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Lose Weight Fast Like A Movie Star

By Rob Poulos...

How do they do it?  It’s a question asked by thousands of would
be fat burners, dieters, and exercisers around the globe.  How
is it that famous actors and actresses seemingly gain and lose
weight at will?

It is often mentioned by the news media that the answer to this
question is a result of said celebrity working with a “trainer
to the stars”, suggesting that the celebs only use the world’s
best personal trainers and that is how they can achieve such
startling on-screen body transformations.

But in reality this is just not the case.

If it were, only celebs or those with unlimited income could make awe-inspiring
physique changes.  But you and I both know that isn’t true.
I’ve met all kinds of people who have changed their bodies and
lives dramatically without consulting with a “star trainer”.

So if it’s not a high profile personal trainer that’s
responsible, perhaps it’s an “underground method” that only the
stars are privy to.  Wrong again.  While there are certainly
some lesser known fat burning and fitness methods out there,
they’re not 100% responsible for success or failure.

What is it, then, that allows them to drop 50 pounds in just a
few months prior to a movie shoot?  Or add slabs of lean muscle
to their bodies before walking onto the set?

One word: Dedication.

Here’s how it works.  They sign a movie contract for a lot of
money (in most cases).  Well, money is a strong motivator.  If
that role requires them to drop a bunch of fat, then guess what
they’re going to do?  That’s right, they’ll get to work on
getting in shape for the role.  They are supremely motivated and
dedicated to that one goal.  Thus, assuming they follow
appropriate guidelines and principles of fat loss, they’ll
accomplish their goals and often faster than they had originally

Now, sure, there are some actors and actresses that are so
dedicated to their craft that they don’t need the money dangling
in front of them to stay focused on a goal like weight loss for
a movie role.  Either way, though, in both situations the actor
has strong dedication to achieving their physique goals.

So the question then becomes…how do you get in on this
dedication?  Well, one way is to become a successful movie star
that commands a multimillion dollar payout for a movie role that
requires you getting in top shape.  Yes, that might be a stretch
for many of us.

The easier way is to take a good long look at yourself and ask
what motivates you to want to look, perform, and feel better?
What is that driving force, and what are the real reasons behind
it?  Is it for purely cosmetic reasons?  Fine.  Is it to live
longer and stronger?  Great.  Whatever it is for you, the faster
you find it, the faster you’ll be on the path to life long
health and fitness.

You’ll also want to remind yourself of this every day, day after
day.  In a short while, you’ll really start to reprogram your
mind, causing you to instantly spit out your real motivations
for taking up the challenge of transforming your body.  That’s
when you can truly develop that “movie star” dedication.

Now it makes sense to me that you’d also want to have a super
efficient form of exercise and nutrition to combine with this
newfound determination.  Even the most sincere dedication can be
squashed by unrealistic and ineffective fat loss and fitness
methods.  This is especially true in the long term, when someone
is after a lifetime of health and fitness.

But again, even if you have this efficient method, if you lack
the determination to see it through, you can forget it.  It
still amazes me that I receive emails from brand new Fat Burning
Furnace students who, after going through my course, complain
that there is some work involved.

I’ve provided them the secrets to what many believe to be the
most efficient method for life long fat loss and fitness on the
planet, yet they expect it to work all by itself without them so
much as lifting a finger.  If you’re afraid to get your hands a
little dirty, you’re going to have very little chance of
success…in anything, not just fat burning or fitness.

So, tomorrow when you wake up, take good hard look at yourself
and ask the question, “Why do I want to achieve my health and
fitness goals?”.  Keep asking until you get the real answers,
the ones that drive you.  And then get to work and combine that
motivation with a kick butt method like FBF.  You’ll then be on
your way to grabbing the starring role in your own life story,


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