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List Of 10 Healthy Foods To Add To Your Diet, Today!

By Rob Poulos...

One of the things that can make fat loss so difficult is the vagueness of much of the advice on the web, well the vagueness and the misinformation. This is especially true when it comes to what healthy foods you should be eating to maximize your fat loss.

Look online you’ll find no shortage of lists of healthy foods, but 10 different lists will have different criteria for defining ‘healthy’. For some healthy means low in calories, for others low in fat, and others still mean nutrient dense. So today we’re going to just give you a list of 10 healthy foods that help you maximize your fat burning potential.


Berries generally top the list of healthy foods of all types, but they are great fat burners because many berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries have as much as 8 grams of fiber per cup, giving you great fat burning ability. What’s even better is that berries make the perfect low calorie sweet snack so you can satisfy a sugar craving and burn fat at the same time!

[Combine fat burning foods for a yummy quinoa berry salad!]


A delicious and much leaner alternative to beef, bison has been popping up in grocery stores all over the country. As a lean protein, bison will make you feel fuller longer so you don’t over eat, and the protein takes so long to digest that you will even burn a few calories during digestion. A meat that satisfies your hunger and burns fat deserves a place on your weekly meal plan.

Use bison for burgers, meatloaf, casseroles and in any other dish that calls for beef.


It’s no secret that you need more dark leafy greens in your diet and they just don’t get darker than kale. Although kale is an acquired taste, it is also low in calories and high in fiber, making it the ultimate fat burner on this list of healthy foods. Its full of the right types of carbs and packed with nutrients so you give your body what it needs while helping it burn what it doesn’t.

Make kale as you would spinach, or bake them for a delicious snack of kale chips.


Broccoli is one of the constants on the lists of healthy foods because its green, it’s fibrous and it is quite delicious! With just 20 calories per cup of broccoli and tons of vitamin C broccoli makes you healthy while helping you eat less throughout the day.

Eat broccoli in soups, use it for dips instead of chips, or simply steam a few florets to go next to your favorite lean protein.


Although you won’t find quinoa in many people’s cabinets today, that is slowly starting to change as quinoa makes an appearance on just about every list of healthy foods on the web. Quinoa has tons of nutrients like iron, copper and manganese, and best of all it is a great source of protein and fiber. The combination of fiber and protein means you’ll stay fuller longer, which means no excess snacking between meals and tons of fat burning!

Mix quinoa with vegetables, put some in your chili or add it to a boring salad for a boost of protein and earthy goodness!

Garbanzo Beans

Whether you’re a vegetarian in need of more fat burning or you’re looking for a delicious bean to enhance the flavor of your meatless dishes, then look no further than garbanzo beans. Also known as chickpeas, these beans are packed with fiber and protein for the ultimate fat burning combination.

If you need a quick dip to entertain guests, consider hummus with vegetable sticks as a great fat burning snack that won’t interfere with your fat loss goals.

Sweet Potatoes

If you love potatoes but you need something that gives you a little more, then add sweet potatoes to your meal this week. Many lists of healthy foods seem to forget the sweet potato—probably because sweet is in the name—but you get plenty of protein, fiber and the right kinds of carbs in just 1 sweet potato! The deliciously sweet taste of this potato will satisfy a sugar craving without excess fat.

[Get your favorite fast food meal done right—bison burger & baked sweet potato fries.]

Use sweet potatoes in place of any potato recipe, or mash them up and add them to risotto or make a healthy pie with nutmeg and allspice.


When it comes to healthy fats for fat burning, the lists of healthy foods always give all the glory to almonds but the truth is walnuts are a great low fat food to add to your diet. The truth is that we all need fat in our diets, as long as it’s the good healthy, low fat foods like walnuts.

With low fat foods like walnuts you’ll give your body the right combination of nutrients to produce real fat burning results. And best of all, walnuts are a great and convenient snack in between meals.


You know that no list of healthy foods is complete without at least one fish because fish is such a great source of lean protein, which is exactly what you need to burn more fat. But since salmon gets all the attention and quite honestly you’re probably wondering what other types of fish you can add to your diet for greater fat burning, we’re spotlighting mackerel.

More than fat burning, mackerel is a good source of essential fatty acids which can help slow down your metabolism and stave off obesity. When combined with the protein in mackerel, you can see how a serving on your plate can help you increase your fat burning abilities.

Low Fat Yogurt

Dairy often gets a bad reputation when it comes to fat burning, mostly due to cheese and cream but the truth is you can still have dairy foods and burn fat as long as you choose wisely.

Low fat dairy products like skim milk, low fat cheese and low fat yogurt are low in calories and provide you with low amounts of fat for a well balanced diet perfectly suited for fat loss. And low fat yogurt can be used to coat chicken breasts for a delicious Middle Eastern dish or mixed with nuts and berries for a fat burning snack before lunch.

This is by no means a complete list of healthy foods, but give your diet a little diversity by trying these foods and you’ll never get sick of eating for weight loss!

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