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The Weirdest Fat Loss Trick EVER!

By Rob Poulos...

Alright, today’s newsletter is going to get a little ‘weird’…

But stay with me and you’ll be rewarded with a little know trick that will help you fight away more fat, cool?

Great!  Here we go…

When I was a kid one of my friends used to go around cracking a joke and saying “hey, your epidermis is showing!”.  Oh the horror!

Most kids had no idea that epidermis simply meant your skin, so you can imagine that this joke created instant terror in the minds of some of my childhood pals.

Yeah, my buddy even got me with this one… ;-).

But the role your epidermis, or skin, actually plays in your ability to burn fat is no laughing matter.

Where does the fat go?

In fact, did you know that when you workout and eat right to burn fat, most of the fat burned is eliminated through your skin?

Yeah, that’s where the weird part comes in!

Now, let me explain why this happens, and then why it’s important to know this so we can use it to burn even more fat faster.

You see, when we’re burning fat, we’re burning stored calories. And calories are simply a measure of energy, or more specifically, it’s called heat energy.

Now, years ago, our good pal Albert Einstein showed us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred.

You may recall from your schooling that plants get energy through a process called photosynthesis.  Animals get this energy by eating the plants or other animals who eat the plants.

Us humans in turn get this energy by eating animals and plants.  Yeah,  I’m talking about the basic energy cycle here.

“What’s with the rudimentary science lesson, Sherlock?!”, you may be asking…

…well, when you burn fat, you are burning heat energy, and this must be transferred out of your body and back into the energy cycle. And about 75% of this heat transfer occurs through the layers of your skin.  (About 15% transfers through your urine, which is another reason why increase water consumption helps you transfer more fat from your body).

How do we apply this knowledge to burn more fat faster?

Well, we can improve the effectiveness of this fat transfer by:

1. dressing in cooler clothes
2. avoiding the wearing of hats
3. going barefoot more often
4. not bundling up with blankets at night, sleeping cool
5. working out in a cool environment, wearing light clothing

Basically, anything to give our skin the best chance to transfer the body fat we are working so hard to burn.

Don’t think it works?  Up until now, almost no one has talked about this for fat loss, but recently more mainstream publications are starting to get the word out.  Even my pal Tim Ferriss describes some more extreme versions of this in his book “The 4-Hour Body“.  Great read, if you haven’t picked it up yet.

So make it easier on yourself, let your skin do its job of transferring your stored body fat back into the energy cycle, and you’ll be leaner faster.

OK, stay coooool, and we’ll talk soon…

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27 Comments Add yours

  1. Fenella

    I have noticed that, after a vigorous workout, my urine is quite hot!

  2. Mike

    Amazing. We learned about this in the late 70s as members of a highschool wrestling team. We could go out into the winter snow and if was cold enough we could really shed the pounds. Should have written a book on it then!!

  3. Chris

    If this is true, it should be easier to loose weight in the cold winter rather than the summer. Is that the case?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Chris, it most certainly can be true… however what happens to most folks is they bundle up during these months and tend to eat more as well, so this of course negates most of that potential benefit!

  4. Susie

    I heard this too back in the 70’s! But it was explained that your body has to do whatever it needs to do to maintain 98.6 degrees. It burns more energy trying to maintain that temperature, so dressing cooler in the winter, burns more calories. Does that sound right? :0)

  5. Kelly Hendricks

    Another wives tail laid to rest. The wives tail was to “work out in the heat cause the more you sweat, the more you lose.” I always thought that was a little wierd, but what do I know. Sweat is impurities and a way to cool you off. Not much if any fat lost in sweat. right?

    • Rob Poulos

      Yeah Kelly.. .sweating is actually an alarm response by the body to the body literally overheating, and if anything inhibits maximum energy release as you are under a state of stress.

  6. Naomi

    This may be partly why I had such terrible headaches during the recent heatwave here in the U.S.: I *couldn’t* cool off. Even my shower water was lukewarm, not cool.

