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Top 7 Reasons You WILL NOT Lose Fat…

By Rob Poulos...

Kalen I receive thousands of emails from our newsletter readers every week about a variety of subjects…

…but one thing we can count on hearing is why this or that person can’t lose their body fat.

Look, I know there are some REAL issues out there, but for the most part the excuses we hear are just “hollow” reasons that keep most people from succeeding with their fat loss and fitness goals-

-so I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 “hollow” reasons people give for why they think they can’t lose any more fat, and what to do about it…

…how many of these excuses are holding YOU back?

Fat Loss Excuse #1: “I Can’t Find The Time To Eat Right”:

We’re all busy, but how is it that some people can do it and others just complain about not having enough time to cook healthy meals or prepare healthy snacks?  Do you want it or don’t you?

What To Do About It:
Get serious, get organized, and prepare your meals/snacks the day before if you must.  Cook in large quantities, for the whole week even, so that you can refrigerate or freeze the leftovers to eat at later meals throughout the week.  This is less time spent cooking and more time spent enjoying delicious healthy foods.

Carry healthy snacks with you.  Keep some at the office.  Keep some in your car…make it easy on yourself so you’re not stuck in a hunger panic at the nearest fast food restaurant.

Fat Loss Excuse #2: “I Can’t Find The Time To Exercise”:

Seriously, if you can’t find 15-20 minutes two to three times in a week (as we use in the FBF workouts), you need to take a hard look at your schedule.  That’s less than 1 hour per week out of the available 168 hours.  Are you even a little bit serious about losing more fat?  Yeesch!

What To Do About It:
What really is responsible for missing your workouts is poor planning.  Pick a time for your workouts and stick to it.  This may change as your lifestyle changes, as when we were younger Kalen and I found evenings best.  Now, with the kids, we find morning workouts much easier to stick with.

Fat Loss Excuse #3: “Healthy Food Is Too Expensive”:

I know that this is true in some cases, but you must realize where most of your grocery money is going…to the stuff in the boxes on the shelves…not to the stuff that is grown and comes out of the ground!

What To Do About It:
Are organic fruits and veggies more costly than non organic varieties?  Sure, but cutting down on the next few box of cheesie poofs will more than make up for it.

Plus, once you start eating more nutrient rich whole foods, you’ll automatically eat less…which means you’ll be buying less too.

Fat Loss Excuse #4: “I Hate Exercise/Diets/Water, etc.”:

I bet you don’t hate those things as much as I hated being more than 40 pounds overweight, having low energy, and basically sleepwalking through life for 10 years.

What To Do About It:
Decide what YOU hate more and be prepared to live with your answer.  As discussed on this blog and revealed in my FBF course, you don’t have to go on extreme or fad diets to get the weight off and keep it off.

Fat Loss Excuse #5: “I’m Too Busy To Cook/I Eat Out All The Time”:

First off, you can eat out and still eat reasonably healthy and keep that fat burning furnace going to cut down on excess flab.  BUT, you can’t expect to eat out too often…the healthy choices are restaurants are far and few in between, and the portions are borderline ridiculous here in the US.

What To Do About It:
Eat out for special occasions…even a handful of times a week is fine.  Don’t let it become a multi-day event, and refer to the tips in Fat Loss Excuse #1 for smarter meal planning.

Fat Loss Excuse #6: “It’s Too Expensive For A Gym Membership/Home Gym”:

Let me ask you this… How much do you spend a month eating out?  On fast food?  On DVDs you end up watching once and other miscellaneous and frivolous expenses?

Here’s a better question:  How much are you willing to pay for medical costs and the time spent at the doctor and the hospital as you get older and your health starts to break down?

The longer you can avoid this scenario the better…and all for 30-50 bucks a month or less?

What To Do About It:
The smartest option is to set up a good home gym with some really basic equipment.  Yes it’s a bit more money initially, but once you have that paid for you’ll never pay a gym fee again if you don’t want to.

