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Is Your Exercise Or Workout Routine Fun? I Hope Not…

By Rob Poulos...

I hope this message finds you well.  I’m just finishing up a
delicious little stir fry of broccoli, peas, carrots and
chicken with some brown rice.  Man, that was good!

OK, on to the topic of this newsletter…and if you are able
to grasp the concept I explain today 100 percent, you’ll be
so far ahead of most people trying to lose fat and get fit,
it’s almost not fair.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear people say
stuff like “if you want to stick with an exercise program,
it has to be fun!”.

Even some of the leading “experts” (like the guys that go on
Oprah) will say things like that.



I’m here to tell you the truth about that.

While this may be good advice for the extremely sedentary
person who is extremely obese, the truth is this:

If your exercise is fun, it probably isn’t working very

Wait, you know what?  I’m being too gentle here… what I
mean to say is that if you’re having fun exercising, your
exercise routine probably sucks!

Now, look, I’m not saying you can’t go out and do fun
activities…I do it all the time.

I go for bike rides with my kids any chance I get.  That is

But I don’t make the BIG MISTAKE that most people make in
thinking that these bike rides are “exercise”.

I don’t think this will help me lose fat or get stronger, or
i.ncrease my heart or lung capacity very much.  But, hey
it’s fun!

Yes, I know, technically what I’m talking about is exercise,
but it is so far from exercise that actually produces
results it’s comical.

The problem is we are encouraged by these experts to find
something fun to do, and then are told we can count that as
our exercise.

While this is certainly better than sitting on your butt
watching reality TV all day, fun activities don’t even begin
to compare to what really works.


Productive exercise is hard work.  It’s not fun…at least
not right away.  And it works…like nothing you’ll ever

But after working with thousands of people over the last few
years, I now know that most of us don’t mind 30-60 minutes
of hard work a week.


Because that is really all the time it takes to get yourself
in your best condition.  Seriously.

In fact, once you start seeing the results that 30-60
minutes each week of proper exercise can give you, you begin
to like this “hard work”…

Feeling the high you get after the workout…it’s tiring but
strangely exhilarating…you’ll see

Knowing you don’t have to go back at it for another couple
of days is…well, the kind of piece of mind you will never
get while running to nowhere on a treadmill every day.

Seeing the results in your workout journal…in your
progress tracker…in your bathroom mirror…

…knowing you’ve found something that you an actually
continue with for the rest of your life…it’s, dare I say
it? Fun!

But don’t take my word for it…try it yourself and let me
know what you think below…


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