorie Mangrum

      Right now it is learning to walk from a broken upper femur….caused from taking Fosamax for osteoporosis. I am on a new eating program for foods that help me grow bone without medication…. so learning to eat the right things is very important….

    • Pat

      I am 72 (almost 73) and need to loose 30 pounds. Not having a whole lot of luck, currently.

    • Bonny

      Self discipline is my greatest challenge. Since things like ice cream and pizza are triggers for me, and I have family who also enjoy this type of food, these are always in the house. We like to do things together (like movies and yummies.) I guess it is called social eating?

    • Gail

      No matter how much exercise I get, I’m still not eating right so my fat is staying put. I crave the carbs that I’m trying to live without. I stick to my diet for short periods of time but I haven’t trained myself to cook for myself the first thing you know, I’m reaching for something fast to quell the hunger.

      • Marlene Allen

        Don’t worry about large amounts of exercise. It can make you hungry!! Just do some abs and weights. Keep lots of food available that you can grab if you get hungry..veggies and hummus, celery and peanut butter, raw nuts, small apples, some dark chocolate..also research some recipes that are wheat free that have “good” grains in them to bake with. Brown rice flour etc. You can make some good “sweets” that are healthy. Sorry but there is no quick fix..it does take a little effort to be prepared, but it’s worth it!! I have been a healthy eater for years but just started doing no wheat and no sugar in Feb. Lost that last ten lbs I’ve been trying to lose for 5 years!

    • Ingrid Jones

      Losing the weight and keeping it off.

    • Clint

      I need to lose the layer of fat covering my abs!

    • Donald Kiesling

      My greatest challenge is forcing myself to get on the treadmill and walk. Here is why:
      I have had 7 Back Surgeries. 5 of them were with in a 90 day period about 2 years ago.

      My back is fused from L2 thru S-1; and I have two 6inch Bolts in my pelvis (on each side) to stabilize my hips. After the surgeries, I could not walk; so the doctor decided to TRY this solution, as he was at his wits end to figure out why I could not walk. The pain was excruchiating (sp) and my hips litterally gave out any time any weight was put on them. I even had a plastic brace that encompassed me from my underarm all the way down to my knees. It looked like a plastic body cast, but still, no luck with walking.

      It’s been 15 months since my last surgery (they went in and replaced the cage between L2 & L3 – the bone was not growing like it should have been). I can walk; mostly with out any form of support, but I do need iat least a cane if I’m going to be out walking for a long distance. We have a treadmill, and for a while I was getting on it 3-4 times per week; then I broke my toe and found out that I have nerve damage in my right leg, this manifests as a weekness or inability, sometimes, to get the front part of my foot up as high as it should…since then, I’ve let that fact get in my head and now I guess I’m more than a little aprehensive about getting back on…I have a boot that prevents the dropping, but it is hard plastic and goes from my mid foot, all the way up to just under my knee, the bottom “foot” is hinged with a mechanism that does not allow me to drop below 90 degrees, but its Texas and it is HOT!

      I could use some suggesstions!

    • Renee

      Hi Rob, I have been on your program since May and have changed my diet completely. I have lost 15 pounds but still have 10 more pounds to lose. My body has changed shape. BUT My biggest challenge is to get rid of my spare tire (lower abdomen fat). I seem to have hit a plateau. Any suggestions, help me please.

    • peter martin

      I am currently on the heart transplant waiting list and my challenge is to keep the weight down as i can’t do much exercise and have to keep my weight below 85kg.I am 80kg at the moment but finding it hard.I am also so on fluid restriction 1.5 litres per day,have switched wholemeal bread,oily fish,jacket potatos,veg and fruit such as strawberrys,blueberrys,blackberrys,melon,etc is this a good way(safe way)to do it or is there any other foods that i should use or change to?

      • Cara

        Try to keep the starchy veggies and bread to a minimum. Hang in there! Prayers for a short wait!

    • Elaine

      My greatest challenge has been losing that last 15 pounds and tightening everything up.

    • Jane

      Hi Rob, I guess to say that my biggest problem right now, besides my weight, is that I have epilepsy. There, I said it to the world. I was diagnosed when I was 4YO and that was a long time ago. I have to watch how I exercise, not too much exersion. So I want to go to my diet and change it. You seem to have alot of recipes. So I am going to give those a try. Of course, losing weight will help my blood pressure and my epilepsy control.

      Any suggestions that may help for food? Like the green tea or whatever? Of course I will run it past my doctor but I feel when you go into your doctor and say “Well what about….” they then feel you have done research and they can’t pull a blanket over your head.
      Thanks, Jane

    • Ephne

      I am 69 and need to loose 10kg. Because of stiffness (and pain) of my joints (arthritis), I am unable to do exercises that involve bending the joints – especially the knees!

    • laura

      Mine biggest challeng is motivating myself to exercise (I feel like a sloth!). My second biggest challenge is sticking with a healthy diet! (I need to find a different way to work in the AM so I am not tempted to have Starbucks either!)



    • Larry

      My my challenge, after none execerise for the last twenty five years and having open heart sergury about 6 years ago. Is to get back what I was when I was 40, 172lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal. I’m on my way, I’m lifting weights again and walking. I also square dance three nights a week. And start eating healty. A friend said to me, Larry be a doer of things don’t stand idle. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t work. So I need to get back to that.

    • Lefty

      I’m a 79 year old widower .. I want to lose my beer belly, use practical weight loss procedures , and start a realistic exercise routine .

    • George

      My biggest challenge at the moment is weight loss of the last 12-15 pounds for a slim and athletic look. Loosing the belly flab has been my biggest challenge. Although I exercise between 2 and 3 times a week, the loss of that last bit just doesnt seem to end. Any advice apart from a healthy diet and good exercise?

    • james mooney

      am 87yrs old living in a assisted living so all meals are pre planned .do exercise every morning

      & keep active on computer .it helps to delay dementia also read a lot .we dont have a lot of say on food .but before I came here was eating mostly hot dogs &popcorn + other junk food after my wife passed away .I quit eating the right stuff ..aint to far off course for a old geezer am 5ft /9i
      weight 190lbs mostly belly . I know its over weight .but most of these guys here are younger
      then me & in bad shape mostly mentally

    • Kitty Johnson

      My greatest challenge is getting enough exercise. Since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I can’t handle any rise in body temperature, and I get tired quickly. I’ve been inactive for several years now and have gained a lot of weight, partially from Diabetes medications. I’ve been trying your system for 2 weeks now and I can do this. I never thought I could get this much benefit from 15 min. It’s really hard, but also fun, and the short amount of time doesn’t raise my body temperature,which most exercise has in the past. I’m hoping, that this time I can get back to a good level of fitness.

    • Howard

      My greatest challenge is loosing 30 pounds and most of it around my waist and stomach. Second to that is getting more fit through riding my bicycle on a more regular basis..

    • Joyce Franchett

      I’ve lived with this tummy too long; I want to minimize it!

    • Bob

      I cannot stick to healthy eating for any extended period of time.

    • Katy

      My biggest challenge is my allergies and acid reflux. I am allergic to (almost) all foods healthy! I can’t have even one fruit or veggie a day! and I am allergic to most grains. It seems that with my allergies the more processed the food the less allergic I am to it. so I am struggling to even figure out what I should be eating.

    • Laura

      I want to use the FBF system of losing fat, but I don’t want to have to buy all the extra stuff that’s being promoted. I feel as if it’s going to be a waste of my time to just do the workouts and change my diet.

    • Marie

      Hi Rob

      Just to continue eating sensibly, avoiding as many preservatives as I can and getting my walking regime happening every day.

    • Rawiri

      Current weight is 97 kg My desired weight 85/87 Kg. Goal for whats left of 2011 is to lift my body weigh.

    • Gloria

      Hi Rob, I am 50 and I don’nt suffer from any disease. My only challange is to lose some belly fat just to look better and ,of course ,to quit smoking, which is my problem. I am not that young nut I’d like to look better and fitter.

    • Angela

      As I have gotten older (now a retired senior citizen) I have found that I have lost my waistline.
      My little belly, which I have had all my life, has grown out more and also grown upward to my waist. I have not been able to get myself on a routine fitness or diet program and am frustrated
      because of my lack of discipline. I hope this will help.

    • Suzy

      Motivation is my biggest problem. And now that I just got some not so happy news about my health, I am in limbo for the time being. But problems I’ve had for the last 15 years such as fibro, arthritis, muscle cramps, migraines, ebs, etc. Weight gain caused mostly by antidepressants. Never had a weight problem so this is so difficult to deal with. Not used to having to watch what I eat. And now not being able to do much physical activities is weighing heavily on me. No pun intended. lol 😉

    • sunil

      I’m very slender boy of 21.
      & Its really challenge for me to build up my body…..

    • Tim L.

      Consistency…. one word. This is my biggest challenge

    • Okinaneko

      My biggest challenge is that I have tied getting fit to achieving certain goals.
      Not a bad idea at first but the goals are things that I have fears of achieving since they are well outside of my comfort zone.
      Now I am trying to separate the two and not see it as all in one although they are hand in glove.

    • Allan

      I have two reconstructed knees.
      How can I do effective fat burning exercises if I can’t do squats and other leg dominant routines?

      • Rob Poulos

        Hey Allan, you don’t need to do leg dominant routines… the FBF routines have maybe 20-30% in legs… it’s simply important to work the entire musculature… for legs you may want to try doing static hold type exercises for legs… an example would be a wall squat, where you start in the squat position, leaning against a wall, and then hold for as long as you can.

    • Hi,

      I have a big problem with any excersise I can’t do it.

      I have hardly been able to move since July which is why Im only just answering your e-mail.

      Even today just getting out of bed is a very painful time, but I’ve tried to be up over Christmas, but its been with extreme difficulty. I have a hot water bottle behind me to ease the back pain.
      Its beyond a joke. Still it could e worse. So I have to rely on diet alone. I’ve manage to keep my weight steady but not losig any/ I do not know what the answer can be wn the Doctor does not come and visit me but sends out more painkillers, which makeno difference.

      Thanks for all you do


  2. blackhawkzone

    i want to be able to walk up two flights of stairs to the train without getting winded.

  3. Francia

    I’ll be 79 next month. I want to look and feel like 66.

  4. Francia

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    What does that mean?
    I should explain.
    My eyesight, hearing, movement ability need to become more youthful.

  5. Gary Pascarella

    I have been very successful with your program. I have lost 22lbs and 12% bodyfat since becoming a student earlier this year. I am at a plateau though. I would like to continue losing bodyfat. How do you continue to lose fat to reach your goal when you plateau?

  6. Joy Pero

    My bigest weight loss challenge is why I eat and when, I suppose. I was on tract with my weight loss. I’d gone from 225 lbs to 152 lb eating sensibly and working out with a trainer. My mom got colon cancer and my daughter was getting married and there were a few other things as well. The loss of a pet, another pet had surgery, a sibling who couldn’t cope with my sick mother and left it all up to me. That started a little over a year ago. I gained 45 lbs. My doctor said I am pre-diabetic this time too, so the weight must come off. Diabetes runs in the family. I’m just afraid that when push comes to shove, I eat to comfort myself. Mom is 86 and has two primary cancers and osteoporosis. Sometimes, taking care of her, I can’t even get to a Gym. I had my husband buy me a stationary bike so I won’t have any excuses, but diet is still a challange. I have tenis elbow, and Scoliosis, so weight lifting is limited, but if kept light, I can do some resistance. I like swimming, but I am most comfortable walking and riding the bike. It just doesn’t make me feel better when the world is falling apart.

    Joy Eastes Pero

    • Grace

      Joy, I can relate to your emotionally stressful situation. My heart goes out to you. Your very last statement hit home. My mother has Alzheimers and I have taken care of her medical/physical needs for the past three years. My 5 siblings have 5 different opinions as to how mom’s care should be done (2 of them are pretty, well…unbelieveable). Since I am able to talk to mom without her becoming too agitated (no fights in 3 yrs vs her 3 battles a day with my brother), I feel privileged to see to her needs. But, during the three years I have not taken care of myself and have gained 30 lbs and have withdrawn into myself to deal with the pain and stress of seeing my mother slowly disappear. There have been two major surgeries during this time (back collapsed due to arthritis and hip fracture in 4 places) which then required recovery time in the hospital and transitional care units. Since she cannot speak for herself and she severely reacts to all narcotics, I was usually there everyday for the 3-4 month recovery time, sleeping at the hospital most nights while continuing to teach piano lessons 5 hours each day. My daughter also was married during this stressful time and I did not enjoy her wonderful day like I should have…just not enough of “me” leftover.

      Stress is real. Stress is really detrimental to your health. It is not helpful to me to hear “deal with it”. You sound like a strong women with a big generous heart. You have the gift to care lovingly for others. I have found the hardest person to care for in these stressful situations is myself. When I do take care of myself, I feel guilty. Not a good thing. What is helpful for me to hear is to hear sincere encouragement to be guilt free (have “permission”) to enjoy a few hours each day for myself. I can plan meals and exercise and even get lost in a book. Men can do that pretty easily but most women I know have difficulty going “off-duty” from care-giving. Give yourself permission to care for yourself first so that you can be an even greater comfort for your mother. She is fortunate to have you in her life.

      When your world is “falling apart” be sure to stop and look at the “pieces”. There is beauty and comfort in the “pieces” if we take the time to look. A friend told me he felt honored to care for his mother because he was able to see her in her good moments but his siblings only have the negative memories. Cherish the time with your mother. Best wishes for a healthy life. Take care of yourself.

  7. laura52

    I only have a dream of being a life/weight “release” coach. It truly is my dream. That is my personal challenge. To change people’s lives of fitness and let them enjoy feeling healthy.

    My first funeral was of my Grandmother,
    8 years after the fact of having her first and many more strokes to keep her in the hospital at 56 years old. But she was such a part of my life and not be able to speak or move her right side of her body was something the teenage mind never forgot. The same Grandmother that was like every other Grandmother. Big and loveable. The one that made cookies for you and poured milk. The same one who got you out of her way when she had things to do. The same Grandmother that did things with you like planting the garden, vacuuming and teaching you all about the deadly chore of ironing.

    I have skimmed through my life and made it. Now I have a message I want to send.

    We only have one body. We know that. My message is to do the friggin best you can with it because life doesn’t give you second chances and keep an open mind.

    My number one fitness dream is to help these people get off their butts and move. Life happens and strokes happen more often, because people don’t move and things clot up, but the same reason of excess weight not allowing things to move as is still a number one reason.

    Do yourself a favour people. Move today. Every chance you get until you go to bed. Why? “It keeps the motor running!”


  8. Starry

    I want to learn how to get rid of my bloating and water retention in my stomach that causes my stomach to be distended.

  9. Elaine Varney

    I have a rare spinal cord injury in the thoracic spine. When I try to exercise it is very painful and discouraging. I also have asthma and get winded after doing very little. Are there any gentle exercises I can start with.

  10. Just to be consistent and to know what exactly I need to do to lose weight. 10 kg more to go, scarry.

  11. J.S.

    My biggest challenge is being able to do sufficient resistance training to make a difference having injured my knee in multiple ways and being unable to do lower body resistance training except with very light resistance, and not being able to stand to do upper body lifting because it requires lower body stability at the knee.

    I met recently for followup with my dietician who was surprised I had not gained weight this year due to my limited mobility. I told her that despite my ability to do as much lower extremity work that I had continued, to the extent I could, to do upper body weight training.

  12. Elena

    Hi Rob,
    My biggest challange for the moment is to (dare to) share the “weight-corner” with a bunch of pumped-up guys in the gym, while the rest of the gals is in the cardio-corner. I feel pretty much out of place there, in that “wrong” corner, knowing that they are looking at me, and thinking god-knows-what (like: “she doesn’t belong here” of “It’s too heavy, you crazy girl!”). So, forget those muscle failure-noises! I just can’t let myself go there. Do you have a piece of advice for me to cope with this “problem”?
    Also, nutrition is a big challenge for me. I don’t react good at carbs (grains, starches, sugar). So, I can’t follow your FBF nutrition advice. I’ve tried, but started to eat uncontrollably (I’m a carb-addict actually). Is it possible to combine the FBF-program with eating on a carb-restricted program (like the Heller-program)? I intend to lose 18 pounds.

    • jerry

      try eating comlex carbs like those found in hole vegitables,simple carbs like fruit fat and protein from nuts and eggs. the most important thing is eat natural food,it mite be hard to beleive but butter is better than margerine,and steak is better than most vegitable oils soy being the worst olive and grape seed being the best.try eating an apple and a hand full of nuts for breakfast,you will say full longer and avoid crashing and needing to drink coffee or pop,or empty carbs (refined grain ,suger).no less than 30 % of all the suger you eat gets stored as fat,when you feel thirst drink water 10 to 12 glasses a day,you cant out train poor nutrition!!!


    I find it hard to lose weight even though Iwalk when ever I can!And just recently purchased a total gym 1100 because I live on social security disability and only make $958 dollars a month and after bills have no money for food although I do get $10.00 dollars in food stamps!Even still I only get to eat one meal a day and have no control over the one small meal I eat It’s at a mealsite for the homeless and low income! Sincerely ROBERT LEE RAMEY AZRiel_52802@hotmail.com Tel-563-326-3957 home or 563-676-9638 cellphone 1002 ASH,ST.APT.1 DAVENPORT,IA.52802-3443

  14. Peanut

    My biggest challenge will be to avoid eating. I’m always hungry, like every 1-2 hours and I’ll be seen munching on something. It’s more of a habit as I have been taught to eat finish my food, everything.

    I also can presume it’s a diversion from my work. I get stress, and start to eat on stuff.

    It’s not so bad. I control my diet, and exercise regularly, and drink water, and also try to eat minimally. When it comes to meals, I take as little as possible to finish up that ‘little amount’.

    But, it would be great if I could have tips apart from:
    # eating healthy snacks
    # drinking water
    # going for a walk

    Unless that is the only way. :(

  15. miguel

    I purchase your book it’s awesome, I’ve went from 205 tp 182 solid muscle. However, I still need to get rid of the last little pouch below my 4 pack. HELP! what can I do. I’ve tried everything with no success.

  16. Lora Karabatsos

    Hello everyone. Only been doing the resistance training a couple of weeks but can feel the difference when my workout is done. My muscles are shaking all over from working so hard. I am a 43 year old female with 2 children 9 and 12. The biggest problem I have is with the abdominal area. I know there’s a six pack underneath because I’ve worked out for years, but how can I get rid of the fat (it’s not a lot, but enough to frustrate me) so I can see what’s underneath? I know you’re not a big fan of cardio, but should I do some interval cardio in order to attack the abdominal area? This is in my opinion my worst area. I’ve worked out most of my life, and was a dancer for years so exercise is not new to me. This is the only area on my body that makes me feel 43, otherwise I don’t feel my ager at all.

