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The Truth About WuLong & Okuma Metabolic Boosting Tea?

By Rob Poulos...

Hey all, just getting ready to fly back home to Detroit… even though it’s only been a couple days, I am really missing my kids… (yes I am feeling a bit sappy!).

Before I head out, I need to address some of your concerns…

Since one of my most popular blog posts when out, I have received a lot of comments and emails from people who are enjoying the special brand of Wu Long tea I informed you about… However…

I have also received several emails from concerned readers, and since you know I don’t shy away from controversial topics, I am going to address those concerns right here so you know the real truth about this ancient metabolism boosting drink…

Let me say, by the way, that I really appreciate you looking out for me!

Now, there are 2 issues I’ve been asked about by readers like yourself:

1. That the company who exclusively produces this tea, Okuma, has some complaints about customer service residing on review pages found online, and…

2. That this brand of tea is just overpriced oolong tea (as many of the review sites claim).

First, let’s address the customer service issues…

If you look closely at the complaints about their customer service, the last complaint you will see is from 2007 (3 years ago!).

In May of 2008, Robert Hirsch (a highly respected businessman from Denver, Colorado, whom I have recently met) purchased the company because they simply could not handle the volume at the time.

From what Robert tells me, the original owners were good people and passionate about their tea, but running a business was not their strong point!

Since this time, I have been told there have been no complaints about customer service that have not been handled as promptly.

I have personally spoken with Robert, and he is passionate about making customers happy…this guy will talk your ear off about it, actually ;-).

In fact, when anyone has emailed me with any ordering issue, Okuma has responded personally to each customer in a more than timely fashion.

Customer service… on the ball since Robert took over.

Now, second, let’s address the quality issue, which is kind of complicated so bear with me!

According to what I’ve read and been told, Oolong tea is the result of a way of processing tea that provides the highest metabolic boosting benefit.

However, like anything else, it is the tea itself (before processing) that makes all the difference.

So Oolong tea is grown all over the place, but only certain regions and growing procedures provide the amount of polyphenols (the main stuff that boosts your metabolism in the tea) that gets you results.

Okuma’s Wu Long tea is grown in the Anxi region of the Fujian province of China.

Similar to fine wines, Wu-Long is grown on the mountain side resulting in lower yields of leaves and higher concentrations of essential nutrients.

The result, based on the info passed to me, is an Oolong tea more potent than many popular Oolongs on the market right now.

Robert Hirsch, the new owner of Okuma, has personally gone on the record with me and this information, and gave me his approval to post this info for everyone.

As with anything I’m not going to decide for you, that is of course 100% your decision.  If these issues have prevented you from giving this tea a try, you have another chance to…

…decide to try it based on the new information you’ve just received here <– Click Here to decide

If you would like to read over the original blog post regarding the tea and other’s thoughts and comments, you can do that here.

Thanks again for allowing me to clear up these concerns others have had about the tea and company, I really do appreciate you!

I’ll be back in a few with some new interesting strategies and techniques I think you’re going to be excited to try out…

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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42 Comments Add yours

  1. Caitlin

    Hi Rob,

    I sent a complaint via email to WuLong Tea a few months ago… May, I believe…. the tea I received was close to expiration!

    If you could pass on my message to someone at WuLong that would be great, thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Caitlin Moushall

    • Rob Poulos

      Caitlin, I’ve forwarded your issue to Okuma directly, as I have done with several other readers….they are all getting taken care of… regarding the expiration… this is what has happened on a few shipments:

      “With respect to your order, the tea was erroneously date stamped to Chinese standards (1 year) versus US Standards (2 years). The tea is good for 1 year beyond the date on the box.”

      You should hear from Okuma shortly.

      • Caitlin

        Hi Rob,

        I heard from them this morning and they have even offered me compensation for my trouble. I am extremely impressed with your quick auction – just plain awesome!

        So thank you so much! Incidentally the tea tastes alright and I am using it – I am currently competeing in a 12 week challenge at my gym and hoping the tea will help. (As well as your fatburning methodology of course!)

        Thanks again!

