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Identifying The Top Fast Weight Loss Exercises

By Rob Poulos...

As you go about your workout plan geared to help you firm and tone your body, one thing you must make sure of is that you’re using only the best fast weight loss exercises that are going to get you a high level of results.

Those of you who are spending workout sessions doing exercises that burn very few calories and don’t even target all that many muscles are going to be very slow to see results.  Instead, if you focus on weight loss exercises that will dramatically boost your metabolism, strengthen the body, and help work many muscles at once so you can get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible, you can only imagine the type of results that you’re going to see.

Let’s take some time right now to go over the top weight loss exercises that you should be adding to your workout program to see results fast.


The first and potentially single most beneficial exercise you could have in your workout program is the squat.  Squats are great since they are going to target so many different muscles at once including the glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads, as well as all the core muscles that will be called into play to keep you balanced.

This means that this exercise is really going to boost up your metabolic rate as well since you are able to lift the most weight while performing it in most cases, increase your strength levels very nicely as well.

Do not ever forget to include squats in your workout program.


Second we come to pull-ups.  Pull-ups are another one of our  exercises for fast weight loss because they can be done at the gym or at home, and they target many muscles in the upper body.  You can easily alter the way the pull-up challenges the body as well simply by reversing the hand position to an underhand grip rather than an overhand grip.

If you prefer other variations of the pull up, use a wider than shoulder width grip or move the hands closer together.  This will place a different stress pattern on the body and is a good way to wake up your muscles when you feel as though you’re hitting a plateau.

Barbell Rows

Third on our list of top fast weight loss exercises are barbell rows.  This is another ‘king’ exercise since most people are able to hoist a very large amount of weight with this one, really boosting the metabolism and enhancing your strength development.

Even when the goal is maximum fat loss, lifting a heavy weight is still vital as this is what will send the signal to your body that it needs to maintain its lean muscle mass.


Finally, you cannot forget lunges.  Lunges are the second lower body exercise that tops our list because they’ll work all the main muscles in the legs as well as hit that all-important core area.  There are also many different variations of lunges that you can perform such as; walking lunges, stationary lunges, reverse lunges, or split lunges (also sometimes called split squats), so you should never find yourself bored with this movement pattern.

So there you have all the key movements that must be included in your workout plan.  All of these exercises to lose weight fast are going to provide you with the most efficient and effective results for the time you put in.

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