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Get Lean With These 5 Foods for Super Fast Weight Loss that Blast Fat

By Rob Poulos...February 18, 2013 1 Comment

So we’ve all faced this dilemma–you’re getting married, going to a school reunion, or maybe you’re just going to go on a special vacation a few months.  You’re excited to go, but there’s just one problem.

Your weight.

If you’re losing instead of winning the battle of the bulge, then you probably know how tempting it is to crash diet to make those unwanted pounds go away.  Unfortunately, crash diets carry numerous safety and health risks, such as extreme fatigue, dehydration, and sometimes even malnutrition.  Sure, you really want to lose weight, but to destroy your health?  You’ll pass.

But don’t worry–you can still get rid of your weight really, really fast.  It’s just a matter of knowing which foods you need to eat.

Five Foods for Super Fast Weight Loss 

To lose weight, calories matter–but what matters even more is the type of foods you eat.  Subject yourself to a cookie

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Figure Out Your Fat Burning Heart Rate: 2 Formulas Plus Guide

By Rob Poulos...February 18, 2013 No Comments

Here’s the real truth–starving yourself or exercising for hours on end won’t make you thin.

Sometimes, it even makes you fatter, by eating away at your lean muscle tissue (this increases your metabolism).

Instead, research shows that losing weight–fat, specifically–relies on two factors, called caloric intake and fat burning exercise.  Here’s what they mean.

Why Caloric Intake is Important

Physiologically speaking, we accumulate that dreaded body fat not from choosing the wrong foods (although it does play a role), but from eating more calories in general.  It takes 3500 calories to create one pound of fat; conversely, if you want to lose that fat, you need to reduce your caloric intake by 3500 calories.

This holds true even if you exercise a lot.  Aerobic exercise is only designed to increase your caloric deficit; strength training exercise helps you build muscle, which can increase your metabolism (and therefore your caloric needs).  If you do not

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4 Fast Weight Loss Tips to Help Melt Fat Quickly (And Look Good Too)

By Rob Poulos...February 15, 2013 No Comments

We’ve all unfortunately experienced the battle of the bulge–trying to eat fewer calories, exercise more, and eat healthfully while trying to avoid food’s biggest temptations (namely, chips and cookies).  It’s a tough fight, but you needn’t fight it alone: There are ways to make dieting easier without stressing yourself out.  Here’s what you need to know.

Fast Weight Loss Tips to Help Melt Fat Quickly

Though losing weight–fast–seems like an impossibility, it’s actually easy–if you know how to diet and exercise.  For the easiest way to slim down, follow these tips to a slimmer bod:

1. Exercise–in a different way.  Most diet programs want you to do the same, boring routine: Hours of cardio with little to no weightlifting.  Sure, in the short term cardio can increase your calorie burn, but it comes at a cost–it can have a catabolic effect on muscle tissue.  Muscle tissue isn’t just necessary for bodybuilders; having more

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Weight Loss Help: What’s the Best Healthy Weight Loss Per Week?

By Rob Poulos...February 15, 2013 No Comments

The allure is undeniable: Fad diets that promise to help you lose 10 pounds in a week, exercise need not apply.  While the premise lures in millions of desperate dieters each year, the outcome is always the same–they lose weight but rebound, weighing more than they did before they lost weight.

For most, losing weight is a tricky endeavor–and unfortunately, they aren’t any shortcuts to losing weight.

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Regardless of what some fad diet told you, the evidence is clear: People who lose weight in a steady, controlled manner keep the weight off for life.  But what’s the right healthy weight loss per week?  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your best bet is 1 to 2 pounds per week.  For calorie counters, this means reducing your overall caloric intake by 500 to 1000 calories per day, though most nutritionists recommend sticking

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Fit Food: Surprising Banana Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

By Rob Poulos...February 13, 2013 8 Comments

Whether in cereal, bread, or as a quick snack on-the-go, most people can’t turn down a ripe, sweet banana–and its health benefits are even sweeter.  Packed full of nutritious vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, bananas can do a body good, helping you reach your calorie and micronutrient goals without any of the “bad” stuff (saturated fat and cholesterol anyone?).  If you need a quick way to sweeten up your diet, here’s why adding bananas are a good idea.

Banana’s Nutrition Facts: A Nutrition Powerhouse

Though it’s not the most low-calorie snack around, it may be the healthiest–a medium-sized banana contains just over 100 calories, with none of the calories coming from fat.  Most of its calories come from its fiber and naturally-occurring sugars, which give it a subtle, sweet bite that goes well with any meal.

Better yet, it’s a great way to get your day’s worth of potassium, an essential mineral.  It

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So What’s the Best Fat Burning Exercise? The Surprising Answer…

By Rob Poulos...February 12, 2013 No Comments

So you’ve been following your diet plan diligently–with poor results.  Although you look thinner–and the scale says you’ve lost weight–you still have that dreaded belly pooch and fat deposits all around your hips.  So what’s wrong here?

Well, here’s the problem: Chances are you’re not engaging in the best fat burning exercise program.  While nutrition is vitally important when it comes to getting thin, getting lean depends both on a good nutrition and exercise program. But which exercise program is best?  To help you find the best exercise to burn fat, here are four exercise plans you’ve probably heard of.

So What’s the Best Fat Burning Exercise?

Not sure if your exercise is the best for burning fat?  Check out which of these exercises fits the bill best:

1. A long bout on the treadmill.  To lose weight, most personal trainers have it pounded into our heads: Do longer cardio.  Naturally, a

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Too Fat? 6 Weight Loss Foods that Blast Fat and Increase Energy!