  2. Cheryl

    Hey Rob,
    I bought the tea (it tastes really good by the way). I get emails from them all the time on how I can benefit and make my weightloss goals – not trying to sell me more things, just good tips.
    My order came in promptly and I had no problems with them at all.
    I want to say that I love how you point out the YEAR of complaints. Too many times, people will just read remarks and not note the date in which things happened. This goes for anything you look for – check out the dates. I’ve seen people reference things from 30 years ago before. If you want to harness the power of this great internet, really harness it, don’t limit yourself.
    As of yet, I haven’t noticed any great fat loss but the tea is so good that I don’t even drink morning coffee any more. One cup in the morning and one in the afternoon really does satisfy the coffee craving. I don’t even add anything to it – just straight tea. I love that (I have to sweeten coffee and most other teas).
    So, thank you for letting me in on the tea. I love it! :)

  3. David Donnelly

    I had an issue with Customer Service and after contacting Rob- it was sorted the same day to my satisfaction. Guys say they had been overwhelmed in the last few days. No complaints from me.

    I have researched this tea- actually before Rob mentioned it and the fact that it is from Mount Wu Yi Chan in the Fujian is the clincher. Can’t even get this tea from Twinnings, Strand, London!

  4. Alan L.Prutton

    You do not know how much I appreciate your honest work and follow up in today’s society. Alan

  5. Rob Poulos

    thanks for the well thought out post David… from my understanding and discussion with Robert, the location and elevation do make a difference…

  6. Sandy

    I have been drinking oolong for years and the elevation and location most certainly makes a difference. Most experienced tea drinkers understand that oolong from Mount Wu Yi Chan is almost impossible to get in the states. And the health benefits are legendary. For me, the price is more than reasonable for the quality.

  7. Jim

    I received my order yesterday. Brewed my first cup. Not Bad. I”m not a tea drinker, but it was actually pretty good. Here in Phoenix, the last thing I needed was a hot beverage, and it was even better Iced. Hopefully that doesn’t diminish it’s benefits.


  8. Paul

    Just wondering. If oolong is twice as good as green tea in helping to reduce fat then why not just have twice as much green tea. Green tea is much, much cheaper and widely available from any supermarket.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Paul, on face value, I would think many folks find it inconvenient to brew 4+ cups a day… but there could be other reasons… I will look into this

  9. Debbie

    Hi Rob,
    I purchased Wu-Yi tea a couple of years ago. I drank it but didn’t notice weight loss from it. I guess maybe I didn’t drink it long enough. Their tea is also grown up high on Mt. Wu Yi Shan as well. I’m going to try drinking some again, this time a longer period of time, and see if it works. I have 90 pounds to lose and I’m a very impatient person when it comes to weight loss. I give up too soon. But I just walked 3 miles using Walk Away the Pounds and tommorrow is a new day! Yay! :)

  10. Alexia

    I ordered & recvd Wu Long tea a week and a half ago.When I opened the package it smelled absolutely wonderful.It tastes just as good as it smells too.I’ve been drinking only one cup a day with lunch(I have to have my coffee in the morning)& I’m still losing weight.I’m impressed.

  11. Dileep raghavan

    Hi Rob,

    Can you please forward to me the Okuma people for me to communicate. I am in Indonesia and I am not able to find the real Okuma tea but there are Oolong brands.

    Best regards,

  12. Nicola

    After your original post, I checked out the website and sent them an email asking whether all packages were in the form of tea bags. This is a real sticking point for me as I travel lots so only want tea bags. I never heard back from them and that must have been a good 2-3 weeks ago. If you could answer that question please, then I will order away;-)

    • Rob Poulos

      Kevin from Okuma should be contacting you shortly… yes I believe they do have bags…

  13. Sridhar Panuganti

    Thanks for acting on my post yesterday (there was a delay in receiving my order).
    Kevin from Okuma got in touch with me and assured me that if I do not receive my order by the end of the week they will re-ship it. thanks again for your help. By the way I cannot see my post from yesterday on your blog, however OKUMA guys received it. Do you delete posts more than a day old.


    Sridhar Panuganti

    • Rob Poulos

      No prob… your post was held in moderation as it was a pending issue we wanted to get cleared up for you…

  14. Jim Palmer


    I am completely satisfied with this product and the company recommended in your blog. In fact, and to my surprise, I began drinking two cups of this Tea 10 days ago and have lost 3 pounds.

