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These 6 Unique Nutrients Fight Visible Side-Effects Of Aging…

By Rob Poulos...

You already know there is good reason to worry if you’re not getting enough antioxidants every day to protect yourself against premature disease, ailments and visible signs of premature aging…

The reason these specific antioxidants work so well at keeping you looking and feeling younger than ever is because they fight dangerous substances in your body called ‘free radicals’.

Free radicals are like ‘zombie atoms’ in your body we all have, that steal from other healthy atoms and infect them, turning them into free radicals too… (yeah it’s like night of the living dead all over again!)

…and once you get a high enough level of these nasties in your body you can start to see major health issues including those visual signs of premature aging!

(I’ll let you know why we’re covering this important topic specifically today in a minute.)

Now since you’re sharp, you’ve probably heard of a few good whole foods sources of antioxidants to eat regularly from the news, on TV, heck even from your doctor.

Foods to make sure you’re eating regularly to keep yourself protected include red wine, green tea, all types of berries, pomegranate and even coffee.

But until fairly recently one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth has been completely ignored!

Not only ignored, it’s been THROWN IN THE GARBAGE!

Yes, shocking but TRUE, most people are totally unaware that the berry that covers up the coffee bean (known as ‘Coffee-Berry’) is probably the #1 anti-aging food they are missing out on right now…

I’m going to show you an easy way to start getting the benefits of this super nutrient food in a second.

And since you’d like to make sure you’re doing the best you can to protect yourself, your immune system and your skin from all of these side-effects of getting older, you’ll want to hear about the next thing you need to be looking out for when getting the right amount and type of antioxidants:

ORAC value

OK, while that may sound like a name they would give to the 3rd moon of Saturn, ORAC value is simply a measurement used by scientists to figure out how well an antioxidant works.

So what you need to know is, the higher the ORAC value, the better off you are going to be at protecting yourself.

Think you can get all the ORAC value you need from regular foods?

If you were eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day right now (be honest!) you would be getting about 1700-1800 ORAC units per day.


The USDA recommends a minimum 3-5,000 units per day, and with most people eating maybe 1 or 2 fruits/vegetables a day, it’s no wonder we’ve all turned into walking free radical zombies!

So going back to our newly discovered super nutrient Coffee Berry, you’ll be pleased to hear that just 1 little gram of this tiny beauty gives you the same anti-aging fighting power of:

-459 fresh blueberries

-81 strawberries

-647 raspberries or

-1015 grapes!

Now, what happens when you take this super powerful food and combine it with 5 more high ORAC value super foods?

Well I think you’ve just found your very own little ‘fountain of youth’ ;-).

Can you imagine the insane antioxidant protection that you can get now that you’re easily combining:

1. high ORAC coffee-berry

2. acai-berry

3. pomegranate

4. green tea

5. wolf berry

6. red wine


I don’t have time to go into all of the detail on these other nutrients/superfoods right now, but I’m sure you’ve already heard of the power of some of them.

Remember, 5 fruits and veggies a day gets you maybe 1800 ORAC units… just 1 gram of this mixture above comes out to about 3700 units.

Throw in a couple of fruits and/or veggies and you’re good to go (this is important because you still want to at least get a certain amount of daily fruits and veggies).

So how do you get this free radical fighting solution?

Kalen and I have been using a mixture called ‘Longevity’ from our #1 trusted nutrition products provider, Prograde, for a while now…

Beacuse of the research, and the fact that all of these nutrients work together to provide an even greater effect than if taken alone, I think Longevity is the best defense system to fight away potential disease and visual side-effects of aging available today…

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And one of the reasons I wanted to tell you about this specifically today is because I noticed Prograde is running a short 20% off sale on Longevity for the next few days only, and I knew that when you wanted to try it out you’d probably want to take advantage of the special deal before it ends…

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Alright, I know you’ll be glad you’re doing all you can to fight off those devastating free radicals with a super high ORAC value mixture like Longevity.

I’ll be back in a few days with more simple tips and tricks to get and stay leaner, stronger and healthier than ever,

P.S. If you want to get deeper into the nerdy research on this stuff, Prograde has a more detailed report on the ORAC values and science behind antioxidants and free radicals at their site here…

free radicals and the ultimate anti-aging nutrients…
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  1. tony

    Hi there, I love your Newsletter. Thank You, Tony

  2. ronnie T.

    hey thanks for the information, I have been using an antioxidant drink for the past year, and have found it to be great. Levive, has the synergy of 5 powerful antioxidant fruits, acai berry, pomegranate, noni, goji (wolfberry) & mangosteen, thanks again for the information

  3. Martha

    Could you please tell me, I cannot drink coffee because it causes me palpitations, is it safe for me to use the coffee-berry?

    • Rob Poulos

      martha, as we cannot give medical advice, only provide information, u should check with your doctor on that first…

  4. Julie Grant

    Hi, I’m loving it, would you believe I have this tree in my little organic patch?? How on earth can I prepare to use my own organic berry?

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