  17. Rob

    Hey guys, great comments so far…a few thoughts:

    Gary P. – Great job! That’s what we like to hear…in terms of the plateau, I’ll need to get some more info from you…shoot me an email at the support desk to discuss this further…

    Joy P. – It sounds like the stress in your life is the trigger for that weight gain…work on handling this first as you’ll attack the source instead of just treating the symptoms…

    Elena – You have to forget about all of the macho stuff involved with weight training…yeah, it’s the guys domain in the gym, but you have every right to be there…make it your own! Regarding the low carb plan…you’ll need a sufficient supply of carbs to provide the energy requirements for the type of workouts we use with FBF, but you can limit them somewhat…just don’t go overboard and get really restrictive…whole grain carbs are good for you and don’t cause weight gain (unless you’re eating too many calories/too many of them).

    Peanut – make sure you’re eating enought at your 5-6 meals…if you skimp too much you’ll find yourself eating all day long…then again, eating every couple of hours is fine, but if it adds up to too many calories at the end of the day, that is not fine…also, make sure you have a sufficient breakfast…this sets up your eating patterns for the rest of the day…

    Miguel – nice work…send me a email at the support desk so we can discuss further…

    Lora K. – sounds like you carry most of your fat in your abdominal area…this is a genetic thing and the only way to reduce the area is to continue to reduce overall body fat…shoot me a message at the support desk if you’d like to discuss in more detail…

    • james sheppard

      HI ROB, I was looking for your response to Ronald Morris’s situation. How can I get to your response to him?

      • Rob Poulos

        Hey jim, here’s my reply to Ronald: Hey Ronald, your exercise plan seems sound at first glance, but what is your diet situation? If you’re gaining weight doing all of that exercise, I would imagine you’re either still in a positive calorie balance (too many cals), and/or you may have a hormonal imbalance or issue. If it were me, I would first address diet situation, then have some blood tests run on my hormone levels.

        • George Hutchinson

          I am 60 years old. Iv’e been on the mend because of 2 hip replacement surgerys and a fall 4 weeks ago, that put me in the hospital. due to blood loss. Iv’e been doing very low impact activitys. over the 7 months I’ve gained 20 lbs. Looking forward to swimming at the local pool.
          George Hutchinson

  18. Tam

    Being 45, diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago and never lost the baby weight after having my last two children at 40 and 41 – I’ve recently started WORKING to burn the fat away. Since I fatigue easily and recover slowly – I often exercise when I am not very strong but I do get through it.

    Question – is it just a matter of building up the stamina to work my muscles efficiently?

  19. Kris

    My biggest challenge is to lose my last few pounds. To look at me, I am by no means fat at 6’2, 215lbs, down from 265, and people say I look fantastic and don’t need to improve anything, but I’d like to get down to 190-200 and be lean and muscular. The weight isn’t really important, it’s the overall look I am trying to acheive. I eat a vegan diet, no dairy, eggs, fish or sugars and get my protein from plant sources and nuts. I eat plant-based meals plus fruits and veggies 3-4 times/day. I am 40 and look 25 mainly from eating healthy and listening to my body. However, I need to put on some lean muscle as my muscle tone has diminished recently due to a change in work schedule, thus, a lack of workout time, and lose the last bit of fat I am holding on to. I now have committed myself to working out around my schedule and hope that the FBF program will get me the gains I need to look the way I want. I am going to see my girlfriend (and future wife) in Brazil in September and I want to be looking my best when I see her. I need to lose the fat fast so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Rebecca

    I am a 59 yr. old post-meopausal female. Because of a brain stem stroke 4 yrs. ago, I have complications involving adrenal glands, thyroid and hypoglycemia. I have been working out for many years and now am unable to lose the “post meopausal” tummy. I use a very sensible diet (no sugar, no artificial sweetners, no flour, etc), work out with weights, do core exercises as well as body weight work. I also do stair sprints several times a week. Nothing is working! Please help…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

    • Annette

      Love yourself. You’re doing great. We are more than our bodies. Remember we are Spirit having a human experience, not humans having occasional spiritual experiences.

  21. Cate

    Hi Rob,
    I have lost quite a lot of weight in the fast few years and have managed to build quite a bit of muscle as well, but still have a few pounds to go. I just have that last little bit that clings to my waist and hip area. Any ideas on how I should work on that last little bit? Thanks.

  22. Alvina

    I’m often confused by the different terms for workouts.
    Strength training, Resistance, Weight, Cardio, etc.

    It all gets confusing after awhile. For some, I get the slightest idea of what you need to do, but I don’t really know what all these terms mean.


  23. Abigail

    My challenge is that I too have a little bit of fat that doesn’t want to let go. I also eat a vegan diet, no caffine, no sugar, no refined products of any kind. I used to do a lot of cardio and a little resistance but I’ve switched it up to do mostly resistance with a little cardio (rope, jumping jacks, jogging occasionally). I do ride my bike every day to work and back which totals a little over ten miles (the terrain is hilly).
    Really, I just don’t get it. Why do I have a body fat in the low 20’s when I eat nothing fattening and am constantly doing some kind of work out of some sort it seems. And I work out hard. I want to understand what the deal is with my body and why its not cooperating with what I want it to do since I think I’m doing everything right….?????

  24. Rob

    Hey everyone, great questions and challenges…here are a few quick answers and thoughts:

    Tam – Yes, you do need to build up some endurance, but what you really want to be focusing on is building up your muscular strength and cardiovascular capacity. This can be achieved with Fat Burning Furnace style resistance training workouts.

    Kris – It sounds like the brief, infrequent, and intense workouts provided in the FBF system are just what you need to finish off your fat loss and fitness goals. If you’ve never tried these routines, you’ll make rapid progress and be very pleased with the results. Also, being a vegan, make sure to get a decent level of protein (0.5 grams per pound of bodyweight is a good guideline) as I know some vegans don’t pay much attention to this…it will be important to repair your muscles after you’ve stimulated them with the FBF workouts. Let us know of your success in the near future, ok?

    Cate – Without a better understanding of your workout routine and dietary practices, it’s tough to say what will get those last few pounds off. The FBF recommendations by themselves could do it. One thing to try is to vary your calorie intake a bit each day, as this can fool the body into thinking it is being fed a certain level of calories when in reality you are eating just enough on opposite days to burn off those last few pounds.

    Alvina – Resistance training is a general term to which weight training and strength training fall under. Basically, it’s any type of exercise that is geared toward increasing your strength and muscle growth through some form of resistance. Cardio, on the other hand is typically characterized by exercise without the use of much resistance, with the goal being to lose body fat and increase cardiovascular health. My Fat Burning Furnace workouts accomplish both goals all in 1 15-25 minute workout done at the most 3 times per week.

    Abigail – There are a few reasons this could be happening. Genetics of course plays a role and there are ways to combat that. Also, you may be consuming too few calories overall, which sends a signal to the body to hold on to body fat for later use. The long distance/duration cardio can also send this signal to the body to hold onto body fat. Try experimenting with changing these variables and let us know of your results.

    Great questions everyone…keep ’em coming!

  25. John

    Have been following your good advice for a few months – fat has been shed and muscle gained with some good definition appearing everywhere except the middle, where the “tyre” is stubborn to move!! It has reduced some 2 inches but has stuck at 25.5 inches.
    Am approaching 65; gym 3 times a week; 2-3 brisk walks round the village each week.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks, John

  26. Imt

    I started training about 14 weeks ago. When I started I had a 42″ waist and now I have a 34″ waist which is great but I still have the love handles and fat covering my abs. I am now stuck and can’t shift the fat. I want to get down to a 32″ waist.
    My challenge is to have a six pack by August 2007 and if I can do it my colleagues are sponsoring me to raise money for a local charity.
    Please help!

  27. Sheila

    My main challenge is to remember why I want to lose weight BEFORE I eat the dang cookies.

  28. I am a 20 year old who is tired of being a BIG guy. I have weighed over 300 pounds since I was like 12 years old in 7th grade. I got down to about 272 when I was in wrestling but then I went back up to 326 during my high school years in football. I weightlifted a lot and got a lot of strength. I was benching 300 pounds as a sophomore. My senior year when I was 17 I found out I had a heart disease so I had to go have 4 non invasive procedures done to correct the defect in my hearts electrical system. My heart is good now and I weigh 355 pounds. I have muscle but I am not very healthy In my opinion. I always play competitive sports when I can but now I work a lot so I don’t have time to play cuz i get done at like 6-7 at night.

    I want to get to 200-225 pounds for a longterm goal. That would be great. I need to learn how to eat properly. I drink a lot more water now but I want to be able to eat things that taste good and that I would like to eat. Some vegetables you have listed in the FBF book I dont like that much and some I have never eaten. I have not got to go through the FBF yet cuz I just got it two nights ago. But I want to be healthy. My family has a history of heart disease and diabetes in it. And I want to put a stop to that for me. I already had the heart disease, I don’t need anything else. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  29. rf

    How do I lose my beer belly, been doing high intesity work outs for three weeks now, I seem to have lost fat in many places but not my beer belly, also could you enlighten me on the value of nutrient dense foods as compared to dougnuts and bagels?
    rf – PL

  30. Lebohang

    I seem to be putting fat in my upper body and losing it in my lower body. Am I exercing the wrong way?

  31. Lebohang

    My greatest challenge is to lose fat in my upper body

  32. Johnny

    I have been training for the last 7 years fot at least 10 hours a week.

    Have started on FBF 5 weeks ago.

    My goal is to lose the wrapping on my 6 pack.

  33. Tanner

    No matter what I do nothing will get the stubborn last bit of fat off my belly. I have been reading arcticles all over the internet looking for a way to finally do it, but I can not find anything that works. Will you please help!

  34. whit

    i,ve had various eating disorders – mild anorexia, exercise bulimia, binge eating and “chanking” as it is now called. it all started when someone accused me of having anorexia, and then i became petrified of varying my eating and exercise in case i suddenly blew up like a balloon which i was convinced other people must have seen me like if they thought i now was thin what did they think i was before (always have been little). anyway, the “chanking” is slowly getting under control, but my bodyfat is really high though im not that big, ive put ona lot of weight and im bigger than ive ever been and i’ve also got minor cellulite- but everywhere. i just want to know how much exercise and what level of diet is safe for me to look really lean and athletic again if im still in my late teens and 5 foot 2

  35. ghada

    I want to loose 10 pounds and tone my jiggling triceps and lift up my flabby butt.

  36. mike

    My purpose is gaining strength, flexibility and endurance. That is adding muscle, reducing fat, improving fitness capacity. Quite contradictory aims, needs some kind of balancing act. Additional difficulties are that avoiding injuries is difficult but avoiding health related setbacks like flu or cold is impossible. My biggest problem is to ketch-up. That is regain already reached level and progress further. Seemingly, when not young, the time lost in training can not be recuperated!

  37. Rob

    Hey gang, sorry I’ve been away…here are some thoughts on the latest challenges:

    Jim – As a FBF student, go ahead and send us a email at the support desk so we can discuss further

    Sheila – I’ve found the best reminder times are just before you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning. Just visualize what you’re after and why you’re after it…that will help immensely.

    Lebohang – Your fat loss happens over your entire body. It may appear to come off more where you have less of it…that is the nature of how we lose fat, so as long as your overall bf% is going down, you’re on the right track and the upper fat will soon come off.

    Tanner – If you want to lose more fat off your belly, you have to lose more body fat overall..that’s just how it works…lower your overall bf % and you will see the abs start to come through.

    Great posts as usual…keep ’em coming!


  38. Build Burn Fat Muscle Workout

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  39. AnnieLaurie Burke

    #1 challenge? Finding time to work out as regularly as I’d like. The recommendaiton to do it first thing in the morning is not a practical otpion for me (I am sure that’s the case for many others as well). I am not a morning person to begin with. The few times I have been able to squeeze in an early morning workout, it doesn’t go well. And it is seldom a viable option anyway.

  40. Claire

    My biggest challenge is the weekend. I am so good during the week. I eat well and work out every day. Then the weekend comes around and it all flies out the window. I don’t drink during the week but love a few beers on the weekend. With that comes the bad food and the inclination to sit around rather than move around. I wish I could manage my splurges a little better.

  41. Barbara

    I have many challenges because I am disabled and have a genetic condition.
    I need to get better balance. Then I need to lose this huge gut. A lot of it is from stress. And it is also because when I get ill with my condition, I have to eat carbs and sugars to get better. (Core is weak too)
    I broke my knee when a police officer many years ago..and now it is bone to bone. I am afraid of water..so water aerobics is out. I have a recumbent bike…but I cannot seem to burn enough calories.
    I am a 60 year old female who is beyond her days of hormones too. I also have no health insurance…so no knee surgery.

    Is there any help for me?

    • Marilyn

      Barbara, I’m so sorry you have no way to get medical care you need! Have you tried to get social security disability? I wish I had some practical information to offer. Just know someone out here really cares and I will do some research to see if I can find anything at all

  42. bob

    My greatest challenge is the fact that i love to eat. I have recently acquired quite the sweet tooth also to complicate matters worse.

  43. Jullie

    my biggest problem is starting – I was using Sparkpeople to track all the exercise and what I ate and progress in weight and inch loss but if I miss anything – I miss it all – and the discouragement snowballs into more missing a workout or eating right – it is some sort of insanity…

  44. nelson

    i want to lose 20 pounds of fat nd improve my posture

  45. Bob Scholtens

    My biggest difficulty is in storing and preparing food. I drive truck over the road, and only have a very small refrigerator and microwave. So it’s very hard to eat right. So far I’ve gone from 250 to 180 in about a year and a half by drinking 2 cans of Slimfast, and eating Hormel’s Compleats low calorie dinners everyday. I get some exercise through jumping rope, working out with dumbells, walking, and riding my bike. I wish I could follow your routines, but my truck is just too small. By the way, I’m actually 61, but most people think I’m in my upper 40s to low 50s. That’s fun!!!!!!

  46. bodenham

    I had three emergency surgeries for ovarian cysts; the last surgery resulting in a complete hysteectomy. I began gaining weight, and it was learned that I had basically no thyroid function. Even though I had labs in the normal range, my doctor noticed two panelsthat seemed to be struggling to compensate for each other. Confirmed in additional tests. I have my thyroid at a balance now, but regardless of my workout, and weight down to normal 125 lbs. I have this belly bulge just above the bikini line scar from the surgeries. How do I get my six-pack back? It’s under there. You can see it. Thanks, B

  47. Ron

    lose the last 10 pounds, I think I eat right most of the time.I do cardio every moring for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

    • Fenella

      Your cardio is too long. More is not better than enough. Intervals are more effective than steady state cardio, & nobody needs to do more than 20 mins 3 times a week for fat loss. It just needs to be at high enough intensity.

  48. Keith A

    I will be turning 68 in a month. My problems are very slightly elevated PSA, or just on the top limit, and slightly elevated Cholesterol. My weight is fine, although I do have a small amount of belly fat. I also have slightly raised blood pressure. Basically I’m pretty healthy! However, I love my food, and find it pretty difficult to not eat things I shouldn’t!

  49. Sue Hoskins

    Forcing myself to eat enough!
    I can’t, for the life of me, lose that final 10 pounds.
    I work out with a trainer twice a week, have an active lifestyle, and I don’t eat junk food.
    I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables during the day to keep my metabolism revved.
    I don’t know what else to do. It’s very frustrating!

  50. Rita

    I just want to lose my belly but right now I am losing my hair instead of my belly. Both are most upsetting.

  51. Jean

    I want to lose weight to help my blood pressure and swelling of my feet and legs. I also want to build up some endurance. I can’t breathe after being active for 3-5 minutes. Of course I want to look better and be able do more activities

  52. Debbie

    Would l love to lose some of my belly tone it up

  53. james sheppard

    I’m almost 250 lbs and at 6’1″, & I need to get all the way down to 200, period. Too much body fat at the front of my stomach. I’ve got a bad back which limits some of the activities. I belong to a gym and can afford a trainer, periodically.

  54. SB

    I want to not get sick every few weeks and have to stop exercising.

  55. Ron

    I need to control my type 2 diabetes by losing weight (Carbs had been my bane).

  56. Tamlyn

    Life is too busy! Wine seems to be my best friend while posting online discussion boards! And, getting old stinks (herniated discs are screeming!)


  57. Angie

    the emotional eating thing…all emotions lead to eating.

  58. Michelle

    I want to lose another 50 lbs to put me under 200. Ilost 50 already. I’ve been sick so I haven’t exerised much in the past month and they had me on regular food in the hospital. I want to get bck into a good diet and exercise routine which is even harder becaus of my disability. I have a bad leg from a brain injury so I cant stay up long

  59. janet

    To get rid of the bloat and the tummy – I’d love a flat stomach

  60. shona

    I have come down from 95 kg to 73kg but cant shift the last 15 kg i want to loose help please

  61. venita

    I would love to finally lose the the 12lbs I’ve been trying to get rid of for the last year. I’ve lost 20 lbs over the last couple of years, added strength training, palates, and stretching BUT have yet to lose those pesky last 12lbs.

  62. Diana

    My biggest challenge is controlling my hunger after working out. I get a good work out and feel great afterwards but after a few hrs I get really hungry. I try drinking water but I’m still hungry!

  63. Brian Thomson

    That stubborn belly fat… I have lost around 56 pounds this year…

    Dropped from 240 – 190 in the first 40 days of the year… gained back to 211
    Recently dropped from 211 to 186

    I still have the belly fat…

    BTW I am 5’10” with a medium build (not a body builder and not a stick).

  64. Steph

    I want to know when the weight will start to come off. I’ve been doing the program for a few months and have gained muscle tone and stamina, and my clothes are loose, but my BMI is still considered “overweight”. I’m not a large size-I wear a size 8 women’s and am 5’5″, but I do have larger limbs, always have. My husband wants to take out a life insurance policy for me, but my BMI stubbornly stays at a 25 no matter the exercise and diet program and I do not want to pay a higher premium based on BMI. I should also add that I am 38 and have 5 children to add to the equation. I am an avid hiker and we hike 7-14 miles every other weekend. Help!!!

  65. Deanna

    I broke my leg in May, and haven’t been able to recover. Was on my way when my physical therapist got a little too aggressive and hurt me again. Now my back is killing me, I’m back to limping. I’m a military widow and mom of triplets. I had to be off of my leg for 6 weeks. It has been a long recovery. Had an MRI today. Might need surgery. I’m so sick of feeling like this. What can I do to get rid of my low back pain. I feel like I have my sciatica again. I little guidance would be great.

  66. Rebecca

    my biggest pressure is losing 10 kilo (not sure what that is in pounds)
    so far i have lost 32 kilos, which is the weight of my eldest boy.
    im currently going through some medical issues at the moment and am finding it difficult to stay focused with the weight loss.
    if i lose 10 more kilo i will be 77 kilo and i would be happy with that, also it would be the lightest i have ever been.
    having alot on my mind is exhausting me, i feel as though i dont have the energy to physically move.

