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Burn Fat And Win Cold Hard Cash!

By Rob Poulos On April 2, 2008 6 Comments

It’s almost here…that’s right…the weather is warming up andsoon it will be officially Summer-

-a great time of the year, but even better if you’re in tip topshape when you hit the beach or just slip into your shorts andt-shirt.

And that’s why I’m writing…

-I wanted to really go out of way to give you the EXTRAMOTIVATION you need to shed that stubborn winter body fat beforebathing suit season hits this year…

…what am I doing? Well it’s kind of crazy, to be honest, buthere goes:

Starting TODAY, RIGHT NOW, I am holding the very first FatBurning Furnace NEW BODY CHALLENGE…and I’m paying 2300 DollarsCASH out of my own pocket to the people that make the moststartling body transformations over the next 10 weeks…

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Um…Rob Looks Really Skinny…Is He OK?

By Rob Poulos On October 18, 2007 No Comments

You may know that after I made the decision to create a new
lifestyle focused around my “minutes each week and no diets” Fat
Burning Furnace principles, I lost over 42 pounds of fat and
gained pounds of solid muscle, strength, and cardiovascular

What you may not know about is the backlash I received from some
family members and friends who hadn’t seen me in a while.  If
you can believe it, instead of most people complimenting me on
the fat loss, they seemed visibly concerned, jealous, or maybe a
bit of both.

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Lose Weight Fast Like A Movie Star

By Rob Poulos On July 5, 2007 No Comments

How do they do it?  It’s a question asked by thousands of would
be fat burners, dieters, and exercisers around the globe.  How
is it that famous actors and actresses seemingly gain and lose
weight at will?

It is often mentioned by the news media that the answer to this
question is a result of said celebrity working with a “trainer
to the stars”, suggesting that the celebs only use the world’s
best personal trainers and that is how they can achieve such
startling on-screen body transformations.

But in reality this is just not the case.

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Don’t Be Fooled By This Fat Burning Mirage

By Rob Poulos On June 27, 2007 No Comments

As with a good majority of the things we do in life, we rely
heavily on our vision or eyesight as the determining factor in
whether or not we believe something.  And this is unfortunately
the case in trying to burn fat as well.  What’s the old cliché?

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well, when we lock
our eyes onto that photo of that buff guy or buxom bombshell on
the cover of the latest fitness or w.eight loss product,
something happens.  We get excited.  We may even get very

Unfortunately, this is something that many in the fitness
industry are preying on. They know this and use it to their huge
advantage.  The process is simple: put a great looking and in
-shape guy or girl on a product and it will sell.  They don’t
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The Fat Burning Easter Pants Mishap

By Rob Poulos On April 18, 2007 No Comments

How To Become A Fat Burning Einstein

By Rob Poulos On April 5, 2007 1 Comment

Today I want to share with you one of the most important aspects
to getting and staying lean, strong, and healthy.   It’s
something that is obvious but most people overlook, and it comes
to us from one of my favorite guys, Al Einstein. Yes, good old
Albert.  What is it?

Well, if you’ve spent any amount of time searching what I like
to call the ‘fitness wasteland’ for the right system or method
for fat loss, fitness, and health, you’ll certainly have run
into a slew of programs that are huge and over complicated.

You know what I’m talking about…they offer a ridiculous amount
of charts, graphs, books, videos, complex workout schemes and
diagrams, and more.  I’m not saying these tools aren’t helpful,
they certainly can be, but if you really want to get closer to
achieving your fat loss and fitness goals, you have to simplify
things a bit.

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Forget What You Thought You Knew About Exercise & Nutrition

By Rob Poulos On March 3, 2007 No Comments

Over the past few weeks we’ve been accepting quite a few new
students of my Fat Burning Furnace method.  We’ve finally caught
up with most of our existing student’s questions, so we’ve begun
accepting a flood of new students looking to get lean, strong,
and healthy in just a few minutes each week.

You may be wondering why we are so flooded with questions from
new students, since I designed the Fat Burning Furnace system to
be as easy to understand and implement as humanly possible.
Following the guidelines and roadmap I’ve laid out isn’t very
difficult, in fact it’s one of the easiest to understand group
of principles and systems available.

Still, there are some new students that come back to us after a
few weeks complaining that they’re not seeing the results they’d
like.  Yes, that’s right.  Not every single person who becomes a
FBF student sees the results they’d

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A Fat Burning Lesson From A Couple Of Italian Guys

By Rob Poulos On February 14, 2007 No Comments

Due to the fact that many of my fat burning and fitness secrets
go against the grain of what most people are doing these days,
you can imagine I receive quite an array of emails from doubters
and skeptics about my fat loss method.

In fact, I just got another one yesterday which basically said,
“hey, if your system is so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?”.
They went on to say that they weren’t going to become a student
until everybody else around them knew about my Fat Burning
Furnace system and she ‘saw it on Oprah’.  ‘Saw it on Oprah’,
I love that.

Well, you know what?  I told this reader that she’ll probably
never end up becoming a student because the methods to lose fat
I teach are probably not going to become the norm in today’s fitness
industry.  Why?  Because the exercise secrets I teach onlyClick here to continue reading

Fat Burning Lessons From Alec Baldwin & Martin Scorcese?

By Rob Poulos On January 10, 2007 1 Comment

I finally had the chance to take a break from my hectic schedule
working with my Fat Burning Furnace students the other day so I
could watch the movie the won the oscar for best picture this
year, The Departed.

If you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re a fan of Scorcese’s other
gangster flix you’ll want to check it out…it was great!  I
don’t know if was movie of the year, but it was up there with
the best of them.

But as great of a movie as it was, the one thing that has stuck
with me is a line from the character Alec Baldwin plays in the
movie.  In this particular scene, Alec and the other cops are
going out for a smoke break and he asks Matt Damon’s character
if he want’s to go.  Then without letting Matt answer, he says
“Oh, I forgot you don’t smoke…you’re probably

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