The simplest and most effective way I know to get a world-class workout is with a set of the Powerblock Dumbbells and a incline/decline bench.  That’s it!

Fat Loss Excuse #7: “I’ve Tried Everything…Nothing Works For Me”:

What I’ve found is that you’ve probably tried a lot of approaches for a few days or weeks at a time, never giving most approaches long enough to see if it will really work for you.

What To Do About It:
Pick an approach and commit to it.  Keep reading and applying some of the tips I give you each week into your existing approach.  Before you know it, you’ll have totally reshaped how you eat, exercise, and metabolize calories…

…and then the weight begins to drop as a natural result of your lifestyle changes.

Alright, so there you have 7 of the top “hollow” reasons keeping you from succeeding in your fat loss and lean body goals.

Now, go ahead and ask yourself: how many of these are holding YOU back?

What are YOU going to do about them right now?

Sound off in the comments below and let’s KILL these excuses once and for all!

Talk soon,

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  1. janet

    All good excuses! But you really have to make the effort and put the work in if you want your diet to work. On the odd occasion I don’t feel like exercising (which I have to admit isn’t often as I am a “junkie) or can’t be bothered/ too tired with healthy eating – I know I will feel rubbish the next day so as I hate that feeling – however tired or can’t be bothered I feel I make the effort and do a healthy meal because I know how I will feel later will make me I wished I’d bothered. You only get out what you put in and for me I like healthy food – so I’m lucky that way. Don’t want to put “crap” in my body.

    My only worry and concern is that on a morning I have a teaspoon of honey in my yoghurt – will that harm my fat loss or disrupt my weight loss diet – concerned about bad reports regarding fructose and I do try to avoid sugar as much as I can unless it’s hidden – but this one luxury per day does bother me (I only have it because I find it helps my stomach from bloating).

  2. janet

    Whoops honey in my porridge – not yoghurt!

  3. Rebecca

    i have spent alot of time trying different “approaches” to weight loss, no its not easy and yes “organic” is alot more expensive than “box” food. as a struggling family of 4 buying organic is impossible with the rising costs of rent, utilities, needs for my boys. its ok to tell some people who earn more to buy organic cos they can afford it. sometimes just putting fuel in the car to get my eldest boy to and from school on the really bad winter days is sometimes a struggle.

    i cant go spending out for a gym membership once a month simple because there are more important needs for my family.

    so if there is actually a “quick fix” not only financially but also physically, let me know, cos i excercise and try to eat right, and simply……. it does not work for me!

    this is just another endless struggle for me.

  4. S Bonet

    You are right that most of us begin and try to convince ourselves that we can’t do this and just quit. I went on the South Beach Diet several years ago on the Phase 1 I lost 25 lbs. in three weeks. I moved to the Phase 2 and continued losing. I ended up losing about 65 lbs. and continued do so for a good long period the my son moved back home with me he is sick with
    hep c post transplant and need me to be there for him. He eats all the junk he can find and I now seem to be following his example. I have gained about 8 lbs and need to get serious with this new life style.
    I beleive that I can do this, not just because I want to lose the weight, but to feel healthy once

  5. Lanny

    Just one question I’m in the 60 age range and one matter what I do I can not get this pouch below the belt to go away, help it looks bad in a nice par on dress paints, It look like my chest fell below the belt.

  6. Léa ROHAN

    I absolutely agree with your last statement Rob, nothing worked for me for years after the birth of my 4th son. i started your program and my body resisted change for 6 whole weeks. then in the next 6 weeks i lost 6 kgs (that’s 13.2lbs).
    to date i’ve lost 12kgs and counting.

