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Killer NEW 7-minute ‘no gym’ fat loss method (pictures)…

By Rob Poulos...

With Fat Burning Furnace, we work out at most 2-3 times per week…but if you’ve tried them, of course you know why:

These FBF workouts are my extremely powerful blend of metabolic resistance training type routines… which is also why we only need perform them for 15-20 minutes or so…

Now, what you might not know is that many of my clients and readers are getting great results (sometimes better) inserting/replacing with a day of ‘interval cardio’ for a few minutes, especially my more experienced clients and those that want to burn as much fat as possible in as short a time as possible.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you a extremely powerful and somewhat odd ‘BODYWEIGHT CARDIO’ routine that fits the bill for this...

…this is also perfect for a vacation/travel routine, as it requires NO GYM OR EQUIPMENT!

In case you’re wondering where I got this routine, a new pal of mine named Craig (who is one of the world’s leading experts on body weight training circuits) gave it to us to try.

WARNING! A few of these exercises are pretty weird and unusual for people not really into fitness… but they can be extremely effective now that you’ve gotten over their ‘oddness’.

So, as promised in the last post, here’s the 7-minute body weight circuit that can help you lose more weight, burn more calories, and blast your metabolism even higher…

Remember, you don’t need machines or weights for this one… you can do this anywhere!

1. Bodyweight squat (10-20 reps)

2. Pushup (10-20 reps) – do it on your knees if you must

3. Prisoner Forward Lunge (10 reps per leg)

4. Plank (30 second hold)

5. Close-grip Pushup (10-20 reps)

6. Side Plank (20 second hold per side)

7. Mountain Climber (10 reps per side)

In case you’re wondering, YES, that is Craig in the pics… at various times with various haircuts!

Also, I’ve included some descriptions of the ‘weirder’ exercises that need further explanation below:

Prisoner Forward Lunge
-Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
-Clasp your hands behind your head. Keep your elbows back and shoulder blades pulled together to work the upper back. -Step forward with your right leg, taking a slightly larger than normal step.
-Keep your left toe on the ground and use it to help keep your balance. The left knee should also be bent.
-Lower your body until your right thigh is parallel to the ground.
-Keep your upper body upright and your lower back flat.
-Push with your right leg to return to the starting position.

-Lie on your stomach on a mat.
-Raise your body in a straight line and rest your bodyweight on your elbows and toes so that your body hovers over the mat.
-Keep your back straight and your hips up. Hold (brace) your abs tight. Contract them as if someone was about to punch you in the stomach, but breath normally. -Hold this position for the recommended amount of time or 10 seconds if you are doing multiple repetitions.

Close-grip Pushups
-Just like a pushup, but keep your hands shoulder-width apart and keep your elbows tucked into your sides as you do the pushup.

Side Plank
-Lie on a mat on your right side.
-Support your bodyweight with your knees and on your right elbow.
-Raise your body in a straight line so that your body hovers over the mat.
-Keep your back straight and your hips up. Hold your abs tight. Contract them as if someone was about to punch you in the stomach, but breath normally.
-Hold this position for the recommended amount of time or 8-10 seconds if you are doing multiple repetitions.

Mountain Climbers
-Brace your abs.
-Start in the top of the push-up position.
-Keep your abs braced, pick one foot up off the floor, and slowly bring your knee up to your chest.
-Do not let your hips sag or rotate.
-Keep your abs braced and slowly return your leg to the start position.
-Alternate sides until you complete all of the required repetitions.

Routine notes:
-Do this with no rest between exercises.
-Rest 1 minute at the end of the 7-minute circuit and repeat up to 3 times.
-If you are a beginner, do fewer reps and take longer rests.

It’s a tough (but quick!) body weight circuit, especially the combination of two exercises late in the circuit.

This combo literally exhausted me to my knees…twice…before I was able to finish the circuit.

In case you were wondering why this works so well… here are a couple of studies I saw recently on this type of workout:

(Schuenke MD, Mikat RP, McBride JM.
Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption: implications for body mass management.
Eur J Appl Physiol. 2002 Mar;86(5):411-7. Epub 2002 Jan 29.)

