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This 1 Unique Spice Targets Belly Fat…

By Rob Poulos...

This super spice you’re about to discover is maybe one of
the most overlooked, but healthiest spices in the world…

And you’ll definitely want to have this in your kitchen
after you finish reading this newsletter today…

You could probably even say it is a ‘belly flab busting

I’ll explain why in a second, but first, I wanted to let you
know that I found out about the surprising effects of this
spice in this great lean body resource here.

Alright, here are the 3 main phat burning benefits you can
get using this miracle spice daily:

1. this super spice controls blood sugar levels

2. this super spice helps maintain insulin sensitivity

3. this super spice is a powerful healthy antioxidant

In case you haven’t guessed already, this super spice is
actually good old fashioned and delicious cinnamon!

Yeah, a taste almost everyone loves can actually help fight
off belly flab.

Here is why:

Besides cinnamon’s dozens of health benefits, the main ‘lean
body’ feature of this super spice is it’s fascinating
ability to control your blood suger levels.

If you’re read my FatBurningFurnace blueprint, you know this
is key to preventing unwanted phat storage.

A study published a few  years ago (back in 2003) in the
medical journal ‘Diabetes Care’, groups were split into
people taking 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon per day in
capsule form (approximately 1/4th to 1 teaspoon)…

The results of the study showed that all 3 amounts of
cinnamon reduced fasting blood glucose levels by 18-29%
after 40 days!

Besides these exciting results, cinnamon can also increase
insulin sensitivity, meaning it is helping to control blood
sugar while simultaneously allowing your body to produce
less insulin…

Again, as a dedicated reader of this newsletter, you
probably already know that high insulin levels can just pack
on the blubber.

So, to use cinnamon to lose more belly flab today, try adding
it to your:

-cottage cheese
-sweet potatoes
-anywhere else you find the taste complimentary

So now you can see that not only is cinnamon a powerful
antioxidant that can help you stay youthful longer, it can
also help you to control blood sugar and get a leaner body!

(Note: please make sure to consult your doctor before adding
any new foods or spices to your nutrition plan if you are
taking any medications or have food allergies.)

But as great as this is, you MUST HAVE IT IN YOUR KITCHEN to
make it readily available.

Would you like to know about more sneaky flab melting foods
like this?

Of course you would… we all do…

That’s why I recommend you have this resource at your
disposal… it will help you to understand what to have in
your kitchen, and perhaps more important, what to keep out
at all costs!

Click Here for this ‘lean body kitchen’ resource

Alright, enjoy the tasty phat burning effects of cinnamon,
and I’ll be back soon with more phat burning, health and
fitness tips soon…

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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