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The Hormone Conspiracy That’s Making You Fat And Sick & 4 Tips To Snuff It Out Fast!

By Rob Poulos...

There’s a “hormone conspiracy” going on and it’s CRITICAL you read this now!

Long term health studies have concluded that:

*MEN are seeing rapid DECREASES in testosterone

*WOMEN are at a HIGHER risk than ever for breast cancer

*Even YOUNG GIRLS are reaching puberty 6-12 months EARLIER than they did just 40 years ago

What’s causing this shocking health crisis?

Big Corporations And Agri-Businesses Are Pumping You Full Of ESTROGEN!

You may know that estrogen (a “female” hormone) occurs naturally in both men and women, but at heightened levels it causes all sorts of health problems…

…and sure enough, levels are rising dramatically and sneaking their way into your body!


*Pesticides on your foods contain estrogen-mimicking compounds…

*Some plastics you use actually LEAK synthetic estrogens…

*Cows are given estrogen and made to produce more milk for you to drink.

*And cattle that are supplemented with estrogen to prep them for your dinner table.

In fact, the meat of hormone-treated cows have been found to contain up to 5 TIMES the amount of estrogen as untreated cattle!

Face it, there’s a virtual “HORMONE WAR” going on…and we’re losing!

Is there ANYTHING you can do about it?

In a word…YES!

Here’s How To Overcome This Toxic Conspiracy…

There’s actually a lot you can do to overcome hormone imbalances that are keeping you fat and destroying your health:

1. Trying to buy more organic fruits and vegetables is a great start…

2. Grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish are also good choices…

3. Don’t buy plastics with a recycling symbol with a 3, 6, or 7 listed on it…

4. Purify your body of toxic build-up using a simple “cleanse”…

What’s a “cleanse”?

Well, it’s commonly called “detoxing” and done the right way, you can actually REVERSE the damage done by the synthetic estrogens and other toxins you’ve already been exposed to for some time now.

It’s basically a way to remove the hidden poisons already deposited in your body using all-natural means…

…and although it’s become all the rage in Hollywood, detoxing is easy to do if you have the right plan.

Sadly, slick supplement companies have been marketing extreme detox programs that are miserable to do…and can do more harm than good!

So knowing the EASY way to get rid of dangerous toxins in your body is just what we need…

…that’s why a friend of mine, Jeff Anderson (the founder and Editor for a natural health site) has been working behind the scenes to uncover many of the hidden secrets big businesses are using to literally POISON us for big profits.

At his website, you’ll see that Jeff has uncovered some common places that you’re being exposed to these “xeno-strogens”, as well as other toxins…

Plus, you’ll see EXACTLY how you can overcome this hormone disaster and reclaim not only your health, but help keep that excess flab falling off of your body.

IMPORTANT: Jeff is a personal friend of mine and as I’ve done before, I agreed to share this with my readers so long as he was willing to offer a VERY special discount just for us!

So, for THIS WEEK ONLY, I think you’re going to love that you can actually grab a HUGE discount on Jeff’s “Easy 3-Day Detox”.

Here’s what you need to do next:

1. Click Here to go now to Jeff’s website and read his shocking report…

2. Once you’ve read this shocking report and decide like Kalen and I did to DO SOMETHING about it, PUSH the “Detox Now” button on the

3. On the order form, you’ll see a special field that says “Enter Coupon Code”.

In that little box, enter the word “furnace”

4. Then click on “Apply Coupon” and you’ll see how Jeff chopped the entire program (including ALL of the bonuses valued at over $100) for an amazing discount, just for us!

But you must hurry because this special discount coupon is only good for THIS WEEK ONLY.


Enjoy the report and we’ll talk soon,

P.S. WARNING: Prepare yourself, because if you’re anything like us, you WILL be shocked by what you find is being put into your body!

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  1. Denise Johnson

    the link to the report doesn’t work. Thx.

  2. Geoff

    Bummer. The “furnace” code appears no longer valid. I’ve been on vacation and missed the email until today. Any other discounts available on these products? Thanks.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Geoff, I’ve forwarded you message to Jeff…he should be contacting you shortly… watch your email…thanks 😉

  3. Elena

    Hi! I’ve missed the offer period – have been travelling on business. Is there any chance for extention? Thanks.

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