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The Fat Burning Easter Pants Mishap

By Rob Poulos...

So I guess you’re wondering, ‘What the heck is the fat burning
easter pants mishap?’.  And maybe you’re even wondering, ‘has
Poulos gone mad?!’ No, at least I don’t think so.  Let me

It all started last Saturday night when my family and I were
doing a little pre-packing for the next day’s trip to be with
relatives for Easter.  I was downstairs and was preparing all of
the kids stuff and started to pack up the car when I heard a
blood-curdling scream from upstairs.

Was it one of the kids?  Had they hurt themselves?  I leaped
over the child-proof gate and dashed upstairs to see what had

There I saw the kids, who were fine, and my wife who was in a
panic.  ‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.  That’s when she told me
that the Easter pants she had bought a few weeks earlier still
had the ginormous plastic security tag on them.  They forgot to
take it off at the department store, and now she wouldn’t be
able to wear them.

‘What’s the big deal? Just wear another pair of white pants!’ I
told my wife  That’s when she told me it was the only pair of
white pants that fit her because most of the rest of her
wardrobe was hanging on her.  That’s where the fat burning comes

You see, after my wife’s last pregnancy (in which she had
gained 80 pounds), I used my fat burning furnace principles to
get her in even better shape than even before her first
pregnancy.  That’s right, she’s in better shape now than even
before her first pregnancy (7 years ago).  Dynamite shape, in

She went from a little over 200 pounds after her last pregnancy
to a body weight in the 120s at a height of 5’8.  Sure, she was
a little hesitant to abandon the common methods of fat loss like
long boring cardio or fad diets in favor of my brief infrequent
resistance training, but after just a few weeks she was a true
believer.  Especially after realizing it only required 15-20
minutes 2-3 times per week.

She laughed when I told her that most women are afraid of
getting big bulky muscles from resistance training.  After
spending about a year using my FBF principles, the only thing
big about her is her energy levels, attitude, and self-

Well, what happened to the easter pants?  Lucky for us, the
department store was open for another hour, and we had to make a
late night easter pants run during the kids bedtime hours.  I
don’t recommend taking the kids to the mall during their
bedtime, by the way…my readers with kids know what I’m talking
about. 😉

So we got the security tag removed, the kids back to bed, and
started thinking it was probably time to update some of my
wife’s wardrobe to stuff that actually fits!

I guess it’s true…there is a downside to burning so much
fat…you might find yourself pantsless the night before Easter.


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