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Is Your Body Rejecting Vitamins?

By Rob Poulos...

As you may know, I’m not “big” on most nutritional supplements. In fact, after years of experimentation, I’ve come to know that most of them are either ineffective, overkill, or just a waste of your hard earned money.

And perhaps the most confusing of all supplements is the basic multi-vitamin and mineral.  This is the one supplement that most people recognize as being potentially beneficial to their health, so it’s naturally the one that features so many choices it’s almost dizzying.

Seriously, walk into any health food store, or any drugstore for that matter, and you’ll see a ridiculous amount of choices for one simple multi-vitamin supplement.

Which one is best?

Which ones are garbage?

Which ones have too much of a good thing?

Which ones don’t have enough?

And the questions go on and on in your head if you’ve ever searched for a good multi.

Well, the first thing I can tell you to look for is whether the supplement is based in whole foods sources or if its synthetic based.  If your multi vitamin/mineral is not a whole foods based product, drop it now.

Here’s why: common synthetic based multis often settle in your stomach, either going undigested or poorly absorbed by the body. They are rejected by the liver as “non-food items”.

You can’t fool years and years of evolution with synthetic junk like that. Many synthetics are even derived from nasty stuff like coal tar, a known carcinogen found in cigarette smoke!

Here are a couple tips to identifying whether the mult is synthetic or whole foods based:

1. Look for “100% plant-based”,  “100% animal-based” or “100% natural” on the label.

2. Look for the “food source” list on the label. If there is no list of natural sources, it’s most likely synthetic.

Another thing to look for is whether or not the multi contains the 7 essential classes of nutrients that your body needs to thrive on, especially for fat loss and physical performance.

These include: vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino-acids, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids.

Now in reality, this actually goes beyond the majority of most multis, as what I’m really talking about here is a whole foods based nutrient complex…something that fills in the gaps in our diets created by a gradual reduction in the nutrient density of today’s foods, as well as the reality of us simply living busy, demanding lives.

My go to multi-vitamin of choice (for the reasons just listed above) is Prograde’s VGF 25+… they have a special formula to meet either a man’s or woman’s needs…

When you give your body a whole foods based multi like this, your body recognizes it as food, and responds accordingly by absorbing and using these vital nutrients so you can experience faster fat loss and a better quality of life.

Remember, you can’t fool your body into absorbing all of these synthetic vitamins…it wants to reject them.

And even if you could, what would you rather put in your body?  You have a choice, and that’s good news!


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  1. Steve Rogers

    I am using the best vitamins I can get and they are from food source.
    My issue is that I took them for 15 years without an issue. Now when I take them my colin swells up and my rectum becomes irritated. If I stop using them I am fine but, then I have no energy to work out at the YMCA or ride bicycle for long distances. I am 51 years old and it seems as though my body is quitting on me. I have tried with the same results multi-vitamins from Mannatech, Reliv and even off the shelf vitamins to no avail.
    I used the Reliv vitamin powder for 15 plus years. I can bike 50 miles when I take the reliv however, 1 or 2 days later I start reliving same issues mentioned above.

    • Cayenne Kid

      Hey Steve, Do Yourself A Big Favor…Go To This Website…herbdoc (dot)com

    • Terry

      I am taking Peter Gilham’s Organic Life vitamins – a whole foods supplement in a liquid form, bottle or indiv. serving packets. Mix it in my fresh juice or with just a little water, as it is concentrated, but my nephew drinks it straight. Award-winning formula. Affordable. Available at Vitacost, Amazon and others. Best of luck to you Steve.

    • Marek Felinski

      Try Rockin’ Wellness Shake – its free shipping in the USA
      50 miles ++++ no worries. I cycle that every weekend
      I’m 62
      Marek in Melbourne AUS .

  2. ivy

    hello i am taking 1 a day teens and every time when i take the vitamin a couple minutes later i began to throw up can you give me and explanation please

    • Rob Poulos

      Ivy, we cannot diagnose medical issues please see your doctor about this…

    • Liz

      Do you take it on an empty stomach? If I take any type of vitamin on an empty stomach, I do the same thing. It’s the weirdest thing because I can feel so sick to my stomach and even if I just eat a few crackers it goes away.

