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Sweet Green: A Simple Trick To Eating Your Veggies…

By Rob Poulos...

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from subscribers to this newsletter like you on how to eat enough vegetables each day…


Vegetables contain the highest concentration of micronutrients out of all foods…and when you fill your body with the micronutrients it craves, it’s a TON easier to keep hunger and cravings at bay (one of the core secrets of my Fat Burning Furnace system)…


I’m sure you realize getting enough of these little wonders isn’t always easy…So-

-with that in mind, I wanted to share one of my classic newletter recipes that will ensure you don’t miss out on the fat burning power of veggies…even if you’re the BUSIEST PERSON ON EARTH!

My buddy John Allen Mollenhauer calls it ‘Sweet Green’…

It’s a simple smoothie you can make at home in your blender in just about 30-seconds with these basic but healthy ingredients:

1. 1 cup of water

2. 1/2 cup of almond milk, OR if you must, non fat milk

(for higher protein and less sugar, if you can, use a scoop of your favorite whey protein powder like mine (Prograde’s Protein) instead of milk.)

3. 1 small to medium banana

4. 1 apple OR pear (with skin)

5. 2 cups frozen spinach OR broccoli

6. 1 tablespoon of flaxseed

Blend for 60 seconds and enjoy!

This delicious wonder packs loads of fat burning micronutrients plus healthy carbs, protein, healthy fats…and most importantly those green veggies…and all in just about 320 calories!

Go ahead and try it yourself…it makes a perfect ‘any time’ snack…

I know you’ll like it ;-).

Also, while this recipe is certainly a tasty way to hide some veggies in your daily meal, you also want to make sure you’re not missing out on the multitude of other health boosting nutrients from a good whole foods based multivitamin like this one (the one I use EVERY day)…

Here’s to getting lean, strong, and healthy for life,

P.S. Let me know how you liked ‘Sweet Green’ in the comments below!

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  1. David

    It’s sounds really good.. But could you tell me how many grams the different thing are?? like, how many grams of spiach??

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey David, I just use a handful of the spinach, typically, for one serving… there’s no need to get caught up in grams of vegetables in this case…

      • rob.

        Dear Rob. Thank’s so much for all the wise info you’ve sent us. My wife and I want to order your book, but we can’t do it on line. We’ve tried three times with no success. We are’nt very good on computers yet. Could you please email us another method of ordering. Many thank’s from Rob. and Louise.

        • Rob Poulos

          Hey Rob I’ll have our support girls get in touch with you on that…

  2. Manu Te Whata

    Hi, is that flaxseed oil and when is the best time to have it? Thanks

  3. Elaine

    Hi, The recipe looks good. However, I have a problem with the Protein Powder…

  4. Lynne

    Must the spinach or brocolli be frozen or can you use fresh spinach or brocolli?

    • Rob Poulos

      Frozen works best for a smoothie, though you could use fresh spinach and plenty of ice!

  5. Ty

    Hi Rob,

    I have been following your ‘recipe tutorials’ and i think they are worth a try. Will start doing that one of these days. I wanted to order for the fat burning furnace product i found on your website but i discovered that my country (Nigeria) was not included in the countries, meaning you don’t ship to Nigeria. I am really interested in this product but as you can see, I’m constrained. i hope there’s something you could do about this.


  6. Carol Baxter

    Hi, Can you send it to New Zealand as it’s not an option in the address?

  7. Joe

    Rob, I am a Type 2 diabetic and really need items that won’t conflict with blood glucose. Do you have a system for that. I am always on the go so that complicates the problem even more.

  8. Vanessa Dionne

    Hello, I am vegan and I make a similar smoothie, I use unsweetned hemp milk, a frozen banana, a cup or two of spinach, one tablespoon of natural almond butter (I add some flaxseed oil, but I already use it on my salad) and a scoop of vegan protein powder (pea, hemp, rice etc. I use nitrofusion). It makes a very tasty super good for you smoothie.

  9. cinda

    What if you are on blood thinners and not suppose to have very little dark greens in your diet?

    • Ray

      Work with your Doctor on this one. When they put me on blood thinners 8 years ago I dug my heels in and told them cutting back on dark and leafy greens was not an option.

      I said it was up to them to adjust my medication so that I could eat these healthy foods. It just means that you have to be consistent with your diet. I eat broccoli about 5 out of 7 days and other leafy greens about 3 days a week and my blood levels are within range most of the time.

      Talk to your Doctor and tell him what you want to do. It will probably mean more frequent blood tests until you get everything balanced again, but well worth it.

      Good Luck.

  10. dd


    I started your workout/nutrition program with body weight from the book 4 weeks ago and I actually see progress in mirror. One of those 4 weeks I even didn’t work out because I felt sick, but the result is amazing for just 8 times of working out. My husband works out at a gym for years and almost nothing changes. However, as I read articles by Joel Marion as well, I added a cheat day once a week into a program and I tend to focus on negative side of exercises. This whole thing really rocks!!!!!!!

  11. Lo

    Cooked or uncooked broccoli?

  12. mark

    I think this smoothy would be great. I am currently taking blood thinners. i am supposed to limit my vit.K. Is there any other substitutes I could use?

  13. Carol Baxter

    Hi Rob, I was talking about Athletic Greens. I live in New Zealand and want to know if they can be shipped here.

  14. Donna

    Sounds good and twill try tomorrow. I make my own energy soup and has all the portions needed. This one sounds like a power booster. Cheers ~,~

  15. Beverly

    My husband has been on blood thinners for years. We worked through
    all the scary things we first heard when he was put on Rx.
    I worried when I hear others are giving up greens. Some have said ALL
    greens for life!

    Your meds are adjusted to handle the greens in your diet so your blood serum
    therapeutic levels remain–therapeutic. But you must be
    consistent as to how much Vit K you eat…so adjustment/fine tuning of your Rx works.

    I steam broccoli or serve green salads or other Vit K greens daily. Knowing
    they are accounted. I’d rather watch the other stuff which thins, but can be left
    out of diet.

  16. Hi Rob,
    I have been a member,however I could never download your book at the beginning with all the exercises.
    How can I get it?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Peter, I’ll have our cs team get a hold of you asap with instructions…cheers!

  17. Kris

    I’m interested in purchasing your material. However, our lifestyle does not include credit cards. Is there a way we can purchase the material by check or money order?

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