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What’s Your #1 Health & Fitness Challenge?

By Rob Poulos On August 29, 2011 515 Comments
I know from experience over the past few years in helping our now hundreds of thousands of readers, that sharing your challenges with like-minded others is almost ALWAYS a big boost to helping you succeed!

So go ahead and let us know what your #1 challenge is with health and fitness right now, below…

…your comment will appear below this message and you’ll also be able to see others’ comments, too.

See what we’re doing here?  That’s right, it’s motivation time baby!

For example, it might be:

-I need to lose 10 pounds

-I want to lose my gut

-I want to learn how to eat properly

You get the picture. Whatever YOUR personal challenge is, let us know… let’s all pull together here this week and help each other out.

I look forward to reading your comments ;-).

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