• 1 Trick Of A Tiny Belly:


This 1 crazy trick to SNIFF THE FAT off your body…

By Rob Poulos...

I have a very curious weight loss tactic to share with you that a friend of mine just sent me…

And if you pay close attention to this entire post, I’ll give you the source of this trick, where there are literally dozens and dozens more just like it.  Deal?

OK, this crazy fat burning tip is almost TOO SIMPLE, but the research you’re going to read about below proves that it works!

Check this out…

Do you realize that if you were blindfolded and plugged your nose that you couldn’t tell if you were eating an apple or an onion?

It’s true!  You can even test it yourself! (more on that below)

You see, our olfactory sense (brainiac translation = “our sense of smell”) is directly tied in with our brain’s perception of what we eat, and as recent research has concluded…

…how MUCH we eat!

Here’s why it’s important and how it can help YOU shave off inches over the next month and even ultimately reach your lean body goals:

This scientific breakthrough “tricks” your body for faster fat burning…


A 1999 project conducted two randomized, double-blind studies consisting of over 3,000 subjects who had at least 10 lbs to lose.

In addition, 3/4 of the subjects also were psychologically affected by their weight, claiming:

*  Impaired sex life
*  Bad feelings about overeating
*  Lack of energy, and…
*  Poor self-image

As you know, if you’ve struggled with your weight, these side-effects are not hard to understand, right?

Alright, so each test subject was directed to NOT make any changes to their diet or exercise program except for ONE THING:

One test group was directed to sniff a specific aroma prior to eating their meals and whenever they felt hungry.

Yeah, sounds crazy, but…

Specifically, here’s what they smelled:

Month 1 & 4: Peppermint
Month 2 & 5: Banana
Month 3 & 6: Green Apple

The other group (the “control” group) was given a placebo inhalent that simply smelled like detergent.

At the end of the study, the subjects who were given the “smelly” inhalents reported:

*  50% decrease in food cravings
*  Decreased appetite
*  No nagging hunger pains
*  Much less “snacking”

And get this (the BIG ONE)…


(19.15 lbs average vs. only 3.85 lbs)

OK, so now that I’ve got your attention…


One of the factors that tells your brain that you’re “full” is your sense of smell as you bring food up to your mouth to eat.

Literally, after your brain senses it’s “smelled enough”, it tells your body you’re full and it’s time to stop eating.

By smelling the three aromas, you’re able to “trick” the body into eating less and therefore consuming less calories (and you know what THAT means, right?)

Now, here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this weight loss brain science for yourself…

1. Find yourself 3 different essential oils (even candles will work if you can find them) that match the 3 used in the study:

*  Peppermint
*  Banana
*  Green Apple

(I found $2 “tester” vials online for all 3 scents after maybe 5 minutes of googling)

2. Use each scent for one month and then switch.

(I don’t know why this is important but it’s how they conducted the study so I’m sure there’s a reason.  Why fix what isn’t broke? ;-))

3. Keep the scent handy throughout the day and sniff it in the following instances:

*  5 minutes prior to your “main” meals
*  5 minutes prior to any planned snacks
*  Any time you feel feel hungry

4. To “sniff properly” (I know…sounds kinda crazy, right!?), plug up one nostril and sniff the scent 3 times through the other and then switch.

Do this 3 times for each side (total of 18 sniffs) at the designated times.

Got it?  Good.

Alright, as promised, here’s the source of this crazy cool fat burning trick…

My friend who sent me over this unique little known fat burning tip is none other than Jeff Anderson, creator of the “Do This – Burn Fat” guide.

The “DTFB” guide is NOT another full blown fitness program like Fat Burning Furnace, in fact it’s a perfect compliment.


Well, it’s a collection of 101 of the “sneakiest” fat burning tactics around (like the one you just read about) and all of them are:

*  Based upon real-world scientific research
*  Super SIMPLE to put to use right away
*  Work with ANY fitness program (like FBF! ;-))
*  And take little to NO EFFORT to set in motion!

Now here’s the deal…

Jeff normally sells the bajeesus out of the guide at $47 from his main website, but I worked out a special deal for us with Jeff where he’s practically GIVING this guide away…and only to my newsletter subscribers!

But there’s a catch…

He obviously can’t just keep giving this away at such a low price, so this offer is only good THIS WEEK!

