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The #1 Fat Loss Plateau Buster EVER…

By Rob Poulos...

You’re not alone if you may have found that, despite your dieting efforts, you can not avoid hitting ‘the wall’ or a plateau in your fat loss…  after all, it’s one of the most common questions I get from newsletter readers desperate for help.

The good news is by the time you finish reading this short post today, you’ll have what Kalen and I have found to be the #1 way to bust that fat loss plateau and get back on track to a leaner you in no time.

So let’s get to it!

First off, you need to understand this FACT: You are going to get nearly the same fat loss results with about 90% following of your diet plan as if you followed it 100% to the letter.

If you eat 5-6 meals/snacks a day, that’s 35-42 meals/snacks a week.  And that means you can probably get away with 3-4 “cheat” meals/snacks and still see some great fat loss results (assuming, of course, your diet plan is sound).

But what’s even greater news is that several studies are proving that “cheating” on your diet every once in a while can actually help you burn MORE  fat AND STOP THE PESKY DIET PLATEAUS in the long term.  (Yeah, I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me)…


While it is against common sense that eating more food could actually help your fat loss (since fat loss first comes down to how much you eat versus how much you burn), lucky for us, there are times when this is exactly the case.

Besides the psychological benefit of knowing you can have one of your favorite treats every so often if you want to, when you are on a lower calorie intake than you have been for a while, eventually your metabolism can slow down to protect you from starving.

Your body will then cut down on the release of a prime fat melting hormone called Leptin. Because of this sudden drop (along with some other reasons), your body can then increase its production of another hormone called cortisol.

This is BAD, BAD, BAD for fat loss…

Cortisol is the Darth Vader of fat burning.  Increased production of this hormone will make you hungrier and can cause muscle loss…all making fat loss nearly impossible! (This is what a lot of dieters experience when they hit a “plateau”).

So…to keep cortisol in it’s place and optimize the leptin levels (and keep the fat loss in high gear), you can try practicing occasional overeating or as it’s more commonly known…”cheating”.

Here’s how Kalen and I have done this in the past with great results:

1. Try eating an additional 500-1000 calories or so on one day every week or two.


2. Try spreading that calorie surplus out every few days, at just one meal or snack.

Both ways can work to optimize leptin levels, but it’s probably easier to do all in one day…but that’s up to you.

Keep in mind this is not something to be done every day or even every other day…you still need to maintain a caloric deficit about 90% of the time if you expect continuous and maximum fat loss.

Now since you’re probably salivating at the mouth to try this cheating to lose even more fat technique, you’re going to love what my friend Joel is doing over at his website…

….and how you’re going to be able actually LOSE FAT DURING THE HOLIDAYS this year…

…starting with THANKSGIVING dinner!

Now that you understand the power of the Leptin response and what to do about it, this is definitely for you…

How to eat holiday treats & drop up to 21 holiday pounds… <— Click Here

Alright, enjoy this technique (and the cheat days!) and we’ll talk to a slimmer you after the holidays?

Report back and let us know how it went!

P.S. As you’re going through Joel’s web page, you’ll also find this official Cheat Your Way Thin Restaurant Guide where he dissects the menus of more than 75 popular restaurants, providing you with a detailed list of which meals and options are ready to eat to take advantage of this plateau busting technique.

And today, in honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday, Joel has set aside a copy of this Restaurant Guide bonus, along with the Holiday Cheat Calendar bonus (a day-by-day guide, with every holiday designated as a Cheat Day, to achieve maximal fat loss DURING the holidays), AND his complete Cheat Your Way Thin step-by-step technique for LESS THAN HALF PRICE for a limited time…

eat treats & drop up to 21 holiday pounds… <— Click Here (more than 50% OFF for a few hours only!)

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