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NEW Super Antioxidant Burns Fat & Stops Weight Gain In High Calorie/High Fat Diets?

By Rob Poulos...

Word is spreading FAST that something called AstaxanTHIN has been shown in lab tests to both boost flab burning AND stop weight gain in the presence of higher calorie and higher fat diets…

it’s also been shown to have an impressive laundry list of health-boosting effects as an anti-cancer, anti-diabetic,  and anti-inflammatory agent.

And Since you’re probably wondering what Astaxanthin is (and how to get your hands on some!), let’s find out and also find out how this will help us lose fat and stay fit…

What is AstaxanTHIN & Where Can We Get It?

Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant (red carotenoid) found naturally in a few different foods – mainly marine sources.

It’s the main reason salmon, shrimp and krill are red… see, out in the wild, salmon and other fish get astaxanthin from the microalgae they eat, which happens to be the greatest naturally-occurring source of this powerful stuff…

(WARNING! Many farmed fish are given a synthetic version of astaxanthin in their diet, or their flesh is dyed with it before being sold in the market because astaxanthin is lacking in farmed fish feed, another reason you want to avoid farmed fish and go wild as much as possible!)

Bright yellow egg yolks also contain this super stuff, but again, this usually comes from synthetic form of astaxanthin fed to chickens unless you’re eating organic chickens fed from natural compounds containing astaxanthin.

Considering all these problems, probably the best way to not miss out on getting enough astaxanthin is through supplements rich in this super stuff, like a good krill oil.

And of course our favorite nutrition company is already on top of this! 

When I got my latest shipment of EFA Icon in last week, I saw that Prograde has upped the astaxanthin levels in this already “47x better than fish oil” Krill Oil supplement, and as a way to celebrate, they’ve put it at 20% off through Thursday… <— Click Here for 20% off and stock up (use coupon code: DEC20)…

How Does It Burn Body Fat AND Stop Weight Gain?

STUDY 1 shows fat stores are used as fuel instead of carbs: “A group of Japanese researchers recently demonstrated that mice given astaxanthin in several different doses along with a high fat diet had significantly lower body weight and body fat levels compared to mice fed a high fat diet of the same calorie level!

Astaxanthin also reduced liver weight, liver triglyceride content, and blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. What this means is that when added to a high-fat, high-calorie diet, astaxanthin prevented mice from becoming overweight with a fatty liver and high blood fat levels.

But what’s MOST INTERESTING TO US is that astaxanthin did this not by reducing the digestion of absorption of dietary fat, but instead by increasing the usage of fat as an energy source. This was supported by a decrease in the respiratory exchange ratio, which indicates that fat was used for fuel, instead of carbohydrates.”

STUDY 2 shows fat stores are used as fuel instead of stored muscle glycogen: “In another Japanese study, mice were given astaxanthin along with a daily exercise routine They were divided into four groups: sedentary, sedentary plus with astaxanthin, running exercise, and exercise plus astaxanthin. After four weeks the animals in the exercise groups were placed on a treadmill and similar to the study above, astaxanthin increased fat usage during exercise and accelerated the normal decrease in body fat that occurs with regular exercise.

It did this by increasing the movement of fats for energy production! What this means is that astaxanthin supplementation spared muscle glycogen (a normal fuel source for exercise) and used fat stores instead.”

STUDY 3 shows increased exercise endurance: “Finally, mice given astaxanthin in doses of either 1.2, 6, or 30 mg/kg body weight for 5 weeks along with regular swimming exercise were shown to swim significantly longer than mice given a placebo (yes apparently mice even need placebos). Blood lactate levels (which signify exercise fatigue) were lower in the animals given astaxanthin, while blood fatty acid and glucose levels were higher (indicating that astaxanthin spared blood energy sources).

Overall, astaxanthin improved swimming endurance when given for only a short period of time!”

How Much Do YOU Need To Be Like Mighty Mouse?

Some people criticize animal research, some people call me a space cowboy (no one calls me a gangster of love unfortunately)… my apologizes to Steve Miller, but seriously, even though we’re a different species, our enzymes, muscle function and metabolisms are VERY similar…

..so the doses used in these animal studies can be converted to human doses. At the lowest level of 1.2 mg/kg for mice, this translates to a dose of 100 mg for humans. At the minimum, humans can still take a dose of 12 mg of astaxanthin from all dietary sources and see results over no astaxanthin at all because research with humans have shown this dose to be effective for reducing blood triglyceride levels and increasing healthy blood HDL cholesterol levels.

IMPORTANT: doses have been suggested to accumulate over time, since it is fat-soluble, so even slightly lower doses would act as higher doses with longer durations of supplement use.

You’ll Get The Health Boosting Power Of AstaxanTHIN In EFA ICON (Krill Oil) Through Thursday at 20% Off…

You now know astaxanthin holds promise as a fat-burning, exercise-enhancing, health-improving dietary super-nutrient…

..and we’ve also covered the EASIEST AND SIMPLEST way to not miss out is by using a quality Krill Oil chocked full of astaxanthin like Prograde’s EFA Icon, in addition to consuming wild marine foods and free range chicken eggs.

Upon further investigation, I found most astaxanthin supplements contain only 50 MICROgrams or less, whereas Prograde’s EFA Icon now includes 1.5 milligrams…

…while this is not at the 12mg per day extrapolation from the mice studies, even lower doses than the 12mg per day noted above can act as a higher dose over continued use due to it’s fat soluble properties.

NOTE: If you have/had or suspect an allergic reaction to any sort of seafood, shellfish, etc., of course you need to check with your doctor/allergist first, or avoid Krill altogether.

As I said, Prograde is on top of it folks…  I’ll be back in a few with more unique health and fitness tips and tricks 😉

AstaxanTHIN powered Krill Oil 20% off through Thursday… <— Click Here (coupon: DEC20)

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  1. Douglas

    Hey Rob, This is a really interesting article, but I didn’t understand the section on how much can you take for results. I think some of the numbers and units could be off. Could you clarify? Thanks for the information!!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Doug, since there hasn’t been any recommended dose for humans yet, I would stick with what is in EFA Icon and try adding some wild eggs each morning, and some salmon/shrimp a handful of times throughout the week.

  2. Jesse

    In order to get the effective amount one would need to take 16 capsules per day!
    60 softgels would last less than 4 days.
    Where does one purchase a natural form of astaxanthin in a much higher dosage?

    I have been taking krill oil for about 6 weeks now and it does seem to have lowered my
    cholesterol about 25% without any special diet or extreme exercise, but no sign of having any weight loss, fat prevention, or being anti inflammatory. The product I have been using has .6mg or 600mcg so it would take 40 sofgels a day to get the most effective dose. That’s a lot of softgels either way! ::):)

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Jesse, I would NOT take 16 caps a day… as I mentioned to Doug, this is very preliminary stuff as exact amounts for humans hasn’t been completely determined in trials yet… I would stick with what is in EFA Icon and try adding some wild eggs each morning, and some salmon/shrimp a handful of times throughout the week.

  3. Ralph De La Huerta

    Can you please send me confirmation of my order?

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ralph, you’ll need to contact Prograde directly at their website, getprogradenow.com for this…cheers,Rob

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