  7. Evonne

    i’m wondering about # 5… what can you mean by dont eat out all the time… some of us dont live w/ a kitchen w/ refriges & freezers…fast food is awful & restaurant food is not so great either but if you travel then you need advice. thats why people are asking. thats why we pay for the advice :-). Thanks

  8. lori

    Rob, ive lost 100 lbs in one year and i think i still have 30 to go. I have applied every suggestion you and everybody else has made. I now eat healthy only, small amounts, lots of fruit and veggies and i workout 5-6 days a week. I have mostly done cardio and some resistance in the last year to lose the hundred. But for months now, my weights is just sitting. Ive tried calorie confusion, ive added more weights. Do you have a suggestion? Im 48 and im 5’3 and im weighing 160. Thanks

  9. Mickey B

    I have always said there are three components to fat loss and fitness: the right mindset, the right eating lifestyle, and the right fitness program. Most of those excuses you listed would go away it people knew how to develop the right mindset. Great article, thanks.

  10. Valerie Goh

    people who wants to lose fat but focus on the obstacles are bound to fail. There are so many of them… I had these experiences myself. My trainer and friend taught me to focus on my goal rather the journey to my destination. Magic word FOCUS focus on course until success. Anyone of us could use this magic word for any endeavor you are in.

  11. cheryle rastellini

    I purchased your program several weeks ago… Are these tips I get everyday on email the only thing i will received? Please advise or give me a phone number where I can contact you. thank you, Cheryle

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Cheryle, I’ve asked our support team to get in touch with you today regarding your purchases and you will hear from them shortly…cheers,Rob

  12. Aleta

    It sometimes is really hard when you live a very busy life. I am a single mother with two jobs. Sometimes I do miss my workouts when I work really long hours. My job is very physical, and sometimes when I have had a long hard day my body simply can’t take anymore! However I am determined to continue to loose fat and never be overweight again! I have been doing Flavia’s workout for about a couple of months now. After about four weeks, I dropped a whole pant size. I haven’t worn this size since I was a teenager! I am convinced that you truly have to find the right exercises! If you really want to fight fat you have to exercise hard! I have been exercising all my life! About a year and a half ago I added weights, and it really made a difference. I have never had as quick of results as I have had with Flavia’s workout. I haven’t done five days every week either. I try to do at least three days a week. (her workouts are about an hour long) I am still seeing results. I really haven’t changed the way I eat either. I try to eat healthy most of the time! My waist line is definitely getting smaller! Don’t give up ! Believe you can do it and commit yourself to it! By the way I am 41 years old and I am looking better all the time!

  13. eugene

    me and my wife have been on diet for few months now.i lost 30lbs and she lost 5..we both eat the same meals we eat veg fish chicken salades..we have 4 kids to cook for but they wont eat the same things we eat..so why do i lose weight more than my wife i drink about 100 ounces of water a day she dont drink as much..she wont go to the ymca and work out with me because thinks people are making fun of her it really makes me feel sad because she is really trying we not have much money to buy any good products to help..ty and god bless

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Euguene, I believe you answered your own questions… she won’t workout with you, she doesn’t drink as much water, etc. Another reason is that men tend to lose fat a bit faster than women because they naturally care more muscle mass. Keep at her in a loving way and she will continue to progress…

  14. Nicolas

    Well said!! Great post Rob
    Take your responsability…That’s it.

  15. Angie

    What do you do when you don’t like most of the foods that are fat burning? I don’t like vegetables and of course love fattening stuff like bread and pastas. What do you do then? I really try to eat veggies “in front of my six kids” but I’m gagging them down. Love corn, potatoes and baked beans, can eat salad like lettuce and tomato, but then what? Most of my battle is with not liking veggies. Any suggestions?


    • Becky

      When I lived at home my mother always canned her vegetables and always watched fat. She was always skinny and my father and I had a weight problem. I learned to like vegetables and fruits from my parents; however, after leaving home. I eventually forgot all of the good training and ate what I wanted to, without regard to getting older. Now I have a bad back and tore the mensicus in my knee. My orthopedic physician lead it out for me, I had to get serious about my weight. Oh I forgot to mention that I am diabetic along the way and was on 90 units of insulin. I purchased Rob’s program and there are other ones that I have received e-mails about and they are right, I guess I had to go back to my mother’s way of life. I am probably facing knee and possible back surgery and refuse to have gastric banding.

