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Have a Beer Gut? 3 Quick Lose Visceral Fat Tips to Banish the Gut

By Rob Poulos...

You’ve heard it all: The quiet snips about your sudden beer belly, being accused of being pregnant, or concerns from family members about your expanding middle.  While the accusations aren’t warranted, belly fat is a huge concern–studies have correlated it with numerous health risks, such as an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers.

Luckily, all hope is not lost if you’re losing the battle against the (belly) bulge.  First, here’s what you need to know about your belly fat.

What You Need to Know About Belly Fat

If your belly resembled the moon instead of a washboard, then you have two things to blame: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

We’re all familiar with subcutaneous fat.  This is the fat that sits between your skin and your organs, the type that you can squeeze and poke.  Subcutaneous fat is largely caused by a bad diet, namely high calorie consumption, so your key to losing it is to simply eat fewer calories.  That’s a simple solution–though most people struggle to go through with it.

But let’s not forget visceral fat.

While you can feel and see subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is more secretive, hiding deep within your abdomen.  Think of it as cheese being smooshed into layers of lasagna pasta–it’s there, but you just can’t see it, unless you remove a few layers.

Visceral fat, unlike subcutaneous fat, isn’t caused by the same factors, such as overeating, although overeating can make it worse.  Instead, visceral fat is mostly genetic, and chances are if your family has a history of high visceral fat levels, so too will you.

But how do you get rid of visceral fat?  For a quick abdomen slim down, here are some tips to keep your stomach flat:

Lose Visceral Fat Tips

1.  Lift weights.  Although both aerobic exercise and strength training target fat loss, strength training is far more effective at it–and it can raise your metabolism too.  Just a few sessions every week have been shown to reduce visceral fat levels and promote leaner, harder cores, even if you don’t do a lot of crunches.

2. Diet smartly.  You may be tempted to crash diet, but avoid the urge–starvation diets can actually prevent you from losing visceral fat, due to its catabolic effects on muscle.  Instead, aim for a modest, slow caloric deficit, losing no more than 2 pounds per week to stimulate fat loss.

3. Change how you eat.  Eating fewer calories isn’t the only thing you need to do to reduce visceral fat–changing how you eat also helps.  For instance, nutritionists find that people who eat a diet rich in bad fat usually have higher body fat percentages, which in turn means they have more visceral fat.  For an easier way to slim down, try this: Lower your fat intake to 20 to 35 percent of your total calorie needs and try focusing on the good fats, such as monounsaturated fat.  You’ll find these fats in healthy foods such as olive oil and nuts.

Also, don’t forget the importance of a healthy diet as well–studies show people who eat a well balanced diet usually have less body fat.

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