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These 2 Overlooked Craving Killers Also Fight Stubborn Flab…

By Rob Poulos...

I can’t seem to stop thinking about the delicious dinner I had last night…

…not only was it delicious, it was super healthy and fat burning too.

But SADLY, its 2 main ingredient are commonly overlooked, especially here in the U.S…

…and as you read the rest of today’s newsletter, I know you’re going to love making this tasty dish yourself…and eating it of course!

What is this first overlooked fat burning food? Beans/lentils!

I don’t know why beans and lentils are typically ignored in the western diet (and alternatives like pasta and rice are staples), but you’re really missing out on tremendous craving killing power if you don’t include them in your diet every day.

Check this out:

I’m looking at a package of steamed lentils from one of my favorite food stores (Trader Joe’s) and each serving has:

20g of complex carbs
8g of fiber
9g of protein

The key here is that along with the carbs, you get ample fiber and protein to slow digestion and the fat storing blood sugar spike. (the only thing really missing with beans is the lack of fat, so you can fix that by adding some fat via meat/fish and/or nuts/healthy oils, etc.).

So here’s what my dinner consisted of last night (the one you can make in just a few minutes):

3 cups of steamed lentils
12 ounces of grass-fed beef (more on this below)
1 bag organic frozen broccoli
1 cup organic crushed raw almonds
1 organic lemon (squeezed on for extra flavor)
I added a little unrefined sea salt to taste (this is actually healthy…more on that in another newsletter).


I typically will stir fry this using some healthy nut oil like macadamia nut oil.

This makes about 3 servings, so my whole family enjoyed it… (my kids split 1 serving)

OK, now onto the second overlooked fat fighter I mentioned… grass-fed beef!

…well a lot of people are unaware that the difference between regular beef you find in your normal grocery store and grass-fed beef is pretty startling:

When an animal lives on a heavy grain diet, their bodies greatly reduce the production of healthy fats like omega-3s and increases the level of omega-6s (which we already get too much of).

We’re talking like a 30 to 1 ratio of 6s to 3s… NOT GOOD!

On top of that, most of these animals are shot up with antibiotics to help their bodies deal with the high acid levels.

And WHAT’S WORSE…these animals are given growth hormones to quickly fatten them in an effort to speed up harvesting.

Because of this, grain-fed animals develop the heavier, marbled muscle that you find in your every day low quality meats.

So the result is you are eating meat that is way too high in omega-6s, and WAY TOO LOW IN OMEGA-3s, CLA, AND VITAMINS, and LOADED WITH ANTIBIOTICS AND HORMONES.

That’s one of the reasons I tend to avoid beef when I’m eating out, and try to eat beef only at home, when I can control the source. (Luckily, some smart people in the food industry are coming around, and you can find grass-fed options much more often than you used to.)

BUT HIGH QUALITY GRASS-FED BEEF can be eaten as a regular part of your healthy and fat burning diet.

See, the grass fed animals enjoy a diet higher in protein and lower in starches. And they typically get more exercise too, so you end up with a very healthy animal.

Plus they are rarely if ever given hormones, and there’s usually no need for antibiotics.

Grass-fed beef is rich in omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a proven cancer fighter, as well as vitamins A and E, amino acids, digestive enzymes and essential nutrients known for their antioxidant properties.

I have found some local grocers that carry some cuts of grass-fed beef, but I tend to just order almost all of our beef from this website:

Look over on the left side and check out their ‘best sellers’ section… <<<Click Here

They have super fast shipping and customer service, and of course some of the best cuts of grass fed beef I’ve ever had…

…in fact I just turned my brother on to this and he loves it so much he stocked his freezer with over 500 bucks of this stuff!

I’m waiting for the invite to his next BBQ ;-).

Anyway, enjoy the recipe and I hope you try out the grass-fed beef, not only is it the best available, it is the best tasting too!

Have you had grass-fed beef?  Have you tasted the difference?

Talk back in the comments section below!
We’ll talk soon,

P.S. If you have a family member or a friend that loves beef, you owe it to them to show them this website so they can learn the benefits of grass fed beef (they’re going to luv ya for it):

Look over on the left side and check out their ‘best sellers’ section… <<<Click Here

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Leanne

    Hi Rob,

    Here in Australia grass-fed beef is not easily come upon either – but it’s getting better. You have to go out of your way and visit various markets etc, but it’s worth it. We have a great local biodynamic producer – gosh that stuff tastes good, and comes from happy cows :)

    Your recipe sounds exactly like something I would whip up in a flash just using good ingredients I have on hand. Tasty and satisfying.

    Looking forward to your post about salt – been wondering about that lately. I love the stuff.


  2. Alexandra Sanders

    One of the options we are being offered in Santa Cruz County, California, is grass-fed beef, no hormones, no antibiotics that are grain-fed their last month to fatten them at the very end. I realize this is not 100% grass-fed, but is it an acceptable alternative? Would like your opinion.

  3. Nic

    Great post Rob,
    I live in Qebec,Canada and US wellness doesn’t ship out of their country. I have never found Grass fed meat in my country so I’m really wondering where I could buy some.
    Any idea or suggestion?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Nic, not familiar with canada specific grass-fed outlets… but you may want to try a website called eatwild(Dot)com… they have a specific tool that scans grass-fed beef by location…

  4. bj

    Helps when your brother-in-law raises beef. I can go check out the quality of the grass/alfalfa they are eating if I want to.

  5. Aria


    I ate a grass fed hamburger for the first time several months ago. It was the best hamburger I ever ate. Usually I have a reaction eating regular hamburger. Within 30 minutes after eating one I will crave sugar big time. I had no such reaction to this hamburger and I felt satisfied for hours with no heavy feeling. It was heavenly! Delicious flavor.

  6. Vladimir

    Don’t you know, really?! I’l tell you why legumes are ignored in western diet.
    It is because they influence digesting process in such way usually,
    that it can ruin one’s social image much more than heavy “beer” belly that these foods
    help to fight.
    And most preachers of eating such foods, include you, do not bother to give us
    tips how to decrease this effect (though there is no complete help to this
    problem neither with cruciferous like broccoli nor with beans and lentils !)

  7. Irene Mercer

    Fortunately for us, our daughter & son-in-law have a cattle ranch and raise grass fed beef. It tastes great and we know it is healthier for us than grain fed beef.
    Irene Mercer

  8. Lynne

    Hi Rob,

    I was wondering if venison would have the same benefits as grass feed beef. We usually have game meats including grouse and moose.
    Thanks, Lynne

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