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Get In Shape with the Biggest Loser Competition

By Rob Poulos...

Thanks in part to the success of the Biggest Loser TV phenomenon, many people and other organizations are following this weight loss model with the goal of helping people to lose weight in a competitive environment. Ventura County started its own The Biggest Loser Contest in September.

If you live in the Ventura County area, you still have an opportunity to get involved in this local version of the biggest loser Contest. This eight week weight loss program is being sponsored by Ventura County’s very own Bee-Fit Health and Wellness Center.The program will focus on two aspects central to weight loss — physical training and nutrition education.

It’s important to understand that the program began with its initial weigh-in on September 24. However, lead organizer Ramona Pagel announced that they will be accepting new participants into the program and the weigh-in deadline will be October 15.

While it may be more difficult for late arrivers to have success in winning the competition, there is still the opportunity to lose weight and get healthy. The program will end for everyone, regardless of when they enter the contest, the week before Thanksgiving on November 19.

For those that are interested in this eight week long weight loss competition, you may be wondering about the costs of the program. By conducting the competition in a team style, the registration costs for a two-person team is going to be $75.

The $75 will cover the cost of four physical training classes as well as for comprehensive nutrition workshops. Each of these classes will be conducted for one hour and are held every Monday between 4:30 and 5:30 PM.

However, you don’t have to be registered into the Biggest Loser Contest in order to take advantage of improving your education on proper nutrition. If you have access to the Ventura County naval base, you can take the stand alone nutrition classes for a cost of $10 per class.

If you are interested in this contest, here’s some important information for you. Every Monday you and your other team member will be required to weigh-in between 7 and 8:30 AM. Each weigh in will take place at the Bee Fit Health and Wellness Center located on the naval base.

When each contestant goes for the weigh in, each person is required to pay one dollar. In the event that the individual at the weigh in has the same weight as the previous weeks weigh in, or if a contestant can’t make it to the weigh in, the contestant will have to pay an additional one dollar penalty. There’s also a one dollar penalty for each pound that the contestant has gained over the previous week.

Not only do participants learn the proper training to lose weight as well as learning the valuable steps towards proper nutrition, there is still more incentive in The Biggest Loser Contest. During the last weigh in, the team that has lost the most bodyweight will take home 50% of all the money that has been collected throughout the competition. The team that comes in second will receive a 35% share of the money and the third-place team will take away a 15% share.

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