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By Rob Poulos...

I was at a party over the weekend at a friend’s house.  It was
kind of a “deck party” of sorts, lots of food, drink, and a
great deal of fun.  Catching up with old buddys, that sort of

But the thing I want to focus on from the party was the beverage
situation.  There were several coolers available, each
containing different types of drinks.  A couple of coolers
housed varieties of sodas, another had diet sodas, another was
filled with wine coolers, and yet another was loaded with
various types of beer.

And then there was the lone cooler of water.  As the day wore
on, the other coolers looked as though they had been ravaged by
a pack of thirsty beasts, constantly being refilled by the host
and hostess.

And there was that water cooler, all alone, seemingly untouched.
Every time I would go back to grab another water for myself or
my family, it was as if it had never been opened.  I didn’t see
it get refilled once…but why should it have been, with
practically no one drinking any of its contents!

Now before you think to yourself, “hey, this was at a party, and
people are not going to drink water at a party”, think again.
Yeah, people are going to indulge a little bit more at a party,
but this mirrors the behavior and habits of the majority at all
times, not just at partys.

People are not drinking enough water, period.  Water is far too
often looked at like the  “black sheep” of the beverage family.
We know it is good for us, but we’d rather pretend it’s not
there.  And this is just for basic health issues, I’m not even
talking about maximum fat burning.

If you desire to burn fat like a machine, 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, you must adopt the habit of drinking tons of water.
Water is so vital to the fat burning process for several
reasons, with the most important one having to do with how your
body metabolizes stored fat for energy.

Your liver is a primary mover in burning stored body fat for
energy.  If you are not well hydrated consistently throughout
the day, your liver must shift its focus from burning stored
body fat to assisting your kidneys.  And this can happen just
after a few minutes of being dehydrated.

So how do you know when you are dehydrated?  the minute you get
thirsty, you’ve already been dehydrated for several minutes.  It
should be obvious then, that you need to avoid thirst and keep
a constant flow of water into your body if you desire consistent
fat burning.

Before you think that you know all of this about water, and that
I’m just an idiot for stating the obvious, how much water are
you drinking really?…be honest.  Are you drinking it
consistently each and every day?  Probably not.

This is such a huge point I can’t emphasize strongly enough.
I’ve had FBF students that were paying close attention to almost
every aspect of the FBF system, but were still not satisfied
with the results.  After several queries back and forth, I found
that they were not drinking nearly enough water, and not in the
patterns I recommend.

Once they started doing this, the results were startling.
Energy was up, cravings for sweets were down, and they began to
lose even more body fat.  All because of the FBF water

Here’s quick but very vital tip.  If you think you can get
enough water by drinking a few glasses during the day, good
luck.  With life’s fast pace and unpredictability, you will be
under armed and have little chance of succeeding in getting your

Instead, be smart, and get yourself a 32oz water bottle.  Carry
it with you wherever you go.  You’ll get some strange looks from
people, but they’ll probably be fat and unhealthy, so don’t
sweat it.  Sip from it constantly throughout the day.  When it’s
empty refill it.  You’ll be getting your share of water sooner
and easier than you think.  It seems simple, but is so powerful
it can make all the difference.

And that brings up another point.  Often, whether in fat loss or
most anything else, there are one or two missing variables that
once combined with the strategy you’re using now, will make
most, if not all of the difference in your success.  But that is
a topic for another newsletter…


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  1. Kathleen Cunningham

    Rob, This was a very helpful article and powerful reminder/refresher of how important water is to our bodies. I have just pulled out my liter bottle of pure, tasty, refreshing water and will aim at refilling it at least once/day. I know that once I get back to this regime I will start to ‘crave’ more and more of this healthy, wonderful liguid. Thank you for reminding me and explaining clearly how very important water is for fat burning and overall health. Kathleen

  2. nicole

    wrote down lots of tips from this page tonight while at work, anxious to see some results! im losing inches and no weight, yet i am stressing over it, i just would like to see my results on the scale as well. hopefully after reading up on some of these tips, i will see a difference

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