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Can’t Lose Weight By Dieting? Lose Weight Naturally in 5 Steps

By Rob Poulos...

We all gain weight for different reasons–an unplanned pregnancy, living with a health-unconscious spouse, constant travel–but surprisingly enough, losing weight isn’t that hard.  To help you on your weight loss journey, here are 5 easy ways to overhaul your diet plan to lose weight quickly–without suffering!

Lose Weight Naturally in 5 Easy Steps

Struggling to make the weight budge?  No need to fret; here are five easy steps that are guaranteed to make you shed the weight:

1. Overhaul your drinking plan.  You may not know it, but there are a surprising amount of calories just in the beverages you drink–such as your morning cappuccino, soda, and even freshly-squeezed juice.  It may not fill you up, but the calories add up anyways, with some beverages calculated to contain over 500 calories.  Yikes!  Here’s how to overhaul your drinking plan:

 If you need a pick me up, stick with coffee with little to no cream.  Although creamer makes coffee tastes better, it’s essentially liquid fat–so throw it out.  The real benefits are in the coffee, which help give you a slight energy boost while reducing your risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, and dementia, according to recent research.

 Switch to water or flavored water as your main beverage source.  Most beverages, including juice, contain more than 100 calories per serving, which can easily add up if you’re parched.  Better yet, water is a better thirst quencher that can help stave away fake hunger pangs.

2. Switch junk food with healthful food.  While eating a bag of chips is a quick way to fill up, it’s a terrible way to diet–research shows people who eat more processed food, such as chips, weigh more and have trouble controlling their weight.  Junk food also contains virtually no fiber or micronutrients, which also won’t benefit your health.  For a health boost that will also keep you full, go natural–switch chips for fresh carrots, hummus, or even a handful of low sodium trail mix.  For other good snacks that fill up your tum, vegetables and fruits are your best bet, paired with monounsaturated fat sources, which benefit your heart.

3. Include more foods that are rich in micronutrients.

Micronutrients are the nutrients your body needs in small amounts for any number of physiological functions–such as maintaining or building more muscle mass, having optimal eyesight, or just having a good immune system.  A healthy body also means you’ll have more energy and feel less depressed, and that means an easier time losing weight.  So what are the best micronutrient sources?  For starters, get colorful–the most deeply-colored fruits and vegetables are swimming with healthful nutrients.  Don’t forget carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and oatmeal too, which also contain dietary fiber, which can act as a temporary appetite suppressant.

4. Lift iron like a weightlifter.  To lose weight, your first instinct is probably endless bouts on the treadmill–but it’s actually counterproductive.  Here’s why: Evidence shows that people who exclusively do cardiovascular exercise have less muscle mass, an important part of determining how fast your metabolism is.  Have too little muscle mass and you’ll have a slower metabolism; have more and your metabolism will be sky high.  So instead of becoming a cardio bunny, consider doing weightlifting instead–you’ll still burn calories but also have the added benefit of more muscle mass, which will make it easier to lose weight.

5. Have soup before dinner.  Soup isn’t just a great way to warm up–one study showed that people who ate soup right before a meal ate 20 percent fewer calories throughout the day.  That’s a lot!  For faster weight loss, consider adding soup right before lunch or dinner as a nutritious way to eat right while decreasing your calorie load.  You’ll feel full, even though you’re eating fewer calories.  It’s a great way to save calories without knowing it!

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