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Lipofuze Review: The Dirty Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know!

By Rob Poulos...

Sure, eating right and exercising regularly is a smart way to get lean–but what if a diet pill could help?  Lipofuze is a dietary supplement that claims it can make your weight loss journey easier by accelerating your metabolic rate–and in the process, shed fat while helping you build “lean muscle.”  The secret?  Lipofuze says it’s due to their patented ingredients, which have been specially formulated to accelerate the weight loss process.

Lipofuze Review: What it Claims to Do

Like many diet supplements, Lipofuze says it can boost fat loss while leaning you out–and it’s supposedly clinically proven.  According to their website, clinical research conducted on the ingredients in Lipofuze have been shown to boost weight loss, although they won’t reveal the full details of the research publicly.  They’re also mum on how fast you can expect to lose weight, although they recommend decreasing the dosage if you lose more than one pound a day.

Lipofuze’s Ingredients

Lipofuze is primarily made up of patented proprietary blends, such as Green Select Phytosome, Chromax, and Irvingia Gabonensis.  Most of these patented blends contain African Mango, chromium picolinate, and green tea extract.  For an extra boost, it also contains an additional dosage of green tea extract–about 200 milligrams, to be precise.  It also contains lactobacillus acidophilus, a type of bacteria that is typically used to treat digestive problems; the reason why it was included in this formula is unclear.

Lipofuze: Does it Work?

Though the claims are inciting, its ingredients weave a different tale–that of a less than exemplary product.  Despite claiming to have proof that all of its patented blends can boost weight loss, no independent studies exist that have studied these ingredients.  In fact, the only reliable evidence available is for green tea extract–some studies suggest it can improve a person’s energy expenditure (metabolism).  However, there is no evidence to support its supposed ability to increase lean muscle tissue or significantly increase fat loss.  In most studies, green tea alone only increased weight by a few pounds a month.

Side note: Despite claiming that it can both help you lose weight and increase lean muscle tissue, what they have suggested here is physiologically impossible.  According to sports nutritionists, lean muscle tissue can only be decreased while eating in a caloric surplus, not when you’re dieting for months on end.  Unless this supplement somehow managed to defy the natural laws of science, chances are it can’t do this.

Should You Use It?

While the addition of green tea extract is a nice touch, this doesn’t make Lipofuze the fat-burning powerhouse it claims to be.  They may claim to have reliable evidence that proves it can burn fat, but no independent research actually exists–in fact, there’s hardly any information available at all about African mango, the key ingredient in their Irvingia Gabonensis blend.

Our recommendation: If you want to improve your weight loss, Lipofuze can’t hurt.  But don’t expect it to be a miracle worker–and definitely don’t expect it to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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