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These 5 Surprising Foods KILL Belly Fat… (Plus 3 Foods To NEVER Eat?)

By Rob Poulos...

Trying to brave the latest winter storm to hit Michigan with Kalen and the kids, whipping up a little dark chocolate cocoa sweetened with some all natural no cal stevia (I should probably post the simple recipe for that one, eh?)…

…but I wanted to make sure you get your copy of this killer report first, that reveals:

1. the 5 surprising foods that are proven to destroy belly flab


2. the 2 ‘healthy’ foods NEVER to eat… (this one is kinda tricky, and I’m not 100% in agreement, but it is definitely something to pay close attention to)

Download your copy of this FREE report here:

5 belly bulge fighting foods & 2 things to never eat… <— Right Click Here &  Select ‘Save As’ To Download NOW

Enjoy and I’ll be back soon with more fast fit tips… stay warm!

Rob & family

P.S. When you’re done reading this quick report, come back and let me know what you think… are YOU eating these 5 foods already?  Are YOU eating these 2 foods that you maybe shouldn’t?

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  1. Mirel

    Can’t open the pdf file- it’s not working. Anyway of getting it differently? thanks!

  2. Lynda MacNeil

    Hey there Rob… Back atcha… great info for the common folk, I’m already on board. I stopped consuming wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, processed food a while ago and only eat grass fed sustainably farmed and slaughter house free beef and wild caught fish as well as organic veggies and fruit.

    To be honest, I think that the problem I have to face, as well as most people, is the portion sizes of our meals. We eat too much quantity. Especially for our activity levels. We all need to know the feeling of actually being hungry, and eating a meal without feeling stuffed.

    I’m so glad to see that soy is finally getting exposed for what it really is and that eggs are getting due respect again.

    I’m down 8 lbs and have 10 to go…

    I find lemons to be a great help in eating less and drinking more water. I put a few lemon wedges in my water and I find that I drink alot more. Also sucking on a lemon really kills the munchies and cleanses the palate. And for all the acid in lemons, they actually have an alkaline reaction in the body, which is extremely healthy for maintaining good health.

    Lynda MacNeil

    • Kelly B

      RE: that lemon you suck on. Be careful how much/long you do that. The acid in the lemon can eat away at the enamel on your teeth and cause problems down the road. At least rinse out your mouth after you’ve done that to remove any residual acid.

    • dusk

      Great information, Lynda. Thank you.

  3. paul

    the page never loaded i tried several times.

  4. neil jarvis

    cant open 5 foods that kill fat

    • Rob Poulos

      Please wait a bit and try it again, there are a TON of folks downloading this so it may be a bit slow early on… also try deleting your internet temp files in your browser, restarting your computer and then trying again…

  5. Karen Hunnicutt

    When I right click the link, I get an option to save LINK or open link in new window. It doesn’t give me the option to save or open file. I cleared cache and rebooted but it’s still the same. :(

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Karen, if you open in a new window, it should download the report … you can then select file from your browser menu and save it to your computer.

  6. Sherene

    Hey Rob,

    After reading Tim Ferris’s book the four hour body, I pretty much stopped eating dairy and soy and grain on his slow carb meal plan (except for the cheat day of course). Although Tim says that any fruit containing fructose is a complete weight loss sabotage. Not that fruit is bad for you but it still spikes insulin levels and causes a stall in weight loss efforts. He also says nuts can be overconsumed doing the same thing.

    Quite frankly it’s confusing that you have promoted Tim’s book and also linked to Jeff Anderson’s information and both of these men have different ideas as to what is good and what is bad. Now you have linked another report that is contradicting them. Jeff said in his blog….Listen to me…and use Tim’s book for extras. You experts are supposed to make it easy to cut through the crap.

    Who do you agree with…Tim, Jeff, or Mike? Is eating fruits and nuts okay? Or is it not? And if you think it’s okay, why did you promote Tim’s book which says it isn’t.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Sherene, I’m always reading and looking at new info on the subject of nutrition and exercise… I try to share that with our readers… often times I’ll pick up one or two new little tricks to add to my regimen and I encourage everyone to do the same. Nuts can be overconsumed of course because they are high in calories… BUT my secret is to eat them in raw form, unsalted with no oils… you will have a hard time eating too many nuts this way… it’s the salt and oil that makes them hard to stop eating..

      • Saif

        Also, eating nuts in a way that require some effort ( like cracking/ shelling them) helps a lot. Soon the effort outweights the taste and you stop eating them (excpet for peanuts by my exprience since they are awefully easy to open)

        I personally don’t call any food “Bad” since it can still save a starving person’s life. I would say controling the quantity is the key.

  7. Aleta

    I don’t believe that you should necessarily eliminate all these things from your diet, but perhaps smaller quantities. I really don’t like whole wheat bread and find that whole grain oat bread works much better for fat loss and is much better tasting! I don’t eat alot of bread as it seems to hinder fat loss! I try not to eat anything with soy, but it’s hard because it is in alot of foods! Anything in moderation as long as you avoid high fuctose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils!!! These will make you fat and cause other haealth problems as well! Eat lots of nuts and natural whole grain cereals like; oatmeal,Cream of Wheats, and Cocoa Wheats. These are good for you cereals and good for burning fat! I even eat them for lunch sometimes! It’s easy to throw the dry ingredients in a plastic bag and take to work for a quick healthy lunch. Also avoid alot of fast food restaurants! These can make you gain weight with all the food additives! You don’t know what the ingredients of the food is that you’re getting! Whenever I’m at work I vow to say NO to McDonalds from now on!! I don’t really like McDonalds anyways!