      • Rob Poulos

        Hey Liz, I down my vitamins with breakfast…

        • jerry

          i dont take vitamines at all for the same reason , even eating first thing in the am makes me feal sick. if i drink some water and wait an hour or so,i can eat then.the only thing i can eat first thing in the am,is carnation instant breakfast.i probably shouldnt eat this ,even though they make bold claims that its a healthy product,the second ingredients is glucose,and i have no idea what oligofructose is?

      • Trevor Baret


        Vitamins are supposed to be part of our food…

        Sadly, our food no longer contains the nutrients which are supposed to be there – not even the best of organic food (at least the organic food doesn’t have the added pesticides and other poisons).

        Vitamins are food, so they always work best when actually taken WITH food. All nutritional supplements should be taken with meals.

        I split mine over breakfast and dinner. Some of the B vitamins are better in the morning and others are better at night – but that gets complex and not enough space here. Not as important as actually taking your supplements…

        Thanks for the great info Rob…


        • Trevor Baret

          Ivy, are you taking your vitamins on an empty stomach?

          They should be taken with food.


      • Terry

        A multivitamin supplement, like many if not most single nutrients and blends, is ntended to be taken WITH food. Directions on the bottle tell you this. A benefit of doing so is that the supplemental nutrients blend together with the food and are better assimilated into our system. I am also a proponent of ACV (raw apple cider vinegar), which assists with the ph balance of the supplements. I put a little of it in the water or juice to swallow my supplements. But that’s just me – I have a very sensitive stomach and system.

    • brian

      Ivy, My son had the same experience with the 1 a day Teen formula. He just stopped taking it.

    • Martha Huggart

      Sometimes people can not take extra iron. try a vitamin without iron and see if that helps. I agree with Rob, however. You should check with your doc because as young as you are, there should be no problem.

    • Karen

      I have the same problem if the multi has minerals on an empty stomach. I now take them with food, and without iron. Try taking them about 10 min. after eating or get a healthier brand. I also am not a doctor, just someone who had the same problem.

    • Michelle M

      Although I am not a doctor, I can tell you that from my own personal experience, multi-vitamins that contain a large amount of IRON will cause stomach irritation. Try using a vitamin with less iron and get the iron through other natural sources. Or – you can include stomach calming enzymes, such as papaya enzyme. I used to take a multi-vitamin that included the papaya enzyme, and I had a much better time!! =) Good luck!

    • Jessica

      I used to take 1-a-day and they made me very sick within 30min. I always felt like I was going to throw up. It should definitely help if you take them with a meal. But, I ended up switching to a much higher quality multi and I don’t have that issue anymore. I think they are just really poor quality.

    • Sheila

      I always have that problem when I take vitamins on an empty stomach.

  3. andre

    is it normal if your urine goes yellow after taking vitamins?

    • Richard

      I have been told by my doctor urine goes yellow because of Excess to body needs of Vitamin A which cannot be stored in the body

      • Mary Messenger

        If B vitamins are included in you tablets that is what is turning your urine yellow

      • Trevor Baret

        Your doctor knows nothing about nutritional medicine…

        Riboflavin colours the urine yellow – orange, and this is perfectly normal and healthy


    • Henry

      Yellowing of the urine is also due to not drinking enough water.
      I had that problem and after a lot of memory search I realized I had not been drinking as much water as I should have.
      That did solve my problem but if this is something that persists you may need to see your Doctor.

    • Trevor Baret


      Vitamin B2 – riboflavin – is the reason for the yellowing of urine. it is perfectly normal and healthy for this to happen. In fact, it shows that you are actually absorbing the vitamin…

      Vitamins go in the mouth, and if they are not absorbed they travel through the bowel and are excreted in faeces. To get to the bladder, they have to be absorbed, metabolised in the blood, and then taken to the kidneys for final filtering before going to the bladder as urine.

      Many nursing homes have had trouble with patients not taking their medications, so they get meds which include Vit B2, and check the patients’ urine (they are generally using bed pans). If the urine is yellow-orange, then they are taking their meds.

      Hope this eases you mind on this.


      • Michelle M

        Good comments, Trevor – it makes sense. I have a friend who has been trying to tell me that it’s because my vitamins are NOT being absorbed – now I can use your argument as a basis to do my own research. Thanks again!