      I have now lost 35 pounds, my biggest problem is exercising because my physicians say it must be low impact because of my knee and back. So I am going to the pool and walking the pool, Listent to Rob, because it will come back to haunt you. I am now off of my insulin and starting to feel better. I had a steroid epidural in my back so I am feeling much better and can walk more. I have about 70 pounds to go, but I love putting old clothes on that is now getting loose.

      If you do not like vegetables may I suggest what I used to watch my mother do to flavor her vegetables, use a little stevia and the pepper vinegar on my broussel sprouts, cabbage and other vegetables. I only use salt on my brocholli.

      Rob can you suggest an exercise that is low impact for a bad knee and back, that may be like the pool walking to help me loose the weight.

      • Rob Poulos

        Hey Becky, doing interval based swimming, where you’d swim pretty hard and then rest for a few seconds and repeat would work great. But of course depending on your situation you could just start out with running under water and go from there…

  16. Barbara

    I have tried many diets and have not lost weight. I do have a thyrod problem. So they say that is why. But Im tired off being over weight. I did find that working out with weights help the most. But them something happens in my life to get me off track. Ones im off I cant seem to get back on.

  17. Theresa

    Great info Rob – thanks! I do have a question though. My husband is an over the road truck driver (semis), and I’d love suggestions on what he can do with the nutrition aspect. I’m not to making excuses, but truck stops are the only place to park something that large and the food there is horrible. Most of them now only offer McDonalds, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Denny’s, etc type of food. A few still have buffet type stuff (that’s not great either, but at least he can get some salads occasionally). He knows he needs to lose weight and has been doing some ab exercises when he can, but he is also time restricted on many of his loads. Another problem with lack of time is some days he only gets time to eat once. Any suggestions would be welcome!


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Theresa…that is a challenge for sure… but even at the fast food joints mentioned he can find some decent choices… there is almost always a grilled chicken option, just hold the mayo, which is where most of the added cals are. Most of those places also have side salads and apple slices, bottled water, etc. If he can only eat once a day on some days, have him buy enough for at least 3 meals and just keep it in the cab with him in a cooler. Or grab that stuff from home in a cooler so he can graze throughout the day. Hope that helps.

      • Eric

        I have similar job, drive freight trains and am on the trans for 10-15 hours then hotel 12-24 and back on train 12-15 more hours.

        I pack a cooler with a couple of big salads, carry bag of frozen ckicken or turkey to add protein to salad. Also take couple of apples, oranges, bananas, avacado, etc.

        Carry two servings of high protein high fiber cereal Kashi has 2 of the best with most protein and fiber.

        Another trick to save space is that I freeze water bottles with milk, juice and protein drinks so I don’t waste space for ice. Keeps everything cold enough for couple of days. Add some small containers of nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, exams, soy nuts protein bars for snacks.

        Just some ideas, it helps to keep me out of fast food joints (still tempted at times). Plus carrying a loaded cooler is a workout in itself! Works for me pretty well.

        • Evonne

          hi Eric, that sounds like a great way to handle you situation. we don’t have the extra time to stop & shop, or chop or any of that. when i can shop i grab as much good stuff that i can. thanks for the tips :)

    • Evonne

      hi Theresa, hows it going for your husband in the truck?? is he able to do like Rob has said. it sounded good. Just wondering if its working?? we also are moving 22 & 23 hrs. per day driving as a team. no time to shop, no time to cut up stuff. ect. I’m still looking for more ideas. Good Day to all. :)

  18. EJJ

    Right Mindset is my biggest problem. When the mindset was easy, I had an undiagnosed condition that negated all the right things I was doing. By the time it was diagnosed, I felt it was all futile, so why bother. Decades later, I still have to fight the mindset. I don’t know how much is a symptom of the condition, vs just a mental block.

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