    • CM

      The main problem with all grains is the modified gluten. Modifications to our seeds is poison to our bodies….even in small quantities….and that includes oats. Help yourself to the poison, but I’m doing great without it. Interesting that some other countries do not allow modified seeds to be grown, but we do. We are poisoning the world!

  8. Shirley

    I am 39 years old, married, no children, in a wheelchair, & five feet and seven inches, I would like to lose 30 or 40 pounds. I don’t eat fast food very often, what are things I should avoid eating so as to reach my goal in a relatively short amount of time? It is too hard to wheel around and/or have someone aide you in wheeling around if you are too heavy. ALSO, I am very active and a smaller wheelchair is always best for going through door ways and stuff when places are not accessible.

    • Kelly B

      Shirley, do you have a food scale? You’d be surprised how much less food you would eat if you know how much the food you’re eating weighed. Portion control is absolutely critical. Also do keep a food diary either online (free in many, many places, just google it) or in writing. The diet I am on right now I’m in my second week. I lost 12.6 lbs the first week alone. My body is in ketosis, meaning my body is now consuming my stored body fat for energy as I’m not taking in enough carbs (the easy energy). I’m eating 800-1000 calories a day and less than 20 carbs and I AM NOT HUNGRY! My second week I can still eat 800-1000 calories/day but can now have 20-25 carbs a day.
      It is a doctor monitored plan I’m on and it’s from Medi Weight Loss Clinics. I am male, 6’1″ and 53 years old and have a 90 lb weight loss goal. I started it at 296.6lbs and this morning I weigh 279.7, my 10th day -17lbs. At this point the diet pays no attention or cares about fat grams. Eating FAT does not in itself make you fat. Eating CARBS your body doesn’t completely use in a day is converted to fat at a much higher rate than unburned consumed fat. (30% carbs converted to fat vs.10% of fat) Ultimately the true secret of weight loss, regardless of the plan you are on is very simple. Consume less calories a day than your body burns. You need to determine (or have determined) how many calories your body burns in a normal day. Once you know that number, measure and record your food intake and you’ll know how much you can eat to either maintain your weight or lose weight if that’s your goal.

      Started my day with coffee and real 1/2 and 1/2 dairy cream. I had 2 eggs + 1 egg white, 4 strips of turkey bacon for breakfast, drank 1 gallon of water over the coarse of the day of which one quart was an electrolyte type beverage (Smart Water or Powerade Zero), went to Epcot and walked 2 miles so I had no lunch, got home and sauteed an 8oz chicken breast, 1/2 cup cooked zucchini and summer squash and 1/2 cup cooked greens. Then relaxed with two citron vodka martinis totalling 3 oz of vodka. My days calories? 920. Total carb grams? 12
      Never thought loosing weight would be this easy! Good luck.

  9. Ron

    When I downloaded and saved the file all seemed to go okay. When I tried to open it, I got the message that the file could not open because it was damaged and unrepairable. I notice that several comments have dealt with such problems.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ron, try deleting your internet temp files, downloading the latest adobe reader, restarting your computer and trying the download again…

  10. toulula

    i have soya milk daily

  11. As a Brit on my first trip to the US a few years ago, I was amazed at the US portion sizes. We had to ask for starter or ‘English’ portions in every restaurant and cafe.

    Consuming less – of whatever, might help!

  12. paul

    I think the reason people can’t open it is because they are trying to click on the link. They are not right clicking and doing the save as like you instructed.

    Hope this helps.

  13. mary

    Just to let you all know that consumming the the veggies and fruits and limmiting the store bought meats does do the job people. I weighed in at 286lbs. 14 months ago now I am at 126lbs. and that is with no exercise because I suffer from fibrmyalgia and can hardly do regular walking. So beleive Rob and Me it works…I usuallu had a egg with fresh veggies scrambled in with it for breakfast, freash fruit (except grapfruit,I take heartpill) for lunch and snacked on nuts, and then a normal dinner, maybe a little more fruit for a light snack after dinner. And plenty of water through the day and here I am a new woman. It truely is a wonderful feeling. You all should GO FOR IT!

  14. Roy

    I can’t drink regular milk so I started drinking Soy Milk. If Soy Milk is that bad for you, what else can I drink? Is Almond Milk any better or the same as Soy Milk.

    • Tom

      Drink almond milk or coconut milk…fantastic tasting alternative to both regular and soy milk.

  15. Herbert Baxley

    Question for Rob?
    We have read all of the materials, but have not found the Metabolic formula.

    Please reply to this Question

  16. Peter

    Well I thought I was on a good thing here until I read all the conflicting comments.
    Now I am in a head spin and heading straight for the fridge!!

    At least the PDF report downloaded easily for me.

  17. Sherry

    Your a way ahead of me. I can’t even download the program to read it. It comes in funny characters. Can’t read that!!!!

  18. sauri

    hey rob u r gr8 man 6 months back i used 2 run 8 kms daily and used to do lot of push ups it worked i lost 11kgs!!! i stopped it now i got 20kgs increased will these veggies help?????

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