So if you want the other 100 ‘sneaky’ fat loss tricks with the special offer, you MUST go and grab it NOW to take advantage, ok?

Here’s the link to the secret page he set up for us:

Click Here For 101 ‘sneaky’ Fat Loss Tricks <= Special Offer Page This Week Only

Let me tell you, this guide is absolute CRAMMED with fast, easy, smokin-hot tips that blast fat fast.

Think I’m kidding?  Check this out:

Did you know…

*  That a simple twist to your morning routine can INSTANTLY jumpstart your metabolism and boosts fat-burning by as much as 30%?

*  There’s an amazing “super food” that in one clinical study, dissolved away more than 10 extra pounds in twelve weeks…WITHOUT DIETING or any other lifestyle changes?

*  That Japanese researchers unlocked a strange biological trigger that tricks the brain into REDUCING blood sugar and short-circuiting fat storage…WHILE you watch TV?

*  And that there’s an amazing “bedroom trick” that can actually burn more fat…AND drive your partner WILD with ecstasy?

See what I mean?

Now imagine 94 other tips like these out there just waiting for you to slip them into your daily routine and see the results in the mirror each morning…

Kalen and I have been secretly using a handful of these already.

Remember, after this week, Jeff’s offer to us goes back up to his regular price that the rest of the schmoes have to pay out there! 😉

Hop on the discount NOW before you forget, ok?

Click Here For 101 ‘sneaky’ Fat Loss Tricks <= Special Offer Page This Week Only

You’ll thank me for this one! 😉

Alright, have fun and report back on some of the tips you’re using in the comments below!

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Terri

    You are just so chock full of information. Thanks the all your great ideas.


  2. Ron

    Recently i informed you of losing your fbf program on my computer…i had just purchased it, downloaded it, began to read it, and the next day my computer died…i asked if there was a way i could get the program back as i was ready to get started

  3. satscout

    I suppose this might work – if you aren’t allergic to mint like I am.

    So for the rest of you – good luck.

    • Joe Williams

      Try sniffing chocolate instead of mint. Alternatively, if you’re too tempted to eat the chocolate, NutriSystems has (or at least used to have) tubes of chocolate flavor that you can spray on your wrist or something else and smell to get the same appetite-reducing effect.

      In another direction, McCormick’s Italian Herbs blend provides an excellent set of Mediterranean herbs that you could sniff and probably get the same effect. At least it works for me. I can’t attribute all of my 30 pound weight loss to this (exercise has no doubt played a major role), but I believe that it’s a contributing factor.

      Also it’s timely as you can use these herbs extensively in any number of anti-phat meals made with fresh garden produce that is abundant in this season. I grow zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant in the garden, and stew them together in a tasty ratatouille with olive oil, garbanzo beans and sometimes onions and/or broccoli.

      When you get that aroma of Provence in your system you simply don’t have as much interest in carbohydrates as before.

  4. jes

    WIthout having to remember what month you’re smelling, try Young Living’s Essential Oils Grapefruit (they’re the purist I’ve found–you get what you pay for). And you don’t have to eat the grapefruit.
    You can sniff right out of the bottle anytime or put 2-3 drops (that’s all!) in your palms, rubbing together a couple of times–inhale the essence through your nose deeply and exhale through your mouth, 3 times.
    Their essences are not oily, so if you’re doing paperwork, you’re not going to leave traces everywhere or spot clothing.
    It works for me, and I got it from someone who got it from someone who got it…..
    As for you, Rob, and Kalen, THANK YOU for your world of information and offerings of opportunities, your impressive and inspiring stories, your enthusiasm and encouragement. Bravo!

  5. JJ

    OMG. I can’t believe the olfactory pens are out again!( in one form or another) I did that years ago. Was so embarrassed to admit out of the 68 diet programs I have tried that I had to admit that one. Smelling Chocolate (which was one of the pens scents I sniff) certainly did not work. Portion control and movement. Building muscles to burn fat. Always seems to go back to the same formula…Huuuummmm……

    • Rob Poulos

      JJ, no one is saying smelling stuff is going to replace the principles we teach in Fat Burning Furnace… what we do here is explore other tips and tricks we can add to our lives to further our progress… welcome!

  6. Rudy Valencia

    Rob, your the man, the main man. I am definitely improving on everything, and your newslaetters are great too in addition to your cool ebook. Thanks Rob Poulos. Keep doing your thing.

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