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This ‘Power Burst’ Eating Strategy For Fat Loss… What’s That?!

By Rob Poulos...

Hope all is well. I was just finishing up an article from
one of my favorite fitness authors about something really
interesting you may not know about:

He calls it ‘POWERBURST EATING’ and explains how you’re
going to to lose even more fat by tricking your body…yes
it sounds very cool…

Anyway, Jon explains how you can easily use this 1 technique
of his in this article below, so you’re going to want to
steal this one for yourself…enjoy!

I’ll be back in a few with more fast fit tips…

POWERBURST EATING: The Secret To Fooling Your Body To Shed Mounds Of Body Fat
by Jon Benson
Author, EveryOtherDayDiet
Lifecoach, Fitness Authority

Before I cover this technique, you must first discover
the 3 reasons most dietplans eventually fail you:

1. They are too strict
2. They do not have set “goal-points”
3. They do not vary the calories and nutrients

Any dietplan that’s too strict automatically invites

And it’s not a bit of fun. No one will do anything they
do not enjoy for very long.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

There’s a psychological reason for why “too strict”
equals “no thanks”…

The word “no”.

When you tell yourself “no” all the time, what do you
think your brain tells your body? —


Did you know this? —

“No” is the word we hear most often between the time we
are born and the age of 7.

These are the brain’s formative years.

“No” is such a negative word that you have unknowingly
created an anchor to the word “no”.

An anchor is something that triggers an old memory or

You know… like an old song that takes you back to
high school or a scent that reminds you of a lover or

But “no” brings to mind pain, depravation, and not
getting what you want.

So you need a dietplan built around saying “yes”… and
built around freedom.


I want you to think of a sprinter.

Toned, athletic, powerful.

Most people would never link sprinting to a dietplan.

And I’m certainly not suggesting you take up sprinting.
But I am suggesting that you apply the secrets of the
sprinter to your dietplan.

The secret is in a BURST of powerful focus and
concentration followed by moderation and rest.

All progress involves what I have named “goal-points.”
These are mental milestones. Cross them, rest, and
start again.

Perhaps you saw Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt shatter the
100-yard dash world record.

Bolt had a goal-point: 100 yards. Pretty

But after the goal-point was reached, did he keep on

Nope… he slowed down and walked.

He reached his goal-point successfully.

I’ve seen sprinters practice for years. They burst (run
hard)… hit their goal-point… walk back (less
exercise but still moving), rest, then start again.

This is the key to your dietary success when it
comes to permanent fatloss

You need a dietplan that has goal-points built into the

So structured and doable that you do not even have to
think about it.

This type of dietplan is one where you have a fixed
window to eat more strict and get rid of bunches of
bodyfat followed by times when you “walk back”…
eating loose.

Eating different foods. Even eating your favorite


You’ve probably heard about carb-rotation. This is a
form of PowerBurst Eating. You eat fewer carbs for a
couple of days then more on the third.

But if you want to really trick your body into dumping
megapounds of bodyfat, you have to be more savvy.

Stagger everything.

Calories, protein, carbs, fats… and even the types of
food you consume.

Your body quickly adapts to anything you feed it. When
you feed it too much junk, you get over-fat.

But if you starve it, guess what?

You get over-fat.

And if you eat the same “healthy” dietplan all the

Same thing:  “Over-fat”. This is due to adaptation.

Our bodies have been molded to adapt very quickly. This
is crucial to our survival. This is not a fault… this
is an advantage.

Think about a hunter 10000 years ago.

Do you think he or she ate the same thing every day?
Hardly. Hunters ate mostly lean proteins, fatty
proteins, plants and wild fruits and nuts.

But occasionally they feasted. When the weather was
right they ate more carbs and less protein.

Now if you just did this on your own you may find it
challenging, but I have simplified the process.

You automatically end up staggering your calories and
your nutrients.

Eating the same number of calories every day leads to
dietary death.

The body quickly adjusts and goes into “starvation
mode”… and that is the end of your success.

This is the way our bodies are designed to function.

You have to trick your body into thinking this never
happens, when in reality you are eating less food

Yet you never feel deprived.

You do that by PowerBursts:  Days of eating more of
specific foods, even “junk” foods, and days of eating

… but not just “fewer calories.” That would be too

Using the PowerBurst principles, I created two books
that have helps thousands drop the bodyfat:

Shed up to 21 lbs in 21 days…

that’s the BURST.

Then you ease up… go lifestyle, and still burn far
more bodyfat than any traditional dietplan.

What’s great is that you can (and must!) include your
favorite foods to make this all work.

It is so easy a child could do it.

In fact, kids actually love it.

Jon Benson
Author, EveryOtherDayDiet
Lifecoach, Fitness Authority

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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