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Let’s Take A Walk?

By Rob Poulos...

I’ve been getting a lot of great questions lately about fat
burning and fitness, and I wanted to share a couple of them (and
my answers) with you.

Here’s one I got the other day…

Hi Rob,

I walk for 30 min every evening. Does this help me burn enough
fat or should I be walking more than 30 minutes every day?


Alright, if you’ve read anything from me about walking before,
you’ll know I’m not a big fan of this activity for fat
burning…here’s why:

1. Walking for 30 minutes (even every day) hardly burns enough
calories to lose a significant amount of body fat.

2. Moderate steady state walking, repeated day after day, week
after week will teach your body to STORE MORE BODY FAT as a
reserve that will be available for your next walking session.

This is because your body primarily burns fat during this
exercise…which in turn teaches the body that it needs fat
available to use as fuel if it encounters this exercise again.

Unless you’re extremely obese and sedentary, this type of
exercise has little value and will just leave you frustrated
with all of the time spent and such little results to show for

…What you need to be doing (if you want to burn off that thick
blanket of blubber and totally reshape your body) is exercising
with various high and low points of intensity.  You should also
be strengthening your body and building metabolically charged
lean muscle tissue (like we do with the Fat Burning Furnace
exercise routines)-

-here you are burning carbs as your primary fuel source, and
teaching your body to store incoming calories as fuel for your
muscles, not as fat.

Wouldn’t you rather burn fat like a machine while building lean
and se.xy muscle tone, strength, and flexibility with only 2 or
3 workouts each week for only 15-26 minutes at a time?  It’s a

Okay, here’s another great question I got recently…

Hey Rob,

I have been reading your newsletters for some time now. I am
ready to buy your eBook too, however, I was not sure if there
would be any detrimental effect on my health with your program
as a lot of programs out there can wreak havoc on your body.

Let me know, Thanks Rob.

I totally understand where this reader is coming from.  Back in
the days when I was testing out all kinds of fat loss and
fitness products, pills, and gizmos, I had that same feeling
many, many times-

-and when you think about it, people only want to lose fat for 2
main reasons:

1. Because they want to look better
2. Because they have to lose fat for their health

Well, call me selfish, but I want to feel dead sexy AND be
healthy! :-)

The reality is that, yeah, some stuff is dangerous, but I can
tell you that my Fat Burning Furnace method uses scientifically
tested principles of exercise and nutrition that are proven to
not only burn ugly body fat and build a lean and strong body…

…but these methods also make you the healthiest person you can
possible be!  And I’m not lying…how is this so?

First, the nutrition priciples we use feed the body as it was
meant to be fed, using the world’s best disease-fighting foods,
as well as a host of other natural dietary tricks that keep
your body energized all day long.

Second, the revolutionary exercise routines in FBF actually make
your structural system (bones, tendons, ligaments, etc.) and
your entire cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, etc.) stronger
and work better!

This exercise is also proven to reduce the likelihood of heart
attack and other illnesses as you age.

And this doesn’t even begin to touch upon how these changes in
your body affects your mental health –

-when you wake up every morning feeling dynamite, looking in the
bathroom mirror and admiring your new body, the world seems
quite a bit better…I mean everything…the weather, your job,
your boss, your spouse, your kids…you name it…

…the fact is, a properly developed body goes hand in hand with
mental health and happiness…and there’s nothing more important
than that.


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  1. lucille Wood

    On this page someone stated they have been reading your newsletters prior to buying your FBF. How can I get your newsletter? Is there a phone # I can talk to someone about FBF?
    Thank you

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