  7. Cameron

    Okay, but I thought working up a sweat was good for fat loss; as well as to allow toxins an exit through our pours. Is it better to sweat minimally during a workout? Is it better to sweat minimally as a way of life even when not working out? I ask this because having just moved to Imperial County, So Cal, I’d assumed that I’d start getting back to being more tone if I allowed myself to adjust to the natural climate, which would mean sweating more.
    A penny for your thoughts,

  8. Katherine

    I know a boxer that does just the opposite and wears sweatshirts in extreme heat and layers up to go to sleep. Are they just trying to sweat more? But covering up your skin would not have a good effect? I am a little confused.

    • Rob Poulos

      This is most likely to lose water weight to make his weight class… not for burning/releasing fat…

  9. CIndy

    I do everything cool and have stubborn fat that refuses to take a hike! Can’t even get my body temp up to 98.6 unless I’m sick! (I take Armour Thyroid also.)

  10. gabe brolly

    I’ve always wondered how climate conditions affect body fat levels as the temps here in Ireland never get too high year round. Is it then the body’s evolutionary response to hold onto bf at all costs for protection in our climate and all those hot bods in arizona california australia etc get the advantage of wanting to shed bf as it just isn’t needed? Interesting study to be done here methinks

  11. Joe

    Is this why taking a cool shower should help in fat loss also?


    Hi Rob
    Thanks for these valuable tips.
    I have one big problem;
    When I do exercises like dumbells/walking, I don;t sweat too much,when I do rinning I am already tired and exhausted but not too much sweat coming out from my whole body, I am enviuos on other people wih less efforts but with too much sweating.
    Do I have a problem on my body?
    Any advice please…
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Jan

    I read about something really weird once called “cold water treading” When you get up in the morning, stand in a bucket of cold water and walk in place for 5 minutes. Do the same before you go to bed. It sets your metabolism on high speed as though you are out in the cold for the next 12 hours.

  14. Geri

    I live in Phoenix and work outdoors. During the summer months I wear a hat to cool down. I pour cold water over my head and in my hat (sometimes putting ice cubes in my hat) to keep my body temperature lower. Is this counterproductive with weight loss or is it helping?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Geri, if you’re cooling yourself it’s not going to hurt the release of any fat being burned… the idea is to try to stay/dress cooler than usual.

  15. KHH

    Hi Rob

    I don’t understand why you have to be cool for this to occur. This wasn’t really explained, you just state to be cool not to be hot. Why can’t the fat be transferred through your skin in a hot state?


    • Rob Poulos

      It can… the process of warming the body from cool to ideal temp burns calories… and keeping the skin open helps facilitate the release.

  16. Matt

    Hi Rob. To dress cooler do I need to start wearing designer suits, shirts and shoes?!!

    Just kidding….

    Your point about cooling the body is a well known one. It stimulates the body’s ‘brown fat’ stores to “warm you up” by generating heat internally. Naturally you burn energy to achieve this. Believe it or not a simple 30 second daily cold shower can have a dramatic effect on this whole process.

    Jeff Anderson explains it very well here

    Thanks for your enthusiastic blog.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Matt, yes, but it’s not really well known… go to your local walmart and find how many people know about this… the answer will be as close to 0 as possible!

  17. Joe

    Rob, I have to admit I have some very serious doubts about this method. When you keep your body at cooler temperatures, yes you are going to burn calories because your body is going to turn up the furnace to prevent you from reaching hypothermic levels. However, because this survival mechanism doesn’t care where the calories come from, it’s going to first use those calories that are easiest for it to attain from the breakdown of molecules…which come from simple sugars and complex carbs, NOT fats. Furthermore, if you keep your body at lower temperatures for sustained periods of time, the body will kick in a second survival mechanism which involves converting the particles that remain from the breakdown of the carbs, into more insulating fats. This is why whales have such thick layers of blubber and fish are high in oil content.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Joe, this post is more about heat release in the form of calories (heat energy). Doesn’t matter how you burn the calories, they are a measure of heat energy and they are released primarily through your skin, then urine, then lungs.

  18. Grant Wilson

    Hi Rob, I have been following most of your newsletter
    and some grab my attention like this one.

    My question is that my wife always dresses in warm clothing
    as feels the cold big time. Her hands would go almost feeling
    like touching ice cubes and same with her feet.

    By dressing cooler while the weather is cool would make her
    freeze. So how will dressing cooler help here?

    I can say that she has no Gall Bladder, No Appendix and
    just latley a Hysterectomi.

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