  4. Victor

    Hi Rob, Just a quick question for ya about multis. First I was taking a Cvs brand multi for daily energy, but I tend to forget to take it which is a big problem for me when it comes to taking vitamins and multis. Anyway, my question is this; How do you tell if a multi is synthetic based or whole food based? Thank you in advance.

  5. Jeaneene

    I want the fruit and vegetable whole food supplement but if it is just fruit and veggies, why do you have one formula for men and one for women??? I can’t afford both. Can’t you just make one????

    • Rob Poulos

      Hey there, this is because each one is formulated slightly differently to maximize men’s vs. women’s nutritional needs…

    • Don

      Men do not need the extra iron.

  6. Laura

    I currently take the Juice Plus supplements – Vineyard, Garden, and Orchard. Are you familiar with these? And are they comparable to what you are describing??

  7. Marvelous

    I’ve been taking Vitality for Life, woman’s formula, by Melaleuca, since I had a gastric bypass. With only about 1/3 of the usual amount of intestine, it’s very important for me to have a supplement that can be absorbed. Melaleuca uses Oligofructose in their natural source vitamins so that the body recognizes them as food and absorbs the vitamins and minerals easily. I have a lot of malabsorption problems, but these supplements have been keeping me healthy as I’ve moved from over four hundred pounds to under two hundred.

    • My husband and I also love the Vitality 4 for 50+ by Melaleuca. Their patented process using the Oligofructose is positively miraculous, and we’ve tried just about everything out there.
      Congratulations on the weightloss! That is, as you say, Marvelous:)

  8. Julie

    These vitamins and also Dr. Mercola’s whole food vitamins may be good for SOME people, but for people that have Celiac disease, the wheat and barley grass is off-limits. It’s disappointing. They should make a non wheat and barley version. (And please don’t say that the grass part is GF becasue there are no seeds, because I’ve believed that in the past on a “green powder” that claimed to be GF and gotten very sick. It’s very easy for the seeds to fall into the grass when they cultivate it.)

    • Rob Poulos

      Julie, thanks for pointing this out… and please let us know of any good alternatives for those living with celiac disease…

  9. susi corrie

    My doctor has me on a prescription called Deplin. It is designed to help the body quickly absorb SSRIs and is a B vitamin itself. Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but it’s worth asking your doc. Best of luck.

  10. Sher Ramey

    I’m taking actifit multiple vitamin/mineral supplement with herbs andantioxidants.Am new ,brand new need feed back .Is this what I need?Thanks so much

  11. Esther

    Have you heard of the company Melaleuca.
    The vitamin I have been taking is by Vitality or oligo. Supposed to be oganicaly bound for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.I have been having some stomach issues lately doctors cant find anything wrong. So I’m wondering if its a vitamin or med that I take. Just wondering if you know anything about this company if it cam be trusted. They make all kinds of products all are supposed to be natural and healthy for you.

    • Rob Poulos

      Yes Esther, we have been using some of their products at home for the past few years, especially the all eco cleaning products…we have had no problems whatsoever.

    • Michelle M

      melaleuca is a great company! you can make many home cleaning products by yourself for just pennies a bottle. My fave is a tea tree oil, lavendar oil and water mixed with just a few drops of natural dishwashing liquid. Leaves my house smelling great and exceptionally clean. :-)

      One thing to look out for in their product line is if they use whole food sourced vitamins or not – not sure on that one.

  12. Kirra

    Hi Rob,
    Can you reccomend any multi vitamins for woman who are pregnant, breast feeding , or trying to conceive?
    In Australia we have multi’s for this but i am yet to find one that is food based..
    Thanks :)

  13. Melanie

    Hi Rob,

    I have the same question as Victor: How do you tell if a multi is synthetic based or whole food based?


  14. Socorro

    I take a whole-food based multi-vitamin which is 365 by Xango. It is a wonderful product and
    both my husband, myself and I should add, my mother take these without any problems. My mother is 89 years old and walks every morning for 30 minutes.

  15. Lucinda

    Hi all!

    Some of these comments are valid for some people and others are not.

