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The TRUTH About Carbs, Protein & Fats

By Rob Poulos...

I wanted to touch on something today that is KILLING most
people’s chance at ever having a lean body…

Almost everyone struggling with their weight has 1 main
problem in common:

They are STILL searching for some type of eating “gimmick”
like ‘low carb’ or ‘low fat’, etc.

The truth is none of these gimmicks will solve the true

And that problem is that most folks struggling with their
weight do not have a ‘go to’ nutrition plan.

They don’t know what foods to eat, and what foods not eat.

As Kalen and I teach in FatBurningFurnace, eating the right
foods solves all sorts of problems that come with focusing
on the next big gimmick out there.

I was discussing this at a seminar recently, where I also
had the pleasure of meeting one of the smartest
nutritionists I’ve ever come across.

Her name is Isabel, and after we got to talking for a few
minutes I knew she was not like most confused dietitians out
there, still recommending worn out theories on eating and
phat loss.

It was a few minutes after that that she blew me away with
some of her ideas on common dietary practices, including:

what you need to know about dairy before ever eating it

the dangers of certain soy products promoted as ‘healthy’
but actually cause more belly phat…

-the truth about organic foods and if they are worth the

-why most products labeled as ‘whole grains’ are not much
better than over processed white bread…

-the huge confusion about dietary fat and why eating a low
fat diet will actually make you gain weight…

-the TRUTH about salt, sweeteners, alcohol and more…

I don’t usually make bold recommendations, but I love most
of Isabel’s ideas on lean body meal plans and the rest of
her site.

You can see for yourself here:

Diet Killer

Alright, enjoy and we’ll talk soon…

Here’s to getting lean, strong, and healthy for life,

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