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The UGLY Truth About Back Pain…

By Rob Poulos...

On a recent trip to Austin TX where I had a ball, learning and meeting with some of the top fitness and health experts on the planet…

One of the guys I listened VERY closely to has a secret regarding perhaps the most common physical ailment plaguing us today… that dreaded and crippling back pain!

(If you’ve had it like I have, or still have it, you know what I mean).

Here’s this unusual tip about back pain that’s now helped hundreds of thousands of people:

The REAL cause of back pain is many times overlooked…

Most doctors only treat the symptoms. They use “band-aid” treatments like:

•Cortisone shots
•Dangerous drugs
•Physical therapy
•Chiropractic manipulation

These may work. When they do, I’ve found that it’s almost never long-term.

Like many other physical restrictions or ailments, it’s not until you treat the “hidden” underlying causes that you get lasting pain relief.

My new friend went on to explain that the truth is that back pain is many times caused by muscle imbalances which are a result of hip-dysfunctions.

What are “hip-dysfunctions”? Good question!

In short, they’re the combination of tight and loose muscles in your upper legs, buttocks and hips that pull your pelvis and spine out of their natural alignment over the years.

This makes your back muscles work against the grain so they get hurt…  it puts pressure on your spine, discs and nerves and causes all kinds of back, neck, sciatic related pain.

The good news is, it’s VERY FIXABLE – without expensive and never-ending trips to a chiropractor, without dangerous prescription drugs and without surgery.

Fixing the imbalances causing these dysfunctions can return your body to the natural, balance structure it was when you were young and didn’t have back-pain.

Even medical doctors and Chiropractors are finally catching on and using this method as a treatment with their back pain patients. The results are nothing short of impressive.

Jesse Cannone (my new pal ;-)), co-founder of the Healthy Back Institute, and his colleagues, are at the forefront of this revolutionary treatment.

Jerry Talisman, one of his clients from Carlsbad California claims: “50 Years of Chronic Back Pain and Sciatica Gone in Just Days!”  And tens of thousands of others are reporting similar success using this “formula”…

In Jesse’s new book (which I now own, having a history of back pain myself) “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure” he does what no one else in the medical community does, and that is put together all of the pieces-

-see, most people when they have back pain usually get treatments that only mask the pain…

…and even then, the treatments only address the physical symptoms…


When you open this new guide, you begin to learn:

•Why traditional treatments always FAIL to deliver lasting relief
•The 7 mistakes that most people make that keep them in pain
•How to identify the real, underlying causes of your pain
•Which treatments work, which ones don’t and how to know which is right for you

But here’s the best part:

Right now he is actually giving his new book away for FREE…

Yes, you can also buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble like everybody else, but when you grab one of the remaining FREE copies from the special web page link here, he is also donating $2 of the tiny shipping fee to Habitat for Humanity or Kiva.org-

-you even get to choose the charity!

So, if you suffer from any type of back pain, suffered in the past, or know someone who does, grab yourself this FREE copy of his new book now…

and if you get to their website and they are out of FREE copies, you should go buy it on Amazon… it’s that good!

OK, enough selling by me, lol… really, if you’ve had back pain you know that relief from that kind of agony sells itself…

Here’s the link Jesse gave me for us all to grab a FREE copy:

Your copy is available here… FREE BACK PAIN BOOK <— Click Here

Fix your pain and get moving, pain-free, again.

I’ll be back soon with more lean body tips and tricks.

Until then…

P.S. Again, this is a no-brainer, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that if you don’t have back or neck pain, but you know someone who does, please be sure to forward this to them… they’ll thank you greatly just as they thank anyone who helps them get moving again…


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  1. Pamela Dillenbeck

    I agree that hip and pelvic dysfunctions and imbalances can be a major cause of low back pain. But make sure you don’t scoff at the idea of physical therapy as an intervention. I have been a practicing physical therapist assistant for over 25 years. Any PT worth a grain of salt will include assessment of pelvic and hip alignment in their evaluation, and then develop a program that addresses the areas of weakness. Starting any exercise or stretching program for back pain with out a thorough assessment of the problems can be taking a risk. Just be careful!!

  2. Bill D

    Yes this is a bit harsh on chiropractors – pretty much any decent chiropractor I’ve seen over the last 25 years has been extremely quick to pick up on hip disfunctions, and will look at the even bigger picture to try and treat the cause of the hip disfunctions themselves (for me it’s usually a new sport or something like that, which has caused the tension to arise in the first place)

    • jerry

      i dont think he is that harsh on chiropractors,he just points out that the cause of most pain is caused buy things that the medical proffesion doesent even look at . read the book and make up your own mind,i am about half way through and have had my eyes opened about alot of things ive nrver even heard of.

  3. Cincinnati Insurance

    It seems like people who have back pain are those who’s employment is construction related, or physical activity related. I had an uncle who had back problems all this life and he was a carpenter by trade.

  4. Bonnie

    why does everyone who has a good treatment for anything have to sell it. Not everybody
    can just buy it hoping it will work. It is all about the mony.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Bonnie, we don’t share anything from anyone that doesn’t allow you to get a 100% guarantee… that way you are always protected.

    • jerry

      not jessie cannone i went to his book page and looked at the payment options and since i only use paypal i couldent get it about 2 days later he sent me an email offering to give me a free pdf version of the book ,i am about half way through the book,and would recomend you and any one else should read it.

    • james sheppard

      Ain’t That the truth!!

  5. Colette

    Additionally, back pain is also due in large measure to a BIG GUT– pulling against the properly aligned spine. Clean out and empty the cargo in your gut and colon and the whole body suddenly comes into harmony. Many Americans carry ten pounds or more in this unintended cargo pouch…. Purify your blood and organs too!

  6. Habiba

    I actually need the book, but I dont have any bank card to use for internet paying (i.e. visa, master card etc.) what other options are available for that, so that I can get my Free copy? I have been leaving with low back pains for over six years now and I want to get out of this hell!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Habiba, please contact Jesse Cannone and the folks at gethealthyandfit(dot)com

  7. Joan McClelland

    Hello, No one knows more concerning back pain than I do and the suffering that one goes thru>>>I have been to so many different systems that deal with your back and have only found relief mostly with my own Doctoring>>>>Back pain is a good book and hope to get it read real soon, I bought it a while back and have a ways to go>>>I know some one who has pain more than me and with the help of this book and back brace, she is doing marvelous. This may not be are answers, but it is a thought. I look forward to the finish of the book>>>>Joan McClelland

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