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5 Super Easy, Low Calorie Alcohol Drinks if You’re On a Diet

By Rob Poulos...

Question: I’m currently on a diet but have a party coming up this weekend.  They’re going to serve alcohol.  What are some good low calorie alcohol drinks I could order?

Answer: If you just can’t pass up a glass of alcohol but want to keep it diet-friendly, don’t fret–not all alcohol will send your weight haywire!  To keep your diet in check, here are several low calorie alcohol options that will keep you right under your calorie budget.

5 Low Calorie Alcohol Drinks

1. Jack and Coke.  For a quick, smooth buzz that’s low on the calorie scale, a glass of Jack and Coke–short for Jack Daniel’s and Coke–is a great (and easy) way to relax during the evening.  Simple combine 2 ounces of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey with 10 ounces of Coca Cola and sip, sip, sip!  On average, a glass of Jack and Coke yields only 140 calories, but you can make the calorie count even lower by opting for Diet Coke or Coke Zero instead.

2. Winter Snap. If you’re a fan of ginger snap cookies, here is its equivalent in alcohol form, reminiscent of the smell of the holidays with its smooth blend of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.  How to prepare: Combine one ounce of ginger syrup, spiced syrup, curacao, and vodka in a shaking device with crushed ice, shaking vigorously.  Poor in a cool martini glass and top it with your option of cinnamon or nutmeg.  One serving only yields 160 calories.

3. Low cal egg nog (with a kick).  If you’re still in the holiday spirit, here’s a different twist to a holiday favorite–a creamy glass of egg nog.  For around 160 calories per serving, you’ll get a lot of flavor, cream, and sweet goodness to keep your taste buds (and stomach) satisfied.  How to make it: Combine honey, spiced rum, and chai soy milk in a shaker with ice and shake until all the ingredients are combined.  Afterward, pour in a chilled glass and add cinnamon or chocolate on top for a sweet way to stay on your diet.

4. Cranberry juice cocktail.  For its simplicity, you’ll save plenty of calories–about 136 calories, to be exact.  It also pairs well with most low-calorie alcoholic beverages, such as rum, vodka, whiskey, or tequila.  How to prepare: Simply add a splash of cranberry juice to your preferred alcoholic beverage for a sweet way to enjoy a cocktail on a (calorie) budget.  To save even more calories, opt for sugar-free cranberry juice, which contains fewer calories than regular cranberry juice.

5. Hard lemonade.  If complex flavors or beverages aren’t up to par, then your best calorie option may be this–a glass of cold, hard lemonade.  Though you can buy it in stores, it’s best when freshly made from scratch.  Calorie count: You’ll get around 100 calories per serving, but to save an additional 90 calories, opt for sugar-free lemonade substitute, such as Crystal Light.  To prepare, simply mix lemonade with your favorite hard beverage for a cool way to get buzzed.

Also, don’t forget you could always have your hard liquor plain–drinks such as vodka or rum are low calorie just by itself!

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