  67. james sheppard

    Yeah, I’m NOT a computer litterate guy and have been EXTREMELY frustrated at navigating to where you’re suggesting I go to. Why I don’t have a section marked for address book, I don’t know. I USED to and will try to get it back, but why in the wide world of sports can you NOT just get ALL of your “STUFF” to me at my aol account just makes me want to throw my hands up and give up. All I need is an excuse, you KNOW THAT!!! LOL So, reduce the difficulties and make it simpler, ok?

  68. Isaias

    I would like to lose 10 lbs. off my entire body.

  69. Sandra Q

    Exercising with extra 50 lbs I’d like to lose with Fibromyalgia. While taking medications that actually have side effect of making me gain weight!

  70. Emily McLaren

    My objective is to lose about 20 lbs. and gain muscle. I want to enjoy my life more than I do right now. I want to be more active, but I’m finding it difficult to stick with a good training schedule.

  71. Ab

    Skipping the carbs,
    Yeah I want to be able to skip the carbs specially the sweets…

  72. Sally

    I want to stop getting ill. Every bug (I have THREE different infections right now) sets me way back in my exercise routine. I usually walk 10 km with no problem at all. Yesterday I did 600m and then had to sit down. If it was just once then OK, but I seem to catch everything going, despite my dietary and lifestyle efforts at avoiding it.

  73. jacqui

    I want to lose 16kg so that i look good again riding my horse in competitions


    I need to lose about 40#’s and my Flabby Stomach.

    I need to lower my Blood Pressure and Colesterol.

    I am a F/68 in reasonably good health still working as a waitress.

  75. monica

    need to lose 10lbs. &upper thighs

  76. Vanessa

    I want to be healthy, keep my weight off permanently and keep up with my kids without getting tired so fast.

  77. CFSer

    Getting out of bed in the morning and being able to participate in a more active recreational water sport than taking a shower.

  78. Cris

    I’m finishing a course about nutrition to eat better, loose my extra weight and help my health annd myself fell better

  79. Brenda Barry

    I have been up and down the scale so many times that my body seems to hold onto every ounce and it is holding on to an extra 40 pounds…how many ounces is that?!? I want to be able to do a half marathon before I reach 57 years old in Janurary, but I am far from that right now. I do water aerobics daily, at least, a move in the water, but I don’t get my heart rate up enough. So I would love help! I recently did the HCG diet and lost 35 pounds in 6 months…found it in six more. :(

  80. Bethany

    My biggest challenge is that I had two babies one right after the other. Not only did that do a number on my body but now I can’t seem to find the time to figure out a meal plan or work out every day. My girls are 3 and 4 and seem to demand every moment of my day. My husband works swing shift 7 days a week most weeks and 10-14 hours a day so I have zero time to work on myself. Not to mention that I had the brilliant idea to go back to school so I am in school part time. (You would think the stress alone would force the weight off…instead i am drawn to carbs for comfort) I have asked my husband to get up at the same time every day so that I can “depend” on his help with the girls so that I may work out but something always manages to get in the way and by the end of the day I am too exhausted to even think of hitting the workout equipment we have collecting dust in our workout room…yes, I have an entire room dedicated to working out. So…i did lose weight watching my diet but that was prior to starting school. What can I sacrifice to get the focus back on food and the time back in the workout room? Sleep? Did I mention that I only get about 5 hours a night? I can’t get up any earlier, or shall I say, I won’t. I have the motivation but what do I do about the rest? I feel as if I am being sabotaged at every turn.


  81. J

    My biggest challenge is finding workouts I can do with pain/biomechanical issues in feet, hips, knees, shoulders and neck. And enough foods to like having always been a sadly picky eater.

  82. Larry

    My heart is out of rhythym.

  83. Michael Jenkins

    I’m not doing too bad actually, I’ve been on the plan for 1 month and have lost 9 pounds, My doctor has taken me off insulin injections. However, I still have to take pills. My biggest problem is getting rid of the belly fat. I also need to know exactly what exact brands of foods that I should eat or the exact brands I should stay away from. I don’t have any exercise equipment except one 20lb barbell. What strength exercises should I use from your plan to help me. Please be specific.

  84. Raj

    I’ve been using your program for the last five months. Sure I’m a bit thinner. My arm muscles are bigger, legs etc. I haven’t lost a single kg. Well I must have becuase I’ve gained muscle but the scales continue to show the same weight. I’m losing my interest. I would have thought I would have a flatter stomach by now – your advice appreciated and I have followed your program exactly as you have explained it 100%.

  85. jo

    having back problems. cant seem to keep my head in the game. taking meds that seem to slow me down

  86. Robin H

    My biggest challenge is eating healthy and staying away from allergy foods on a tight schedule when I rarely have time to cook. Most recipes require alteration for my allergies and i hate taking the extra time.

  87. Denise

    I am 5 ft 5 in, and weigh 148 lb, only 2 lb below being overweight. I had a stroke 18 months ago, and I have been focussing on improving my right arm and leg so that I don’t limp or drop things, and improving my balance so that i don’t wobble and fall over . I have also worked on my memory so that I can read a book or watch a movie and remember what happened in it! I gained weight to 150 lb (overweight for me) after the stroke and so far I have only lost 2 lb. I would dearly love to get back to 138 lb (my pre-stroke weight) and 10 lb doesn’t sound so hard to lose,but it is hard going. I weight train 3 times weekly, and walk for about 60 min each day, but that isn’t doing it. I eat about 1200 to 1700 calories a day (it varies), but I seem to lose an ounce at most. I am 62 years old, but people guess I am in my 40s as I have good Northern European skin and good posture. I need a way to lose 10 lb, and that is my ongoing challenge! Cheers, Denise

    • Denise

      I forgot to say that I am happily married, and we are the parents of teenage triplets. My husband is very supportive, but he can lose weight easily, and I cannot.

  88. Elva Giddings

    Lost 20, gained 10, lost 20. Lost 25, gained 30. Lost 24. Live just seems to keep throwing me curve balls! And I struggle with eating to cope. I really want to loose – and keep off – another 35 (maybe 40) pounds. I’m so tired of watching my life reflected on the scale – and around my middle.


  89. Lois

    I need to lose 3 kgs in 3 weeks

    • Jay

      Go to order Biofiber. Before each meal drink an 8 oz glassof water mixed with one scoop of biofiber. Then drink a second 8oz glass of water. Eat as usual, but stop eating when you feel comfortably full. Only eat when you feel hungry. I have lost 22 KG since May doing this, and I still drink beer and eat the foods I love.

  90. Rita

    Keeping up with my fitness regime daily is the most challenging.

  91. jerry

    i want to get rid of my belly and love handles,weight is too subjective,acording to my docter at 6 foot 195 i am healthy.but the experts dont look at things like bone structure,or the length of your arms and legs compared to your torso.there are to many variables to make such generalizations,my healthy body weight is more like165 or 170.just something to think about when looking at your weight goals,good luck with your goals and be reasonable with the goals you set for yourself.

  92. J. Russell

    The biggest challenge is making the time to do my exercising so that I can keep my body in good shape. If I skip one day I am in trouble with my bad back.

  93. doris

    To get fit for 2012

  94. Kathy

    I am in my mid 50’s. I am overweight and have arthritis, asthma and at this point in time, just moving for short periods of time hurts. I know that if I can lose the weight, moving will be better. Where do I begin in order to have success and be able to “boogie” again?? Tired of being a couch potato!!

  95. CL

    I’m almost 40 and I want to lose my belly

  96. dds

    my biggest challenge is (and I hate to admit it) – DISCIPLINE. Discipline to exercise (I like to eat healthy and it comes naturally, and besides some random cravings which I overcome by drinking water or eating an apple, my eating is in control). I have problems with time management. I find myself giving up even if I see this whole thing works. Nobody can help me, only I can kick my own a$$…

    Okay, as I was typing the above thing, I got the reason why I become less and less disciplined in working out. Basically, I was working out and saw changes, but I am working out with body weight currently and I saw such a progress that it took me 50 minutes to get to the “muscular failure” in compared to beginning, when I needed only around 25 mins. So I kind of couldn’t find time anymore in between of NYC life speed, jet lags and airports. I will be in one place for one month so I will have time to work out. But then? What is the long term solution? I hate gym environment where I am hit on by all kind of dick driven morons every time and I travel a lot and currently I don’t stay/ can’t afford to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels with top gyms but rather crash on peoples couches and in cheep hotels. I do fill empty water bottles sometime though and use them as weights.

  97. Olaf Wagner

    I don’t have the motivation to get started by my self (54 y.o.) need to loose 12 kg.

  98. Donna

    My challenge is dropping 10-15 pounds. My body is liking my weight of 137 and I want to be between 120-125. I am currently on my 8th day of a 21 day cleanse. (fruits, vegetables, water)
    Hopefully this will get my metabolism moving.

  99. kevin b

    hi i am 46 nearly 47 and i used to do a lot of training for many years and that was fine it was all about strenth for me as i am md for a meat company and we would lift and carry a lot of weight into shops up to 100kg at a time so strenth and techniche were all important.so why have i got a problem. i am now office bound i do very little physiclal anymore,but just over a year ago i ruptured four discs in my lower back. while i feel that i have now passed the worst i have no energy i feel old i am over weight, i have lost my mo jo and can not find the inspiration to get back into the gymn this way of life will kill me early i know this,but still i can not find that one thing to get me back to the gymn HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    • Catherine

      Don’t go back to the gym, this will not help you or boost your self esteem. You are not alone. go for pleasent walks, in the park, around the country side take the dog (great company). Wave your arms up and breathe in the fresh air let the world know your alive. once you feel better about who you are the weight should just fall and you will get back your self esteem.

  100. Andrew S

    My goals are very specific. [1] I want to reduce my resting blood pressure to 120-130/80-85 without medication [2] have visible abdominal muscles by end of Dec 2011 and [3] sleep on average 7 hours a night without waking.

  101. myron friez

    I am struggling to lose weight!! I realize that I need to change foods. I was on one plan where asking for plain vegetables, protein, and salads. Guess what!! I could not do it. Have to be easy for me to do.

  102. carolyn

    At age 74 I find it impossible to shed weight. I think it is thyroid, dr. says inflammation in my systerm. I am healthy but too heavy and it hurts my knees.

    • Dorothy Corbett

      Hello Carolyn
      I sympathise with you as I 74 yrs Lymphoma stops losing weight along with aching knees
      I regulary get massage but costly so once weekly Trying CIRCULATING BOOSTER MACHINE helps although it does need to be every day 30 mins
      I also have push walker to aid cardio vascular problems
      One is told to have a positive outcome I wish you all the best
      Sincerely Dorothy dorro

  103. CodyCat

    My greatest challenge is two-fold: because of a chronic pain condition, I haven’t truly exercised since 2003 (I was a dancer, swimmer, and walked everywhere; now walking my dog takes fortitude and discipline). The second piece is that, despite the fact that I’m 62 and should know better, I don’t cook and eat like a teenager (and many of them eat better, I’m sure). Cheese, bread, sweets; in other words, fat. Kevin B above says he has lost his mo jo. I hear you Kevin. I have lost my joie de vivre, but I know it’s in there beneath the 40 extra pounds (or 50, depending how you look at it) and the inertia. I want to make this program work but I am already encountering exercises that are impossible for me to do. Two of my saving graces: I drink a lot of water; nothing else in fact except black coffee in the morning; and I love fruit. Other than fibromyalgia, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and an irregular heartbeat, I’m pretty healthy (lol): my BP is great, my pulse for some odd reason is also good, and I just passed an echo stress test with flying colors. It’s just pain and laziness combined that are doing me in.

  104. blueyes1005

    My biggest challenge is continuing the progress that I’ve made, from exercise and changing my diet, over the past three months dropping from a size 18 to a 14 (a size 8-10 is my goal)…to now staying focused and motivated while finding myself now going through a divorce!! Suddenly I have a million obstacles and tons of new stress, leaving me overwhelmed and tired…and just not caring about how I look or feel, as much as I did. This was unexpected, despite the stress of an unhappy marriage…I don’t want to gain that weight back, but I find myself not caring if I exercise and finding comfort in sweets…

  105. Lyn

    I want to lose 30kg, about 66lbs and the flabby stomach. I am 53 and have rheumatoid arthritis so although I was strong and fit about 7yrs ago, I found it very difficult to walk or hold anything for a long time (til I found medication that worked) so got out of the habit of doing anything much and found it very difficult to get started.
    I don’t have any weights so am doing your break in routine without weights, are you able to suggest exercises that would take the place of the ones you suggest in your FBF, Rob?
    Food is the one for me, I love it but eat very little fruit, happy to eat salads though :) I have lost 2.5 inches overall in the first week of your break in routine which I am quite happy with..

  106. jerry

    My current challenge is to get over the fat-loss plateau that I am in (and always seem to get to at about this point) so that I can move on and lose the additional 12kg that I need to.

  107. Peter

    I’m 53, normally been used to lots of exercise, but never been able to get rid of a flabby belly. I am 4 weeks into beginer FBF, and have lost about 8 llbs, but nothing round my waist, which is frustrating as i’ve also not drunk beer for the same period. Does anything ACTUALLY work?

  108. Juliet Dresser

    My biggest challenge is eating less. I’m bad at telling when I’ve had enough for physiological reasons. I suffered IBS for a long time and I’m much better now, but I still take tons of supplements like aloe vera juice, spirolina, digestive enzymes and herbs that will kill bacteria in the intestines. I don’t have enough stomach acid which is compensated for with digestive enzymes, and it’s maybe the reason that I can’t usually tell how hungry I am in my stomach, I can only tell from lower in my gut! I can be full in my stomach but think I’m empty lower down, so simultaneously eat a full meal and have a rumbling tummy so carry on eating to satisfy my hungry gut when my stomach is probably full. So I want to be more disciplined about quantity and regularity of eating and preferably stick to morsel sized meals in order to lose 2 stone in the next 3 months. I eat the right food mostly – I’m very well-educated about nutrition, although I do suffer from a sweet tooth, but I just want to eat less and know that I’ve had enough when I’ve had enough, then not keep eating every couple of hours which is sometimes just a nervous habit.

  109. Maxine Bennison

    My challenge is to take some time for myself to sit down and actually read all the information I have received and start. Lately too many things are going wrong in my body, back aches; knee problems aches and pains all over. I want to lose my tummy and all the other fat before it is too late.
    The biggest challenge I have is exercise, what can I do with 12 spurs in my feet, a knee that collapses without notice and a back that says, whoa lady. My work requires me to sit for more than 12 hours per day.
    Sometimes I get so down it isn’t funny.

  110. Jill49

    I struggle with motivation
    Eating correctly and properley needing to eat more
    At least 15 kilos overweight
    Should be able to do this but cant stick to diets or exercise
    Heading to 50 omg need to get fit and healthy again

  111. Catherine

    Hi all, I guess the challenge is not only to lose weight, but to feel good and look good again. make those comments go away ” Barbara” my mother is cronically overweight and all my life i have tried so hard not to be like her. When my friend started to call me by her name i knew i had to do something. And guess what it’s harder the older i get. 38 years. Change the diet exercise more just makes me grumpy and moody. But once the weight starts to fall and the abs start to develope i know i’m on to a winner.

  112. Lee

    I need to lose 40lbs but due to degenerative discs in lower spine and neck, I also have other injuries that come from my days of playing sports that make it difficult for me to do exercises.

  113. Alfa

    usually i dont drink a lot of water. following your advice a try to drink a lot but i realise that i’m not in a good shape. in contrary i’m up with my weight. do you have any advice for me what to do…. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paula

      Hello, Alfa! I also don’t like to drink a lot of water. To make it easier, I would put a few drops of lemon in a glass of water. Sometimes, I forget to buy the ‘dang’ lemons to do so!!!

  114. Cassie

    I wanna get my confidence back. I used to be that girl who would walk in a room and everyone one would look. That was 5 years ago. When I was 16 my knees started to literally deteriorate, and that was the end of the world to me. I was a basketball, softball, soccer, and track star. I couldn’t walk sometimes and it was excruciating pain all day everyday. So I put on weight. It seemed like one day I was hot and skinny and the next I am fat. Well now I am 20 and I miss that I miss my confidence, miss running and the freedom. 4 Years later they found out that my knees were dislocated per-say. They were on the inside hence the pain. They fixed it but the damage was severe all my tendons and tissue and even my bones had just been pounding at each other for years. So working out my legs sucks, if you got any exercises that don’t use your knees that would be awesome. But even with weightless and a knee replacement I may never truly get to run and play ball again, but I can get my confidence back.

  115. Yazza

    Hi, my biggest challenge is i do not know how to eat properly and in particular what to eat and i have man boobs and don’t know how to get rid of them.

  116. Ephanga Litumbe John

    I am 54yrs old and i want to be 20kgs less of the 110kgs that i weigh on a height 1.72.

  117. Peggy

    I still need to lose 40lbs. Plus side i have lost 25. my biggest challenge is sayng no to all the carbs that seem to be screaming at me to eat them eat them all. Good thing is i feel sick after eating them so no second helpings.

  118. jacqui platt

    I was in hospital I stuck to the hospital menu when I came out. but in the course of time I drifted back and cannot find a hospital menu anywhere on the net is there anyone out there that can help I like simple uncomplicated food but am getting it wrong

  119. susanna

    After loosing over 70 (post pregnancy) pounds strictly following a protein (only) diet (won’t say the name, but it is very well known approach), and an extreme exercise regime, not only I still struggle with belly fat, underarms bits and bobs, but as soon as I relax, on the diet or on the exercise, I put weight back unbeleivably quickly. Abnormaly quickly ( i just came back from 10 days holidays with 6 more pounds on…in 10 days…6 pounds!. Will take me 3-4 weeks of hard work to loose them!).
    My biggest challenge is to find a solution to the dieting, learn how to eat healthy, yet avoid obesity, exercise, without killing myself in the process, not having to wake up at 4am jusy to hit the gym….is that asking for too much!

  120. HollyHoffmaster

    I have lost 70 pounds, but need to lose my last 30. My problem is that even though I worked hard moving this summer and building a storage building from scratch, I did not lose any weight since May. I eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. My goal is to be finished with my weight loss by my 40th birthday in January & I need to get it all kick started again!

  121. Karen

    I’m 41 years old and it has been almost ten years since I have had my first child and almost 7 since my second. I had c-sections with both children. I gained quite a bit of weight (55lbs) with my first baby and and, thankfully, less with my second, but I still cannot lose the “baby fat”. Now it just keeps adding on. I’m the heaviest I have ever been and it is very discouraging. I go on walks, I do Wii fitness…nothing seems to work. Portion control is probably my biggest issue along with loving breads and pastas. I need to find a way to curb the cravings for such things. I do love fruits and veggies…but the my love is stronger for carbs.

  122. Mrs Voerman

    Right now I need to survive. :-)

  123. joan


  124. Gary

    I miss Chocolate :-{

    • alleen

      You don’t have to give up chocolate. It has some flabinoids and other good stuff but it has to be the very dark chocolate and you have to watch the amount you eat. It helps with stomach fat because it is a monosaturated fat.

