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‘Quick’ Fat Loss Trick Of A Turtle…

By Rob Poulos...

Heading out of town, so quick one for you today…

If you’ve followed my newsletter a while, or are an FBF
student,  you know that slowing down your exercise will
actually speed up your phat loss and fitness results…

…AND did you also know that slowing down how you eat will
also speed up your phat loss?  Yeah, it’s true!

Check it out:

Research has shown again and again that the longer a food
stays in your mouth, the more quickly your taste buds will
get tired of the flavor…which in turn makes you satisfied
with eating less of it!

Go ahead and use a smaller fork and take smaller bites to
push this effect to the max…

When you start applying this to all of your daily meals and
snacks, you’ll automatically eat less without really
noticing, which can lead to faster fat loss…plus, you’ll
actually get to enjoy the tastes of your food a lot more
than if you eat rapidly like most folks do these days…cool

Alright, I’ve gotta go , but I’ll be back
with more fast fit tips soon…

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

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  1. Catharina


    Why can our neighbours in Denmark and Norway order your book, but we who live in Finland can´t and neither can our neighbours the Swedes?
    What are the criteria?

    Catharina Westermark, Finland, Northern Europe

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Catharina, please check with out payment processor and retailer, Clickbank… they can assist you with this.

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