In this first study, a 30-minute circuit style metabolic resistance training session was put to the test. The result was a 38 hour increase in metabolism… ZOINKS!

This means if you did this workout in the morning on Friday your metabolism is still in high gear by the time Saturday night bingo rolls around! (OK, maybe your not into bingo, but you get the idea ;-)).

Here’s another study you’ll find intriguing:

(Kramer, Volek et al.
Influence of exercise training on physiological and performance changes with weight loss in men.
Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 31, No. 9, pp. 1320-1329, 1999.)

This one showed that routines like the one in this article, combined with a reduced calorie diet burned up to 44% more fat than those who dieted alone.

When you combine this type of workout with my FBF routines twice a week, your metabolism doesn’t stand a chance… you are now burning fat like a serious mutha!

If you’d like more variety and other ways to get these same results at home, when traveling or virtually anywhere, you’ll want to grab Craig’s full program which is known as ‘Turbulence Training’ here:

more ‘gymless’ quick fat burning, among countless other crazy Craig routines <– Click Here

Like I said, Craig is quite the tinkerer when it comes to cranking out variety spiced time saving metabolism blasting routines like these…he’s got hundreds of them I think!

variety spiced fat burning time saving workouts from Craig
<– Click Here

Alright, enjoy yourself, and when you try this workout, let me know if you complete all 3 circuits in under 25 minutes ;-)…

I’ll be back in a bit with another doozie from Craig for you to try…

Here’s to getting lean, strong and healthy for life,

P.S. When you click through to Craig’s site, you’ll immediately notice a 50% discount on his program, and I want to thank Craig for doing this until Sunday for all of our readers.  Thanks Craig!

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  1. Kathy

    Nice circuit! Just watch the knees during the squats; letting them jut over/past the toes stresses the patella. Put your weight through your heels, like you’re sitting down in a chair. I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant; as a student, I failed the ‘pop quiz’ my PT clinical instructor asked me about knee alignment during squats.

  2. Lauren

    I have been using calanetics for the past 10 years. (calanetics is a form of workout that uses your own bodyweight and gravity) Talk about FAST results. I have been looking for other exercises to work out the parts of my body that dont get much attention and this workout was perfect!! I’ve only done these techniques twice and I’m already seeing fab results!! Woo-Hoo!! Also, I’ve just downloaded
    your e-book and it’s awsome too! The people who dont know about it are missing out on GOLD!! I have referred everyone I talk to, to go to this site and download the Fat Burning Furnace E-book. You guys do understand that you are hero’s right? Thanks a bunch!!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Lauren, thanks so much for the comments… I appreciate you as well!

  3. Dorothy, Colorado

    Hey, Rob!
    Why can’t I get this to print. I”ve tried several different ways and the exercises won’t print.

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Dorothy, just highlight want you want to print and do a copy paste into a word doc and you should be good…

  4. Ally

    Holy cow! I’m not in shape at all, and I noticed by trying this. I didn’t actually think that it was cardio. It didn’t look like it. You never know til you try!!! I actually started to sweat, and I was only half-way through the first round!
    Great workout! :)

    Oh, and do you have any tips on the side planks? I couldn’t even get up!

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Ally yeah those side planks are a doozy… just keep at ’em start with 5 seconds… then try 10 next workout, etc…


    Hi Rob….I purchased your program previously but can not find it anywhere on my computer. Is it possible for you to resend as your records will show I have already paid. I still have not lost any weight because I have not gotten into the program but I feel ready now. Let me know …


    • Rob Poulos

      Hey Arleen… I’ll have my support team contact you with the program so you can get started asap! Let us know if you have any questions…

  6. Susan

    Hi Rob — finally catching up on summer e-mail. Read this, got right up and did it. I do some strength with weights and lots of stretches, but even so, between my age and my knees, I had to modify some of the moves. Nevertheless — quite a workout by ten minutes later! So glad it burns for 38 hours, since I’m not sure how well I’ll be moving tomorrow after this!

  7. Linda

    This looks like a great workout. Can’t wait To
    Get the ok fr my doc to start a more active workout
    Since all I have been doing the last few months
    Is walking. I just had a baby 2 months ago, any types
    Of exercise that u would recommend over other??

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