By Rob Poulos...February 12, 2013 No Comments

The typical American diet is hardly healthy: Most people fill up with rice, pasta, soda, and processed food packed full of sodium and fat–and hardly any micronutrients.  Not surprisingly, Americans have a caloric intake near 3000 calories, about 1000 more than the recommended amount.  That’s sobering news, and a good reason why you should change your eating habits.

How to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, then the typical American diet simply won’t work–it’s filled with too many carbs, processed food, and a staggering amount of calories.  So what’s best?  Consider au naturel: A natural, plant-based, high-protein diet that is easy to follow and is rich in the micronutrients you need to stay healthy.  For the best way to slim down, consider adding these foods to your diet plan.

6 Weight Loss Foods

1. Beans.  Packed full of fiber and essential nutrients, beans aren’t just a great way to have a

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Capsaicin Review: Is it Really the Ultimate Hunger Suppressant?

By Rob Poulos...February 11, 2013 No Comments

Diet magazines can’t get enough of it–and neither can the Koreans.  In Korea, this ingredient makes their tongues sizzle after eating a piping hot bowl of kimchi stew, and some even use it in lip ointments to make their pouts more plump.

Diet magazines may love it just as much, though it’s not America’s pride and joy: Nearly every month magazines profile this key ingredient as being the key–not just the pick me up–for people who desperately want to shed the pounds.

This ingredient is called capsaicin, and here’s the review.

What is Capsaicin?

Best known as the component of chili peppers that makes it spicy, capsaicin is a type of irritating compound that produces a burning sensation upon contact with the tongue or skin.  While tasting capsaicin is hardly a pleasurable experience, people addicted to spicy food live for the sensation–and from what researchers conclude, it creates an intensely pleasurable, relaxing feeling, like

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Lean Recipes: Super Easy Low Fat Pork Chop Recipe (Plus Tips!)

By Rob Poulos...February 11, 2013 No Comments

So you’ve finally done it: You’ve resolved to kick your bad eating habit.  First came junk food, which you vowed never to eat again, then the sweets too, which you haven’t touched in months, aside from that mess up during Thanksgiving brunch.  And now you’re devoted to changing your less than exemplary dinner habits–it’s time to make a change.

But uh oh: What do you make?

For a fresher (and lower calorie) way to make dinner right, let’s put a new spin on a dinner classic: savory pork chops.

How to Make Pork Chops Healthier

Nutritionists argue that eating lean meat is a good strategy for getting thin, but pork chops aren’t necessarily slim pickings.  So how do you make it healthier?

1. Change the flavor.  Most pork chops are flavored with sauce or even deep-fried, but unfortunately this can increase the calorie (and fat) count.  For a slimmer way to enjoy pork chops, switch

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5 Fat Burning Diet Tips to Boost Your Results and Get Skinny

By Rob Poulos...February 10, 2013 1 Comment

Losing weight is easy, but when it comes to lowering your body fat, most dieters struggle–and ultimately fail.  Here’s why: Weight loss and fat loss aren’t the same thing, and chances are what you’re doing to lose weight won’t help you shed the fat.  Worse yet, it may actually cause you to gain fat–obviously something we don’t want!

To help you slim down and trim the fat, here are 5 simple fat burning diet tips anyone can follow:

Fat Burning Diet Tips to Boost Your Results

1. Don’t starve yourself.  While it is a myth that skipping meals will slow down your metabolism, according to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who skip meals or snacks may be tempted to binge later on due to out of control hunger levels.  Obviously binge-a-thons won’t help you lose fat, so eat smart: Eat regularly so you never feel ravenously hungry.  For some people, this

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Starvation Mode: Side Effects, Signs, And How to Reverse It Quickly

By Rob Poulos...February 9, 2013 No Comments

It all begins so innocently: A skipped meal here and there, just to lose more weight.

Most diet experts say you shouldn’t skip meals because of its effects on your metabolism, but you ignore it.  Skipping meals means eating fewer calories, and fewer calories means faster weight loss.  You’re not obese by any means, but you could stand to lose weight.

Eventually, you’re eliminating snacks, then condiments, and then exercise more to have a low calorie deficit.  The weight is just falling off, so you’re more than motivated.  But diet experts warn your caloric intake is too low: You eat just below 1200 calories per day, the recommended minimum dietary intake.

But what could it hurt?

Why You’re Suffering from Starvation Mode

For many Americans, starving themselves for a thinner physique doesn’t seem like a big deal.  After all, it’s not like you’re anorexic, right?  But unknowingly they may be damaging their metabolism, creating

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You Asked, We Answered: How to Lose Face Fat WITHOUT Surgery?

By Rob Poulos...February 9, 2013 9 Comments

If you have a fat face, then you’ve endured the comments–the snide quips about the moon face or Buddha cheeks that won’t go away, even after losing weight.  While some nip and tuck can get rid of face fat artificially, chances are most of us don’t want to go under the knife just for a slimmer visage.  For a more natural way to lose face fat, here’s what can help.

How to Lose Face Fat

If plastic surgery isn’t an option, here are five way to lose face fat for good:

1. Keep hydration levels high.  An odd thing happens when you don’t drink enough water–your body begins hoarding whatever water is left inside of you, creating a bloating effect.  Most people will first notice signs of it right under their eyes; their eye bags may look more prominent and they may develop chipmunk cheeks.  Chances are if your face looks bigger than

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