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Get Lean With These 5 Foods for Super Fast Weight Loss that Blast Fat

By Rob Poulos...

So we’ve all faced this dilemma–you’re getting married, going to a school reunion, or maybe you’re just going to go on a special vacation a few months.  You’re excited to go, but there’s just one problem.

Your weight.

If you’re losing instead of winning the battle of the bulge, then you probably know how tempting it is to crash diet to make those unwanted pounds go away.  Unfortunately, crash diets carry numerous safety and health risks, such as extreme fatigue, dehydration, and sometimes even malnutrition.  Sure, you really want to lose weight, but to destroy your health?  You’ll pass.

But don’t worry–you can still get rid of your weight really, really fast.  It’s just a matter of knowing which foods you need to eat.

Five Foods for Super Fast Weight Loss 

To lose weight, calories matter–but what matters even more is the type of foods you eat.  Subject yourself to a cookie and bread eating plan and the pounds won’t exactly fall off; commit yourself to a healthy dieting plan and you’ll probably have better luck.  So which foods can help make your weight loss journey easier?  Here’s what reigns supreme:

1. Salmon.  It’s true: Salmon is packed full of fat.  But salmon actually contains the “good” sort of fats, which can make you healthier and speed up weight loss.  According to a recent study, it may also lower your risk of high blood pressure, thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids, which have innumerable health benefits.  Best yet, it’s rich in protein, which studies show make people fuller for longer.  So eat up!

2. Oatmeal.  It’s a great way to start your day, but did you know oatmeal can also make you thinner?  It’s true: A recent study found that athletes who ate complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, for breakfast and lunch had a higher metabolism than those who didn’t.  For your best fat-burning meal, choose steel-cut oats over instant, which contains more fiber to keep your digestive system healthy.

3. Celery. You probably haven’t’ reached for a bowl of crunchy celery lately, but perhaps it’s time–on average, a stalk of celery contains fewer than 10 calories and a whole lot of fiber!  It’s the perfect vegetable to binge on when you want to save calories, and easily takes on the flavor of any sauce, spice, or food, making it also extremely versatile.

4. Green tea. Okay, okay–this isn’t exactly a food.  But it’s still important to get your fill of it on your diet.  Why?  Well it turns out green tea contains special components that can actually speed up your metabolism–by over 40% per day–while protecting you from cardiovascular disease and cancer, so it pays to drink up.  They even sell green tea fortified foods, such as green tea ice cream.

5. Lean, high protein foods.  We already covered salmon earlier, but don’t forget other high protein foods, such as chicken, turkey, and lean beef, which can also stave away hunger pangs throughout the day.  Having more protein also means you’ll lose less muscle mass while dieting, which can keep your metabolism high.

For the best results, consider replacing the not-so-healthy foods in your diet (chips, anyone?) with these healthful options and keep on exercising.  Soon you’ll find that the pounds effortlessly fall off–and you won’t feel deprived either!

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