    After having lost 28 pounds, I hit a point where I couldnt seem to brake through to get to my “healthy” weight level, just 15 pounds away. After several months of getting no where, I figured I would try the Tea. Now that I have no doubt it worked for me, I know this because I changed nothing else, my motivation to achieve the weight loss goal I set for myself 8 months ago is stronger than before.

  15. paul williams

    Hi Rob found a tea importer in England who has been importing Mount Wu Yi Chan Oolong tea of the Fujian provence since 2006 through China Tea of Fujian, China.
    Both checked out ok, and are priced quite reasonably at £11 sterling for 220 bags.
    I love tea anyway so drinking it was no problem. May i also suggest you try Roibos (Red Tea) from South Africa, which is high in Antioxident and no caffiene.

    • Karen R

      Hi Paul, I’m based in the UK as well and £11 for 220 bags sounds good and hopefully delivery would be reasonably quick – would you mind passing on the company details so I can order some. Many thanks

    • Michael

      Hi Paul would you be able to pass on the details of the company you have found in the UK ,
      as I like you are from this part of the world .

    • Elina

      Hi Paul,

      I’d be grateful if you could forward me the details for the company you’ve found in the UK (I’m based in London). By the way, has the tea worked for you yet?


    • Nikki

      Hi Paul,
      I would also love to know of the uk supplier as that would be much handier for me and hopefully cheaper!
      If you wouldn’t mind emailing me the details I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

    • Van

      HI PAUL,


  16. Joy Shayne Laughter

    Hi, Rob,

    My initial Wu Long tea package arrived while I was out of town, so I’m only just gettng started drinking it, but I am impressed with the customer service & quick arrival of support e-mails with weight loss tips. That tells me Okuma has someone being Johnny-on-the-Spot with customer care.

    It tastes good, too. I now prefer green & oolong tea to coffee.

  17. Sharon

    Thanks for handling my complaint with customer service for the Wulong tea. My original complaint to them was July 28 and after several further email attempts still nothing. It wasn’t until you intervened for me that I received an immediate response. They should smarten up their customer service department as intervention form you shouldn’t be the promptor; however without it i doubt I would have been heard. Thanks again, Sharon (Australia)

    • Rob Poulos

      no prob Sharon… I know they were backed up from all of the orders, so it was taking longer to get through to CS… you can call them also… remember with emails and spam filters sometimes emails just don’t get through…

    • Brigitte

      Hi Shafron,

      I have just placed my order I would like to know how you are progressing as I am in Australia.

      How long did it take for you to notice the weight loss?

      Happy weight loss Hope to hear from you

  18. Bobi Craker

    I ordered and received my tea, and am not sure why some people have commented on the taste being bitter, etc. I have long believed that both cinnamon and honey are very beneficial and have added them to my tea, regardless what kind. I did this with the WuLong tea and it tastes great. I did however email the company 2 weeks ago because my accompanying info (instructions, etc.) were not included and have had not response.


  19. Jim Reeves

    Thanks for the info re. the expiration date. I ordered a very large supply, probably a year ago. It “expires” this month. I have not used the tea regularly so am unable to add to the conversation. Enjoy your emails. Keep em coming.

  20. gryzl

    hi rob
    good day.im from the phils.where can i purhase this tea.is there any dealer here.

  21. Brigitte

    I have placed my order yesterday what I would like to know is there a supplier in Australia or in my town Mackay Queensland area cosde 4740

  22. liang

    I’m Chinese, Asian. I drink green tea and sometimes Oolong (those normal grade, not WuLong) everyday. But there’s no weight loss progress in me. Do you think this Okuma Wu Long tea will still works for me since i’m used to drinking tea in my everyday diet.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey liang, as I said, wulong can be a helpful aid, but it needs to be part of an overall plan that includes attention to good dietary choices and fitness.

  23. PULS

    How can I get this wonderful WU-Long tea? any Suppliers/Distributors in South Africa? please email me contact details.

    Rob thanks again for brilliant weight loss tips.


    Hi Rob

    I really want to order this Wu Long Tea. I am from South Africa, can you please forward me the details of the suppliers?

    Thanks again


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