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Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

By Rob Poulos...

I was just reminded today about the importance of rest and
recovery in relation to lasting health and fitness.  How?  Well,
I came down with a cold just the other day.

Now, you’re not going to find too many fitness experts telling
you that they’ve got a cold…many of them are too scared to
admit this to their students and readers since they want to
appear as the picture of health and fitness.

But the reality is, it doesn’t matter how healthy or fit you
are, if you let your immune system get run down, you’ll be
susceptible to picking up a cold or some other type of virus.

You see, I’ve been working day and night lately on some exciting
new products to help my Fat Burning Furnace students take their
results to the next level…but because of this, I haven’t been
getting the amount of quality sleep or rest that I need to
perform at my best.

And as a result, my immune system was ripe for picking up the
cold that my daughter picked up from a classmate at her school.
(Parents with small kids know what I’m talking about!)

Now, I know the value of quality rest and sleep in creating
fast weight loss and getting and staying lean, strong, and
healthy more than most, but I still fell into the trap of
working too much and not giving my body the rest it needs.
But there is one thing I’m not going to do and you should
never do either when you’re sick…

Workout!  When your body is sick, you need to let it use 100
percent of it’s resources to get you healthy as fast as
possible.  If you go ahead and continue with workouts or any
other strenuous activity you’re only delaying the recovery
process.  I learned this the hard way several years ago, believe

Now, I know this is hard for a lot of people who have adopted
the habit of regular weekly workouts…it can be like ‘losing
your right arm’.  And it’s always tough for me, especially this
time as I just began one of my Blowtorch Body sculpting workouts
for abdominals that I teach in the complete Fat Burning Furnace

This is a tremendously rewarding workout in terms of producing
results fast, and I was so excited to get started, but I’m
going to have to hold off for a few days until I recover from
the cold.  If I don’t, I’ll end up doubling or tripling my
recovery time, and my workout results will be less than stellar.
Why?  My body will be trying to recover from the virus and won’t
be able to give much of its resources to recovering from my

So, now you know…when you come down with a cold, flu, whatever
it is, don’t do it.  Don’t workout.  The body has amazing
recuperative powers, but if you don’t let them go to work,
you’re going to be just sick about it.

What’s your experience with working out while sick?


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  1. Angie

    I am three weeks into the program and it is working. But I am having a hard time exceeding 1300 cal a day even with five meals. I am at a 2300 to maintain is this too little for the bigining of the program any suggestions woulld be great. Thanks

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Angie, don’t overeat of course… just stick to what you’re doing if it is working… you can easily ADD more cals if necessary by increasing portion sizes.

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