  125. Nicci

    My biggest challenge is just taking the first step towards a new body image – I keep putting the day off which I know is a weakness…

  126. Alexei Echevers

    My biggest challenge now is to loose around 15 pounds and reduce my fat belly.

  127. Kait

    Those 10 extra pounds…

  128. Ronny Caspersen

    I want my food. I love to eat and I don’t want to have restrictions on what I can and cannot eat.

  129. Jay

    I need to overcome the effects of allergies which prevent me from exercising. I cannot maintain a healthy weight without regular exercise.

  130. Nic

    First, I want to apologise for the depressing tone of this message.

    I moved to rural France from the UK nearly 5 years ago, and I have half a life. Clean air, countryside, space, animals, little crime or queues, but no social life, no childcare and no friends I can say I truly know where I stand with them.
    I am acutely aware that I have a low level depression as I spend time each day looking for escape (tv, books but worse alcohol) and I look down at my body and just feel more depressed. I think it is coupled with a bit of institutionalisation as I am a bit scared to leave.
    My challenge is to not look at the body for a while, find motivation to change and I am coming to the US again to visit my brother who is, wait for it, yup, a fitness trainer and I want him to look at his big sister and say, wow, she’s got herself in shape again…….as I feel older, fatter, more middleaged than I should (I’m just 48 and a good 25 lbs heavier than I’d like).
    I’m reading and reading all the tips, training regimes, food (hard to find equivalents in bloody France!) waiting for motivation to hit. I am sure it will come, but it had better hurry up as I’ve got exactly 13 weeks till that trip and counting.
    Is there anyone out there who wants to share experiences, motivation techniques and perhaps motivate each other?

  131. Sherril

    My biggest health challenges are acid reflux and my digestive system after I eat. Add to it, love handles, sweet cravings and high blood pressure. I am VERY inpressed with the apple srory. I eat 1-2 a day (morning -night) and see benefits!!

  132. Judy

    I need to lose my belly and improve my general fitness.

  133. Kristina

    My biggest problem is motivation! I have the drive for a few months see an improvement then slack off again.

  134. Cate

    Hi there,

    I’m 45 and have made a major life change already this year by losing 15kg and going back to full time studies to become a personal trainer (I graduate in Nov). My weight loss and exercise has plateaued though – partly due to me having an injured knee which means that I can only use a bike and do no impact work at all.

    I still want to lose another 8kg, and tone up the flabbiness and bingo wings :-) Any advice re diet and exercise would be really appreciated as I know that I need to shake things up.

  135. Colin Bentley

    I need more energy. After my heart by-pass last year I find myself continually tired. I could also do with losing 10 lbs of fat around my stomach

  136. George

    My greatest challenge is trying to get motivated to make exercise a habit

  137. Denese

    My goal is to get fit and stay lean as possible. Target is 20% body fat, which is not a bad goal for a person of 54yrs old. I have 2.5% of body fat left to lose. Thsi seems to be the hardest. I do bodyweight excerises, cardio, and use some weights with my other excerises, It will come I am sure just have to perservere and be patient. Patientance I think is the key not to give up

  138. Gabrielle

    My Greatest Challenge is to stick to a fitness routine and do it even when I feel too lazy!

  139. Fatos

    I need to loose at least 30 lb. and I don’t seem to have the time to place exercise in my daily routine.

  140. pat

    I would like to be down 80lbs by Christmas

  141. Andrea

    My biggest problem is I need to find a overall health and fitness program designed for a newly awakened 64-year old woman who has been asleep most of her adult life when it comes to exercise. As a result, I experience symptoms of high blood pressure and edema in ankles and legs.

    I need a plan that will help me take off 50-75 pounds as quickly as possible, and build and strengthen muscle and skeletal structure targeting both the upper and lower body with more emphasis on legs.

  142. Mark

    I’m 55 years old, I just graduated from college, I’m 70 pounds over weight and most of the fat is in my stomack. It seems to take forever to lose the stomack fat.

  143. Michael

    # Lose at least 20 pounds and a couple of inches off my waist (I am 71yo 6’1″ tall & weigh 280 lbs)
    # Improve the tone of my leg muscles so I can walk briskly for half an hour without tiring, after nearly a year enforced rest cause by a seriously painful ingrowing toenail prevented me from wearing walking shoes

  144. Anne

    to stay motivated for eating right and exercising right – just to continue, stay on track! Remembering that this is my life, not another cure….

  145. Lynn

    I have fibromyalgia and doing any exercise leaves me exhausted for days. It makes most people feel better, but for some reason it doesn’t work with fibro. I also have multiple food allergies/intolerances. You have emailed some wonderful sounding recipes, but almost every one of them contains something my system won’t tolerate. I eat a basically healthy diet, but cannot include things like coconut oil or eggs or even apples, so that’s frustrating.

    I also am having a terrible time with brain fog and being able to function well mentally. My 81 year old father was just diagnosed with vascular dementia (which is similar to Alzheimer’s), and my symptoms are very similar to his, only not as bad yet. We don’t have any insurance, so testing for it is not an option right now.

    I also have hypercoagulation, meaning my blood clots too easily, which creates risk of strokes and heart attacks – I was starting to feel better on daily injections of heparin, but then developed an allergy to it, so had to immediately discontinue that. The natural alternatives to heparin either contain allergens or for some other reason my system won’t tolerate them. Guess that about sums it up.

  146. sally

    I’m just to dang lazy to get off my butt and do exercises … plus the lack of time even if I could get off my butt

  147. Suzanne

    My fitness question is that I need to get stronger so I can do a Crossfit type of workout.

    I’m a holistic nutritionist. I read a lot of these comments and I know I can help them too as most of them have to change their diet before they fix their workout. If any of them would like to speak with me, I’d be willing.

  148. Alex

    I’m a basket case I guess…

    I want to lose 10 Kilos (what’s that in Pounds?) and look slimmer and trimmer. My Problem is – I like to eat! And I am lazy – I like to cook but often cannot be bothered.

    Best wishes to all of you out there who have had more than their fair share of health issues.


  149. becky

    getting motivated to exercise because im by myself doing it.

  150. Margaret Fieland

    My biggest challenge is eating right. I know what I’m supposed to be eating .. but when faced with food, with choosing food, I lose my will power. Help!

  151. Carol

    Hello all,
    I have a few biggest challenges. I can eat really healthy throughout the day and plan out my meals for the week but then I get bored with this or get to busy to continue and fall back to eating unhealthy things or too much when I get home from work. I feel like I need to conquer this challenge first to make this a habit.

    Next, I am not good at exercising. I am overweight by about 40 pounds and I am disgusted by how I look in gym clothes. We have a gym membership that I will use for a week and give up again. I have weight machines set up for me but they don’t match the plans in the book. Would it be okay to start with what I know to build up endurance and see some results and then switch to the beginner plans?


  152. alleen

    My number one problem is that I have lots of belly fat to lose but I am on such a restricted diet and am already working on losing but instead I am gaining. I have heart conditions that restrict my activity and I am on lots of meds that cause me to gain weight. I am dehydrated but am on 2 water pills to control my swelling which I can’t seem to get rid of. I drink water but have been told due to COPD I have to watch my intake and can’t drink the 60 oz. a day. My hands and feet swell as well as other parts of my body. I am trying to exercise 2x week by using balancing and strenthening sitting in a chair and using bands on my legs and on my arms. What am I to do? I lost 39 lbs but it is slowly coming back. I am on a low fat, low sodium, diabetic diet. What more can I do?

  153. AJ

    Mine is probably losing the weight. When i was in primary school, I gained 5kilograms every 6 months. Right now I’ve got a pretty nice body actually, toned stomach ( I used to do a lot of ab workouts) and curves but I want to lose that extra 5kilograms. I am weighing 55kg but am only 160cm tall. I’m aiming to lose fat from the thigh area but it’s really hard and I’m super frustrated!

  154. Kedric

    Getting rid of my life handles and acquring the dry look

  155. amills

    My challenge is staying away from junk food and overeating sometimes! The exercising is going pretty good actually.

  156. Paula

    Hello, Rob, family, and team.

    I have conceded defeat in cooking. I was never taught to cook, and after all these years, I decided to give up, and reduce all the stress. Food and I are like oil and water, or chalk and cheese, and never may the two mix and hold together, like the food in a resaurant.

    Now, my challenge is: how to eat properly, without the stress of COOKING?

    Your comments, please.

    • Paula

      Hello, Rob, family, and team.
      When I made the decision to give up cooking, the stress levels went down tremendously! Today, I did something: Yes, I did!!!!
      I cooked!!! Well, what did I cook? I realised that I was throwing the baby out with the bath water. There are a FEW things I CAN do, like do mince in a frying pan! So I did!!!
      This is the first step for me.
      Now, the next step is: I really have no clue what veggies to put with which veggies, e.g., in doing a salad, or lunch.
      It would help me to know what I can put with which.
      So, right now, I am rejoicing!!!
      This is to encourage those of you who have given up hope:
      What I know about hope is: HOPE stayed in Pandora’s box, when all else flew out!!!

      • Paula

        Hello, Rob, family, and team.
        Tonight, I read my two posts, as mentioned above, and I realised that I did not explain myself properly!!!!
        I really and truly don’t know how to COOK, but I do know the basics, such as boiling/frying/scrambling an egg, do omelettes, roast chops/chicken pieces, etc. That is, the very, very basic stuff. I would rather eat at a friend’s place or even a restaurant, because I really don’t like hands on” with food, if you know what I mean. My mind is an absolute blank when I want to eat. My dad said to me: Ask your stomach what it would like to eat? Does this ever work? Well, at least I can do something, and that is what I meant by throwing the baby out with the bath water. I really don’t know what to to put with what, as to have a ‘balanced meal’ everyone talks about.
        So, I have learnt something about myself and maybe, I can build on this foundation. :-)

  157. Mark

    I started your program June1st,,,,I incoporated your way of excersing with the limited knowledge I had alreay and I can tell you HAPPILY..I have lost 12 pounds….feeling lighter, more confident and getting those looks you alo mentioned from girls 1/2 my age. It is AMAZING ,as I am 47 yrs young. EVEN MY WIFE has said….I’ve been checking you out every morning.

    My only question is…..THE HIGH INTENSITY I had at the beginning is not lost but I find it alittle difficult trying to maximize my workouts every other day.

  158. FL

    Getting started, need to loose weight and tone up.

  159. Helene

    I need to lose 20 lbs. I have sleep issues and feel tired most days. That makes it hard to exercise as I don’t recover as I should. It seems to be a vicious cycle. I’m 68 years old and expect to have to cut back a bit, but this is ridiculous.

    • Bev

      I can relate to the sleep issues. I have those problems too and I work full time so there isn’t a lot of time for exercise except in the morning and on my lunch hour at work. The early morning exercise has been shot because I decided I needed the sleep more. But I rarely get more than six hours so I am tired in the evening and don’t have the energy to exercise.

      I can do bodyweight exercises at work in an empty office but can’t really keep dumbbells and such there. My best time for exercise is on the weekends and other days off.

  160. Ruth Cotter

    I battle discouragement. I can start eating properly (I hate to say `diet’), but when temptation comes and I eat something evil like a greasy, cheezy double-decker lardburger with everything on it including special sauce, I say to heck with it and top it off with a tripple decker sundae dripping with more junk, then because I hate myself for doing that, I gobble down something else. Help!

  161. Alesha

    My number one challenge is eating right. I work full time, go to school full time and have two kids and try to keep healthy foods around the house. With a sporadic schedule its hard to find time to make and eat healthy meals.

  162. lena

    My biggest challenge is to stay motivated and to keep moving even through my ankle problems. I have signed up for a 5K for the end of Oct. and am currently using that as my motivation to keep working out. I’m almost down 50lbs but kept hitting plateus which is why I bought the book.

    I completed my first FBF bodyweight routine yesterday.
    Question – for the slider lunges and leg curls is it ok to use a balance ball instead of sliders? I found that it bothers my knees less.

  163. Mike

    I have changed may eating habits about two years ago. I dropped 20 pounds in about 3 months and kept it off nearly a year. The last six months I have gained 10 pounds back. I started your program 2 months ago and am getting stronger but would really lilke to lose the belly fat. I know it takes time. I am not into the supplements. I would rather use the right foods and exersice to get results. There is a lot of information out there and I am not real sure what is real and what is hype. I am impressed with the work outs in your program and hope to see the results down the road.

  164. Joe Messerly

    I’m on the road every day for work and fast food seems to be the only alternative. Help.

  165. Alice

    Trying to lose 20 plus lbs and tone up with Hypothyroidism. I can only eat protein to stay where I am now, plus am Gluten sensitive.

  166. Dan

    Hi Rob,
    No matter my fitness level, I can never lose enough belly fat

  167. Chris H

    I want to lose, or at least lessen, my gut.

  168. Cleveland, J R

    Heart health and weight lost.25 lb goal

  169. kelly

    My biggest issue is cravings, snacking and binging!!! Once I have a bite, I don’t stop until it is all gone…


  170. Barry

    I am 57 years old and need to lose about 20 pounds and need to try and start a consistent workout program to stay in as good of shape as possible. Not really interested in “body building” but just simply maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

  171. Ember

    “Limiting” the carbs. Once I have a carb such as bread or oatmeal, one serving is never enough.

  172. Cliff S.

    My greatest concern at this point in my life is losing the belly fat that has gotten worse as the years have gone on. I ride my bike (during most of the summer) approximately 20 – 25 miles per day, work out on recomb. bike and elliptical during the winter and yet I continue to fight the fight. I am nearly at my wits end. Aftr knee surgery this past summer and forthcoming surgery this fall I’ve added even more pounds and can’t seem to see the light. What am I doing wrong? I eat nutritious food, exercise and work at it constantly. Is it a hormone thing?

  173. Pat Lamoureux

    My biggest challenge is getting out of my chair (I freelance from home) and going for a walk. I need to lose 40 lb and get my blood pressure under control.

  174. melanie

    My biggest challenge is i’am going through menopause as well as being diagnosed with
    bursidis in both legs. so i have gained approx 30 lbs mostly my belly, hips thighs.
    my legs are feeling better and i am able to exercise a liitle more, but i don’t seem to be able
    to shed any weight. I’am not eating any more than I ever did.

  175. Daphney

    I have trouble losing weight. Dieting has always been a problem for me. I do good during the 1st 2/3 of the day, it’s the late afternoon & evenings when I get the hungriest. I need to switch my eating habits around.

  176. Jack

    I want to lose 30 lbs from my belly

  177. Victor N

    My biggest Challenge is losing weight (love to drop 50 lbs).
    I’m a diabetic, eating the right things, in the correct amount, at the right time and losing weight on top of that, tends to be very overwhelming.
    I really hate tracking and recording everything.

  178. Will Ridings

    I need to lose 10 lbs and keep it off. I am 51 years old and 3 years ago I had a physical exam. My blood pressure was slightly elevated and my doctor told me to lose 10 lbs and keep it off. Everything I’ve tried in the past 3 years has failed.

  179. Charlene

    Guess I’m up there with most of the respondents……belly fat and a few pounds overweight.
    Food choices good, but I tend to eat more than I need. Not good at self conrol!

  180. Barbara

    I’m trying to lose 30 pounds… I was laid up for 4 months because of broken kneecap. Am finally able to walk some..am up to 2 miles a day. I have to be careful of what I do…am trying to get muscles strenghtened again after being immoble for the 4 months. I gained weight while laid up and now am struggling to get it off and hard for me to lose now…was much easier when I was younger.

  181. Celine

    My biggest challenger is my lack of motivation…and my langage. All the great information is always in english and my basic langage is french so it is not always easy to understand everything.

  182. AW

    My biggest challenge is to climb Pikes Peak, up to the top and down again to the bottom in one day. I have went to the top before 14 miles, but not down to the bottom. A total of twenty-eight miles! I have been training, but as the day gets closer, September 16, 2011. Hope to lose quite a bit of weight and keep it off during this challenge. AW

  183. Brian

    Getting Started, Finding Time, Eating at the wrong times, no breakfast/after 7pm.
    Continuity, if and when I do get momentum, something crops up that makes meals rushed and exercise eliminated. Excuses I know.

    Given up on diets and unrealistic exercise requirements. I am looking for real-life solutions that work for me. Proportionate meals and healthy snacks periodically throughout the day and exercise that can be accomplished in a timely manner.

    From what I’ve read, I should be on the right track with this program. Refer to top…getting started!

  184. Leslie Sloan

    My wife & I want to lose back down to where we were when we quit going to the gym. Because of our illnesses, we haven’t been able to stick w/ our exercise program that we started 7 or so months ago. She needs to lose about 20 lbs & I need to lose around 20 lbs to be where we were. We did good in the gym but when we were nearly down to where we were supposed to be w/ our weight, we just quit losing & even the strength training I was doing didn’t seem to benefit me anymore. It’s just like we’ve heard it said, our bodies got USE to what we were doing & our physical ability wouldn’t allow us to increase our workout w/o spending more time in the gym ( & we were already spending 1-1/2 – 2 hours in the gym 4 days a week which robbed us of valuable time for other duties. We already changed our lifestyle according to our eating habits BUT because of having to go to the doctor more lately, have had to eat out more! That’s why we want to start this fat burning program so we can increase our knowledge of what to eat & maybe start doing some exercise here @ home, if our knees & arms will let us, LOL! Along w/ losing weight, I also want to build strength so, @ least, I can do a few push ups or chin ups which, even after 7 months in the gym, I STILL can’t do.

  185. Robert

    60 years old, moved from 1500 ft above sea level to 4600 ft above sea level and I need to get my time to 15 minutes in a 1.5 mile run…I’m at about 16 minutes right now.

  186. Lea Quay

    My biggest challenge has been that I have a slightly low thyroid and it has been twice as hard for me to lose weight. I have only lost 8lbs. of the 50lbs. I wanted to lose. It has been very frustrating. I have read books on how to help speed it up naturally and the foods I have to avoid, but all in all I just wish I could lose weight faster.

  187. Shannon

    Multiple Sclerosis and fatigue. Hard to motivate and to keep up with house work.

  188. jake

    Ice cream is my biggest challenge.

  189. toulula

    hi ineed to lose 10lb from my hips belly. i go swimming twice a week and swim 20lenthes go to zumba i night a week a good work out walk on treadmill for 30mins days im not swimming or zumba, have a protien drink and zero yorgt for breakfast and lunch salad with cured ham or chikcen for dinner iam 130lbs want to lose 10lb.

  190. Glenna Hardin

    I have Lupus and doing repetitive motions or exercises is impossible for me to do and I have been put on steriods which in turn are making me gain weight. My concern is that by being diagnosed with this disease that I am going to get bigger than ever…

  191. Shelly

    Working 14 hours a day and then finding time to exercise.

  192. Blvd Carmen

    Belly fat! No matter how much I diet or change my food, work out, cardio, etc. the belly fat stays. Suggestions?

  193. Ken P

    … timing of nutritional consumption by type; … and a strategy for fasting (if it is a viable alternative.


