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This Unique Salad Dressing Burns Belly Fat…

By Rob Poulos...

I just whipped up a great BELLY PHAT BLASTING SALAD DRESSING that is insanely delicious at the same time, and I think you’ll agree!

I call it ‘Lemon Lean’ and simply by eating, it helps you to:

1. Reduce your body’s ability to store fat while boosting the burning of already stored fat!

2. Cleanse your liver, you major fat mobilizer, keeping in top fat metabolizing condition!

3. Lower unhealthy triglyceride levels and even lower high blood pressure!

“But Rob, how does it do all of this?!” you may be asking ;-).

Well, the two magic ingredients that make all of this possible is a lean body “dynamic duo” of fresh lemon juice and vinegar!

So here’s the recipe so you can make your own batch up for tonight and as many nights after that your little heart desires:

-3 tablespoons of fresh organic lemon juice
-2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar (your choice based on taste preference)
-1/2 cup of organic extra-virgin olive oil
-1/2 teaspoon sea-salt
-1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

Make sure you mix it up good and simply store in the fridge… it should last a good week or so before you’re making your next batch.

Pretty simple but tastes amazing and is extremely healthy when added to salad or to marinate some of your favorite grass-fed meats.

Let me know how you like it, and feel free to post any of your favorite healthy salad dressings or marinades for us all to enjoy in the comments below, ok?


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  1. Girlwithnoname (Jackie)

    oh, that’s interesting. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t store olive oil in the fridge tho. I use flax oil… and store it in the fridge, in a very similar recipe and it’s pretty good too.


    • jerry

      i have kept olive oil on my counter for as long as9 months, and it tasted just as good after 9 months as it did the day it was opened. unless you dont like the tast of olive oil its very good for you. your diet should include fat as much as 20% the more of that you get from vegitables the better,if you dont eat healthy fat your body will protect its unhealthy fat stores!!

  2. Patti Grand

    Rob, you missed 1 ingredient that makes it perfect……about 1 tbsp of Organic Blue Agave syrup, or maple syrup

    Personally I would also add a bit of Hot Thai Pepper Sauce……it is full of garlic and hot peppers which are balanced to perfection by the Agave syrup

    • Daniel P

      surely you mean a teaspoon of pure cocaine… I hear that reeeally gives it a kick.

      Agave or maple syrup? Purlease! *roll eyes*

      Tasty? Sure. but healthy? Get real.

  3. Suzanne

    I usually make this without the vinegar and Dijon mustard in it to thicken it. It’s delicious.

  4. maggie

    try adding garlic

  5. Amy

    Awesome Rob! This is perfect for me…K.I.S.S. Simple is the best!

  6. jerry

    i use good seasons italian mix and extra virgin olive oil,red wine/andbalsamic viniger. not quite as healthy but much healthyr and better tasting than any pre made dressing on the market.

  7. Try it without the oil, maybe add a little avocado instead, really great!

    • Rob Poulos

      Great idea Stephanie!

    • Danielle

      Organic Olive Oil, in the right amounts are quite healthy, but for a bit of a difference, try either Avocado Oil or Sesame Oil. Marinate Organic Beets, sliced (1/4″ thick) in Pumpkin Seed Oil and Sesame Oil, then roasting them is a great addition to a salad, too.

    • jerry

      i love avocados , grew up eating these and many other great healthy foods. thanks to my grandma who was a vegan, i only started eating meat as an adult.and wether its good genes or good diet for so many years when i was young,most people think i am about 27 years old, but i am realy only 7 months shy of 40.

  8. Reverend Ken

    Really? I could see the non-oil ingredients added to mashed avocado as a guacamole alternative, but for marinade or salad dressing, olive oil is such a healthy ingredient. I make a similar dressing using a mix of olive, hempseed, and macadamia nut oil that is out of this world.

    If you use just olive oil, and you refrigerate, the oil will solidify, and you’ll have to leave it out for a while before use, so I store it in my pantry,a cool, dark place.it keeps quite well for a week.

  9. Michaelann

    One thing I have noticed is that almost all dressing recipes have WAY too much oil. The first time I made Italian from a store bought mix, I was amazed (& disgusted) by the ratio of oil to vinegar & started really reading the labels. When I make a home-made dressing now, I always use more vinegar than oil. Makes for a very zesty, low-cal dressing.

  10. Chris P

    Why the salt? I have hypertension.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Chris, salt is actually a necessity for optimum health… especially natural sea salt. That being said you can’t overdo it and in your case with hypertension, you should obviously discuss that with your doctor first. As a rule of thumb, a healthy body needs about a quarter teaspoon of salt per quart of water a person drinks each day. This is a polarizing topic and we’ll do a newsletter on this subject soon…

  11. arthur

    you know, people ( especially older people ) would be more likely to print off and use these recipes if you didnt get 7 or more pages when you try to print the recipe : (

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Arthur, you can just copy and paste the recipe text to any word processing program or text pad/note pad for easy printout…cheers.

  12. monica

    vinegar has the property of dissolving fat &so it’s highly recommended in any salad everyday.

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