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The Truth About Your Supplements…

By Rob Poulos...

Hope you’re well…

You might know that my supplements of choice come from a
really kick-butt whole food supplement resource that I and
thousands of my FBF readers have found can really help you
in your efforts to get and stay lean strong and healthy:

Prograde Nutrition

Initially it was a bummer for a lot of my readers because
they only shipped to the U.S. and Canada… but with all of
my international readers I pushed them to really work on
international shipping…

…my readers were practically begging for this, and now
I’ve learned Prograde is shipping to the following countries:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

And they’re adding even more countries all the time!

This great  resource that is now available to us all is
Prograde Nutrition.

Check ’em out here.

Why were they so enthused about getting access to this

Well, it makes sense: they were simply pleasantly surprised
to learn how different Prograde really is from most of the
junk out there.

Here’s why:

*They’re tired of all of the so called “health food” out
there that is loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, and
synthetic vitamins.

*They’re flat out confused with the enormous amount of
product offerings in a ridiculous amount of categories.
Supplements are supposed to make your life easier, not give
you a thousand other choices to make!

*They’re annoyed with having to listen to a high school kid
give them supplement advice at their local big nutrition

And believe me, there are other reasons why they’ve been
“put off” by the supplement industry, too.  But they really
were elated when learning about Prograde.

Beyond the fact that you can get great products like the
whole foods vegetables, fruits, and greens supplement, you
can also get in with a great deal right now with the
Prograde FitClub here.

Thousands of my students have already become members of the
Prograde Fit Club, which is totally FREE.

Basically, they get a large discount on the supplements they want, get
free shipping, and automatically get a new shipment each
month so they don’t have to lift a finger!

Talk about no hassle.

This is what making life easier is all about.

And you can make your life easier too…remember the three
products I really like are the VGF 25+ (vegetables, greens,
and fruits), Workout post workout mix, and the Lean meal
replacement shake.

I just place bulk orders for myself…and you can save even
more when you get them together in a package. (Most of my
students have been choosing the Platinum package).

And I absolutely adore the “Cravers”…the flat out best
tasting health bar ever developed…I’m not kidding.


OK, enough selling by me.;-)

But seriously, a good supplement really can make the
difference in fat burning and fitness success for those that
live a hectic lifestyle and find it difficult to meet proper
nutrient requirements each and every day.

Remember, you can try these products right now here.

Alright, once you’ve tried their stuff, I know you’ll love it
just like we do… comment below… what’s your favorite?

Here’s to getting lean, strong, and healthy for life,

About Rob Poulos

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  1. warren

    where in South Africa can I buy pro grade products

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Warren, Prograde stuff is available online through their site at getprogradenow.com only…

  2. ursula

    I’ve tried to purchase your products but you do not ship to South Africa…Please assist

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