  194. Denese

    I would also enjoy any recommendations to obtain the infamous 6pack if anyone could help that would be great

  195. Lynn

    Hardest thing is feeling like you are the only one in your area that is working out and OK is good enough. It is so much easier to be kind of fat. You don’t really have to cut out the ice cream, you can work out 1-2 times a week and still fit into your jeans. not skinny jeans but jeans. How do you find others that find fitness important. I need a support group. Not WW at 10$ a week. I need a meet up group. I tried to start one in Burlington WI but having some problems. I know you can’t just wish fat away but there is a big group of people that think there is or will be a magic pill.

  196. Karen

    I can’t seem to affect the areas that bother me the most. When I reached 50, man the back side just decided to lay down and not cooperate!!! I call it “the great state of Montanna stalking me at all times”!!!

    It would be great to get specific exercises, foods, etc. for specific areas of our bodies. Any suggestions for lower back fat would be great.

  197. Jack

    I keep getting masive snack attacks on my long commute home. I k ow shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it some times. How can I stave off these attacks? I know I’m sabotaging myself. Help!

  198. Sharon

    I am wheat and corn intollerant. Not diagnosed with Celiac, just know the foods do not agree with me. Very frustrated with what to eat, how to plan so I do not waste food, how to cook with recipes that need so much alteration. Not a good cook or skilled with substitutions to begin with. Any help?

    • Sharon

      In addition, I have had gastric bypass 5 plus years ago. This gives me malabsorption, plus the wheat and corn intollerance also causes some nutrient absorption problems. Probably have achieved this intolerance to years of over-doing the carbs and the fact that corn is in so many things, even the stamp and envelope glue we sometimes lick.

  199. Anji


    My Health and Fitness Issues are: I have a degenerative spine disease with the added complication of a double curvature of the spine, there are other health issues but these are my main ones. Another major health issue is that I am Clinically Obese for my height. That’s my ‘Health’ Issues stated. I am in constant high pain due to my conditions and along with a scarred spinal cord at C4/5 and my left side is weak too.

    Fitness: I have no idea how fit I am, I would hazard a guess at not very fit as I cannot exercise or walk very far due to my health issues. I walk vry short distance’s with the aid of 2 crutches and I have to use a shoping cart to do my shopping in a store. A lot of stores are not accessible for me so I avoid them.

    I would love to lose at least 7 – 8 stone, sorry I do not know what that is in metric or pounds, which is why I have kept an ‘eye’ on your page and e-mails you send me. I am hoping and praying that your plan will work on me. I also believe that if I follow your meal plans not only will my fat go but also my daughter will gain weight at the same tiI follow your meal plans, not only will I lose the weight But conversely my daughter will gain weight in the proper manner!

    Thank you.

  200. Deb

    My greatest fittness challenge is losing much needed body fat.

  201. Linda

    I was hoping to learn a few things to feel like I could keep up with this to learn from what you post but each time you offer some new trick it always goes back around to the presentation and to the purchase of your program.
    I think what would be helpful is give real tips, post real recipes, give good advice and then have a place on every page for people to click on if they want to go through the whole presentation yet again…. thank you

  202. Renee

    Hi Rob, I have been on your program since May and have changed my diet completely. I have lost 15 pounds and have seen my body changing shape for the better. My biggest challenge is to lose my spare tire, lower abdominal fat. I still have 10 more pounds to go but have hit a plateau. Any suggestions to get to my goal, or am I just being impatient? Thank you for any support, information you can offer to me.

  203. lori

    Hi rob, Since last June i have lost 100 lbs. Did this by eating healthy and exercising like crazy. Ive been reading your stuff and others since the first of the year. you have been very helpful. Since June, this year, i have been just sitting at my weight. I havent changed anything, but always trying to make the weight move again. I have 30 lbs. to go to my goal. What do i do next, to get it moving again?

  204. Nancy

    Going thru tremendous life stress and peri menopause at the same time I have gained 40 lbs in the last 3 years. I fear my metabolism is shot……nothing I do brings this weight off. Even though I have struggled with weight my entire life, my belly has never looked like this. I am frustrated and confused by the conflicting info out there for getting rid of all this fat on my body. I am motivated…nothing seems to be working right now.

  205. KA

    It’s twofold; age and deciphering through all the information. I’m 54 and female. Most of the recommendations for losing weight are from young guys or females still have babies. It’s a whole new ball game when a person hits 50, and until you do, you just won’t understand physically what goes on with a female at this stage of her life. I used to religiously work out from the age of 17 to 50. I wouldn’t miss a workout to save my life; to the point that my friends and family thought I was a freak or had a problem. So a person can’t say I’m not dedicated or disciplined etc. But man, I’m tired. And it’s just not as important anymore to have that great physic. Sure, I’d love to have it, but I just don’t have the energy to work as hard as I used to. I get home from work now and barely make it through the door. Have I put on 20lbs since I haven’t lived, eat, and breathed working out? Yep. But so be it. It was getting ridiculous to work out an hour a day just to maintain my weight. And it got harder as I got older. Even Jane Fonda knocked it off after she got older! You don’t see too many females over 50 as leaders in fitness…and I know why!

  206. Sue

    Losing the gut.

  207. Lorie

    stubborn belly fat on a 48 year old woman…

  208. Connie Ballew

    Hi Rob, I am 64 years old & nothing I do will budge a pound , if you could give me advice on how to get started I would would be very very grateful. I have tried high fiber-but always break & eat sweets ect ect. So if you have a way ‘PLEASE ‘ let me know –I am despart to lose 30 lbs—Thank You Connie—

  209. Lisa

    I am 47….so…I want to lose 5-6kg, to get rid of my belly and love handles…yea i love food….

  210. Bobaloo

    Metabolism has slowed down to zero. Cannot seem to rev it up again. 51 y.o. female.

  211. Ronnie Rodriguez

    Challenge- saving for two studios to help as many people as I can..had to take a step back financially…but my ministry of fitness is stirred to help as many as I can…it is great to have knowledge and look great….but it is better when you share that knowledge and help those that need guidance..2 years folks is goal..to the folks out there…join this site WITH a friend…you will be rewarded with more than weight loss

  212. Colleen

    My biggest challenge is to get motivated to start moving. I haven’t found a workout I like so I have to force myself to do it.Also, it might be an issue from having an underactive thyroid but I do not have that endorphin rush that accompanies exercise, I feel the need to sleep, it exhausts me and I don’t feel invigorated by exercise, so I don’t seem to reap the benefits of exercise from an emotional level. What all this means is that unless I start to see results quickly I get frustrated and give up.I am willing to try anything if anyone has any suggestions, but please don’t tell me to find a buddy, I have went that route and all it did was make me exercise on their schedule and when they quit so did I. Any other suggestions will be welcome though.

  213. Maria

    I need to lose 10 to 15 pounds and tone my thighs

  214. Megan

    I need to loose 10 pounds. My problems are these,. I work out two times a week (maybe) for two weeks then the motivation is gone or I’m simply too tired. I eat pretty good during the day ( most of the time) but once I get home, I rummage through the cupboard and fridge until I’m going to bed. Also, I have the biggest sweet tooth, I just don’t have the will power to say no. My weight has always had the roller-coaster effect, but this time I just can’t seem to loose the weight.

  215. Stacy

    My biggest challenge is to lose an additional 20 lbs of body fat and firm up. I’m 49 1/2 yo, 5’4″ and would like to get back to my pre-pre-menopausal weight of 135-140. There are several challenges: time – looking for work, helping the hubster with his business, in the process of starting my own business, taking care of the household…you get the picture…the other challenge is how to add about 5 hours to each day! 😉 And giving up the smoking would be a nice benefit as well.

  216. mike bulger

    My biggest concern is my kidneys.According to my labs my kidney function has gone down quite a bit. II plan to start working out again soon. I”m only a few pounds overweight. but my other labs (blood glucose, triglycerides,cholesterol) aren’t exactly great either. Looking foward to getting started with this.

    • Lisa Hughes

      Having had a kidney transplant 8 years ago – if you are having kidney function issues, I would first tell you to start taking CoQ10, try and get the water soluable Q-gel, or take about 400mg/day with a little peanut butter. You need to watch your protein intake, as damaged kidneys leak proteins (I’m assuming if your blood sugars and triglycerides are shaky, you’re borderline or Type 2 diabetic that has gone undiagnosed for too long). The leaking proteins damage the kidneys further. I suggest you consult a nutrionist, or ask your doctor or kidney doctor for the specialized diet you should be following. (Low phosphorous, low potassium, low protein, low sodium – not easy, but doable.) Do that before you start trying to build muscle, because the breakdown of muscle tissue is creatinine (not creatine) which is one of the things that they test for to find your kidney function. Definitely consult with a doctor on this.

  217. Jessica Jepson

    The hardest thing for me is not overeating sweets and desserts.

  218. Salsa Mama

    My biggest challenge is controlling portion sizes.

  219. Gwen

    My problems are: I have heart trouble, low Thyroid, Meniers disease, polymyalgia Rheumatica, and Diverticular Disease. The last of these is causing me the most grief as I’ve had this since having an operation on an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm – AAA for short – (following a triple heart bypass & valve replacement) I tried following the bowel specialist’s advice of having a high fibre diet, but over the last two years things got worse, my youngest son (by the way I am 76 and have three sons) advised me to try a low residue diet, I’ve been on this now for a month and there has been a definite improvement, less pain , and far less discomfort, these have been even better since I started taking Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis; the POINTof telling you all this is that when I saw my Surgeon a short while ago he told me that I don’t have a FAT stomach, I have a LARGE stomach mainly caused by the great disturbance of the internal organs during the AAA operation ,and exacerbated by the Diverticular Disease, so though I shall keep on trying to lose some weight – though that’s not too bad at just under 11 stone for my height of 5ft 3 inches – I don’t expect to improve my actual shape very much: SO please make sure that YOU DO actually have a FAT stomach and not an enlarged stomach caused by something outside of your total control!

  220. Rita

    I am a 61 year old female. I put on my extra weight and fat in the last year from eating too much. Over the same time I have lost strength in my arms and legs which really bothers me. Not being able to wear some of my really wonderful clothes bothers me even more. Most of my weight has come on in the last year. My strength has been diminishing over the past 10 years. I need to loose 12 pounds of weight and drop my body fat 5% and get my strength back to something I can live with. Controlling the quantity of food (especially meats) will be the hardest part for me, as I already cook as recommended. Then there is the issue of discipline to do the excercising…

  221. James

    I need to completely clear all of my blood vessels on calcified plaque, in order to restore my sharpness of memory, lower my blood pressure, increase my energy, and prolong my life.
    I need to completely clear all of my digestive track of plaque or any other debris, in order to restore my ability to digest food, increase my energy, and help me loose weight.
    I need to provide my eyes with the proper food, in order to restore my vision, see great at night, and see clearly from any distance.

  222. Jacqueline

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and allergies to fresh fruit and vegetables!!!

  223. Mark

    Hey Rob,

    My biggest challenges are knees that creak and grind even after arthroscopic surgery. Losing some muscle function as a result of a ruptured disk in my neck. After neck surgery not all of the muscle function has returned so balancing both sides with weight training is difficult.

    Another challenge is figuring out what supplements are worth taking and which are just hype. It seems as though everyone has one thing or another that is supposed to do something but I can’t really tell if any of it works.

    I have lost 50 pounds and probably could lose 5 more of which it would be nice if they came entirely from my much smaller but still apparent spare tire hiding my abs.


  224. Liz

    My challenge is finding time between taking care of an elderly parent and looking for a job. The day goes by so fast that by the time I have a moment to myself my husband is home from work and demands that time.

  225. joe

    Hey Rob:
    Could you please come over and DRAG me to the gym?


    I am absoluteley determined to take 100 lbs. off. Have started on Atkins and have taken care of 9 of those pounds and only have 91 to go! I have to confess that I really laid down on my execises and rewarded myself for achievement resulting in 0 loss.

  227. Jim Stevens

    Hi Rob
    My Biggest Challenge is to lose 35 lbs. I have to bad knee’s. So the weight lose will help my Knee’s. I am 71 years young and work full time every day. I have a fat Belly that I want to lose!!!

  228. Frank

    I need to lose at least 40 pounds in order to acheive better health and to get my blood pressure,chloresterol, and Diabetes under control.

    I am a 71 year old male.


  229. Janis

    I’m on disability and cannot do exercising like i used to. Arthritis is bad in my knees and hips and i have neuropathy in my feet. I lose my balance easy. I can’t squat, lunge or get on the floor. (If i do it is very difficult to get back up).
    I want to lose my big belly. Janis

  230. Pam

    My challenge is I am an apple shape with belly fat. Most of my fat is from thighs to stomach with some fat on back and under arms.

  231. Laura

    Hmmm…my health challenge is to have some sort of fitness and endurance into my ‘golden years’ which are still down the road, I figure now a good time to think about it. I’ve always had a fairly active life style, but for the life of me–I seem to always carry a layer of fat that rides over my muscles. I’m strong and have good endurance–( I cross country run 9 miles a week and mountain bike a hardy amount with climbing and all that fun stuff) but never have definition. I’m like a pudgy pear plopped on a bike seat while riding with these sleeker females who don’t exercise half as much. So my goal is to look, feel and perform more athletically. I don’t need to be a super star just a tiny reward for my work would be nice. Don’t get me wrong, I like to exercise and I’ll do it for my mental well being, it’d just be nice to see more visable results…..

  232. Sal Compagno

    Just a note on thanks for enlightening me about certain types of
    foods and how to maintain weight properly. I am 75 years old and
    have been running for over 50 years- enjoy it, though I am slowing
    down and have combined power-walking with running. I have found
    that age does NOT prohibit a healthy approach to living. Keeping
    mentally alert and having a keen imagination keeps one alive!!

  233. Kathy

    I love food and love to socialize. I use the two together often. I want to do better so I’ve done every diet available. This has resulted in yoyo dieting. I have lost 50lbs and gained most of it back! I try to exercise and do good for a few weeks, then it stops. I’m not getting any younger and I don’t like the way I feel or LOOK!!! I’m tired of struggling with my weight, I have for 15 yrs. now. I want to give up, but I care about my family and self too much

  234. Elizabeth

    I just started and am excited to lose the 30 lbs that I have gained due to steriods that I was on due to asthma and other health issues. My biggest challenge is that I cannot eat fresh or salt water fish of any type (highly allergic to iodine) or any ocean fish/plants, (and no I cannot take fish oil capsules either – tried that and ended up in the hospital due to swelling of the throat), as well as I am also highly allergic to soy products. I grow my own veggies and buy organic of what I cannot produce myself due to being allergic to pesticides that the farmers use. I do use flaxseed at all my meals. Does anyone have any suggestions to take/use/eat to get the Omega’s that I cannot get from fish/ocean products?

  235. Larry

    I have lost 110 pounds(272 to 162) but I still have the stubborn belly fat. Also on most days I just do not have the energy to workout

  236. Lorelei


    • tim

      getting motivated is tough I have the same problem. I have thought about this and came to this conclusion. To set definite tangeable goals. To remember rome wasn’t built in a day. reward yourself,

  237. Catherine Cohen

    As I start your book and routine, my biggest challenge is figuring out which “body weight” or “dumbbells” exercises I can do instead of the gym exercise you give in your pre-written routines. For example, I can’t do leg curls, so which of the “body weight” exercises can I do instead? Your descriptions don’t list which muscle groups I am using so the comparison is difficult.

    And I really don’t want to buy ANOTHER of your books to get the right answer!

    • Margaret Fieland

      Catherine, I don’t usually have access to a gym, so I start with the first exercise I can do and just go from there. If I quit before I reach the end, I start from there next time. I don’t worry too much about muscle groups — many of the body weight exercises get most/all muscle groups — for example, push ups, plank, the slow squats.

  238. Cheryl McCoy

    Have severe damage to almost all the joints in my body. The worst is the back, shoulders, knees and feet. Makes it difficult to do much exercise. Just walking can be difficult since my legs aren’t that stable. Left knee was replaced two years ago, and right one being replaced in late October. That down time will also be difficult to get much exercise. Also had six nerves burned off in my lower back to help ease the pain (they can’t operate since there’s just too much damage). When the pain gets really bad, I automatically turn to food for comfort. It’s a horrible cycle. Really hope FBF can help me.

  239. Keith

    Dropping the belly fat off my abs. I have decent muscle tone under there but a layer of flab hides them. I am 50 y.o. and struggled with up and down weight problem most of that time. My desire is to drop the belly fat and keep it gone.

  240. Ronald Morris

    Hey Rob,
    My greatest health and fitness challenges at this time are: Losing my Center Mass, Losing 20 pounds, and regain my Chisled Abs again.
    I have committed to a very strict workout: Mon, Wed, and Fri (Full Body Workout); Tues, Thurs, and Sat (Cardio). I alternate running and Spin Cycle Classes for the Cardio. But it is very depressing is that I still notice that annoying Center Mass is going no where. In fact instead of losing the desired 20 pounds I am gaining weight.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ronald, your exercise plan seems sound at first glance, but what is your diet situation? If you’re gaining weight doing all of that exercise, I would imagine you’re either still in a positive calorie balance (too many cals), and/or you may have a hormonal imbalance or issue. If it were me, I would first address diet situation, then have some blood tests run on my hormone levels.

  241. Wendy

    My number one problem is loosing the belly fat, I work very hard and have four jobs all are physical, plus im going through menipause, my feet hurt so bad, perhaps because ive been working on cement and hard surfaces all of my life, my friends say the reason i dont loose the wieght is because im used to the hard work, what can i do?

  242. donna

    Getting moving!!!

  243. Donovan

    My biggest challenge is getting rid of the hanger-on love handle/soft belly area! ARRGGHHH!!!
    Of course, that may be due to my dietary challenge of controlling my cheat days…er…day…better :)

  244. Shelby

    My goal is to get my body fat % down to about 18%, right now I am at 27 or so. If I could just exercise more I think that my eating is pretty good. You can’t be perfect 100% of the time.

  245. Lorie

    My biggest challenge is losing weight. I need to eat better and work exercise into my daily life.I am always tired and sluggish, no energy!!!

  246. cookie

    my number one challenge is being able to motivate myself to exercise after a long, exhausting 10 hr day at work.

  247. Diana

    I’ve been successful enough over the last 3 years to lose 140 lbs. Now that I’m close to my goal weight, it’s harder than ever to keep focused. I want to eat like a “normal person”, but know that’s what got me overweight in the first place (not to mention I certainly wasn’t eating like a “normal person”). At 61 year old, I’m not trying for the great bod-just a healthy one with a little more muscle to help burn the fat.

  248. Jennifer

    So the biggest challenge for me right now is that i’m pregnant but will be having my baby soon and I desperatly need to get back into shape, which means loosing like 50-70lbs depending on how much comes off when the baby is born, where do I even start………..

  249. Barb

    My challenge now is abdominal fat increase due to menopause.