    Urine can be yellow from the supplement, as Trevor pointed out.
    Urine can also become more yellow due to not drinking enough water.
    Urine that is darker yellow can also be indicative of other health problems, and thus professional advice should be sought.

    I also believe that people should work with a qualified and reputed naturopath when taking supplements.

    Often we “self-prescribe” things that we do not actually need.

    Go to your GP, do the blood tests and, with the help of a naturopath, identify what you are lacking, rather than taking a whole lot of unnecessary supplements.

    Overdosing on vitamins and minerals and other supplements can result in all sorts of other problems. Eg, vitamin C, if taken in excess is excreted via the urine. However, to repeatedly overdose on vitamin C puts the kidneys under a huge amount of strain, and can actually result in the development of kidney stones.

    Just because it is widely available, does not mean that it is good for YOU.

    A balanced diet, from a WIDE range of foods, that are ideally organic and definitely home-cooked is going to put you in a much better state of health than a someone who is a take-away eating supplement muncher… (not implying anyone here is!)

    Take PROPER care of your health. Seek the advice of those trained in their fields.

  16. Monica

    My husband & I are using REVITAL daily health supplement.Is it o.k., can we go on using it or should we stop it.

  17. Stephanie

    Anyone able to help me with suggestions on vitamins and weight loss? I work 2nd shift now and I do not eat 3 meals a day, I eat maybe 2. A pack of crackers early afternoon, oh go back as to when I wake up, I drink 2 cups of coffee, then I eat the crackers then something small 1/2 sandwich or something light mid afternoon and I do not eat my dinner until close to 9:00pm. I have tried alot of vitamins and none of them work for me. I do feel sick in the stomach from them and I do take them with food. I have not heard of the company “Melaleuca” which I will look into. I do not take vitamins and I do not eat right. Now as I am aging I feel I need to start taking care of myself more because 20lbs of weight gain is not good. I do have Fibromylasia which adds to that, no energy at all. As for all the knowledge on health, well not aware at all. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Brianna

      Stephanie, were you able to get any answers regarding Melaleuca vitamins and care or perhaps have found a different food path to take. I’m interested and will have a look around on your behalf.

  18. Brianna

    Subject: Fibromyalgia & Melaleuca
    This morning I was helping a lady who has Fibromyalgia to make an order. She wanted the
    Vitality Pak and Provex Plus. I happened to mention to ‘Roy’ who was taking her order that
    she had Fibromyalgia. He got really excited and told me that his mother has Fibromyalgia
    and has suffered with extreme pain and chronic fatigue for years. He put her on the
    Vitality Pak and the Provex Plus. When she first started he had her saturate her cell with
    the Provex Plus by taking 6 a day (1 for every 25 lb. of body weight.) After 10 days on
    the saturation dosage she cut back to three a day and now takes a maintenance dose
    of 2 capsules a day. Her life has completely changed. Now, instead of laying in bed in pain and
    wishing to die, she gets up early and keeps busy from morning to night.
    She has a dog kennel about 150 ft from her back door. She used to have to stop and rest
    half- way, just to get the energy to go feed her dogs. Now she feeds and takes care of them
    she walks and even shows them.
    Roy’s mother has also cleared all the toxic chemicals out of her home by ordering a Value Pack
    and using only Melaleuca’s cleaning and laundry products. I hope her experience can help others.

  19. Abhishek

    Is Revital daily supplement capsule, safe for coeliac disease patients????

  20. Jack B Galpin

    I use the multi-vitamin from Life Extension – it is called “Two-Per-Day Capsules”. As far as I know it is formulated from natural sources. Are you familiar with Life Extension and in particularwith this multi-vitamin? It seems to be working ok for me – I have been using it for over a year.

  21. Lillian

    I have been taking BIOSLIFESLIM formula by Unicity International for 4 months now and I feel great and have lost most of fat around the upper arms, my thighs and stomach. The good thing about BIOSLIFESLIM is, it’s NOT a diet, so I’m able to still eat my normal meal because it must be consume 10-15 minutes before my main meals like lunch and dinner. Bioslifeslim contains the natural vitamins and minerals and has 8 clinical trials from different universities and institutions like Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Uni and University of Sydney.
    A great product and very effective and has no side effects, most people are adaptable to it.

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