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The Hidden TRUTH Behind Corn Syrup…

By Rob Poulos...

You’ve probably heard that corn syrup and the high fructose version (HFCS) is bad for you, but you may also have seen the TV commercials saying it’s ‘natural’ and pure, etc…

…so what’s the real deal?

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Alright, now here are some FACTS you need to understand about corn syrup and those TV ads…

First, the TV ads are produced by something called the ‘Corn Refiners Association’, who have been mentioned as spending around $30 BILLION and counting to run these ads!!!

Second, the ads talk about how corn syrup and HFCS is a natural sweetener made from corn. And they go on to say HFCS is being labeled as unhealthy but it’s really just fine and dandy in moderation.  They also talk about how HFCS has the “same natural sweeteners as table sugar and honey.”  What could be bad about stuff made from natural corn, sugar and honey, huh?

Well… from my view, plenty…here’s what I believe is the TRUTH about this stuff, and why you should avoid it at all costs…

HFCS makes you crave sugar:

The proponents of this stuff claim it’s fine in moderation… the problem is, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to have in moderation if you are the average American.  Plus, HFCS has been show in studies to raise blood sugar and ghrelin (a hunger boosting hormone) levels which will make you hungrier for more calories and more sugar.

HFCS slows down your #1 hunger hormone that tells you to stop eating:

Yet another reason why you can’t stop eating when you keep eating HFCS foods… HFCS again has been show to slow your production of the hormone leptin, which is the #1 hormone that tells you to stop eating!

HFCS production is far from anything natural and is used because it’s cheap:

HFCS isn’t used because it’s healthy… The HFCS scientists take corn and combine it with 3 enzymes to get a syrup that’s much sweeter than sugar and super cheap to make… which seems obvious as the #1 reason it is in so many foods at your grocery store…it’s cheap to make!

HFCS is EVERYWHERE, even at most health food grocers:

While it may seem strange, you can find several foods loaded up with HFCS even at some of my favorite healthy stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods… now most foods they carry DO NOT have it in them, but some do… just another reminder that you must always READ THE LABEL before buying anything anywhere if you care about your health and lasting fat loss and fitness.

My #1 HFCS alternative…

So now that you know what I feel is the hidden truth behind HFCS and the multi-billion dollar campaign behind it, you will be better prepared to make smarter choices when shopping, and preparing meals and snacks.  And for sweetening, I go with stevia, an all natural sweetener with 0 calories… read up on it and the specific brand I use here

Alright, hope you enjoyed the article today and don’t forget to grab Bill’s report below before it’s gone tonight…

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Talk soon!

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom

    $30 Billion? Come on. The rest of what you say has some merit but billion seems quite an exaggeration!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Tom, yeah it sounds crazy, but it is what is out there right now…

  2. Rosemarie

    I really don’t like the taste of Stevia, but for my health’s sake, I guess that I can used to almost anything.

    • Shannon

      Try using Xylitol. It’s great. No after taste and benificial to your health. the gum helps figh plaque.


    • michael garcia

      don’t. sacrifices aren’t necessary to health. just as our body’s work in perfect harmony to protect from disease, replenish nutrients, and even perform physical activities such as walking, nature works in perfect harmony with our bodies to provide food that will taste good, satisfy, and make you feel good. the sugar in natural foods are almost impossible to take in excess. Try eating so many oranges that you gain weight. Even though oranges have a lot of fructose, it won’t happen. The desire to overeat unhealthy foods is a direct result of the presence of poison and absence of nutrition in the food you eat. the taste of sweetness is not inherently bad for you, in fact, the reason we like the taste so much is because sweet foods are most reliably good for you in nature. Go ahead and eat sweets but cut out the middlemen who fill your food with poison and take away the nutrition and instead let nature provide you with everything you need.

  3. Aleta

    Try “Sun Crystals”. It is made from pure sugar cane and stevia. It is sweet and you don’t have to use very much! I always read labels and try not to buy anytyhing with cornsyrup in it! It is in sooo many foods!

  4. Brian T.

    I have been following your posts for a while concerning sweeteners. I have not not heard any mention of Xylitol. I have been using it for a couple of years now. Of course it is more expensive than sugar but it is a little cheaper than stevia. It has more of a cool taste than sugar. The health benefits certainly make it worth while looking into.


    I have also heard that the American Dental Association refuse to endorse it for the fear it would cut into their business

    Any comment?

  5. michael garcia

    also, stop trying to lose weight. there is a mechanism in your brain for determining your body makeup ( % lean body mass and % fat) that uses hormones and is impossible to override. Your current weight is the healthiest thing your body can come up with based on the food that your giving it. if you eat appropriate foods and excercise an appropriate amount it will provide you with an appropriate weight. weight is not reflective of the amount of self-control you can exhibit over not eating more food, but reflective of your body’s ability to be healthy with the food you provide it. and health does more than provide a satisfying weight. It makes you more attractive in every way imaginable. You will lose fat, your skin and hair will become cleaner, softer and healthier, your brain becomes more effective, your mood becomes generally more positive and you feel better.

  6. Neta

    I work at the Trader Joe’s in West Des Moines, IA. Only ONE item in the store has HFCS. It’s the Orangina beverage.

  7. Liz H.

    My daughter did an experiment while she was pregnant with her 3rd child. With her 1st child, the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes made her feel so sick that her Dr. has let her monitor her blood sugar rather than do the glucose tolerance test for the subsequent 2 pregnancies. On Saturday they eat at a small local hamburger place. One week she had a Pepsi with her meal. The next week she took a Pepsi Throwback (sugar, no HFCS) with her & had the same meal as the week before. Her blood sugar levels had stayed in the “good” range until the HFCS Pepsi. Her blood sugar jumped to the highest of the pregnancy. Not only that, it stayed elevated over 100 for 2 days. The sugar Pepsi raised her blood sugar but not quite as high. But the real sticking point (besides “don’t drink pop”) is that after the sugar Pepsi her blood sugar was back to normal by the very next meal.

  8. sarina

    is this real?

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