  250. Jean T.

    I can’t seem to get started and when I do I can’t stick to it. I’m 61, 5’2 and need to lose 30 pounds. I have no clothes that fit me because I refuse to buy bigger sizes. I’ve done it before, lost 25 pounds on WW about 10 years ago but I can’t get motivated. I also like to have a couple glasses of wine in the evening with supper and after supper. I don’t seem to eat bad food, just too much. I certainly need motivation. I know I can do it and promise to get started today. Thanks for listening, it really does help. :)

  251. Jean T.

    I can’t seem to get started and when I do I can’t stick to it. I’m 61, 5’2 and need to lose 30 pounds. I have no clothes that fit me because I refuse to buy bigger sizes. I’ve done it before, lost 25 pounds on WW about 10 years ago but I can’t get motivated. I also like to have a couple glasses of wine in the evening with supper and after supper. I don’t seem to eat bad food, just too much. I certainly need motivation. I know I can do it and promise to get started today. Thanks for listening, it really does help. :)

  252. Barbara Sawler

    I just started on your program. I lost 3 pounds in the first week and my next weigh in is on Wednesday. My biggest problem is I like to graze. It is mainly fruit – blueberries, grapes, apples, peaches. i also like crackers but have really cut back. I eat sensibly but have restrictions (personal restrictions vs medical ones). Pastas and rice make me feel like I will be sick so I avoid them. The same goes for most fish. Any suggestions for substitutions?

  253. Jalayne

    My greatest fittness challenge is MAINTAINING – I want to get to a place where I can eat – cheat every once in a while and not have to exercise 6 days a week. I am pretty much at the size and weight I want to be now so now the maintenance phase kicks in. Help! Also, I am trying to eat more organic, especailly in my meats. What is a good source for grass fed beef and dairy that is affordable?

  254. leeg

    sI I lost a lot of weight but I need to lose about 30 kg but my weight is standing still.

    I was pre-diabetic using glucophage, i was on 2 eltroxin and 2 diatroxin twice a day I had high cholestrol and was warned that I would soon need high blood pressure medication.
    I turned all that around using herbs and exercise, and the help of a doctor who believes in giving the patient what they want!
    . I now drink four herbs daily for my insulin because I cannot exercise at present but will not need them as soon as I can exercise.
    What can you recommend?

  255. Harriet

    I am 48 and I weigh 180 and am 62″ tall. I have never been this big in my life. I lost my job in February and my motivation is stuck on the couch. I have two kids and trying to cook separate meals on a budget isn’t working. I hate the way I look and feel and it does effect my family. I know I have to get up-I don’t know how.

  256. Virginia

    Biggest challenge: being organized with menu planning and making sure that I have all the right ingredients to consistently make healthy, yummy meals.

  257. Teri

    My biggest challenge is INERTIA. I can’t seem to get moving and EXERCISE!!! I’m kinda in the dumps because I’m unemployed and I need to find a new field in which I can succeed. I’m overweight and the pounds aren’t coming off very fast. ADVICE?


  258. JacquieWebb-Harris

    I have lost 8 lbs. but can’t seem to loose the fat and flab from the upper arms and lower belly.
    I need to loose 10-15 more pounds

  259. Tash

    My biggest challenge right now is the fact that it has been 110 degrees for 3 months and I can hardly walk unless it is in the middle of the night and still it is 95 degrees. It has taken a real drain on me and my exercise routine. Also, when it stays this hot, my knees swell up and they hurt. I take glucosamine plus MSM and calcium. I am a 52–year-old female in generally good health. I only need to lose about 10 more pounds to be at my normal weight of 130. Being inside all the time is hard because I tend to get bored and want to eat something or just lie around because of the heat.

  260. Ray Brown

    overweight by 20-25 pounds

  261. Roseybud

    I feel odd putting it all out there for strangers to see but here goes…
    I am a 42 year old female, newly married and have been trying for years to get pregnant. I am pretty insync with my body and about 4 – 5 years ago I started to notice some changes that were becoming more and more debilitating and the weight gain has been consistent and gradual. I am now over 50 lbs over weight and I have just been told that I am in early menopause. Suffice to say, I am now not only over weight, but the fact that we can’t have babies has made me severely depressed and unmotivated. The body changes are also difficult to accept and since I feel that a part of what makes me a woman is gone, I feel less sexy and OLD. Even the things that I have been passionate about (soccer, I play and I am a coach) lack appeal and since I am over weight it is now even harder on my body. I don’t know that there is anything that anyone else can do say or do for me but I know that I have to do something or eventually I won’t be able to even look at myself in the mirror anymore.

  262. Deb

    Biggest issue is not having time to exercise and then what to eat. I know the book reads a serving of carbs, for example, but what is a serving? A cup, a banana, etc. I need to lose 40 lbs. It is very discouraging. I am drinking water – I have been a huge soda drinker and I have given that up, which has been wonderful. Now I just need a menu of the same thing I can eat every day – that would be good.

  263. Nicole Chaplain-Pearman

    My knees hurt and make doing anything involving squats or deep knee bends almost impossible.
    The thing is, I’ve had a lower body X-Ray and they found nothing wrong with my knee or hip joints.

  264. Isabelle

    My biggest challenge is finding the right time. I have downloaded the book now for 2 weeks, printed it and organized the summary sections to make it easier to implement, but I cannot figure out how to incorporate it into my schedule. If breakfast is (one of the most) important meals and post workout is the other, it means that I would have my 2 most important meals within 1/2 of each other. Indeed, I have figured out that my best time to workout is probably 7AM… I am a single mother of 2 (baby and 6 years old), have a full time job that requires 10-12 hours a day. In the evening I need to handle dinner, homework and piano practice.
    So I just need to build a routine that works, and then I feel that I will be set to go. I need help to get started though… I am 41 and have probably 10 pounds of fat to loose.

  265. Jan

    I need to lose 30 pounds and lower my body fat. I started on August 1st and I’m almost 70 with both hips replaced so it is hard to exercise as I want. So far I have lost 8 pounds and 3% body fat. It sure does come off slower once you turn 65!

  266. Henry Hanson

    I need to cut back on carbs. This means coming up with breakfasts other than cereal (except for old fashioned oatmeal) and toast. I’ve made some progress because my triglycerides are finally within limits. But much more cutting is needed.

    • Lisa Hughes

      Try protein pancakes – for one serving of two pancakes – 1/4 cup almond flour, 1 egg, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, 1 tsp baking powder, enough water to make pancake consistency – put on 400° griddle (I use coconut oil on the griddle to keep from sticking) add a few fresh or frozen berries to the pancakes after pouring on the griddle, turn when bubbles appear, serve with a couple TBSP of sugar-free pancake syrup. Less than 20 carbs for the whole recipe.

  267. Molly Whitaker

    My biggest challenge to health and fitness is that I work the graveyard shift at a hospital and knowing when to eat and in what order has become a challenge. I am a 64 year old woman in a committed relationship so I need to also think about the person I live with and try not to be sleeping when he is home. It is difficult to fit in 5 or 6 meals a day plus time for exercise, drink a gallon of water, and still save time for sleep, work and quality (or any) time with my partner. I feel I have made progress with the Fat Burning Program, (have lost 20 pounds) but each day is a challenge.

  268. Carol

    Getting Started :(

  269. Ashley

    My biggest challenge is how much I eat. I eat good whole food like 90% of the time, but I tend to ever indulge frequently. I need to conquor the need to feel full.

  270. David

    My biggest challenge right now is staying motivated having a hit a plateau. I have lost 40 lbs. since January, but for the last six weeks have been pretty constantly at 255 lbs. (give or take a pound or two). Nothing has changed, activity has actually increased, and food intake has decreased.

  271. Ken

    My greatest challenge is finding the day and time to work out. I generally have to work out after work, when I am exhausted. Also, due to many commitments, I cannot keep the same workout days (eg, this week I will work out on Tues, Thurs, and Saturday – however, I cannot guarantee that this will be my weekly schedule.)

  272. Dorothy Corbett

    Hi Rob
    Remember me I have received your news and read all .Unfortunately could not take the challenge to lose weight due to strokes rendering me helpless on reclining chair and zero strength to do any exercise. Walking with push walker not sleeping day or night The list is endless the only saving grace is someone is so much worse and living around 200 residents find if only………… Reached my 74th Birthday last April One day at a time .
    Thankyou and regards to family
    Dorothy dorro

  273. Reka

    I want to go below 20% bodyfat, well below enough to stay there permanently, be able to do a 10 set of chinups and 5 pullups, and bench press my own bodyweight.

  274. Brad

    Motivation. I want to; I need to; but at the end of the day there is nothing left.

  275. Earl Hankamer

    All of the tree reasons above.

  276. Lisa Hughes

    Greatest challenge – Type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, post kidney transplant patient with renal osteodystrophy (means brittle bones from kidney failure) that caused every bone in my feet to shatter. Non-operable and non-fixable. What are the best exercises for someone that can’t spend time standing or jumping on their feet – not even 15 minutes – and still get the advantages of rapid caloric burn?

  277. Bob Calver

    I need to lose 35 lbs. and keep it off to get my type 2 diabetes under control. I am 70, 6ft. and weigh 250. I’ve lost the 30 lbs at least 5 times but always gain it back.

  278. Jennifer

    Staying w/in my calorie range of 1200 – 1550. I work 9 hours in an office, at the computer all day, chase my 2 yr old after work, workout 30/60 min a day, etc etc that comes w/ being a single parent that works full time and is overweight… if I go over my cal count, my weight doesn’t budge or I gain. FRUSTRATING! I’m 5 foot and 140 lbs. at the moment.

  279. Mike Johnston

    My biggest challenge is exercising during the week after a long day of secular work.

  280. Joanne

    I am 72 years old. Weigh 150 lbs. hip measurement is 40, waist 31, neck 14. Eat organic food and watch protein and carbs. exercise reguarly–golf, pilates,total body sculpting classes. Can not lose any weight even following rules. Is it because I am 72? Should I give up ?

  281. Sue

    i work pretty eratic hours and meal times are no longer set or even exist on work days. i skip meals and substitute junk as a quick meal. my goal is to lose over 60 pound and get back some level of fitnness and stamina, excercise is hard as i have a bad ankle due to a bad break and i am looking at a replacement in the coming years. my husband is the reason i looked into this as his health is declining rapidly…high cholesterol, high blood pressur, fatty liver and now he is diabetic, i want to have a good old age together and be out enjoying the world with him…that is my ultimate goal.

  282. Fred

    At almost 66, my lower joints are struggling with a lot of exercising, so I need to do a lot more on cutting back on food consumption, but I enjoy eating. I did find that swimming is a great exercise, easy on the joints, it’s just hard to find the time because it takes longer than other exercise.

  283. Annabelle

    Well it’s a toss up between time, motivation and energy….. I never have all 3 at the same time…. if I have the time, I am exhausted…. If I am motivated and full of energy, I have to go to work….

  284. mel

    getting through my plateau!!!!

  285. Sue

    I am 62, overweight and cannot seem to lose any weight. I am not sure if it is the medications I take (which, if it is, what can I do about it?). I have bad knees (cannot walk well, cannot get on my knees or sit on the floor) and a torn rotator cuff that is mostly healed but will never have full strength. I also have a spine that is fusing in an arc in my lower back. Now, with all these hurts and pains, I am limited on what I can do for exercise. I just signed up and after I did, I got lots of tips on how to exercise, however none of them are any I can do. Now what?

  286. Monica

    I want to lose that last 8-10 pounds. Using your tips and others, I’ve become much more aware of what I put into my body, but my biggest challenge is doing just that. I become lazy and don’t always eat early in the day, so I’m starving in the evening! Or I do eat well at the right times, but STILL eat at night out of boredom.

  287. Rose M

    I want to be able to walk with less pain. Osteoarthritis has done a wicked number on my knees and ankles, not to mention my hips. So losing weight so I can walk with less pain would be good.

  288. Kay

    I was diagnosed with diabetes in May and found the FBF site shortly thereafter. Between the exercise and the diet recommendations from the local training sessions, I’ve lost 30 lbs and am keeping my blood sugar down. So thank you. I jut need to loose another 70 lbs or so.

  289. christine

    Since I turned 45, my body weight has started to distribute differently. I’ve put weight on around my middle and hips, which I understand is nature’s normal thing for women. I have always been very active and eaten right, but nothing I’ve done has budged these new 5 pounds and flabbier midsection look. I already weight train, do vinyasa yoga, rebounder, etc. so I will try your routine of heavier weights, less reps and see what happens…the rest of my physique is great, just that midsection!! :-(

  290. nadine

    pain my knees and hips plus energy…both stoppers.

  291. Marv Osborn

    I am a semi retired Hair Stylist who is a little over weight. Mostly in the belly region. I am 72 yrs old and have Type 2 Diabetes and Arthritis, which I keep pretty well under control. Still ride my horse on Trail Rides and work 3 days a week in 2 Hair Salons. I love to walk and do so as often as I can. We moved from Kansas to Oklahoma in January so have a new home and land to keep up.My biggest challenge is to loose weight and loose inches in the belly! Oh yes, I am a 100%, died in the wool Chocoholic.

  292. Colleen

    I need to lose 35 pounds and get motivated to exercise.

  293. Althea

    I have gone from 125 lbs up to 195 over the last 10 yrs……….I have high blood pressure….I feel awful and I just want to be healthy again……….I need help

  294. Karola

    My frustration is living in a small village in Peru where exercise equipment is non-existant. Food isn’t a problem as everything here is bought fresh each day and we rarely have anything that has been processed. The problem is finding exercises that do the trick without even hand held barbells. We do have a swimming pool, so I am investigating water based exercises.

  295. paul

    trying to lose some belly fat and gain muscle even though I am 60 years old

  296. Charlie

    I have a problem with portion control,eating slower.

  297. DylanJ33

    My greatest challenge is the will power to diet & exercise correctly in order to firm my belly & chest. These are my problem areas, and I often doubt that there’s even a possibility that I will ever lose, firm, or burn the large amounts of fat in those areas.

  298. Debbie

    I’m a lifer on steroids. Always having to deal with weight gain, fatigue and muscle wasting. I’m working with a trainer right now but not going anywhere. It’s discouraging.

  299. DeDe Wells

    I have been putting on the weight for awhile. Would like to lose 10LBS now and then re-access for another goal. I need to take this is steps other wise I feel overwhelmed and view the process as taking too long. It was easy to put on but so hard to take off. I need to tell myself that losing the weight will be worth it. Feeling lighter, feeling better, more energy, better overall mood. I CAN DO THIS!

  300. E

    My greatest challenge is having several allergies,also for foods.I dont know how to find a way to feel fit and healthy, although I do my best.My social life is suffering due to this and I feel isolated.

  301. james sheppard

    . Now Rob, you DIDN’T tell us we would be needing to dedicate hours upon what seems like days opening up your posts. I’m pretty dissapointed in that, as well as how excruciatinly loooooong they have been SO FAR. I’m afraid to open the ten or more waiting for me because i don’t wat to miss the “LITTLE THINGS” so I am in agreement with what you said about with the need to be read. So, is this like a course at a University that I’m going to have to schedule along WITH the exercise, food prep, etc.? james

  302. Margaret

    Okay I am one of THOSE, the people that know what to eat and what to do, but don’t do it. I am an insulin dependant diabetic that just ate a chocolate bar!!!!!! Why? I am not sure, that is where the question lies for me as well. I know better but continue to abuse my health and my body. I do it all with food, no I am not extremely overweight I weigh in under 150, it isn’t so much quantity as what types of food I eat and also have other health issues, with my liver,muscles and bones . I just can’t seem to get a handle on taking care of myself. It is like I keep thinking it doesn’t apply to me and since the Yummm of chocolate is instant, the damage isn’t, I keep on eating the wrong food, day after day after day.

  303. Wayne Ulmer

    Stubborn stubborn fat! I have been following the Fat Burning Furnace program to the T for the last 8 months. I have gained an impressive amount of muscle and to date, have lost over 50 pounds. The challenge is this: I haven’t lost any weight or cloth sizes for over 2 months or so. Am getting frustrated as you know what. I usually ride a bike for 2 milles before a workout and 5 miles afterwards, for the last 2 or 3 months, the wind is too much for riding and after paying for Dr. K’s program, I realized that I need more cardio, but his workouts really hurt my joints. Did I mention that I am 52 years young and that a little over 8 months ago I never did any exercise!

    • Anyushka

      Hello Wayne,

      has it ever occurred to you that all that exercise you’re doing is maybe counterproductive? Reading your comment I thought that you are putting your body under a lot of stress. What you are doing sonds like torture to me especially since you haven’t done any exercise before. Slow it down a bit and look at your eating habits. Maybe the problem lies there instead.

  304. James S. Taylor

    My number one challenge is getting myself to work out when I feel good.
    I have so many “Projects and things I want to accomplish” that when I feel good (which is most of the time) I use up all my time on those activities and fail to work out. I am not obese but know that I feel even better when I work out regularly. Especially after learning about the Tufts University study that showed that weight training even without aerobice begins to reverse the signs of aging almost from the first workout!
    I don’t have anyone else to be accountable to, which I am told is one of the best motivators.
    What do you think I can do about that?
    James S. Taylor

  305. jeff

    Struggling to loose the 30 to 40 lbs needed. I have had 2 back surgerys and have nerve damage in my left leg. Which give me some good days and some bad days. Walking can be hard when one day I can walk a mile with no problem and the next a block maybe to much. I have taken to walking on the treadmill so I don’t have to call someone to come and get me when I can’t make it home. The fat I am fighting is belly fat and I am sure that I would feel better and my back would hurt less if it was gone.

  306. Judith Placker

    I have trouble exercising like I used to due to RA and Ostio. Getting flabby due to nothing but walking for exercise.

  307. Mary Yoder

    I need to loose about 50 lbs. i have back problems so its hard to
    exercise. i lost around 75 lbs over the last 7 years and didnt do a lot of exercise.
    can you help me.

  308. shequita

    My biggest challenge is getting started and sticking to it.

  309. Martina Tkacz

    I have lower back pain and that does not only make exercise (like ZUMBA ) difficult, but it also often hinders me from getting 8 hours of solid sleep.

  310. Anne

    I need to lose at least 20 lbs and fat from around the middle!

  311. Annisa Aguilar

    My biggest challenge is being consistent with an exercise program that is realistic, do-able but gives me results. I go through phases of taking some class, watching videos, bootcamp etc but then I fall out of the routine. I would love to reprogram myself so that exercise is one of my non-negotiables of selfcare!!

  312. Gary

    I need to loose 30lbs, I have rhuematoid arthritis, fybromyalgia, asma, a-fib, lower herniated discs
    and stenosis in lower area and I like to walk our dogs and fight myself all the time to do anything.

  313. Dave

    My big problem is trying to lose 45 to 50 pounds, with minimal exercise. I am in a wheelchair, permanently, and I have not been able to lose this fat. I was 74 inches tall and weigh 248 pounds, so you can see why this is necessary. I am having lower back problems, and my surgeon told me that he could not operate until I got down to 200 pounds.

