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Getting Enough Sleep: Is it One of the Best Ways to Burn Fat?

By Rob Poulos On February 4, 2013 No Comments

Chances are you’ve dreamed about how you’d look when you finally get skinny–those flat washboard abs, sculpted thighs, and biceps that few people can attain.  But according to a few new studies, that’s exactly what you need to do to burn fat: Dream on.

As crazy as this sounds, research says dreaming–a.k.a. getting a good night’s worth of sleep–can have profound effects on our hunger levels, namely the hormones that control appetite stimulation.  Called ghrelin and leptin, both hormones act as a balancing system, changing how hungry we feel based on how much sleep we get.

If you get enough sleep, hunger levels lower.  But should you pull an all-nighter, your hunger levels skyrocket–and people who chronically skip sleep usually weigh more.

The Research Behind Sleep for Weight Loss

Claims of sleep improving weight loss come from a few studies, conducted by researchers from The University of Chicago and Stanford University.  Researchers wanted to

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Fat Burning Cream – Should You Use This Supplement?

By Rob Poulos On December 10, 2010 4 Comments

If you’re someone who is looking to see rapid fat loss, one product that you’ve definitely likely come across before is a fat burning cream.  There’s no question that after putting in the time and effort with your diet plan you’re interested in seeing the best possible results from your effort invested so if this cream can take you just a step further, isn’t it worth it?

Before you go out and purchase one of the fat burning creams on the market however, you will want to take some time to have a look at some important facts that you should come to realize about the creams so that you don’t wind up disappointed.

Let’s take a look at what you should know.

Creams And Calorie Intake

The very first connection that you should make is the fact that creams aren’t really going to do anything to cause the body to expend

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4 Supermarket Slimming Secrets…

By Rob Poulos On July 22, 2010 No Comments

You’ll be excited to know about these 4 super fat blasting
foods that are found in any supermarket almost anywhere in
the world…


While most people are shopping ChocoPoofs and CheesyCurls,
these little belly fat fighting foods are right in front of
your nose!

But before we get to that, I just returned from a few days
vacation up in northern Michigan and wanted to share an
interesting picture with you…

The first pic is of my son Ryan and I in 2007 enjoying
beautiful Lake Michigan… and the pic to the right is both
of us over 3 years later, taken just last week…

I’m not showing you this to brag or anything (I do look
pretty good, even though the lake effect winds are giving me
a Kramer hairdo!), I wanted you to see what can really
happen when you apply the right fat burning and

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How To Get ‘Too Skinny’…

By Rob Poulos On December 28, 2009 No Comments

You may know that after I made the decision to create a new
lifestyle focused around my “minutes each week and no diets”
Fat Burning Furnace principles, I lost over 42 pounds of fat
and gained pounds of solid muscle, strength, and
cardiovascular health.

What you may not know about is the backlash I received from
some family members and friends who hadn’t seen me in a

If you can believe it, instead of most people complimenting
me on the fat loss, they seemed visibly concerned, jealous,
or maybe a bit of both.

My wife even mentioned that a few people asked her if I was
alright, and that I was too thin, and if I was “eating”.

LOL…I love that one.

Well, I got a little tired of hearing this & had to pull out
my before and after pics to show them what I really used to
look like (in

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We’re All The Same…Yet Different

By Rob Poulos On March 28, 2007 No Comments

Whenever I take on a new Fat Burning Furnace student, I’m often
reminded of this basic principle of health and fitness that most
people overlook.  And that is, we’re all the same, but we’re all
different.  How does that apply to getting lean, strong, and
healthy, and why is it important to understand?

It’s true that we all have unique differences from one another.
I’m talking specifically about our metabolic rates and our
ability to lose fat and gain muscle.  We all achieve these things
at different rates and have different limits based our genetic

Based on this, many in the fitness world would recommend a
totally different program or system for everybody.  In fact,
there are a lot of programs out there that base their entire
systems on these differences alone.

But this is a mistake in my estimation.  Why?

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Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

By Rob Poulos On February 4, 2007 2 Comments

I was just reminded today about the importance of rest and
recovery in relation to lasting health and fitness.  How?  Well,
I came down with a cold just the other day.

Now, you’re not going to find too many fitness experts telling
you that they’ve got a cold…many of them are too scared to
admit this to their students and readers since they want to
appear as the picture of health and fitness.

But the reality is, it doesn’t matter how healthy or fit you
are, if you let your immune system get run down, you’ll be
susceptible to picking up a cold or some other type of virus.

You see, I’ve been working day and night lately on some exciting
new products to help my Fat Burning Furnace students take their
results to the next level…but because of this, I haven’t been
getting the amount of quality sleep or rest that I

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