  314. Darrell Goeken

    I’m a 65 y.o.and still need to loose about 90 pounds. It seems to me that I am so busy working in my yard and gardens and I fail to do any formal exercise or even just walking. I’m watching my diet and try to keep calories between 1700-1800. I walk 2-3 miles daily 5X/week in the winter and use resistance bands, but in the summer, I just cant get motivated like I should.

  315. Marilee McLaughlin

    I’m Stuck! I can’t seem to get down below a certain weight. Exercise more, I guess. I’m already drinking TONS of water each day.

  316. Jodie

    I’m over 40. My biggest challenge is doing the recommended resistance and cardio workouts without injuring my rotator cuffs and knees! I think I’ll never be able to lose more than ten pounds because I keep re-injuring my shoulders and knees doing simple exercises, even though I follow the instructions carefully. I had some physical therapy for my knees after my last active duty tour, but I want to become stronger on a permanent basis and finally get as lean as I’m supposed to be.

  317. Deedee

    Having diabetes and high blood pressure are just pieces of the puzzle. I also have 3 screws in my left knee due to an accident back in 96 which has caused me to not be as active as I need to be. It has gotten to the point where I do not even enjoy my daily walks and they have become few and far between because I hurt so much. My hips, back, knees and toes hurt so bad almost all the time. If it’s not one then it’s the other or worse a combination of pains. I also live with my mom, one sister, 2 nieces, and now my son has moved in as well. My sister is on dialysis and has to be very cautious with her liquid intake along with phosphorus and other minerals and nutrients.

  318. Trisch

    The tips regarding eating habits and increasing exercise are great and obviously helpful. Most people know these things but practice and dedication are the hard parts. I really want to lose more belly fat and have hit a plateau with the weight training that I was doing based on your posts so I’ve subscribed to other sites that were directed from your posts looking for some additional suggestions. I’ve added more cardio but still not there yet. The biggest challenge for me and I think looking at the posts by some of the other readers is that many of us are much older than you. A lot of the exercises make sense to achieve the goals and there are many that I have tried and just can’t do or can’t possibly do at the speed that is recommended to make a difference, especially in the Dr. K posts. I also wonder if trying them and doing them incorrectly makes the situation worse rather than better. Perhaps those of us over 50 need a different kind of routine that you guys can suggest?? Lastly, I’m curious to know if cutting the abdominal muscles as a result of surgery makes it only impossible to get the flatter stomach. Thanks for your thoughts.

  319. tim

    my biggest and hardest hurdle is simply motivation. I am sometimes discouraged about the job market and the economy.

  320. leeanne

    i want to loose my belly fat and 15kgs

  321. Laura Larsen

    I have gone from 5’7′ and 135 lbs in my twenties to 3 kids and 243 lbs 30 years later. I saw my mother fight her wieght all her life until the few years after her heart surgery. She died of complications of a stroke and congestive heart failure on July 24th. I am trying not to eat too much sugery stuff. I am pre-diabetic, with thyroid issues, svt, and clinical depression where my brain does not make enough of that stuff. I just started a new desk job to help out with finances. We have not even had a food budget since the economy dropped out. ( Husband lost his job.) so it makes it difficult to try and set up some kind of diet. We buy meat when we can, and have a vegetable garden and apple tree’s. My husband will come home with bread and milk, and cereal and I eat a toast and latte type coffee, (homemade) for breakfast. Usually no lunch and a 3pm snack. Then we try to have some kind of chicken or beef or meat for dinner with a starch and veggies when we can. 10:00 pm brings hunger again and that’s when I have the worst appetite for sweet stuff. Rice and sugar in milk, or ice cream, or cookies if there are any etc. I am trying to start walking with my neghbor, but I have to watch my hip and knee joints and feet. (they were real bad but now they are good …and wanna keep them that good.) :) My stomach is the most out of proportion of any part of my body. I really want to loose that the most. I want to eat in a way that I can do it easily all my life, and be able to eat normal in foreign countries when we start traveling again. Been sugar free, wheat free, dairy free etc. in my past and I just don’t want to go down that road any longer. I am 50 and want to lose weight before the change starts.

  322. John

    My biggest challenge is that I can’t seem to cut the carbohydrates or sugar out of my diet. It has gotten a lot better since I started watching and I lost a lot of weight since then but I get a bad headache when my blood sugar drops to low or I am constantly hungry when I don’t get enough carbohydrates

  323. Steve Townsend

    I am currently 15 stones (sorry you US people but I am British). The last time I was under 14 stones was in 1979. I want to get below 14 stones again and I want to lose at least 4 inches from my 38 inch waist.

  324. GRAEME

    Well I exercise 4 days per week some times twice in the same day. stuck on 124Kg – 125Kgs for the past 5 years have decreased my weight from 175Kgs. Still obese but still at it. started doing cardio years back then weights then cardio last year now back into the weights. also been trying others people workouts as well. Love my food must eat too much maybe

  325. Anyushka

    My biggest health challenge is to overcome the constant fatigue and to get motivated to do some exercise and tone my body. I tried also for years to loose some weight which proved to be very difficult and I piled lost weight quickly back on as so many others do as well. Last year I had to go on a sugar-free diet for other health problems and to my surprise I lost about 13 kg in about 2 1/2 months and weight loss wasn’t even my focus at that time. What a nice side effect! From experience I can only say that it is very important to eat all the food groups. You need carbs, protein and fat. For weight loss avoid sugar and fat-free products (they are usually loaded with sugar), consume healthy fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil – butter is a good fat, by the way (not too much, of course), eat lots of vegetables, and stick to healthy carbohydrates, avoid fruit juices (eat the whole fruit with the fibre in it instead) and other sugary beverages. Drink plenty of water. Once you’ve lost the desired amount of weight do not fall into old eating habits. The biggest challenge is probably breaking the sugar habit, but once you’ve broken the sugar addiction life will be completely different. Make it a habit to read the product labels and look at the sugar contents. Avoid products with more than 15g of sugar per 100ml. Look at this way of eating as a lifestyle rather than a diet. It will keep you slim and healty.

  326. James

    Hello and thanx for being availiable. My concern is as a beginner otr truck driver,how can I continue making progress towards lowering my bodyfat percentage? I am currently @ 21.1,my personal goal is 9-15 by January. For healthy lifestyle perps.

  327. Don Savage

    My biggest problem is my belly, I use to work out but that has been 15 yrs ago. It was still hard to
    lose the weight I wanted. I know I could eat more and lose weight eating the right kinds of food but my problem (and a lot of other peoples problem) with that is food that is good for you cost to much.
    I know , how much is a healthy body worth to you. I`m still going to get this weight lose plan mainly
    because I will be 49 in a couple of months and I`m tired of being the “Big Guy”. Maybe you will see me in a before and after picture on here!

  328. Ian

    Trying to put on muscle. Want to put on 10kilo of muscle

  329. Val

    I need to loose a lot of weight and i’m doing good so far, 27lbs in the last several months. But in the areas where i am loosing I’ve got loose skin now..especially in the lower tummy and underarms and the saggy breasts. I really want to tone these up if it is possible, or is surgery the only option?? Is there really a way you can perk up yer breasts w/o having major surgery?? I need some advise or help as I continue to loose!!

  330. Pat Rose

    It takes me about 2 months to work up to three 1 hour work outs a week. When I hit that number I get some minor illness (head cold, sore throat) that saps my energy completely and usually takes me out for a about a month. I then go back to the process of working up to my three 1 hour work outs a week only to get sick again. I don’t eat (or drink) lots of sugar, I don’t do coffee, I’m not on medication – my diet is definitely better than the average person. I don’t understand why I get sick when I work out. I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong.

  331. Loseweightfast

    Hi Rob my biggest challenge is to get rid of all the fat on my midrif my waist line is a baloon while my lower body is skinny I would like exercises or workouts that tightens and lifts the mass of my bum and thighs please give me advise!

  332. Kim Loffer

    Time & motivation. It seems I can never get my dander up to lose the body fat I so dearly hate.

  333. Russ

    My biggest challenge is getting rid of the small gut I do have and toning it into a nice 6-pack.

  334. Cathy

    Hi Rob,

    I got into your website via “Flat Belly” and Isabel. This happened last spring. I have learned so much about the effect the foods that I eat have on me. My problem is that I have had difficulty losing the weight and inches that I need to. I am 60 years old looking at hip replacement and was pretty active. I am disappointed that not eating rice, wheat, corn,foods containing high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, fried foods, diet sugar free items haven’t seemed to make a difference. I live overseas in a third world country so my food choices are great. I am discouraged. I expected results from eating right.

  335. julia

    hey there Rob, just a quick message to say thankyou. About 3 years ago i found your program. I was 30 kg overweight and decided that i needed to get healthy again. I started with the basic bodyweight routine and now i am almost a qualified fitness professional. I love the challenge and the results that resistance exercise provide. So again , thanks for being a part of my journey. best wishes, from julia.

  336. Nee Nee

    My greatest challenge is to lose 60 lbs, 10 inches off my waistline, 6 inches of my arms, 7 inches of my thighs and feel more energized with a great toned out body. I am still working at it. My only issue is sticking to a program for a while. I start to lose interest after a while even if there is help on the internet. Even after being mentor for a bit, I still end up losing interest. My mind has not been set yet. And if I could get that down I think I can shed the pounds and fat.

  337. Penny Modrich

    I need to lose 25 pounds.

  338. Doreen

    My biggest challenge is not getting bored with foods and exercise programs. The hardest part for me is pulling them both together at the same time. I’m usually more consistant with workouts than eating properly. I can get obsessed with “what not to eat” and then loose my motivation to do anything from the frustration of trying to eat “right”, run my business and raise a family who loves to eat sweets and carbs (my enemy). I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle sometimes but I’m not giving up…just frustrated:(

  339. Ann Willoughby

    Exercising with scoliosis and not becoming injured.

  340. Cathy

    Hi Rob, first of all I want to thank you for the program. I’m 60 and thought I had to live with my diminishing strength and extra flab. But in less than a month I’ve lost 10 inches, 6 pounds, and I’m much stronger and standing up straighter! It is miraculous!
    Probably my biggest challenge is knee pain during workouts. I know if I keep losing weight, the knee stress will be less, so I’m hoping it will all work out before it gets too bad.
    I’m looking for a way to do the leg press exercise at home. I’ve tried it with sliders underneath me, but it’s not easy to get the necessary resistance. Any suggestions?
    I also struggle with drinking enough water while at work.
    Thanks again for the new lease on life!

  341. Emily

    My difficulty is doing an exercise program that doesn’t agrivate my low back. I’ve had back surgery for spinal stinosis and even though the sciatica in my left leg is completely gone I have chronic lumbar pain.
    I’m able to do upper arm weights when sitting in a straight back chair. I can bicycle. I can’t walk a block without my low back starting to hurt. I am able to do Yoga and Tai Chi.
    What would you suggest that I do. I’m probably 40 pounds overweight and 61 years old.

  342. Janice

    I have poorly toned upper arms. What exercises can I do to pop my triceps?

  343. Amy Masteller

    I work 2 jobs – I head straight from one to the other in the evening and I am up late so getting up early to work out is out of the question for now. On the weekends if I am not working I am scrambling to finish up home improvement projects…I know this won’t last forever and plan to get back to the YMCA once I can quit the 2nd job but in the meantime I try to squeeze in an extra walk or bike ride whenever I can.

  344. Michael

    The biggest challenge is finding enough time for exercise. Dieting is easy after winning the mental battle. However, time is precious and there is always something pulling you in another direction.

  345. Jim Threadgill


    I still binge at night. i feel that im genetically destined to be overweight.

  346. Laura

    Staying motivated and coming back from a plateau. I often have so much trouble losing weight after the first 15 lbs. My rate of weight loss slows down tremendously, even after increasing weight for sculpting exercises. That makes it really hard to stick to it and reach my goal.

  347. Issac

    nailing the 100% mark on my upcoming fitness test for the AF

  348. james sheppard

    OK, well it’s Wed. 10:am and you have sent me 42 emails…. Sinse, tuesday. .Really?

  349. Keith Johnson

    My challenge is OUR challenge: animal factory farms; antibiotic-resistant bacteria (because of CAFOs); pesticides and herbicides in food, air, water and soil; radioactivity from nuclear power and “depleted” uranium, dying and toxic oceans; corporate oppression and poisoning; stress from all of these.

  350. Mary

    To lose 30 lbs and tone up!

  351. Mary

    My biggest challenge is staying motivated and on track

  352. Tim

    I need to lose 25 pounds and keep it off. Nagging leg injuries beat me down when start consistent exercise routine.

  353. dolores

    boy is it rough to get moving!
    but one I’ve started moving, it’s easier to keep moving

  354. Dave

    I am proud of my ability to exercise 5-6 days a week, but it is so hard for me to not overeat. I might be good for 2-3 days, and then an event comes up with alot of food, or I just break down and chow down on something I shouldn’t. My goal is to lose 10 lbs (again) down to 230, and HOLD IT! AARGGHHH!

  355. Talisman

    Lack of motivation, exausted

  356. Severine

    Hi All,

    I need to get motivated to lose weight, get fit and lean (again!) and maintain it. At Xmas, I was fit, lean and healthy….but couldn’t see it and slumped into bad habits. Gym four times a week, good food and the ability to resist that second glass of wine after a ‘tough day at work’ are required – and can be done. Where is my motivation?! I can do it….need to get started. Somehow.


    • Kazz

      there is no such thing as motivation…..Its called CHOICE, we choose to lose weight, we choose to get fit, we chose to tone up..or we chose NOT to…no one else can “motivate” you, only you can make the CHOICE….you will wake up one morning and go today is the beginning of the rest of my life and I AM CHOOSING to live it in a healthy manner, I WILL do it for myself, not because I should or because someone else wants me to but because I WANT to… the bonus is that IT will be good for the rest of the family and I WILL be successful!

  357. james sheppard

    Re: Ronald Morris’s comments and where do I go to see the solution or response you have for him? Thanks, james…I have a similar situation going on.

  358. Steve

    I have lost about 6lbs of body fat recently and last to go as usual is belly fat, but thats ok its what I expected. My main challenge though is maintaining upper body muscle while losing fat.

  359. Becky

    Not cheating on the diet portion of my program in the evenings. I do good all day, but like sweet things at night before bed.BAD, BAD, BAD!

  360. Mimi

    Losing the muscle tone the older I get. Everything is turning to fat and saggy skin. Really need to motivate myself to exercise more.

  361. Pat Winn

    Losing weight


  362. Jack Baize

    My goal is to lose as much as 100 pounds ultimately I need to get down 50 pounds initially. What have you heard about African Mango? Any benefit of using that along with this program??

  363. Leanne

    2 main challenges:

    1. Lunch away from home. Requires much forethought and organisation.

    2. Lifting weights – I suck at it. No matter how well I try to follow the instructions, I often strain my neck and back and feel really awkward.

    (34 y.o. fem)

  364. Lance

    I was 221 lbs, out of shape and had a real high Cholesterol. I changed my diet in 2008, added some exercise dropped 21 lbs and got all my blood labs in order by the beginning of 2011. MY huge challenge now that has held me from reaching my goal is: i do not get enough sleep and never have enough energy to do my work outs. no matter how short they are. My job with it’s commute is truly killing me. I have recently started to take and sell nutritional supplements that will help me reduce my need for my specific job, plus give me the energy i need to get out of my rut. So in a word; energy! i need energy.
    Thanks for reading

  365. WALESKA

    I’m a mother of three grown boys,but two live with me. I’ve been heavy all my life.I don’t know what it’s like to be thin or even close.I’m 48 years old with Diabetes.And a gut that’s making look like I’m 6 or 7 months pregnant.I truly have no motivation what so ever.I lost three toes from my Diabetes and know I need help.I’m living on a fixed income so I don’t have the money for trainers, gyms, or to buy products to help me.My problem is where to begin. Where to start.and how to get my stomach to begin to look flat ( I’m tired of looking at it!). HELP!

    • Linda

      pray first…need change of heart to have strength to start this program…trust it will work with God’s help

      • Kazz

        IF you make the CHOICE to lose weight then you will be successful, it takes no one but yourself to achieve, IF YOU WANT IT THEN YOU WILL DO IT, with or with out Gods help…for surely he has greater things to look after, he gave us our bodies for US to look after

  366. Ruth Benjamin

    I delay working out because I don’t have someone to consistently work out with and can’t afford the gym.

  367. Connie Peters

    I work 12 shifts at night, 3-4 nights a week. In addition I watch my granddaughter 1-2 days a week. Exercise consists of being on my feet for much of my shift ( I am a nurse). I eat right at home but when I am at work I find myself snacking much of the night because I don’t have time to sit for regular meals, and to stay awake. I also don’t sleep well….while I am working I may get 5 or 5 1/2 hours during the day max so am always tired. Being a woman in my mid 50’s is working against me and am now 30+ pounds over weight on a 5′ 2″ frame. HELP!!!!!

  368. Keith Thompson

    I’m dealing with some health issues lower back and knees and possibly RSD regional sympathetic dystrophy mainly very bad nerve pain all over my body its like getting shocked all the time. Hinders my ability to stay focused and maintain any type of program. I have gained 30 lbs over the last couple of years after multiple surgeries. I am hoping this program with only having to do one set per exercise will help. I was one of the old school type lifting 3 hours a day 6 days a week 9% body fat.. I played ice hockey,football,soccer,baseball all through school. Now I just play golf when I,m not in pain. I tried one of the meals tonight and it was awesome and very easy to prepare though cooking is a hobby of mine mostly grilling.
    I have put together a very good home gym Boflex Ultimate, Body Solid Strength Tower, Free Weights with olympic bars and plates, Boflex Dumbells a Recumbant Eliptical,Urband Rebounder, and InversionTable now I hope your program can utilize my gym and get rid of the 30lbs.

  369. Willem

    Time, time and once more time. Another factor is our gym is way to small for all the amount of members and you have to wait for equipment making it more difficult for a proper work out, whether you go early in the morning or afternoon or evening, gym operates from 04:00 am – 21:00 pm.

  370. Margaret

    I am 82 kg and 5’6 tall. I lost 20 kilo last year but now pounds are slowly creeping back on. How do I get motivated again? I work 5 night shifts a week and nap during the day. I am in my fifties and I feel so tired after being on my feet all night. So I reward myself relaxing with coffee and biscuits. I go to 2 exercise classes a week, but they start in the morning when my feet are killing me, so I don’t do the class fully. I can’t go to evening classes because I have to sleep.

  371. Kazz

    My challenge is to lose another 11 kg by xmas, I have managed 9.6kg in 16 weeks…so I guess it shouldn’t be hard….wrong, sports injuries this season have seen me have to limit my range of exercises to walking, running, cycling and some skipping ….all weights and anything involving too much shoulder work only agrivates my injuries….but I perserver, the biggest challenge I seem to have is self sabbotage in the form of binge eating….any suggestions?

  372. Mary

    My biggest challenge is eating at night… I can do great all day! but in the evenings, at least 3-4 nights a week, it seems like I can’t get enough food…. :( I’m not hungry, but I just eat, eat, eat… :( I’m in my mid-50’s and want to lose 20-25 lbs, and get rid of my belly! I Hate it……. any ideas to stop night eating (like dinner time for 3 hours… thanks!)

    • Karen Burcham

      I too had this problem. I had to force myself not to eat after dinner. One thing that helped is not eating dinner until 6pm or so. Another thing was taking up crocheting again to keep my hands and mind busy:)

  373. Victoria

    My biggest challenge is nutrition. I want to lose 10lbs and start feeling better than I do right now. My energy level is very poor and it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve never gotten into a good rhythm and consistency with my eating habits. It is by far my BIGGEST challenge to pick the right foods, the right amounts, the right timing. And also, when I do get going for a couple of days and do well, I start being intolerant of even the mildest sensation of hunger. It almost scares me. I HATE feeling hunger! Silly, cuz it’s just a feeling.

    • Kazz

      hunger is in the mind..if you are eating 3 main meals and two snacks there is NO way you are hungry….but I know what you mean its a sensation of emptiness, because we have stuffed ourselves to over full for so long anything else registers in our brain as hunger…..been there, done that….find a sugar free gum that you like and chew that, or if you really need to eat something…a jar of salsa and vegi sticks…healthy goodness and zero fat. The best thing a friend once said to me…its NOT a diet its a lifestyle….you have to be able to maintain what you are doing …eating and exercising ..for life, not just for a few weeks or months, be realistic you can’t live on carrot and celery for ever….200 g steak or 140 g chicken breast, pasta, rice and potato can all be eaten, just have to watch your serving size…you can still have creamy dishes..just switch out the cream for low or reduced fat evaporated milk there is nearly always a substitute to be found for fatty options…Google is a great tool. Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room…then you have to get up… once your up have a banana…instant boost……It can be done….I am living proof…I was 100kg when my husband passed away….so I am now a single mother of a teenage girl, I work full time I am lucky if I have one night a week at home without a meeting….I manage to get up at 5:30 am and do an hours exercise….I am now 85 kgs and play netball with my daughter………………It is all about CHOICE….you choose to get up and get going or you choose to stay in bed, you choose the healthy life or you choose the unhealthy life…ITS YOUR CHOICE, ITS YOUR LIFE, your energy levels will increase as you exercise more and put good wholesome food into your body. Keep going, you too can do it :)

  374. Shirley Keene-Gefvert

    My biggest challenge is to plan the meals ahead of time. I can get things organized for grocery shopping…not bad, but then preparing the food the night before or the day of can get a bit hectic.

  375. debbie

    am 53 had hand surgery 3 times now have a prosthetic wrist metal plate behind thumb can’t put weight on that hand makes it very hard to do alot of the weight exercises and the core exercises like push ups. Am 5’5″ and 140lbs. I want to get back to 125lbs need to loose mid section. I also had a mascetomy and they had to make a socket to put implant in on right side so that also hampers me with alot of ecercises. Try different workouts am feeling very discouraged with everything. Am knocking out sugar in diet eating smaller portions, more fruits and veggies.Just ccan’t seem to get anywhere. Anybody have any suggestions HELP!!!!

  376. Joyce Klein

    My spare tire – recently aquired
    Belly fat – have had for a long time.
    I am 78 years old, exercise in the gym 5-6 days a week and walk all the time –
    VERY active lifestyle!
    Also very healthy eating ALL my life!

  377. Della C

    The harder I try to lose, the more I gain. I am 73 and totally out of shape due to 4 knee surgeries closely followed by a shoulder surgery. I can no longer get down on the floor (because I can’t get up!), because of my knees. I need to figure out how to do the proper exercises that I can handle.

  378. ann

    Nearly two years ago I got my knee broken when two running dogs h it me at the dog park, neither dog was mine but they really knocked me down.
    Went to emergency and had a broken tibial plateau which took a long time to heal and I was on a walker for months.
    during that time I was just enjoying food as always and put on at least ten extra pounds which I would like to lose along with their twenty pound companions.
    On Labor Day I will be 78 and recently discovered I have low thyroid so that adds to the issue.
    Joined a gym but still no weight loss.
    You sound as though you have good ideas and I plan to stick with your messages.
    thank you for any advice.

  379. Dan McElhinny

    I have had back surgery and still have 3 bulging disks so I have to be careful what I do. Also knee surgery. I have done well I have lost in 3 years and kept it off 35 pounds. I am 60 years old I was 205 pounds and am now staying around 170 sure helps the back. I just can’t get rid of the stomach pooch.

    Thanks for the help and especially the support


  380. Karen Burcham

    My biggest challenge is that I am a smoker and it affects my ability to exercise properly. I have quit several times in the past only to gain 20-40 pounds. So I would pick it up again and lose the gained weight. Only now I’m over 40 and the weight did not come off. So I’m way overweight and still smoking.

  381. Donna

    My number one challenge fitness is getting it A L L together. So I can do it A L L. Motivation is probably the main disruption right now. Ive got all the greens, protein in my fridge — no energy/ enthusiasm to cook for myself. So what do I want WANT WANT TO DO? Lemme think!
    The first thing I need to do is lose my gut.
    Second thing is to stay on a food tract that will not increase diabetes, and other ailments from poor eating habits.
    The last thing is to get moving. I am walking and doing wts to get to Dr. Mercola’s Peak 8 exercise.

  382. kit

    The challenge is porphyria, a totally perverse metabolic condition. It requires SUGAR (the treatment) and messes with the absorption of nutrients (which leads to overload). Bottom line is I can’t eat most healthy foods and need unhealthy ones. And it is very unforgiving if I don’t cooperate (PAIN and seizures). So I have a choice: Be fat or hurt.

  383. Linda

    I have a terrible time getting started. I really want to lose about 25 pounds but I do not enjoy working out and my family has a very hectic schedule so we eat out quite frequently. I need a lot of encouraging to get started and would like to know what foods would be best to eat from restaurants.

  384. Linda

    I have a terrible time getting started. I really want to lose about 25 pounds but I do not enjoy working out and my family has a very hectic schedule so we eat out quite frequently. I need a lot of encouraging to get started and would like to know what foods would be best to eat from restaurants. I have always had a problem with weight however I did loose 50 lbs about 9 years ago and kept if off for 6 years. Then I started having health issues and could not do much of anything so I gained about 25 to 30 back which I really do not want.

    • Millie

      Hi Linda,

      I had the same problem for years. My best advice for restaurants is the following. Don’t eat the bread, ever. Don’t order chips or fries or anything fried. Insist you do not want fries with your meal, if you still get them immediately ask for a clean plate or bowl to scrape them onto, so they can take them away. Do NOT eat them. Steer clear of all starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, rice, bread. What’s left to eat, you say? Soups without cream. Meat and vegetables or meat and salad. Ask for salad dressing on the side, dip your fork in only, and then eat your salad. Healthy stir fries. The aim is fresh healthy food, you really do know what’s healthy, don’t kid yourself or let others kid you. Don’t go overboard with food serving sizes, look for entree sized servings. A meal one or two times the size of your fist is plenty of food, you will soon get used to that. Don’t order dessert. Don’t consume alcohol more than one or two glasses per week. Drink water only, and lots of it. Add a dash of lime or lemon for taste if desperate, but only a dash. No soda or other fancy sugary mixtures. Make sure you get to choose the restaurant most of the time, it’s in your best interests to select a place where you can request healthy food. Don’t let others sway you by saying “go on, one won’t hurt you”, whether they are referring to either drink or food. Don’t bother entering into a discussion about it, just ignore the comment and be determined to stick to your plan.
      Then do the same at home! I guarantee it, you’ll see results. Best of luck, Millie.

  385. Amy weirich

    my biggest challenge is eating right and getting out of the house to exercise. Also i have a very very bad arthritic knee so when i do exercise i stop because of the pain

  386. donna

    My. Challenge is to lose 20 lbs. I now have belly fat that never had before. It has to go. I can’t seem to wrap my head around a good menu. I need so much help.

  387. Carol

    I hate salads and veggies, and most fruits, and fruit juices give meheart bur

  388. "D"- :)

    Being a Diabetic, maintaining proper blood glucose and weight loss can be a challenge. I ride a bicycle 60-70 miles per week (5-6days). The Diabetic meds I take have side effects of which, one is weight gain even though I try to maintain what I eat & when I eat and staying active…

  389. Janet

    I need to lose about 50 pounds, I have done many different exercises, weight mgmt., cardio etc. After being diagnosed with a hypothryroid I was put on generic of synthroid and after one year the drug was not working. We had a weight off contest at work and I cut back portions and worked up to doing 1 hour of cardio for 4 days a week and only lost 5.5 lbs in 9 weeks which I can say hasn’t really been a loss. The doctor has changed the medication, however it takes a month or two to see if that is working. How can I get the momentum back, cause I just quit from frustration. My eating habits are a way of life, but the exercise is hard to get back to. I have been on weight watchers, south beach, and just cutting back. I have a job that is much walking and I speed walk at times. I am very discouraged when I work so hard and see no results.

  390. Andrea

    My only one is my pooch-y tummy. !m 5’10, 150 lbs, in good shape, although I cant seem to get rid of this due to my inability to do floor excercises (severe lover back pain)…

  391. Mike

    My biggest problem is my job. I am an International Airline Pilot. I fly on long trips overseas. It is really NOT practical to take food with me. On the airplane I try to watch my eating, mostly with portion control, but I have little control over what I get for Dinner, and no choice of how it is prepared. Then on my layover, my body doesn’t know what time it is, as I am in a different time zone, usually 6 or more hours off my regular time. Also during the layover I have a language barrier, as well as difficulty finding suitable places to eat that I feel might prepare food in a healthy manner.

  392. Vivian

    I want to lower my cholestrol to a healthy level. I want to be able to wear clothes that models wear without having to suck in my belly fat. I want to look good in skinny jeans. I want to be able to look attractive, fit, and healthy; and I won’t give up hope!

  393. Joyce

    I have lost 20 lbs. but am working at loosing 35 more. I am only 56 but have big flabby, droopy, granny arms. Any suggestions on how to loose these. Some people have told me that only surgery will get rid of it.

  394. Shawn

    i had shoulder surgery and want to lose weight and, i need to lose my butt

  395. Bill Kincannon


  396. dean

    I need to lose the belly fat that has been adding to my demise for years now.
    I have a toddler at home (4yo) who I can never find the energy to play with.
    I have diabetes in my family and cardiac issues in my family, I need to find and keep the proper motivation and momentum to follow through and just get it done.

  397. Sharla

    I need to lose about 100 pounds to get at my ideal weight. After two kids (one right after the other) I just haven’t been able to get the “baby weight” off and I gained SOOOOO much!

  398. Millie

    Being motivated to do exercise. I don’t like it much. Mornings are terrible for me, I feel physically ill if I need to do any exercise in the mornings. By the time the day has gotten under way, I don’t seem to be able to find the time, even if I schedule for it. Also the temperature has to be just right, I can’t bear to exercise either in too hot or too cold conditions, I overheat very easily during exercise, and get cold far too quickly if I stop. I hate all this about myself and have tried and tried to overcome it, but I can’t stand being uncomfortable. The part I hate about myself the most is that, in the face of it, there is nothing physically wrong with me at all that would stop me doing any form of exercise. Nothing. I have no excuses and having read through this list already there are many people who do have something genuine to complain about and overcome. I am so ashamed, but it isn’t enough to motivate me. What will, I wonder?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Millie, and the end of the day, you have to do it for yourself, no one else… for some people a certain moment in their lives is the turning point… others need social support to get started and/or stay motivated… have you thought of finding a partner/buddy to do this with you?

      • Kazz

        It’s not motivation its CHOICE….we make the choice in the end whether to get of our butts and exercise or not…….even with someone else standing there coaxing us along, WE choose whether to do it or not…..WE say yes or no.. THAT is the CHOICE we make, nothing can motivate us if we CHOOSE not to do the hard work!!!!

      • Millie

        Thanks for your positive comments Rob. I have indeed given many things a try in the past but nothing lasts long. In truth, apart from making me uncomfortable and sore, exercise for the sake of it becomes tiresome fairly soon. I never seem to get to the stage where adrenalin carries me forward and I can’t seem to develop an interest. I know I’m not alone, many friends are just like me. It’s the trying and failing that gets us down on top of the guilt for being unhealthy and lazy when we know better. We live too far apart to get together regularly, but I do manage to walk the dogs regularly. Thing is, walking isn’t enough to lose weight by.
        I do however have plenty of weight sets and exercise machines sitting idle at home, most given by neighbors who got sick of them. I like your weights idea for losing weight and getting fit just doing that, but am stumped for sorting it all out and will need someone to guide me on which to use for what. That will be my next challenge!

  399. Jason Hall

    Running 4 miles a day and doing some upper body resistance work – five nights a week. I have lost just 10 pounds in four months. Maybe I am doing OK but it seems frustratingly slow progress.

  400. Santie Grobler

    Hi, I am glad I came across this “program” of you. There isn’t a diet which I haven’t tried out yet and needless to say, all in vain. After the birth of my 2 children, I simply could not get back to my original weight and now being over 50, I found that the kilo’s just kept adding up relentlessly. So my first priority is to shed at least 20 – 25 kilo’s and in the process see to it that my family also benefit from this program. Although I’ve downloaded the book last week already, I haven’t had much time to finish reading it yet; however, I do feel that what I have read so far makes sense to me.
    I read about what you had to say about green tea and I went and bought some. I must say though, to me it tastes awful.
    I also enjoy receiving all the pieces of information, which I can read at my own time. Will keep watching out for these.

  401. Nicole

    My weight. My body structure is not capable of holding all this weight. my feet aches so it is so hard to exercise. Also depression.

  402. EmmiC

    My greatest challenge is simply not know what to do next. I’m 5’4″ and 120lbs. that is pretty much where I should be but still not tight like I’d like to be. so i guess it just back to the program, it slow but will be worth it:)

  403. Peta from England

    Hi Rob, obviously my 1st goal is to make time to check my mails more often but serioulsy I really do need to lose the 5 stone I put on when I hurt my back and was bed ridden for quite some time. I have done the 2 weeks starter excercies and have lost 3 lbs so I am looking forward to more results on the 12 week beginers course. Your mails really do help keep me motivated. Thanks, Peta

  404. Kristine

    To Lose weight I need to make healthy eating choices. I tend to cheat a lot which sabotages my efforts. I also need to excercise. I tend to fail to stick to any program. I have been struggling for 2 years now ever since I quit smoking and gained like a hundred pounds. I read–dont eat this and dont eat that. To lose fat you need to do cardio or to lose fat you need to build muscle. uggh! So in so says to eat this. It is expensive to eat a lot of protein and healthy non processed foods. Sometimes that is my problem sometimes it is time to cook.
    Today my goal is to try not to overeat.

  405. Renata

    The biggest problem I have is getting my family and myself to eat healthier with our busy lifestyles.
    I do well for a couple days, then with all the hours I work I can never find time for myself to do what I need to do. I cook ahead and sneak in the good stuff when I can, but it never seems self satisfying, and can get pretty frustrating. I keep trying though.

  406. Kim Cvach

    I actually have 2 fitness challenges… The first one is, I don’t eat that much. I don’t eat breakfast, and usually don’t eat lunch. Then for supper I usually just eat a grilled hamburger or steak for supper at 9 or so… right before bed!! UGH My second challenge is that my husband and I own a contract fencing business, we are the only two emplyees (we build barb wire fences and fix corrals for ranchers). We leave for work very early, and don’t usually get home til dark or later. I can’t put food in my stomach in the a.m., work through lunch (never around a town to get food), and end up eating supper right before bed.

    • Kazz

      you need to eat breakfast…..I know its hard to make yourself eat so early in the am, start off small just a banana or a yogurt and gradually build it up to cereal or even a hot meal over a few weeks, you will be amazed how much better you will feel, you need to make time for lunch even if its a sandwich that you can eat while working or stop for 10 minutes to eat…in the scheme of things there is 1440 mins in a day….taking 10 to eat will not hurt and if fact it will help, there are many things you can pack and take with you, so being away from a shop is not a problem. Try taking some fruit out to work with you..apples, bananas, oranges anything that travels well. Have a piece at morning tea time and another while traveling home or afternoon tea. As for you evening meal..if you have managed breakfast, lunch and a snack or two then just have something light…like an omelet or soup as soon as you get home and wait 30 mins at least b4 you go to bed…this with your physical activity should mean you sleep well and soon you will start to wake up hungry…you will have kick started your metabolism….It is a myth that to lose weight we have to eat less food…..Our bodies need fuel to burn, otherwise they hang onto what they get and store it as fat. Eat small meals more often if you can instead of large meals less often. Try it, make the effort take it from someone who never ate breakfast, its worth it…I was 100kgs now I am 85kg and beside exercising the main thing I did was eat breakfast!

  407. nicomedes yatco

    I want to lose 25 to 30 pounds.

  408. Nancy Forman

    My biggest challenge at this time is being in my 50’s just losing my Mother a year ago and menopause. Found every excuse not to go and power walk my 3miles every day, 15 pounds later; trying to get my life back. Had my hormones checked, am now on compound therapy, have gotten back to walking again. Still having a hard time watching my food intake, I start great every morning documenting my food intake with Weight Watchers online then by dinner I lose it. For some reason I can’t seem to stay committed. I have more belly fat then I have ever had in my life. So very frustrating.

  409. Paul

    My one biggest problem seems to be:
    I don’t sleep much. It’s not that I have a problem falling asleep, it’s that I am constantly working (half sedentary, half walking/lifting) and don’t have time for sleep.
    Maybe it’s just me, but even though I don’t snack in the late hours and even though I eat only about 1100 calories a day I still gain weight. To me, that points to my lack of sleeping as a main culprit in keeping my weight under control. Am I crazy?

    • Kazz

      It has been proven that our bodies require 7 -8 hours of sleep EVERY night and those of us who don’t get that will and do struggle to lose weight and even gain it..Our bodies require this time to work on toxins and heal/repair our muscles etc…..IF you really want to lose weight then I suggest you MAKE time to sleep… you will be amazed how much better you feel!

  410. Lawrence

    I need to lose 25 pounds and keep it off. I have no energy at the end of the day and can not get into an exercise routine.

  411. Dawn

    My goal is to lose my belly. It’s my hardest area to lose. I’ve slimmed down walking but can’t lose the belly fat. HELP!!!!!

  412. gibson les paul guitar

    I am not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent information I was looking for this information for my mission.

  413. Lily

    I’m frustrated with the amount of information and am having a hard time figuring out where or how to start. Any help would be highly appreciated – ANYONE!

  414. Cheryl

    I would love to lose the weight from my tummy. I am enrolled in a master’s course and it literally consumes all my time. If I do not keep up with the demands my grades will fall below a b which is not acceptable in a master’s curriculum. I excercise as i sit at the computer but it isn’t cutting the belly fat, even with careful diet, spring water (no flouride & clorine). …any tips?

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